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Leslie Fleur…, Home Buyer in Topeka, KS

What is it like living in Albany, Georgia? Are there new developments? Is it crowded, full of traffic?

Asked by Leslie Fleuranges, Topeka, KS Mon Jul 16, 2007

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I have shared my view of Albany, Georgia and was glad to do so. Yes, I am a Realtor promoting the area everyday and very proud to have that privilege.
Why would Anyone continue to live in a place they despised so much? I am just curious to know if there is anyplace that these people would be happy and if so why don't they move there?
Albany, fortunately, has not suffered as much as many areas in the country. We have much to be thankful for.
There is Good in Everything. You have to look for it.
In a few weeks Albany will be bursting with azaleas, dogwoods and blooming plants that are breathtaking.
Again, we offer much natural beauty and lend ourselves to many outdoor activities due to the climate. The Mardi Gra this weekend was a huge success and enjoyed by many families who supported our community.
Albany is a Good Life City if you allow it to be.
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You Yanks don't need to tell us natives how nice this place is. Most of you are realtors....
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I grew up in Albany, Ga. I loved it, but I haven't lived there since 1976. My mother and two sisters lived there. I have gone back to Albany many times and was last there earlier this year (2009). My mother passed away in Albany the day after Christmas in 2005. My oldest sister and her husband still live and work there. From what I can tell, jobs are there but not very plentiful. Traffic is not a problem. Public education is similar to any other southern town the size of Albany. If I lived there now, and had children in school, I would not place them in a public school there. In fact, if I were to live there now, I would probably build a house northwest of Albany, out beyond the mall, or even in Lee County. This may sound terrible , but Albany is about 75-80 percent African American now. And, until the African American community improves all the black on black violence, single parent children, and other glaring problems facing them, Albany, along with many other communities will continue to suffer. The loss of a few large employers over the years is another reason Albany is where they are today. This is the main reason we've seen the increased population/growth in Lee County. Yes, there are some nice places to live in Albany, but not very affordable places. And if one doesn't have a decent job to purchase a decent place, where do they go?...what do they do? I will continue to visit Albany, but I highly doubt my wife and I will ever live there. For all the reasons I listed above, and many more, I can NOT recommend Albany as a new location for someone looking to move.
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I reside in a major city in GA. And I can tell you have a very racist perspective as I don't live there but I can tell you that being a journalist that crime is not only located in African America communities, it's only what the media chooses to report,
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Albany, GA...where do I begin????? I moved here around four years ago from the Midwest. This town is HORRIBLE and my husband and I have been trying to relocate out of this town for the past three years!!!!! When we first moved to the area, we weren't ready to buy a home. Wow, am I glad because if someone paid me to purchase a house here I never would. The last thing I would want to be is a seller in/around this town (including LEE county...don't let the agents fool you). The CRIME here is terrible. Every night on the local news is coverage of murders, robberies, drugs, and GANGS. This is not just in Albany either, it's in Lee county. If you have chidren, unless you can afford to send them to private school, you're going to have problems. The education systems around this area are horrible. I would never want my child to be educated at any public school down here as many of the teachers can't even speak proper English!!! Oh, and Southern Hospitality DOES NOT EXIST!!!! The people in the Albany area and surronding counties are BEYOND rude. Postive customer service is not something to expect down here because RARELY will you receive it. Also, home to some of the worst and inconsiderate drivers in the country. The worst thing for me to adjust to is the the racism. Racism and REVERSE RACISM is alive and well in this town unfortunately. I've never felt so uncomfortable as I do when I go to a grocery store, restaurant, etc. here. There's not much to do for recreation and the economy is failing at a rapid rate. Jobs are scarce especially since the area has lost two major employers in the last two years, Merck Chemical Co. and Cooper Tire. People here also do not have very positive work ethics. Largely a welfare community and very lazy and uneducated people who have no desire to hold a job let alone have a CAREER! If you want an honest opinion...RUN, RUN, RUN! My husband is from the area originally and he's the only reason why I'm still here but like I said WE are trying to relocate. He's more disgusted with the area than I am. I would never recommend moving to this area to anyone. If you're looking for more desirable areas in the southeast...try Savannah, Valdosta, Tallahassee, Augusta, or Auburn, AL.
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everything you say in your comment is truie of a lot of areas. I live in spring hill fl and feel the same way. crime is low but people are not friendly its life. Albany is no worse then many places
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Augusta? Only a small step better than Albany and I have lived in both.
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Just left Albany !! I was there for 8 months and I can't start to describe the deplorability of that town. I have spent a lot of time in every major city in the USA, but have never been to a more BACKWARD, RACIST, UNEDUCATED, WELFARE supported community in my life ! Work ethic and customer service is non-existent. I walked out of Albany abandoning a 75k job without another job offer.. Does that clarify it for you? Just glad I didn't purchase a home.. if you buy a home you are stuck with it. Can't throw a dead cat without hitting a "home for sale" in that town.

