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We want an agent to knock our socks off! Looking to list my 2005 canyon lake view home.

Asked by Mortgage West Financial, Inland Empire Fri Jul 6, 2007

My wife and I know that now's the time to stand out above the rest while listing our home. We're looking for an agent that will tell US how he/she will sell our house, and not just wait for direction from me. We are both DRE licensed, but we own a busy mortgage company. We have no desire to act as agents. We do loans, not list homes.
That said, looking to be impressed!

Thanks in advance.

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Century 21 Award has come through with their agent, Francisco Lopez. All we wanted was eagerness, personality, negotion skills, and SALESmanship. We've found this all in Mr. Lopez. It was refreshing knowing that there's still a go-getter agent out there that doesn't completely hide behind his corporate attache filled with the same old tired charts explaining why we should list below what we owe for the property. He sold us on his knowledge, his hunger, his marketing experience, and his honesty...without discounting his commission fees. It makes more sense to list with him for 6% combined at $650K, then to take precious time away from our business, list it ourselves for $640K, and pay 4%. the difference is only about $3,500...or one month's mortgage. I've got to believe he'll be able to sell my house at least a month faster than I could.

We're finalizing the contract, scheduling the virtual tour shoot, the photographer, and scheduling the stager starting tomorrow.

Now, if there's anybody here from Century 21 Award, be sure to pat Mr. Lopez on the back at the next regional meeting.

*I'm sure he'll be the one to knock our socks off.*
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I suppose I'm just blown away for the wrong reasons. The feeling I got talking to the local agents (8 in all, now), is that they want top commission for lowered offering price. My Orange County home sold for 2.5% commissions split between the 2 agents. It sold in ~ 3 weeks. And it sold for ~$100K above what the last one sold for. Granted, 3 years ago was a different time and a different market.
I suppose I was looking for Mr. or Mrs. great attitude to walk through my door, with a super personality, and a good sales presence. Instead, we got excuse after excuse about the market, and the reasons they couldn't show up in the first place, and those excuses were compounded by strongly suggesting we offer 8%-12% in total commissions.
BTW, 2 of the agents have comparable homes in the same tract listed...their own owner occs. I would have to believe those 2 properties would get more attention then mine.

Unless I'm missing something, I feel listing it ourselves, and offering 3.5-4% to the buyer's agent makes more sense. If we find the buyer, great;we just saved ~$30K. I feel listing a split a smidge higher than the norm up here will attract more agents and help our listing stand out in the vast sea of floundering Tuscany Hills home for sale (that aren't moving).

BTW, I do appreciate all of the feedback on this. Again, this is not our forte. I hope I'm not coming across as some yahoo homeowner that thinks EVERYONE should want his home because the floors are really clean and there are no weeds in the yard. I understand the challenges, and I'm offering to pay for the professionalism of a firm that does this for a living. I'm sure I can't get away with 2.5% split between 2 agents again. But if my agent can't wow me with his/her dynamic can they possibly convince a prospect into buying my home?
The most help I've received from these agents is seeing their jaws drop at the "showability" of our home, coupled with their response to the panoramic lake view from both stories. If that impresses a seasoned realtor, it's sure to stand out to Mrs. Jones.
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If you're looking to be impressed, you'll be an easy mark for a "Fast Eddie."

If you want some action, meaning a fast sell, look at an agent's website to see how long their recent sales took. You could also ask for a 30-day exclusive, which will tell you if the agent has any confidence at all.

You want an agent to set up the marketing plan. Good. But don't play "guess what I'm thinking;" even a good agent can't read your mind. A good agent already knows how to market your home, and marketing has really changed recently.

I know when I read a listing online, e.g., I want a picture for each item mentioned in the listing. I want a flexible map (road, hybrid). Otherwise, I look it up myself in Google Earth. I don't like to do business with agents who play online Gotcha, playing too close to the chest with their listings, or too much spam.

