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Agents Only Please: Why do many real estate agents not follow up with leads that they generate on the web?

Asked by Internet Marketing Speaker | Dave Conklin, Lancaster, PA Fri Jun 29, 2007

I am the co-founder of an online lead generation company for real estate agents and we get complaints from consumers all of the time that the agent we connect them with does not follow up. I am hoping to get honest opinions as to why this happens. Is it lack of tools, lack of education, laziness or something else?

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Dave, Lots of good answers here. What I find is internet leads that are random leads don't tend to be loyal. That's a pretty general statement though. What you say does work for some of them though. I don't want to spend a lot of time on someone I don't know or can't see. This is a personal business for the most part. From what I've seen there are two ways to capture this business. Respond faster than lightening when at all possible. Sometimes the people are really serious and ready to buy. That's why they're online searching and filling out forms or sending emails. For those people you can't wait 2-3 days to get back with them as they will have written a contract already. The other ones seem to be tire kickers. Considering doing something way down the line. Those are the ones you put on a drip campaign for 1-5 years and keep in touch with them. I've had some of those shoppers turn to sellers or buyers as long as 5 years later.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
I have responded to hundreds upon hundreds of e-leads over the last 5 or 6 years. I actually BEG the leads to respond to ME and let me know I'm not "floating out there in cyber space all alone" ... perhaps one in 100 writes back to tell me they are working with an agent ... and using MY web site to search for homes. The rest ignore me Totally! Folks on the web tend to want to be "invisible". I even have a "drip" system that sends out weekly letters to these folks on purchasing, financing, etc. I am writing to "invisible" people who want to remain that way. I can't believe that you actually have folks complaining that nobody gets back to them!

May I ask YOUR type of business? You see I get leads from a "certain mortgage company" and none of the people that come through are qualified buyers. If I do manage to contact them, they can't even buy a toothpick let alone a whole house!
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Hello, I am David Dardis, a Coldwell Banker agent in Ohio. I quickly answer every contact usually within an hour. Maybe one out of ten are a serious inquiry but I set up a search and ask a few questions about their plans. I rarely hear from them again but I still send them listings daily. Usually there is bogus information but I keep trying for that one in ten. I guess a lot of other Realtors assume it's a bad lead and don't waste their time. A lot of Realtors aren't savvy with a computer too. Some people think it's ok to be rude to a Realtor and that is just what it is. It just goes with the territory, I have to keep trying if I want to eat. And of course, there are some lazy Realtors too. I hope this helps. David Dardis
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Dave, it is easier said than done. You seem to see the world black and white. Out of 100% agents out there probably 15 - 25% is successful and can be referred to as a "finished product". Let’s call the rest as agents “in transition”. Everybody else, either just started, is on the way up or on the way down and out of the business. There are a lot of part-timers and those who will make just a few transactions with family members. Of course I exaggerate to make a point. The average annual income for this 75-85% might below $10,000. According to Leslie Appleton-Young, Chief Economist of the California Association of Realtors, the average income of an agent in California in 2006 was $12k (this includes both, successful agents and everyone else). The agents who look desperately for leads from tens of lead generation companies are agents “in transition”. Don’t expect them to have time, patience and skills of successful agents. Of course, there are many talented agents “in transition”. But if you look carefully at the statistics, agents might not follow on the leads, because they transitioned to different part of the market or profession altogether.
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ARTUR URBANS…, Real Estate Pro in Burlingame, CA
Agents are going to get much better leads from their own websites, blogs & efforts than from a third party lead generator. Maybe they do try to call these customers. Maybe not. I'm not sure but from my experience buying leads is a complete waste of time & money.
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Dave, this is a people business and requires face to face contact. Of the over 3000 leads i paid to recieve in the past 10 years 3 produced sales! the others fell into one of these catagories

1. Kids playing on the internet
2. One spouse contemplating divorce
3. Just curious how it works
4. (I actually got someone to admit this) They love to irritate real estate agents
5. Bad addresses
6. Bad names
7. Dead email addresses
8 MY FAVORITE his neighbor!

No, I wont fall for anymore of these internet lead generators my website does just fine and it's free!

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You should follow up, thank you cards, calls, holiday stuff, sure. But if it's not personalized Dave it may as well be a letter from K-Mart. So such a service is pretty worthless to me. I will use online services to create my postcards and things of this nature....economies of scale issues that a small operation like mine can use. But those cards will be HAND WRITTEN and signed by me. Those calls are worthless unless I'm the one making them. This business is about relationships, what good does it do me to have you building a relationship with my client ("on my behalf"). I'm sure your business is lucrative, but I think the REALTORS that go for it are missing how this business is really done.