No traffic.. true... but no one has a job, so you don't need a car. Horrible food.. No culture.. Just a huge portion of inbred, drug using white people and racist black folk. Most people have never been farther than 500 miles from Albany in their entire life. ITS A SMALL WORLD down in Albany.

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Hello My Name is Tim Johnson, I moved from LA when My parent got sick. Before moving i heard a lot about the crime and gangs. Yes there are some.BUT its not how people make it sound. I been living here for 3 1/2 years now. I love the size and the natural and fresh air. Albany is a great place To live and being a party promoter. I have lived in LA, NYC, DC, ATLANTA, Chicago and varies other cities. Albany is not the best place but it is a great place in size and southern hospitality.
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I am a transplant from Boston MA. I am baffled at the statements regarding Albany being dirty and crime ridden. If you want to see filth and crime, take a trip up to Boston! I have been here for 8 years now and although I don't like everything about the city, I do appreciate the natural beauty, fresh air,weather and cost of living. I won't lie and say that crime is not a problem here. But given the city's size, I believe the crime rate to be comparable to other southern cities. It is funny to me that those who complain the most about the city are the one's who have lived here all their lives. If you don't like it......move!
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You are just a yankee used to unacceptable living conditions who cannot pronounce an "r". I don't live by "The New Standard". Neither should you. Go home.
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No disrespect to you or any of these agents trying to make money but anybody that lives anywhere else would be a fool to want to move to Albany, Ga. Its horrible here I've lived here since I was 12 and I'm 25 now and I cant stand it. I'm looking for my golden ticket out of here. So many murders, and robbery's, and I have gotten robbed myself, I dont go anywhere without taking my pistol, too much drama, too many ghetto's, too many poor people, too many gangs, too much violence, too many single parents, too many homeless people, too many people without jobs, about 5 different businesses a week close here, and we are like 4th in the nation of the poorest cities last time I checked, and about 2 years ago I seen a show on the news saying we were 1st in the nation of the highest percentage of murders, not the most but the highest percentage. The rate places are closing and getting foreclosed on around here I suspect it will be a ghost town in 10 years.
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We sure have different opinions I was born and raised here and I am still here and I sholl can tell you one thang you got this all twisted robbery sand muderers are around but it ain't like you saying if that's the case go to tha southside part and say dis stuff to us they will jump you.yhu can't be posting stuff about ppl that respect they hometown they are good ppl until yhu disrespect us.u can't disrespect errbody like yhu disrespect yoself.plz get yo life boo cause you know what will happen if yhu was to go up to somebody in tha south side and say err thang you typed.
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you seem to be honestly reporting your perspective, can you tell me anything about the flooding problems? The cost of living? Have things gotten any better since you posted this?
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I am a Realtor of several years and very Proud to be associated with the Real Estate Industry. I posted a comment several months ago reflecting the Qualities of Life in Albany, Ga. that I know to be true.
Albany, Ga. offers some of the "Purest", "Natural", "Rich" resources which lead to a great life if one is interested in improving their life. I have clients that were apprehensive about moving to Albany that now would not live anywhere else. They rave of the beauty it offers their children. All the outdoor activities you can imagine. Sports galore to be inclusive of baseball, football, hockey and children's activities, hunting, fishing, golfing, gardening, camping and much more.
Yes, we do have new developments with many amenities to offer.
Education. I always recommend that my clients have a "Hands On" tour of all schools. I make the appointments. Then you know for a fact what we have to offer.
I don't know of a town, city, community or development anywhere in the United States that does not have some stigma or crime. You can't avoid some things in Life.
Albany, Ga. is a Great Place to Life.
We get out of Life only what we Give in Life.
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Is it a beautiful state? Absolutely! I was born in Albany, Ga. My dad lives there and can't wait to move.It's just too bad that some African Americans ruin it with their crimes of murder and theft. It's not safe until they begin conducting themselves in respectable, productive and decent manner.
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What a Life!!!!!!!!!!!!No Traffic. 10-20 min from one side of town to the other. Enjoy your afternoons watching the sunset behind all of the pean trees or the whispering pines. Lots of water to launch your favorite boat out on Lake Chehaw. Enjoying the skiing fishing or just run it up the river to enjoy the wind in your face. We also have Lake Blackshear 25 min away. Golfing, Hunting, Fishing, Bowling, playing Tennis is a way of life around Albany. Easy Trips to the BEACH......3 hrs to the Gulf of Mexico..........beautiful white sand beaches. We have several local builders that develop nice subdivisions that are convenient to the work area and play areas. Right now is a good time to BUY. Interest rates are down and if you have not OWNED A HOME in the last 3 years or this is your FIRST HOME you can get up to a $ 8000. rebate from our find GOVERNMENT.
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If I could live anywhere in the world, Albany would be last on my list. I call it "God's training ground for hell.". It is backwards, the people are rude, backstabbers, and lazy. Customer service at any business is awful. It's hot. Not a lot of traffic, but nobody knows how to drive safely. Crime is off the scale - murders, robberies, etc. The education is beyond rotten. I can't say anthing good about here.
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Lori is exactly right. Albany is not a town. It's a huge factory that makes suck. We've been trapped here for 5 1/2 years and I have been begging God since day 1 to get us out. I hate Albany and Dougherty County more now than when we were first stuck here. There are exactly ZERO selling points. It's an ugly little ghetto, stuck in a swamp. This place has NOTHING to offer. Believe me. I've spent over five years looking.
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Albany was once a very nice town. It is now run by racist and crooked black people that don't care at all about bettering the city and trying to keep it nice. It's really a very sad story. I love Albany but it is not the good life city it once was.
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Albany really sucks..... i have lived here my whole life. It's dangerous, dirty and I can't wait to get out of here. I myself have been mugged. I got a knife pulled out on me and my friends when I was in high school from this random homeless man.You can't go out at night, especially downtown. I was even near Lee County one night and some guy ran up to my car and tried to highjack it. Thank God I had my door locked or I may not be here. My uncle was murdered here and thrown in the Flint River, There are a lot of good people here too, but I don't know why someone would want to voluntarily live here.
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Truest comment ever!!
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I am glad I ventured onto this site about living in Albany, Ga. I have a wonderful job that is offering to relocate me to the area. However, what once seemed promising for me, has drawn gleam.

