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Wally, Both Buyer and Seller in Fernandino Beach, FL

Maronda Homes - Why Such a Secret?

Asked by Wally, Fernandino Beach, FL Wed Aug 15, 2007

We found Maronda Homes (new home builders) in the Yulee Area in FL. We were able to purchase a gorgeous 3,000 sq ft home on a large (way over 1/2 acre) lot for under $240,000. And Maronda paid *all* of our closing costs (by this I mean *everything* including prepaids and homeowners and mortgage fees -- everything! )

Realtors in the area have nothing nice to say about Maronda ... mostly because Maronda does not pay realtor commissions. Of course, as soon as a Maronda home comes up on the MLS it's a great buy, but ask about the "new homes" for sale and you get horror stories, slander, and tales of pain and woe.

All lies. The Maronda Home we purchased is beautiful and well constructed. We got a 3,000 sq ft home on alot of land for around what 2,000 sq ft homes are selling for in the area. Did I mention they paid all my closing costs too?

Maronda apparently passes the money they save on realtors directly on to you.

Why isn't there more buzz about these great homes?

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Also, Maronda is a HORRIBLE company to work for that treats its employees like dirt. The entire focus of the company from the top down is selfish. The individuals working to build and sell the houses may care about the buyers but the heads of the company sure don't and will do anything to save a buck.
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Maronda hmes have not "flown" off the market due to the numerous lawsuits against them for poor construction etc. During thelast three minor hurricanes we had brand new Mraronda Homes had serious water intursion into all facets of construction. There are still many many lawsuits still pending right now against them. They have a poor reputation for a reason. They earned it.

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Maronda homes chooses not to allow buyers to have Buyer Agent representation unless the buyer pays the Real Estate Commission. I have sold Maronda homes when they are listed by Adonram (Maronda backwards) in the MLS. I found that the pre-closing , buyer paid independent home inspection and pre-closing walk-through to rate comparable with other builders in our area. Years ago there were numerous websites with many Maronda home owners spinning tales of woe and complaints . Today there does not seem to be as many of those sites and fewer postings. Perhaps Maronda addressed the issures and have a much better customer satisfaction rate. My experience with selling a new Moranda home was that the transaction was no more difficult or better than with any other builder.

When selling the homes of Buyers who did not have a Buyer Agent Represent them in the purchase of their new construction home (all builders), I find that there is a greater misunderstanding of terms in the mortgage that have a direct impact on the owners bottom line, in the sum of thousands of dollars when selling and title insurance options that could have saved the seller hundreds of dollars when they sell, were not opted at the time of the purchase. A Buyer's Agent would have helped the Buyer of that new home keep more of their equity when the go to sell that home.

Due to the fact that agents more that likely will not get a commission if you purchase a Maronda home, It is most dissapointing to any agent to loose a client to a Builder or FSBO who will not pay a commission.

The Realtor has worked many days or weeks, locating homes, educating the buyer about areas, schools, etc, showing dozens of homes, sharing their years of knowledge so that a Buyer can make an informed decision about the largest investment many will make in their lives. Many do not realize that the only reason they (the Buyer) knew that the Builder home in that area and that neighborhood was the best option for them is because of the many hours the agent dedicated to helping them find the right home. If you were happy with your Realtor and you purchassed a home without them just try to remember them by sending referrals . Realtors are not on salary. If your Realtor was unprofessional perhaps they deserved to loose your business and your referrals
Web Reference: http://www.cathysloan.com
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Wondering is it unethical for a realtor to show you a house and make a commission then when you try and sell your house want another commission on the same house and tell you that because your home is a split level is worth so much less, yet they neglected to tell you that when they sold it to you in the beginning?
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I have heard both good and bad about Maronda. If you are pleased with your deal than that's all that matters! Here is a website that I found that has postings from consumers-

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praise the lord for your great experience. Wait the cinderella effect is coming, ie the carriage will turn into a pumpkin soon.
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I was driving around with one of my investors the other day looking at foreclosures and I saw an interesting sign post in a yard...I came back the next day to take some pictures. Now, i'm not offering my opinion on Maronda Homes (but the fact that I'd post these pictures on my website is probably opinion enough, I suppose). But as they say...a picture is worth a thousand words...take a look at the web reference.
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I am nearly as pleased as you are that you had such a terrific experience! Kudos! Congratulations! Since Maronda is also building homes in Newberry, FL--an area I service--I'm happy to receive any input (especially positive) which may assist any clients I represent. So far, this is the only information I have received about Maronda homes. But would you kindly post some profile information? Your question and response to it sound suspiciously commercial-like... I apologise if if I am off-base here, but I'd really like to know...
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Our home was not finished correctly. We have had to do repairs ourselves because they didn't finish filling in the area around the back glass doors - lots of floor damage, wall damage, and warping of the doorjamb.
Our neighbor had to redo his bathroom because the toilet was installed incorrectly and flooded the floor multiple times.
This is just a little bit of the problems. Maronda only solution to any problem is to caulk it.

