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How to study for real estate license exam?

Asked by Edgar, Miami, FL Wed Aug 8, 2007

I am currently studying for my real estate sales associate license; however, this is A LOT of information to memorize, and I am pretty sure not everything I memorize is going to be covered in the state exam. For any agents who just took and passed the exam, how did you go about to study & prepare for the exam.

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It is not necessary to memorize everything but you will have to read a lot anyway......
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Did you take a class to help prepare you? If so, the instructor probably called attention to areas where students need to dedicate more time and energy.

I would suggest that you do the practice tests, a few times. Yes, it is true that not everything will be on the test. There is more than one test. You won't know what will be included or excluded, so you need to study everyhting.

Don't read into the material. At the time of licnesing, your objective is only to pass the test. After you pass a test and align yourself with a broker, you can discuss, interpret, and question the material. At this time, simply learn the materials as the course and study guides present. Students sometimes cause confusiton by trying to analyze, discuss, and compare. In Florida, I have seen that from agents who were licensed in other states and move to Florida. They want to compare Florida to State "X". Just take the information from the practice test, and study guide literally and read and re-read it. Pay attention to the areas where you miss questions during the practice tests.

A few of the schools, Gold Coast, being one, used to have weekend prep classes just for review.

The good news is that there is a fair tolerance for missed questions. You can miss quite a few and still pass the test.

Happy studying and good luck.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
The best way to study for your Florida real estate exam is to go to You Tube and watch the twelve free math videos that Climer School has posted there. There is no math on the Florida real estate exam that is not on those videos. If you have already paid $31.50 to take the Florida real estate exam, when you failed, Pearson Vue gave you a sheet with some study suggestions. Study the stuff on that sheet. If you don't have that sheet, call Climer School of Real Estate and ask Kathy to send you a copy. Also ask Kathy about the audio CDs. If you don't have the "Candidate's Handbook", it has a breakdown of what is on the exam. Kathy will send that to you free.

Do not underestimate the Florida real estate exam. The pass rate last month was 44% for first time takers and 27% for retakers.

When you think you are ready, go to Climer School of Rel Estate's website and take their free practice test.
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Thank you! !! I will check out the U tube videos before I take my test in May.
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THANK YOU!!! I will check the u-tube videos!
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If anyone here finds this post and then is also looking about how to pass the California Real Estate exam, check out It is low cost at only $29 and has a ton of information. It is better than most exam prep sites out there and it is a very cheap investment. I know that this post is old, but I bet a lot of people still find this online and could use the help anyway. Good luck to you who do find this!
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This is for anyone getting ready for the NJ Real Estate Test.

For those from NJ :
Do NOT buy the practice tests online. if you had a good instructor and they supplied you with thorough instruction and a good book - you will do fine. You DO need to study - a lot. I worked every night after class. I took the class for 10 days from 9am- 4:30pm at Brookdale Community College (off campus) and had an excellent instructor. I would recommend if anyone who reads this is from NJ and lives close..

I did find a site that offers 100 questions FREE. That site was the best I found. I paid 60.00 for one site and it had tons of grammatical and mechanical mistakes.How could I trust the validity of the content????? The free site is
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Edgar, I am sure you are getting the idea that it is not really easy, and there is no one thing you need to be sure and study. I made myself flash cards! I had family members work with me grilling me for hours. Or I would look at one side and write the answers that should be on the back and then check my answers. There is a lot of information to cover. After you pass your test, you will forget most of it. You will then have to learn about client's and contracts, how to write one etc. Passing the test is just the beginning. Good Luck!
Web Reference:
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Hi I am a recruiter in Sarasota and when people call me about getting a license this is how I respond.Here is the information on real estate schools. You must first go to any real estate school for 63 hours of training. This usually takes one week to go through the classes.

Schools we refer to are:

Bob Hogue 941-954-1978 or 800-330-9411

Andy Gray 941-921-5327 or 800-598-7913

Ed Klopfer 941-379-2378 or 800-370-1570

You may also take the classes on line and then take a school exam and pass with a 70%. You need to have fingerprinting completed before they will permit you to sit for state. First you go to and pre pay for the state exam, this opens up a file for you. You have 1 year from the time you prepay for exam to take the test. Next you send your fingerprints to the state and you will see it in that file after they receive them. Then they do a background research on you which takes the longest time ( I think they have 1 person doing everything in Tallahassee) and after you finish the class they send it to your file at the state, and after you complete the course and pass the school exam the results will be sent to the state and that is when you receive a date to sit for the exam.