Personally I've never used such a service as I really don't see the point. If I am doing my job, I don't need such a service, I can generate my own business and my own leads. If I have dropped the ball (maybe this part will answer YOUR question) it is due to lack of systems. Sometimes I'm so busy I don't check my email for 4 hours. Other times communication is poor on one side or the other and it falls apart from a piece of missing information as others have said.
But frankly again, I think I know how a buyer thinks... they're intelligent; they're going to use a key phrase on google and my site or one that leads them to me should come up. I cannot imagine how lead generation companies can generate quality leads this way, I think the quality of the lead would have to be incredibly poor. It's like a buyer driving from Manhattan to the Boston Airport, to fly to Manhattan..... It's just not logical. They can find us (agents) without a middle man if we are doing our job.
I get emails all the time that say "we have leads in your area". This is the type of thing I would pass on to a competitor, let those nonsense leads slow my competition down, while I work with my own quality leads generated by activity and web sites in my city. That's just my opinion :)

Brendan Murphy
Broker, CRS, GRI, ePro
Raving Real Estate
Laramie, WY 82070
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H-M-M-M-M-M... nice shot at trying to get leads for your company.

That's not what we are here for though.

If Realtors are not following up with real estate leads they are too busy working to make any money.

So what's the point?

Trulia has you hands down.
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A lot of raltors have been burned by companies like yours. They sell false leads, or they sell the same leads to several realtors. Poeple have had bad experiences and overall the feeling is it is a waste of time and money for us, so we look for the leads elsewhere.
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Robert, excellent answer. Gentlemen, we can take this discussion to Active Rain. it might be a more appropriate forum.
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ARTUR URBANS…, Real Estate Pro in Burlingame, CA
Hi Dave, a quick FYI - Trulia Voices is NOT an AGENTS ONLY place for discussion. this is a place for people to ask questions about buying and selling. another forums would be a better location to continue this discussion.
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Most of the time the leads are bad. Wrong phone number, etc. Most time it seems the buyers/sellers are just fishing for information. Sometimes the leads have been farmed out to other agents or companies. Sometimes they just don't really want to be bothered. If an agent have to email or call several times after sending requested information to a customer (or call) and they get no response or a cold shoulder, its not worth it.
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That's exactly what I'm experiencing as a new agent!
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I am consistant with my follow up, more often its the leads that don't respond to emails or phone calls. Sometimes the leads get wishy washy on what they really want and their timeline. I am not going to beat a dead horse. If they don't want me to call them I can take a hint. That gives me time to work with the serious buyers.
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It may be your leads. Hope it isn't. Many lead generators gather lead but they are weak and contact information is poor. Yes the ones you are hearing from are good leads that wanted an agent but the others are the bad apples in the barrel and you know what that does.
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I can answer that question, having so many leads from my website, the problem is the average agent sometimes cannot tell if the lead is good or not. my philospy is to answer every lead like it deserves to be answered, that way you will know or not.
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Don’t give up! I work for Tarbell Realtors in the CA desert and my husband, Nelson, and I were selected to be in the first, small group of e-PRO agents to be inducted as Tarbell e-AGENTS. A certain skill level and the ability for lightning fast response time was required. When a potential client goes to and makes a request for information the e-AGENTS are given those leads. We noticed that when we responded via phone or email to these folks we could not get some of them to give us the courtesy of a response. However, we have received some business from this program that we would not otherwise have had. The statistic that made me feel better was that approximately only 2% of the web contacts will result in any business. I think that numbers will steadily increase in the future. Judy
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The question is "Once they get to your web-site, how do you get them to call you?" I get quite a few hits on my web-site and rarely do I get someone who actually fills out the info correctly. I seem to get the same people Gym Shoe and Don't callme.
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I find that the leads generated by other websites never get to me.
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Many many times, the lead will not answer the questions presented to them re: size home, bedrooms, baths, location wanted, waterfront? and more) so the connection to potential buyer fizzles.
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I agree with many of the sentiments posted below, or above, depends on how this shows up. There are alot of these companies out there that are buttering the bread so many ways. At the end of the day your still selling us back our own leads. What your selling is a click through. Most of the major franchises are doing the same. There continues to be the search for the perfect mousetrap of real estate leads. I applaud your motivation. I read the following on BloodhoundBlog:

Substitute the word mortgage for real estate and it explains my thought process pretty well....

In The Business Of Personal Relationships, Database Marketing Is More Effective Than SEO Marketing
By: Dan Green,, Post Archive, RSS Feed
Posted: Wednesday, January 30th, 2008, 10:57 am MST
Category: Marketing
Two years ago, NAR told us that 74% of people begin their home search online. What they didn’t tell us, however, what percentage of those people write paper with the agent on whose site they began said search.

This omission is an important one. Just because a person starts online doesn’t mean he finishes there. If you’ve researched a product at multiple Web sites before making the actual purchase, you understand what I mean.

Every store except the last one was just a borrowed encyclopedia.

Click-throughs from a search engines are not “leads” and that’s why the NAR statistic is misleading. Until a reader engages the author personally, the click-through is only that.

A Web site visitor that registers for free search, free reports, or free seminars is not your client. He is a window-shopper taking home free samples. He’s a client when he signs, and never before.