Will NOT recommend it to anyone - sounds like you got the only home they cared about building in code.
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Did they install more than l window on the sides?
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Maronda does and will co-broke with Realtors, AND passes on great savings and value to our customers! Thank you for your review!
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Maronda Homes are the worst ever in my eyes, The doors or door frames are to big or to small, the Kitchen cabinet under the sink is not a corner kithen cabinet, just a regular one put in at an angle, the faucets are all rusted and dripped water under the bath bath cabinet, plastic lines and shut off valves leaked under sinks, the toilets and dishwasher, the kitchen cabinets were not leveled off or counter tops, goose neck on roof were installed wrong, they were screwed on from the inside of the roof instead of the outside and watered proof, the water leaked down from the roof and made the linoleom turn blue and it seem that Maronda put double coating of the spray on sheet rock to cover it up. the walls are not level, the concrete in driveway is cracked all over and the front foyer outside has holes in concrete because wasn't mix right, The windows are not low E windows in the front of my home because when it gets cold the windows drip with water inside, not enough outlets in bathroom, closets doors not even to high to much space in frames on top, trim not good Never Never AGAIN will buy a home from Maronda. Had to have Homeowners ins to pay for leaks on roof and bath because the 5 ys builders warrantee ran out by less than a month and they still would not fix it. Never buy a Marond Home do your research first Oh yea one more thing the contractor hire out builder and they hire incompetent help roofers plubers etc
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hi lynn what year is your home/ do you have any knowledge of the master bath leaking
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I would expect that you have a sales contract or some documentation regarding the deposit or lot hold funds you gave the builder. It would specify the terms required to qualify for a refund. If you have met the terms or do not have documentation other than your cancelled check, contact the area sales manager and ask for your refund.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on April 20, 2011 that Maronda homes, Ohio's third largest builder, filed for bankrkuptsy . This could be part of the problem of getting your deposit returned.

I wish you the best of luck. It would have been great if you had a Realtor as your Buyer's Agent. They could have warned you about the impending bankruptsy. A Buyer's Agents commission is usually paid by the seller through the listing Broker. Their services could have also proved to be very helpful with your current purchase .
Web Reference: http://www.cathysloan.com
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Maronda's salesman here in Columbus, Ohio (Jack Yancer) refuses to give me my 250.00 deposit back
He keeps pushing the house on me and I dont want it , I have already went with another builder I have also filed with the BBB in my area and also will file with my Attorney General as well. STAY AWAY FROM MARONDA
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Does anyone have any marketing or sales documents used by Maronda Homes? I have been looking into some issues with a Sunbury C model home and was trying to find marketing material used by Maronda Homes to promote their homes. Any documentation would be greatly appreciated.
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I just wanted to add something. We purchased our Maronda Home last year (2009). It was built in 2004. After the 2nd week we had to replace the water heater and it hasn't stopped since. Apparently all the "builder grade" materials they used were only supposed to last five years. I'm pretty sure a water heater should last longer than that. I dont think Ohio has the loosest building codes in the US though, so I can't blame Maronda for taking advantage of that. I just know I'm tired of replacing faucets and stop valves and the roof could have lasted longer than 4 years. I love this house. I just wish they would have built it better. :( As for our Realtor, I think she was just trying to sell a house. We even used her recommended "inspector" and I think he either was too ignorant to see certain things or missed them on purpose so the house would be approved. Anyway, my point was, up here in Ohio they definitely do not build Maronda homes with quality. Take it from me, it's been a nightmare in new homeownership for us.
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I have 5 friends and families who bought brand new homes from maronda and all the 5 experiences including mine were terrible.

Any business out there that cares about its customers must first display "integrity" . Sure Maronda has to use cheap labor/material, but you know what, I peronally saw worker with their children working on one of their sites, took pictures and have these pictures of numberous beer bottles thrown around the base of my house when it was being built. I have video of my home that repairs where fixed with "bandaid" to hide flaws.