After you have finished the classes you must then sit for a state exam. You need to pass with a minimum of 75%.

That is when you are ready to interview with a company and go to work. There is no monetary help for schooling. In essence, you are starting your own business. However, as a independent contractor you can make as much money as you are willing to work for, in other words the sky is the limit. I have agents here who earn $10,000 and I have agents who earn $1,000,000 in commission per year. I'm not sure if this is they type of information you were looking for or not, so feel free to call me if it's not OK?

Paula Cashi, CRS, CRB, RRS,
Associate Broker,
Director of Training and Career Development
130 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Fl 34236
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Paula, I know it was been long time since you booked this comment, but could you pls recomend an online real state course?
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CRAM Course; CRAM Course, CRAM Course.... Oh and did I say; CRAM course? I will forever be in debt to Mr. Thomas Gillett of the Barney Fletcher U... The course was great but the CRAM was intensive and brought clarity.

Mr. Gillett knew how to slow us down (I always read a question too fast and miss the key element); and read the words carefully to immediately discount even the closest wrong answer.

Make no mistake; this is an art-form and he has it down to a science. So of course I will recommend taking the "CRAM" course and follow it up with the actual licensing test very soon thereafter.

Good luck to you and much success in this career you have chosen for yourself!
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If you passed the end of class exam without difficulty, you'll probably be able to pass the state exam with no trouble. My only piece of advice is to use common sense, and to read the questions carefully... they're trying to trick you.
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The only way to reduce test day anxiety is to prepare. The only way to prepare is to study. When it comes to studying, try not to let too many days go by without reading a few questions or chapters. It is critical that you keep the real estate exam material fresh in your mind because paying attention to details and remembering the nuances between the questions and answers is key to being successful on test day. Practice, Practice, Practice. That is the only way.

Good luck!
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I took the real estate broker exam here in California so it may be a little different from yours in Florida but I basically practiced, practiced, practiced. It wasn't so much memorization as after you do the 2-3,000 questions that come with the online preparation courses, you basically remember the questions and answers since in those thousands of questions, they repeat the important ones that usually end up appearing on the exam.

If you would prefer to attend a class, their weekend cram courses or an online/video cram course is always very helpful as well. Either way, practice makes perfect! Timeframe-wise depends on how dedicated you are to studying, how quickly you study, and how focused you are on only studying. I personally took two weeks to study the online prep courses and then the specific broker's exam practice questions (which were the 2-3,000 questions). Hope this helped! Good luck on your exam, I'm sure you'll do great!
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I would suggest a prep class aka cram class. Memorize the questions and answers. Do not try to analyize just memorize.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in San Ramon, CA
Hey guys make sure to check this video will defiantly help you out by tons to pass the Real estate exam! goes into detail chapter by chapter!
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Hi Edgar. Since your question is more than six years old now, and we're still trying to help you pass your exam, maybe you could just tell us. Did ya pass???
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Karen, My name is Matt and I am trying to pass my az brokers exam. I have passed the national portion but for some reason I can not pass my state portion. I have failed it 4 times now. I feel as though the material in my textbooks is not covering the stuff they are asking me on the tests. When I got my California brokers license..and my California mlo license, there were prep courses I took that helped..can you recommend one for AZ?
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There is a lot of information but it is all important in order to be a professional, competent agent.
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IN SIX YEARS!!! he's either had his license for SIX YEARS, or he bacame a plumber.
Ya Think?
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he may have his but I'm getting mine, so I'm very thankful that folks have continued contributing to this thread.
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Plumbers have to go to a 4 year school to be licensed.. It's actually way more in depth and difficult than a real estate agent. Just thought you might want to know!
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Ron you're too funny!!
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Ha ha. Good point.
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Dear Edgar,

I studied the traditional way but I also found something on ITunes called, "The California Real Estate Exam". It's a recording of 5 full exams and answers. They slowly read each question and then tell you the answer. Since I live in Los Angeles, this was a great way to study while stuck in traffic.

It's worth seeing if there is a Florida version.

