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Bill S., Home Seller in Encinitas, CA

I am thinking of selling my Encinitas home. How do I select my agent?

Asked by Bill S., Encinitas, CA Sun Aug 19, 2007

Do I use one of the agents that advertize they are a "top producer" or are they too busy to take care of me?

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I'm confused.... are there agents out there actually pretending to be a consumer so that they can then answer their own fake question in order to promote themselves? That makes me..... nervous.
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That is an innocent mistake you made Patti. I am glad you made the explanation so quickly. You are good writer and I am sure many enjoy your points of view. -

I have gone back and read Trulia Community Guidelines 4 times now myself because I too have strong opinions, and wanted to know if I was getting thumbed down for my opinions, or for actual infringements.
It turned out to sometimes one, sometimes tthe other, sometimes both.

All of us frequent posters should check the guidelines, along with reading our own Realtor code of ethics more than once every four years.

In my market most of the teams squarely advertise the fact that they are teams. That is part of their allure. It all comes down to disclosure. If Max Superstar and his team advertise that they sell two hundred houses, then I'd have to be naive, demanding or both to expect Max to personally minister to my every need.

Due to the mass marketing of Max Superstar and his team it should not be surprising that he would get more than his share of naive and demanding and even abusive consumers. It is possible that the one who was told by the top producer to never bother him again may have been one of the latter types of consumer.

It is wonderful for you, if you have never had to deal with an abusive consumer, and never had to cancel a listing agreement. You have beaten some very long odds, or you have the patience of a saint.
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Jim Walker, Real Estate Pro in Carmichael, CA
Jim, Thanks so much for your comments.

I'm not saying I've never had an abusive client, or cancelled a contract, I just have never had an occassion where someone canceled because they thought I hadn't done a good job for them. I've had a few where they decided the market wasn't going to bring what they wanted, or a job fell through, etc. And there has been more than once where I fired the client, because I felt that they weren't going to "get real" on what was happening in the market, or they WERE "abusive"- and I learned a while back- when I use my energy on negative people it just takes away from my perfect clients!

I find that many of our "teams" don't advertize at all that they have a team, it just says in their ads "Joe Blow has sold over 1,000 homes!" Grrrrrrrrrrrr,.............
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Patti, No, that's not the case. Bill is legit- just at my house for dinner and asking me questions about Real estate. I told him about Trulia, and that he could get answers from others than just my opinion as a realtor/friend- so we signed him up. I guess since he was on my computer, that when I went on later I still was logged on as him. Go to his website- you'll see he's a real person!

Patti Phillips
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Ask family and friends for referrals to local Realtors. Interview at least three. What is their production like? How many recent closings and what is their average days on market? How will they market your property? What is their internet presence and marketing like? Ask for referrals and call them. Also, Google them. Good luck
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
"Top Producers" often work with a team or have an assistant. So, that's not a valid concern. The absolute best way to get a good REALTOR is to ask friends, family and colleagues for referrals. Their good experience can be yours for the asking. Just be sure the final agent you chose has a solid marketing plan and provides heavy internet exposure for your listing. Best of luck!
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Interview at least three local Realtors. Ask how they will market your home? The internet should be a big part of their marketing. Ask how many homes they have sold in the last 90 days? Preview their website. Also Google them....you'll find out how active and saavy they are. I good Realtor is worth their commission....don't shoose a Realtor just because they may be cheaper....you get what you pay for.
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The Hagley G…, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
Hi Bill, simply interview as many as you want and find someone who you are comfortable with, someone who is easy to communicate with and has the support staff and stay on top of the many details that must be attended to.

The thing I love about my association With Masterpiece Realty Associates is Peter Lewi. Peter is the owner and is a top Real Estate Lawyer, so when we have a legal question he is there 100% of the time with the answer. This is very comforting to me and my clients.

Best Regards

Don Clark
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Interview a few. See who you are comfortable with. You will want to know how they will try to sell your home and what is their marketing plan. As you read through the forum you will see that we all say the same thing and we are all out to do the very best job we can for our clients. Just some do a better job at it.
It will be a very intimate relationship so make sure you like who ever it is that you are interviewing.
You will want to have some one with great communication skills, after all that is what selling is all about.
I would be happy to show you what I could do and see if we could work together.

