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Tammy Hatch, Real Estate Pro in Seattle, WA

Can anyone refer me to a good, inexpensive roofer?

Asked by Tammy Hatch, Seattle, WA Sun Jun 15, 2008

It is very frustrating to call contractors only to get the run around. I am looking for a good roofer. If anyone has any good ones................let me know.

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the two terms don't go together well: good & inexpensive.
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Fred is exactly right. You definitely don't want to get the cheapest roofer. Roofing is something worth investing a little bit more money in to get quality work done. If you do it right, your roof could last a really long time. Try talking to general contractors just to see who they use for their roofing. Their recommendations could be really helpful in narrowing down the list of roofers. Best of luck!
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I would call around to family members and friends around your area. They should know who to refer you to and somewhat know your price range. This should help you with everything you need. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
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I would also tend to agree with Fred. The cheapest roofer is not always the best. They have to cut costs somewhere, and it is often in the materials. Sometimes, contractors will even save money by not being insured. I would search for online reviews of local contractors.
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You're absolutely right Fred. Cheaper doesn't always mean better. In fact, it rarely means better. Especially in the housing industry, you'll find that there is a happy medium between price and quality. You generally want to hit that happy medium. You shouldn't narrow down your search by price, but you should narrow it down by quality. I would look at reviews and testimonials. You could even ask general contractors who they use for their roofing and if they like the work that those roofers do. Don't be turned off by price right off the bat. Evaluate quality over price always.
Flag Tue Dec 16, 2014
Fred is right. When going with roof repair, it's not worth it if the job isn't quality. Otherwise, you'd just have to do those repairs again soon. Quality jobs can be more expensive, but they are worth it in the long run. I hope everything goes well with your roof.
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Tammy, great question about finding a good reputable roofer. I'm sorry you've had a few contractors give you the run around. I've always recommended that homeowners get a few bids from licensed, insured, & reputable roofing professionals. You may want to request a detailed proposal to see what's included. Many times roofers can tell if you'll need new drip edge, pipe jacks, valley metal, etc. The only thing that's hard to account for is the sheeting under the old felt. The total price of the roof is usually based on access, how many stories, the pitch, how large, what type of under-layment & shingle, how many hips & valleys, and local codes. If you're in very cold climates you may be required to have ice & water shield installed. Again, the more detailed the bid, the better! Good luck Tammy.
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I would suggest that you talk to people you know who have used this service recently. If you get their help you should be able to find a roofer that will do a good job. I think you really need to focus on quality though. The last thing you're going to want is to have to repair the roof again because you hired an inferior roofer. Going for quality over price will help you avoid that.
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I completely agree with Jackson, you have to talk to people in your area. There are a lot of things that you should look for in a roofer. You don't necessarily want to find the cheapest place out there. Find a company that has experience that will do the best job possible.
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I totally know how you feel, Tammy! There's a few things to consider when getting a compatible roofer to get the job done right. I noticed everyone here said that you should be skeptical about cheap roofers. Honestly, it's a huge investment that you need to make sure gets done right. All you really need to do is to make sure that their prices match up with their quality when looking up their reviews of other client's experiences. Read those experiences, compare them to the price, and then you know you have a good roofer option. Search online too; you can easily find more roofers that way.
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It would probably not be the best idea to base your decision completely on price. Sometimes the cheaper price could be more of hassle due to repairs not being done the best. If you are looking to do some roof repairs on your home I would recommend asking around for references.
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Finding a good roofer is extremely important. If your roof is damaged or otherwise compromised, it can cause a significant amount of problems. When I was in high school, water dripped in our kitchen every time it rained. We were considering buying that house from the friend who owned it and was renting it to us, but the roof among some other, smaller problems, made my mom decide against it. Not long after that, over half of the roof had to be replaced. When looking for a roofer, you should focus on reviews as much as possible. Quality is going to be infinitely more important than price when it comes to this type of job. You can't overstate the importance of finding the best help available.
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While it is good to try to find an inexpensive option, you also want to be sure that you are getting good quality. Getting a roof repaired correctly is really important, and this is why finding the right roofer is vital. I would suggest asking some friends in the area, because then you can get some good recommendations. Getting a real life opinion is good so you can evaluate the quality of each service!
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I am also trying to find a good roofer in my area. It would be nice if I could find a roofer that I trust and know. I guess I'll just ask around and go by word of mouth. I want quality work too and I'm willing to pay the price.
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Be careful with looking for just the cheapest contractor you can find. Your roof is very important! I would only trust someone with good reviews. Ask your neighbors and see who they use. That's what I'd do!
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If your going to get a good roofer he probably isn't going to be inexpensive. In my experience it is better to find a reputable contractor and work with him. It's going to be better in the long run if you work with a professional and not someone doing it as a side job.
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I agree with Chevy; you don't want to go the cheap option if it will end up just backfiring on you in the long run. A good roofer will charge the amount that his work is worth. What you want to avoid is a roofer that will over-charge you, and that is easy enough to do by reading customer reviews and getting several different quotes.
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You could probably find some roofers in your area that would fit what you're looking for. My suggestion to you would be to look around at as many of the options you can find. If you want to pay a low amount you'll have to meet a lot of lower-priced roofers and see if they meet your standards. Good luck with your project.
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Finding a good roofer depends on the work you need done and the budget that you're trying to stick with. Every company is different but it's pretty easy to find one within your price range. I wish you luck with your search!
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We just used to find a bunch of home maintenance recommendations for the area. They put you in touch with 3 vendors (all vetted like angie's list) and you'll get three bids, usually within 24 hrs. It's a free service and worked pretty well.
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Good roofers are fairly plentiful. I have known many good roofers over the years. It is usually a matter of finding one that you are comfortable with and that will differ from person to person. I have usually found a good contractor through asking my friends and family who they have used themselves.
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It's probably better to ask friends who live in your area or people in your neighborhood to get references. There might be local companies that those of us who don't live in your area wouldn't know about. Many people have had experience with roofing companies so they can give you the best references. I hope your search goes well!
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Contact a "big box" store such as Home Depot. They will have excellent financing options, a broad selection of quality materials, and they can set up the installation. I'm all about making something easy-breezy, and Home Depot did that for me when we needed a new roof. Good luck.
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Wow, really? I had no idea you could go through a company to find roofing options. This should make my search a lot easier. And if they're licensed with a store like Home Depot, the contractors must be good.
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You can check with a number of sources. Angie's List is one source, another source is the local builder's association and ask if any co-workers, neighbors or friends have used one that they will recommend. After you get a list together, be sure to check with your state licensing to see if they have had any complaints. One other thing to remember is to get a minimum of 3 estimates from the ones you have checked out. In my area, an estimate is usually good for 30 days for roofers, plumbers or other contractors. Make sure everything is in writing and keep a copy of the contract between you and the contractor. One thing I learned early on was not to pay money up front. Be sure you have in the contract when payment or payments are due. When I put a roof on my house, I paid for the shingles but my contractor was not paid until the job was completed and everything was cleaned up around my home. Roofing nails can get in the yard and parking areas so make sure that the contractor has one of the large magnets to go over your yard and parking areas. Saves on flat tires.
Hope you find a competent roofer soon but always remember you get what you pay for and cheaper is not always better
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Angie's List is one of many social bookmarking sites that could have a list of roofing contractors for you to look at. I'm sorry you keep getting the run-around, but sometimes you just have to persevere till you find the one that will help you in the way you want. You also don't want to just go for cheap ones, you want one with high-enough quality that you aren't going to be doing repairs after one year.
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It's probably most helpful to ask around your neighborhood if they've used a roofer recently. People in your area will know best which roofers are good or not. There are always online reviews that can be helpful as well.
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Bill Eckler,