I am deciding to decline the offer. This decision comes mainly from the extremely racist comments made by residents. That's something I can definitely live without.

BTW: Living in an area with African Americans as the majority is not the reason for your problems. When a community of Albany's size is smoldered with racial tension, crime and below average standards become acceptable by all racial groups. Until the residents find a way explore and accept its diversity, things will only get worst in your schools and workplaces.

Remember: Racism is a reflection of our Youths enviroment as a taught act of hatred.
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its over run with sub human mongrels from africa just like all large cities in america.you wanted the truth now you know.it aint whitey you have to keep looking over your shoulder for.
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I watched a female lawyer here absolutely conspire and abuse a couple of children and another female lawyer compliant in the whole thing. That's when we decided to start heading off military and industrial business that would have come to the region. It's not hard to do, you just have to know the processes.

The fact that these lawyers are corrupt and one in particular, was not news to close to ten other lawyers we queried. Anyone can try to polish crap, but there are real problems here and we don't see them ending so much is being headed off.
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I grew up in Albany, GA., living there from 1969-1976. We moved there from Tifton, GA & Albany was exciting to me as a child. As a teenager, we often found ourselves at a loss for entertainment, so we made our own. I rode my bicycle all over town. I was there when the schools became integrated, a little afraid due to warnings from my grandparents on the dangers of "associating" w/ the "blacks", but mostly curious & fascinated with a chance to observe a different "culture", having only been exposed to southern white people for most of my life. What a disappointment to quickly learn that they were not so different from me!
Like most kids, I never even thought about the socio-economic factor of my community. I just knew that most families had at least one parent that worked somewhere.It wasn't until I looked back at old yearbooks that I realized how economically divided into social cliques we were . One thing was true then, & remains true today: cliques run everything social.I noticed this same division when I revisited my old hometown for a reunion a couple of years ago. I do not recall seeing any of my former black schoolmates there in the crowd of several hundred alumni of the 70's. I had even invited a couple that I had reconnected with thru social media, but they declined to attend, stating that Albany still saw too much in black & white. I felt disappointed because I was sure our generation was the one that would change all of that, but I fear that many who never ventured far from our hometown just didn't get on that train. I did notice many of the same cliques still congregated together.
I was saddened as I drove through the old neighborhoods at the shabbiness, but I feel the same sadness when I drive through any place that lives in my memory when decades have passed. It is inevitable that time will wear on places.Some of the saddest sights were the empty lots or empty strip malls where once beautiful homes or other buildings had once stood. Was that because the population had swelled to a majority black population? No, it was because the city/county government has no reverence for the historical. That being said, I drove through the areas I remembered as being the "nice neighborhoods. Guess what? They looked the same. I also noted that the large employers that kept life booming for our middle class were gone. THAT is the culprit in every city that is in decline or stagnant. One look at Detroit, Michigan will demonstrate what results when the lifeblood of a city is removed.
As for the gangs, a community is most vulnerable to gang influence when economic opportunity has fled. I tried to get out into the community to get the feel of it. I never encountered any hostility from anyone there when I frequented restaurants, bars, shopping places. Why? Because I treat everyone that offers me a service or inhabits my space as I wish to be treated & refuse to allow anyone to see my back without first seeing my smile, & I always acknowledge another person's humanity by being open & friendly. It seems to work 90% of the time for me.
I believe that if the citizens of my old hometown would set aside preconceived notions of race & economic status & work together, they could find a way to take back their city & make it at least as good as i remember it. It was never perfect, but it was a good place to grow up. we were never socially integrated, but after so many years, surely they have seen the good in people who are different & realize they do not want their community ruled by criminals who have preyed on their situation. They could start with their inept city govt. & vote them out, then use their churches & schools to let their voices be heard & spread the message. It could help more than hurt. It's a beautiful place worth saving.
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Thanks for your article, I'm am sick and tired of people always blaming my people(Black and or Latina/Latino) for the down fall of neighborhoods. Racism is used to destroy neighborhoods. Without looking or searching for the whole answer most decide to dwell on ignorance and play the blame game. Where I come from the white ghetto's are actually worse than the Black and Latino communities which leaves us speechless. Another thing most Whites need to consider before they speak their ignorance, America was built on the backs of slaves and the genocide of the American Indian and some poor Whites. Things have changed but not that much Blacks are still held back, Natives still live on reservations and poor whites receive unjust treatment also if they don't come from the right background or kiss ass! And by who hands? Corporate White American who can still use the race card or the ignorant! Too the writer of this article, are you in Human Services?
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SOunds like to me that those who have been robbed or had a bad experience need to choose where they hang out at night and who they hang with in general. I moved here from East Brooklyn 24 1/2 years ago and you want to see crime and filth take a stroll there!!
Albany is a slow developing city true enough but there is crime everywhere you go! 24 years ago this was a retirement town, but economy caused alot of people to move back ( HINSE YOUR CRIME!!) so for those of you who are looking for a good time city move on and get out of your parents or grandparents house!!!
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another town over run with sub human mongrels.thats what happened here too.it aint whitey you have to look over your shoulder for.
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Old Post, but I'm sure someone will read it in 2013.