Good luck!
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There us a condensed study guide at that is very helpful. Although its geared for California sales exam, all states follow the same principles. you just have to know if your state, for example follows community property law or tenants in entirety, either way this study guide explains them both. its condensed and to the point. A great way to memorize everything since it explains topics.
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Hi Edgar,

Why don't you try the course at Gold Coast Schools? Their course outline will help you pass the test and you won't have to go through the book on your own. You will learn a LOT sitting in the class, interacting with classmates, listening to questions and answers, etc. Much better than going it alone, I promise you.

Here's a link of locations for the school:


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I have the "California Real Estate power test program for salesperson's" Would this be the book I would study then take he exam's?
Anthony Schools

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Listen carefuly to points of attention instructor and practise 1000 exam questions in book
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Focus on those items that the instructors covered in your class--most real estate schools have their finger on the pulse of the questions being asked on the real estate license test and structure the content of the classes accordingly.
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DO NOT USE THE WEBSITE LICENSEPROFESSOR.COM. The material is crap and if you fail, they don't give you your money back. Heck, they don't even bother to reply despite numerous attempts to contact them for several days. Please save your money and time.
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I just paid for the FL Broker Exam Prep through . I memorized thousands of questions and not one question was on my exam... or the next one I took. The best way is to learn the material and if you're in Florida know the law. Chapter 475 etc..

After calling Real Estate Study Aids they assured me they would call me back, but did not and won't take my calls. This company is a complete joke. They also state that they have a money back guarantee for MOST states.

I passed the salesperson exam with Allied in CA which was great, and has been very good for what's covered on the FL exam. Hope this helps some of you with the decision making.
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I did not share your experience, I found to be very helpful. I passed on the first try. But to each their own.
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I just saw Real estate study aids - I am glad i saw your post. I think the best way to pass is practice exams I am a Broker in MA but getting my FL Broker in April i hope. Did you like Allied for practice?
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I revisited the material 3 times including taking the section and chapter tests multiple times. I used que cards and went thru those multiple times. It was very time consuming, but the end goal was well worth it. Good luck.
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Hopefully you picked a school with a great teacher. My teacher gave us insight into what we should really know and what is less important. I went home and studied from my book 2 hours every night and took the tests at the end of each chapter. I really think the right teacher makes the difference.

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Hi Edgar,
I purchased the real estate quiz cards. they had some exam questions on them and really helped. Each card had one question instead of streaming the 300 pages of the book. they are at Barnes and Noble.

good luck
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I passed the first time by getting my hands on as many questions as possible and studied them until i can answer the question without even having to read the whole question. i probably went through 2500-3000 questions.
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Where did you get them?
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in what amount of time Shirley?
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My real estate course focused solely on preparing me to pass the exam--I found by going back to the test questions from the class and making sure I knew all of the vocabulary words we were given that it was really easier than I imagined it would be. Try not to psych yourself out.
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Most RE schools sell study disks with practice questions,
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Does anybody know where would I find a variety of similar questions that were on my Real State Exam yesterday. The majority of questions that were on my test and definitely were never discussed at school(my cram crush Real Estate School), not on my 3000 q test that i purchased earlier , never given to us at school by teacher either and were definitly no where in the book. I am referring to Real Estate Hawaii Real Estate salesperson Exam.

I am planning to take it again , but not sure what area to study.
Any websites that might help i am willing to try and spend some money to make sure that i pass.
Any help much appreciated.
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try . great condensed notes that are actually for any state except for certain laws. very thorough and informative
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try . great condensed notes that are actually for any state except for certain laws. very thorough and informative
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The obvious answer is enroll in a real estate schooling program. Assuming you did that: has an exam prep book for Florida. Quoting a review on the site, "This book is a great tool for the state license exam. The two 100-question exams at the end of the book are reliable to the state exam questions. I really recommend it!!! I passed the exam on the first try."

There are also other exam prep books for different states. I bought one before I took my test in Colorado and it was very helpful. (Yes, I passed the first time.)

Good luck!
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I listened very carefully to the instructor. They will usually key you in on the most important things to remember.