Shame on those who rape home owners of the wonderful experience of home ownership. Hope Maronda gets its reward from GOD!!!
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in 04 i THOUGHT i purchased a Brand New 3300sqft home from Maronda as of this date july 08,2009 i have yet to receive a 30K partial release of mortgage on my property (Maronda mortgaged land to bank for developementand didnt pay off mortgage after they sold land), nor have i received a final certificate of occupancy house full of mold waterfall in doorway where garage and house meet and the list goes on unfortunatley they enjoy making JACKASSES out of themselves in state court KUDOS 2 THE COSNERS
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I purchased a brand new 4511 square foot Maronda Home in 2005. The price was unbelievable for the square footage. The units are pretty basic, but if you want a custom home, this is not the builder for you. I know there have been a lot of complaints against Maronda, many probably have merit. My own experience has not been that bad. There has been some issues [there always is when building a house] but what I think worked for me was my close association with the super during construction. I think I was fortunate that he was a very conscientious individual and went the extra mile. Later on I found out that he left Maronda [for reasons unknown]. I also obtain an idependent house inspection within the one year period, forwarding the report to maronda. So far I have not had any major issues.
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It depends on WHO actually built your home, Maronda pays very little for the actual building of the home.
Some subcontractors build according to what they're paid and some care about the quality. Maronda only
cares about the QUANTITY not quality. Subcontractors who care about the quality of work get very little
money to make sure you're safe in your home, others just want paid. You must of had someone who actually
cared and not just did what they were paid to do. If all Maronda subcontractors built according to what they
were paid, the first wind storm that came along all your houses would blow down! It's a shame that the realator that tells you how pretty the kitchen is makes MORE money than the framer that makes sure your house doesn't blow down in the middle of the night. That's the problem with Maronda and that's why they
can pay all your closing costs because the people who build the homes make a drop in the bucket compared
to the profit they make. They pay maybe $10,000 to build the homes and profit at least $240,000 so yes they
can spare 10 percent to pay your fees because they still make at least $200,000 and that's on their LEAST
expensive homes!
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Maronda homes just took my husbands job out from underneath him yesterday. No warning no care. They said thats what unemployment is for. They shut down a plant in Ohio and Florida. Even though he was under paid lost all of his benfits at the begining of the year, he still stuck by them thinking things will get better, only to get let go forever. For years they have taken way benifits, got rid of good employees just to take on temps to save money. They never even gave the employees heat or air conditioning. They work in the toughest and most unfair conditions. Thier were times Maronda knew there was a bad home going out and the employees wouldn't want to send, but the company said it wasn't cost effective to build it again. I don't recomend ever working for these people. Its not a job you would be proud of.
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They do build great homes for the money. They had problems in the area 15 years ago, but turned that all around. It appears to be sour grapes by the realtors. No commission = nothing good to say it appears.
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Thanks for re-posting (and for not being offended by my question)! I understand your reluctance to post personal info on the net... Your "minor downsides" don't seem very minor to me; but if you are this thrilled with the outcome, it's no longer your concern... I am so happy to receive positive information posted by an actual consumer. Thank you! I will indeed keep them in mind for future transactions. Best of luck in your new home!
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Thanks Bridgette!

Carol asked what the terms of my loan were, I just wanted to provide the full details. Not sure what you want to see in my profile, most of us non-realtors don't like posting their mug on the 'net :) Not much to say about myself that's relevent here, but would be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Ha, if I worked for Maronda I wouldn't talk about the "junk fees" they list on the loan (even though you never have to pay for them because they cover the closing costs, seemed a bit hokey to me...)

I will give you a minor downside about my experience - the sales folks did engage in some pressure tactics and misleading jabber for the sale of the home. Nothing I've never heard before ... "another buyer" was interested (wasn't true), was accused of not being a serious buyer, salesperson was very misleading about the meaning in the terms of the contract. You deal with this with EVERY builder... and they weren't nearly as bad as other builders in the area. If you know how to negotiate it rolls right off.

Otherwise ... I was blown away. I'm really baffled why these homes haven't flown off the market at this value!
Web Reference: http://www.maronda.com
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The loan was through Maronda (they have a finance department called MFC.) They're strictly brokers, and they offer the best deals that are available from the various vendors (my loan was actually funded by Countrywide, and was "sold" back to Countrywide before the first payment.)

For the loan fees, essentially they make up a bunch of junk fees ... then they pay them (yes, there is a bit of theatrics here... but the bottom line is I still didn't pay a penny for closing costs.)

My Loan terms through Maronda: 30 years, fixed rate, 5.75%, no prepayment penalty.
( At the time - about a month ago - the best rate I could find from anyone - including Countrywide - was 6%. Believe me, I'm resourceful, and that was the best I could get. MFC offers the absolute lowest rate available and it looks like they make nothing off of the deal - it's just an "added value" that helps them put people into their homes)

Maronda is the real deal, they offer an amazing value, and really I feel they were ALOT more honest than any of the other builders we visited here (and we visited ALOT) The same week we were there, a salesman from SEDA insisted that the best rate we would find was 6.25% (of course, through THEIR finance folks.)

The official deal Maronda offers is up to 3% of your purchase price towards closing costs. For me, it covered everything.

On top of it, in this tough market, they're dealing. Not often in life you get to offer a builder 10K less for a home and have them listen!

Maronda has opened a few homes up to realtors in the Yulee area, they are incredible deals right now.
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Maronda Homes is building homes in Newberry Oaks in Newberry, FL. They have their own sales agents/office - yet I have shown their homes to my buying clients. As a realtor here, I have not heard any negative feedback about them in our area. Maronda has done their own advertising in our area, and I guess they are in control of their budget for advertising. It sounds like you got yourself a wonderful home!
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I am curious about the terms of your loan.

In some areas, Maronda has a few licensed agents who have been entering the homes into the MLS and offering a buyer's agent commission.
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