There's Room in ALBANY to be as Happy and Productive, as you want to be.
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Fans love the fast-paced action and non-stop entertainment of arena football. Playing in the SIFL, the Panthers begin play each spring. Check them out at the James H. Gray Civic Center tomorrow night at 7:30!
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Merry Acres Event Center
Thursday March 21st
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I love Albany. There is plenty to do if you get out and engage in your community. Check out this link.
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Hello to all, I subscribe to Trulia but may reconsider. When an Internet provider that wants to be NUMBER ONE in providing the Real Estate Information to the general public allows this type
trash I have to question their Integrity. Why would you post the sick comments that TRULIA continues to allow because they don't oversee these comments and how detrimental they are
to what they want to be NUMBER ONE in.
TRULIA, wake up and find another method of promoting areas. I am SICK and TIRED of your constantly posting this crap about where I have resided for 40 plus years.
If you can't make a positive of your website then find something else to do.
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People are telling the truth about Albany, Georgia. Have you noticed that the only people posting positive comments about Albany, Georgia are the Real Estate Agents trying to make money off of schmucks?
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I lived in Albany georgia in 1994 to 1999. I resided in the northwest which was a very nice area. Would I live there again? No. Never. Not if my life depended upon it. Even with a upper class home...an great job...if your not from there then no one will warm up to you...I had my first child there. It was an very lonely sad but eye opening experience. We were Yankees...bad move for us.
The worse experiences were found at our church...and yes we were even caucasions...didn't matter. We were also conversative white people...still didn't matter...what I did learn however wad what racism felt like...I did leave a bit educated on hate and prejudice...something I never experienced before. In fact the whole experience made me more compassionate and I stopped going to church and turned into an independent...but still conservative! Loll
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I grew up here and love it. I moved off for 4 years and came back after college. I would say half of my current friends are not locals. Sorry you had such a bad experience.
Flag Thu Mar 7, 2013
oh yeah.......LOL.
Flag Mon Aug 20, 2012
You WERE caucasions? What are you now? Gone? You didn't know what a simple, foundational emotion like "racism" is? Something you never experienced before? Where did YOU come from? Think about that one BROTHER.
Flag Mon Aug 20, 2012
Ahh yes, lovely Albany, Georgia.
I came here in 2005 for what promised to be an excellent job. While the job itself was great, the problems with the area far outweighed the benefits.
Lets start with the climate. No extremes? That poster must not have been here June thru August when the temperatures average well into the 90's, with humidity so high glasses stay fogged up for at least five minutes after stepping outside. I will concede that the winters are practically nonexistent. Unfortunately this allows the insect populations to expand unchecked. There is nothing like fighting off the gnats for 8 months out of the year.
And the much vaunted Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.? Unfortunately it is served by a sad excuse for an airline known as ASA. Over the last 3 months I have been scheduled to fly out 10 times on business and have only had 3 of those flights depart within 1 hour of their scheduled time. The airport itself does all it can to discourage travel with exhorbitant parking fees ($8 a day). Airports of similar size usually feature much lower rates (even free) for parking to encourage traffic. Of course they are adding to the terminal to give visitors a better first impression of Albany. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.
Yes, the restaurants are horrible and customer service is nonexistent, but few seem to care.
If you have allergies, STAY AWAY.
Centrally located? I guess you could say the same about some towns in the middle of the desert.
The traffic situation is great though, since there is no where to go.
For the record, I am leaving. Albany is a sad little town, and will likely stay that way.