Good luck
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You can get pass your real estate license exam fast and easy with allied real estate school. Their online requirements courses are really easy to study at your own pace. Click the link below to check out more.
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Edgar, The license schools have it down to such a science that you are well advised to just follow their lead. I've been a broker in California and Arizona for 38 years and I still remember taking the exam and being so grateful about how accurate the school had prepared me. If you really want to "shine" after you get licensed, take the time to re-read a chapter a day from the binder you got from the school, and do that until you have re-read the whole binder about 4 times. The "old timers" will be amazed at how sharp you are, as will your clients. Good luck!
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Hola Edgar, I am also studying for my exam on Saturday. I'm in Milwaukee, Wi. I agree it's alot of information, and my heart is beating so fast lol. I'm just plain reading page by page words and terms I dont' understand I write down in a notebook. Then I'll just move onto the test the questions I don't remember I go back into my notes and go back and read those paragraphs a couple times if I still don't get it I write question marks. I'm also making note cards for the very confusing things. I underline everyline as I read it and then go back and highlight the info that contain specific wording that I think might be in the test.
Buena Suerte,
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Most Realtor Associations offer a very handy 1 day review class where many just happen to give you real answers to the tests. It has been my experience that your local Realtor Association's review class is much better than a review hosted by a local education source.

I would also advocate that you take the review live, in person. Skip the online classes...they are usually not half as good or helpful.
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Study the glossary, knowing the definition's is beneficial when taking the test. Take as many practice test as you can and foremost be comfortable and confident when taking your exam.
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Take as many practice test, prefersably on you PC with a progarame that will tell you which areas you need to focus your on! Ask your local school in regards to this, I have linkts to schools in Utah that offer this service, feel free to visit my site for more info or call me!
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The first big big step is RELAX

It is TRICKY - but not hard.

you need to get past the way the questions are worded. The book's questions are purposely worded strangely in order to give you an idea of how they will try to mess with you.

I have taken the real estate exams in two states and the mortgage exam here in Florida.

Don't listen to your classmates... just go in with a clear head and you'll do fine.

The cram course should be targetted to the questions that are most frequently asked.

Just follow a few steps...
get the question in front of you...
skim it...
read all the answers...
then READ the question slowly
then reread all the answers before you pick one...
that will hopefully ensure you're not getting caught in the test's double-speak
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I live/work in Hialeah, FL.

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Look forward to meeting you ! Check out our website below. What area do you live and work in?
Web Reference:
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Wow! I want to thank you all for your well informed answers. It really does put things in perspective.

Randi Rapp
I wasn't hired by some real estate companies due to not having a license (which I didn't think I needed). So, I might take you on your offer once I obtain my license!

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My instructor pointed out areas which were known to be on the state exam and told us to pay attention to them. I took the practice exam questions (over and over and over) and if I got the answers wrong, I then re-read those particular sections. I also wrote an outline of each chapter, incorporating definitions and math problems. Lastly, I got a full night's sleep, the night before the exam.

There is a lot of information that you're expected to learn, but real estate agents play such an important role in the transfer of real property that I believe it's our duty to do our best and know as much as we can, whether or not there's an exam.

I'll get off my soapbox now.
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There is a wonderful website "license" that I used to practice for the Florida RE Broker test. It is a very helpful site and charges $59.95 (or something like that) for a 3 month subscription. It gives you some sample tests and allows you to take them in quiz mode (giving an immediate right answer, if you make a mistake) or test mode (going all the way through and then graded) I found it very helpful. It takes away a lot of test anxiety as well, since the state test is given on a computer.
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I agree that a cram course is the way to go. The reason is that with a reputable RE School, they often have inside info on exactly what will be focused most upon in the test. They hear a lot of feedback from students.
Other than that, just study morning, noon & night. Get used to living real estate 24/7!

You're making an excellent career choice Edgar, and I wish you all the good fortune you deserve!
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The best way for me was to read each question five times. I found that every question had two bad answers. Of the other answers two would be almost the same. If you read each answer a few time you will find the one thats the best. Take your time and you should be fine.
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There is no easy way. I am great at passing all my exams, but that's only because I study for it - keep on trying to drill that into my kids' head.

Study and repetition is the key. Also, understand and master the technique in answering multiple choice helps - elimination of very unlikely question and skip over difficult questions first then come back and really review the difficult question will help you manage the limited test time.

Practice test helps in knowing what kind of questions they ask and how they ask the question - sometime they have really strange wordings that do not make sense at all, so the answers to those questions help.

Just some pointers. But efforts count.
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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Novato, CA
Well the way I pass was.
Take the first time Exam Them I take the reviwe and the same day take the test is a lot easier, if you know the wrong answer by that way.
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I think going to a cram course is essential. Also study the practice tests at the back of your book . look up the right answers and study the question and correct answer. Good luck ! call us at EWM when you are licensed. We have great training !
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