James Baxter
Prudential California Realty Encinitas
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Wow what a great question. It really comes down to what you are expecting. Some top agents only do listing appointments and nothing else. This is more common then you know. You see and hear from them once and once only. So if you are expecting personal service from them it will not happen. They usually come out with a list of all the people they work with and they are the ones whom you will be working with. On top of that they usually give you the last stack of clients as proof of what they have done. In other words they are only the front people who take the listing. Some of them have negotiators who are out of town. When I mean out of town they live in another state.
So it really comes down to expectations.
Now on the other hand. Some top agents are top agents because their team does provide a service. Not only does the team function as a team but you also get that agent or top producer that came to your door or called you to actual do the work.
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Call ME! Seriously, you should interview a couple of local realtors. I am always interested in "chemistry" If it doesnt feel right, it probably isnt. Choosing a Realtor is like dating. You're going to be working closely for a while and you want to have a good relationship. And yes top producer will be looking to complete a transaction more than looking out for your interest.
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Bill if it were up to me I would want to be given the opportunity to be able to speak to any one of their last 50 to 100 clients either buyers or sellers. I would also want what I would call an unscrubed list. The actual last clients. I say this because I have found some who only give their favorites and that is not in your best interest. By being given that you can then call anyone and get an unbiased opinion. In this market you may want to ask for the last 20.
On top of that list I would also take the advice of the last few postings with one exception. Give an agent who is busy something to do and it will get done. If they do not answer their phone seven days a week move on.
There are agents in this area who only work on the weekdays. There are also agents who have many listings and they flaunt that in your face but fail to mention that 95% of their listings are for 600k of less. While others will parade in front of you the look how many I did rather then what I can now do for you. So let me give you a list of the gimmicks that you should look out for.
1. The I will sell your home in 30 days or buy it myself. -- Wow that sounds great until you find out that sure they will buy it but at what price. The fine print get's you to call. I will buy almost anyone's home for 37percent less then what it is now.
2. I will list your home and if I do not sell it in 30 days it will cost you nothing. This is new one but of course it will cost you nothing. There is no charge to an agent anyway.
3. I will sell your home in 30 days or I will give you $1000. Sure again the 37 percent off price. Also it is not the 29 plus 6 percent commission price that you should be worried about. It is the then appraised value plus the 29+6!
4. Or how about this one. I take the listing and then you never see me again. Well then who does the negotiations. The answer is I have a team of experts. In one case I know of an agent whose negotiator lives in Arizona. Another couple who only are there when they take the listing as a figure head.
5. Please sign my buyer broker agreement. A buyer broker agreement is something that some agents us but to me it would be like entering a department store and the first person who sees you tells you that they are going to be your personal shopper. What if you learn that you just do not get along.
6. I only take 6 month listing agreements. WHY? I 100% believe if you want to take a listing with an open agreement based on trust then the seller should have the opportunity to cancel at any time and it should be in writing.
7. 6% listing. Well quite frankly this has nothing to do with reality. I can take 7% listing agreements all day long as long as I get you the best price bottom line. So it really comes down to the bottom line and nothing more. If the agent can show you how they did it in the past with proof from their past client base then great.
8. My average listings time is only 28 days. That could possibly be but make sure the property has not been listed before. I know of a few agents who take it off the market by self canceling it and then place it back on the market and after a few days put it on as sold.
9. Marketing budget is another thing to look at! You should ask for a breakdown on what they will spend per house obviously your home in order to sell it.
10. Internet? I have heard of a group that tells people that their wed site is the number one in this area. The last I looked over 97% of all people who look for homes look at Realtor.com.

Anyway Bill their are a lot of things to consider. The key is will the person you work with treat your money like their own.
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Bill - that is an excellent question. I think most consumers, especially in this market, are more concerned about what the agent can do for them, and they should be. It is not, and should not be, a matter of how many homes that particular agent sold, or what awards they have. This is a tough market and the agent you hire needs to have the marketing skills to get your home the best exposure, in addition to providing you with the guidance to prepare your home appropriately for sale. And of course knowing the local market is essential so the right price can be determined, You want someone who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear,or a person who will make empty promises. There are plenty of agents who will take a listing because they need or want it but the price the seller wants is realistic. A written guarantee is also a good idea so if you are dissatisfied you have some recourse, just like any other service business.

We all want to achieve the same objective , don't we? That is, to sell your home at the best price in this market and as quickly as possible so we "can all meet at the closing table." An agent who does not communicate with you, and provide solutions to the problems, is not someone who is part of your marketing team.

I have written elsewhere on this topic, so you might want to look at this one particular article listed below that I think will help with your question,plus give you some suggestions about selling your home effectively.
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Bill, That's a great question. Of course, it really depends on the particular agent, of course. One question I would have in dealing with a "top producer" is to find out whether they are actually the person that you are going to be working with. Often, when you see an ad that says "Sold 200 homes in 2006" or whatever, it is not really that particular agent who sold the home, but part of his or her "team". All of the sales from the team are credited to that agent. While there is nothing wrong with this, I feel that if you think you are hiring Patti Phillips, for example, that it should be Patti Phillips you get! Many of my clients have come to me after using a local "top producer" on a previous transaction, saying that they never set eyes on the agent they hired, or even spoke with them again after they took the listing! One client was even told, "I am too busy of a person to speak with you." They were told to "talk to his staff," and never to bother him again. Hearing that another professional in my industry would treat a client like that makes me very sad, but I hear it a lot.
Often, you can just become another number with a "big gun." That is fine, if that is what you want in a Realtor.

I feel that when someone hires me, I should be their point of contact. I think it is important in something as monumental as buying or selling a home, that I give each client personal attention throughout the transaction. I actually limit the number of listings I take to make certain that I can give them my attention, and still have a bit of balance with my family and homelife.

I agree with my other colleagues, interview the agent and make certain you have some referrals from people who were happy with their experience locally.

One sign of a Realtor with integrity is that they give you a performance guarantee. If they won't let you out of a contract if you aren't happy with their performance, beware! I always guarantee my clients, in writing, that if they aren't happy with my marketing of their home, or any other aspect of our relationship, they can cancel our listing agreement. I feel confident enough in my performance to offer that, and have NEVER had a client take me up on it!

I am in your area. If I may be of help to you in getting your home sold, give me a call!

Your San Diego Area Realtor,
Patti Phillips
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