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wow! really? Albany? i moved here from ft. lauderdale Florida about 3 yrs ago and i hate it here. it is soooooooooooo boring there is absolutely nothing to do and the crime rate is through the roof. let's not even talk about education! people here are so ignorant it's not even funny. As a young black male i can tell you, the youth in this town live for weed, money and women. that's all they know! Southern drawl isn't even the word! try a whole different language! the slang here is ridiculous. i can barely understand them when they talk. white and blacks!!
like i stated b4 i moved from ft. lauderdale but im originally from philadelphia so to me this was a biiiiiiiiiiiiig step down from what im used to since philadelphia is the sixth largest city in the U.S.its just so small!!!!!!!!
i moved here when i was 16 andwhen i turned 18 i moved the first chance i got. (literally i moved like a week after)
i went to westover which was supposed to be ne of the better schools but i really don't see why. LOL i just roasted on the town of albany ga. now let me tell you some good things about it........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... aww man! there isn't one.
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I have lived in Albany my enitire life. It was a decent place to lived until the early 90s when it started getting rough. Now, it is possibly one of the worst places to live in this country; not just Georgia. Unemployment is through the roof, major businesses are closing, the citizens on the city are becoming more and more open with racism (blacks and whites), and the we have a pathetic education system. Albany needs an overhaul of all city officials. While there are good police officers, a lot of them are not cut out or ready for the dangers this city holds. Given the oppotunity, I will be on the first ride out of here. If anyone of you are reading this and condsidering relocating to Albany, DON'T. It is sometimes called "The Good Life City"; how about a more appropriate one, " The Low and No Life City."
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@Lisa, the minority are the whites.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Sep 3, 2010
Albany was a great place to grow up. I would not have wanted to live anywhere else. It started to change in the 1980's and now is a crime-ridden gang infested town where home invasions and robberies, even murders happen all the time. It is home to me or else I would leave in a hot minute. It was once a thriving growing town with a lot of promise. Not any more. Until our officials and police REALLY deal with the crime and the no-good criminals, it will not be a fit place to live!
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The one movie theater has a dozen screens showing every major film. When the traffic light turns green you get to go. Golf courses in every direction. Very low property tax compared to Calf. and New York. Cost of living 19% lower than the average American city. Two first rate hospitals with 250 + physicians in Albany.
Albany, Georgia is the second largest retail market in Georgia. Albany Municipal Airport #2 in state for freight. A thriving arts and cultural scene, an abundance of green-space, natural waterways, nature, recreation, sports, and entertainment.
Only downsize - A lot of locals, that have never been anywhere, seem to bash everybody and everything.
"Most Liveable City in Georgia" ... Money Magazine.
1 four year university , two colleges, several satellite campuses.
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I live in Albany, GA. Albany is not a very good place to live. The only positive thing I can say about Albany is the trafiic is very fair. The people here are ignorant, racists and the food is horrible. There are no jobs here unless you have a master or a doctorates degree and even if you have that, you better be in the buddy -buddy system. Some of the college instructors do not deserve to teach, especially when you ask them a question and they cannot respond or if you can teach the class better than them. I wish I had the means to relocate because raising your children here is not good.. public school teachers do not care.. they talk about the children more than their peers do. The gangs have gotten completely out of control and the drug dealers thinks the world revolves around them, I kinda wonder are the police being paid not to arrest the drug dealers. Albany is not that big.... it does not take a scientist to figure out what is going on. Sad but true.. my hometown sucks!