You don't always get what you pay for. Back when I practiced bankruptcy law, some of the firms that charged the most to file a simple bankruptcy were the least qualified. In the real estate area I wouldn't say that every agent that charges 3% is of the same quality.
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Is there any such thing as "a good inexpensive" anything. My experience is that "one usually gets what they pay for......."


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I agree with Scott 100 percent... Angie's List is the way to go!
Good luck with the roof!
Have a great day!
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I came here to say the same thing. Online reviews are great with contractors and building companies. One thing to be aware of with roofers is that quality generally increases with price. Don't take out the possibility of an expensive repair-- it might be the most cost-efficient in the long term.
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Can we put this one to bed? Tammy's "new" roof is now five years old . . .
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Hi Tammy.

If you're an active agent working for owners that need different contractors on a regular basis, it would be worth joining a service like Angie's List. It will save you time and money, and you know the contractors are already screened.


Scott Miller
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Petersendean Roofing is terrific. My contact is Davin (661) 414-7025.
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Thanks! Is this reference an independent contractor or part of a company? It doesn't really make a difference, but it's nice to know before calling. My roof has been in need of repair for years now, but it's finally to the breaking point. I'm looking for someone understanding and willing to offer suggestions! |
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I know of a great roofer in calgary. Quality company. Thanks for asking!
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I am also looking for a roofer. The difference is that I'm looking for a roofer in Vancouver. Has anyone called somebody from the site Was it cheap? Did they do a good job? I would love to hear some reviews.
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I'm not sure good and inexpensive go together. Roofers tend to come and go and roofers whose prices are too cheap do not stay in business. I would recommend you hire a quality roofer. An outstanding roofing company is Versatile Roofing, 425-576-1200. They offer a very high quality of service, advice and workmanship for a fair price. If you call them, please tell them I gave you their name.
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Call Rick Larson at Roof Doctors in Seattle. He is absolutely the best roofer and his prices are lower than virtually everyone else. I have referred people to rick for over 15 years and hired him to do my own home last year. I don't have his phone number handy but you shold be able to find him in any online or paper Seattle directory.
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I use Angie's List, which is a GREAT resource for all types of contractors. Customers rate and give their opinions on the service they received . . . or didn't (as the case may be). I found the reviews were very helpful in focusing on the companies I would call for estimates, etc. Rather then refer contractors, or service technicians to my clients, I just point them to Angie's List. A few reasons; they can pick their own company to use, read the reviews, and if they do not get quality they are not mad at me (for a bum referral), but they can write their rant review.
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I love Loberg Roofing though I haven't used them for a while.
Web Reference:
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Chris Brown of Bruce's Shakemill Roofing is the best and most reasonably priced
roofer I have used over the years. His number is 206-349-9307 (cell). Please
tell him Mary Sunde referred him.
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We have a great list of references for contractors at our office. Please view the link below to see the roofers :-)

Good Luck!
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does 303 lakeridge rd 76108 lakeside tx home have a view through the sliding glassdoor into the sunroom
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