As for me, I'm just a SoCal homeowner. I have bought and sold in more than one market. I look for someone who can do the math on their feet, socks and all.
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Sometimes, the best qualified agent will not give you the answer you are looking for! There are statistics available, proving that over 78% of Home Buyers begin their search online! That said, I will share with you how I just sold a home in riverside within 5 days and with multiple offers! and when I say multiple I mean more than 2... The first thing to take into consideration is the Realtor arena of course, there is a chance that there may be a Realtor out there who already is working with "your" Buyer.. so it's important to expose the property to "all" Realtors within 100 mile radius. Second: WEB, WEB, WEB ... proper marketing and exposure to all relevant sites is the key..Your home may be in a Resort like area, thus forcing the need for "target" marketing. When you place your home on the market and clearly deliver the answer to the question in all buyers mind:
Why should I buy your home and not the other 1000 available in my price range.. then you will be delivering value and not just features! That, my friend is the Key to selling anything! at the end of the day the buyer will ask: What is in it for me? just like a seller would.. A seasoned Realtor or Real Estate Team should market your home to such large "Internet" scale that will expose your home to 'ALL" that's right all, and should deliver the "buy me" message in all of the marketing materials. that is why WWW is so successful. Price, Exposure, Flexibility and a Strong Real Estate negotiator on your side are some of the Main ingredients needed for success in Todays Market! Oh and as far as delivering a "buy me" feeling here is one of the ways we at market a property. I will provide you with 2 links and I sincerely hope that in doing so you would at least have a better Idea of what to expect from the person who you choose!
I hope this helps you! (video) and the 5 star marketing program is here:

I sincerely hope that this information is helpful to you.
Should you have any further questions; please feel free to call me direct:
Ursus J Jaen
Offering Homeowners a Proven Path to Profit!
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I am not in your market area; actually across country on the East Coast. However, having spent 10 years in Southern California, I am not unfamiliar with the area. I was confused by your post where you said the proposed 5-6% would make your home unmarketable. If you perceive the buyer's agent to be worth 3-4%, what did you expect to pay the seller's agent? Forgive my question, but I am confused by this. I certainly believe that you have every right to expect the agent who will be your representative to "knock your socks off" and then some. Other than the fact the seller's agents who visited proposed fees that were not to your liking, could you please explain where they fell short in your expectations. Also, if one of them did knock your socks off and had a fee of 7%, would you have gone with that agent? I am trying to understand your expectations of service and balance of appropriate compensation in your opinion. Thanks much in advance for any insight you can provide on this.
Web Reference:
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
Great attitude! I'm the same way; I refer the loans out myself even tho we can do both. Look for action-oriented agents with big marketing plans, good reputation & testimonials. If you're in a specific area, try doing a search with your area name , x.canyon lake view + real estate or homes and see what agents come up.
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Mortgage West Financial sellers:
I want to commend you for a wise decision that will echo in the Trulia Voices world!
You want to be able to sell your home for the highest return, with the fewest hassles, and want to find the best Realtor to help you accomplish that.
I hope that other Realtors in your market area hear about the sale and recognize that strategic relationships with partners in the real estate business help us all be more productive and offer our clients a higher level of service.
My best wishes for a smooth move!
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Its amazing that even though you are licensed, you are willing to list with an agent! I cant believe that you aren't being flooded with responses! Lake Elsinore is too far for me to give your home the attention it deserves,other wise I would jump at the chance! I was a loan officer for four years prior to making the switch, so i know that you may run into borrowers in the Greater Los Angeles area. I would love the chance to assist any of your buyers purchase here.
Have a wonderful day.Bets of luck with the sale of your home,
Kenya Reeves Costa
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OK, this listing should be hitting the hot sheets today. Take a look at the commission, then BRING YOUR BUYERS!!!
Virtual Tour is:
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Thanks much for the update. Your commnets are helpful for all of us. Please do keep us posted. Also, feel free to post any additional questions along the way. Best of luck.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
It would be great if you could keep us posted on your progress!
Many thanks again for sharing!
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Mr. Foshee,
Thank you very much for sharing your frustrations and observations.
Good luck!
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Dear Mr. Foshee
Just so we could all learn from your experience, would you mind sharing, specifically, how the agents you interviewed fell so short of your expectations?
Thank you,
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
So much for knocking our socks off.
Out of the 6 agents we had lined up to interview today, 3 flaked, and the others' proposed fees of 5-6% would make the house unmarketable. They were all astonished by the view, and the "showability" of the home. We've decided to list it ourselves, and offer 3-4% buyer's agent commission. We ran into this with the crown moulding as well. Sometimes, even when you offer business to a struggling contractor, you've got to bite the bullet and do it yourself when he doesn't care enough to show up on time.
Needless to say, I am extremeley UNimpressed with the work ethic out here in the I.E.
Thanks for the responses here, though.
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