Albany needs a complete make over , but this is what happens when you elect racists and scum to represent the city. They are making their money and do not care to see the minority get ahead. They only time some dramatic happens or it seems as if they care is near election time.. but when the majority that really need change and help do not vote.. then I guess they deserve what they get.

I have a lovely home here and got it at a dirt cheap price... sorry I am stuck here for a while now!
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Living in Albany and surrounding counties can be very nice. It is all what you make it. There is alot of history here in the south and lots to do here and within 3 hours of here. You can get to the beach or Atlanta or Tallahassee in three hours. About 4 hours Savannah. We are centrally located wtihout being in the bigger cities. Everyone here is friendly and alot of my clients can't believe the "Southern Hospitality" that is shown.
Several new developments, especially in Lee Co. We do not have an issue with traffic, you can get anywhere around town in 15 minutes or so. We have a large Marine Base here as well as P&G and Miller Brewing. We have one of the largest hospitals in the South, Phoebe Putney.
If you would like more information on the area or homes for sale, please feel free to contact me at jrwester@bellsouth.net or visit my website- http://-www.janicewester.net.
I look forward to hearing from you!!
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Don't let these people fool you! DO NOT MOVE TO ALBANY, GA!! Your life will be ruined. It is the worst town I've ever lived in, and I never want to go back, even for a visit. It's nothing but a giant ghetto. The weather is horrible. It's true, it's always warm, and winter isn't even so bad, but it's humid as hell and the air is very dirty. The traffic is really light, too, even during rush hour, but that's because the economy sucks and many people live off welfare and have no reason to drive to work. It was once the murder capital of America. Everyone is racist. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! Only one movie theater, and only one mall. I see this you posted this in July of last, but just in case you haven't moved yet, or someone else sees this and is considering living here, PLEASE DON"T!
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Hello Leslie,
Personally there is no other place to call home! We have fanatastic weather with very few extremes. Southern Hospitality like no other and traffic is NEVER a bother! There are so many new developments in this region. Most common probably being a neighboring county, Lee. It is a very fast-growing area with lots of new subdivisions that have so many unique things to offer. The school systems in Lee County are fantastic as well. I would love to send you some information on specific homes that are available here. Try these links: http://www.albanyga.com/ & http://www.lee.ga.us/ I hope these are helpful. Feel free to email me or check out my website at http://www.albanygamls.com/jessicaowens
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Albany, Georgia is located in the southwest area of Georgia that lends itself to many outdoor activities. Hunting, Fishing and many sports for children are among some of the most favorite. We are within three hours of the Gulf and three hours of the Atlantic. There is an abundance of history in our state an area. Our location and climate is attractive to industry and makes for a good workforce which contributes to a strong econcomy. Traffic is not a problem. We are not crowded in the sense of being overwhelmed. Lots of fresh air and space. We do have new developments with different lifestyles to accommodate. There is nothing better than living in the south. What more can I say?
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