Today, the Federal Reserve will do something to the Fed Funds Rate and if history is an indicator, my Web site traffic will quadruple. It happens every time. It’s because I’m so high on Google for the term “fed funds rate mortgage“.

Of the traffic from Google, not a single person will reach out to me for a “personal question” about their mortgage. Again, history is my indicator. I am the source of information of for a lot of people and that suits me fine.

Knowing that my clients would care about the same information, I have a planned email to my database that will do three things:

Explain that the cut in Fed Funds Rate will likely cause mortgage rates to rise
Introduce them to the concept of “why the Fed is taking a shower”
Point them back to my Web site for a full explanation of the “shower” analogy
This email to my database will generate new business. Once more, history is my indicator.

The last time I saw this was when I sent my “stick people in houses” video on the same day the Fed dropped rates 0.750% out of nowhere. The email generated much more business for my team than did placing high on Google’s page rank.

When you’re in the business of personal relationships, effective database marketing is far more productive than search engine marketing. The calls from my database are warm leads; Google’s leads are algorithmically cold.

I’m going prove that again at 2:15 P.M. ET today.
Web Reference:
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The answer is probably muti-faceted. Many agents seek leads from sources only when they are in a slow season or possibly a slump. Usually, once that has changed or turns around the same agent will not give as much attention to the same lead system. Another reason is lack of organization. The amount of details that a good Realtor has to manage in just one day can be overwhelming to some. Some Realtors bite off more than they can chew for the sake of not letting a lead get away.
On the flip side, some, if not most of the online leads tend to not be very exciting. Buyers or sellers who are not ready, not motivated, or simply do not keep in communication with the Realtor. After so many contacts to a prospect you have to draw the line and assume they are not motivated and move on to the next.
Bottom line, Realtors, don't take leads that you have no intention of following through on. There are other agents who would be glad to have the lead and do a great job. And to buyers and sellers, don't consume the time of a professional Realtor if you are not ready to move forward.
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I feel that the age of technology and the internet has eroded the human element of the transaction not to mention the basic skills and courtesy of professional consideration. It is an instant gratification world and one which has leveled the playing field for both the Real Estate Professional and the consumer alike.

Information is highly attainable and it has given the consumer a stronger sense of self sufficiency as well as portraying the Agent as disposable. The average internet buyer does not feel a sense of loyalty and it is this sense of indifference that has caused agents, like my self, to grow increasingly weary of the "tire kickers". I still rapidly respond to internet inquiries, via a Blackberry Device when mobile, or on the laptop when desk bound, but long gone is the foolish optimism that this potential lead will be waiting for my call or e-mail. I feel lucky if the information that they provided is even legitimate.

My message to lead subscription services is two-fold: Provide qualified leads with verified contact information and instill, via your marketing of the service, that only serious buyers and sellers provide inquiries. The most valuable, non-replaceable, commodity that we all strive to protect is our time. There is nothing more demoralizing than hanging false hope on a prospect that does not respect the time and effort we make on behalf of our clients, both tangible and potential. Unlike a salaried or hourly position, we do not get compensated for going through the motions.

I feel that a subscription service should serve the market by first educating the consumer about the reality of the Agents role and efforts and then by providing quality first class service.

Robert Kaufman / Southwest Michigan
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I appreciate all of your honesty... So to take it a step further... how valuable do you think it would be if you didn't have to take the time to follow up. What would it be worth if you could compensate someone else to follow up with all of your sphere and your leads with thank you cards, listing updates, market report updates and phone calls??? Would it be valuable if you could get a phone call when someone is ready to meet with you?

I see agents giving up a lot. They email once, call once... and then the lead forgets who they were 6 months later when they're ready to go.

Keep in mind that I'm not referring to leads with absolutely no valid contact information. However, I have seen "Mickey Mouse" and "John Doe" leads actually end up listing with an agent. Most of the time the successful agents in our program are those who are willing to visit the leads home with a one page estimate CMA and then follow up for the next year with updates. I guess some agents don't feel the 2.5% commission on a $250,000 house is worth a year of follow up. LOL... (Isn't that more than a months income for most people?) 8 )
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Fascinating discussion here. Having worked in the lead generation business in a completely different space (cars, not homes), I only have peripherally relevant information at my disposal, but I'm actually very impressed David cites a 10% "good" rate on his leads. Of course only a few of those will wind up transacting, but a 10% conversion at this early stage sounds pretty impressive to me given the magnitude of the expense in buying or selling a home.
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Personally I think it depends on the lead. I have done exactly what you have said and then have them remove themselves from the emails. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
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I agree. Often customers have to "register" to get to the information they want. They leave out a letter of their e-mail address or give a wrong phone number just to get past the entrance portal. If the contact information is legitimate I always follow-up and attempt to assist the customer.
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OK.. I appreciate your responses... I still don't understand why it wouldn't make sense to consistently follow up for long periods of time via automated email campaigns, thank you cards, neighborhood information ,etc. Earn the trust of the lead over time so that when they are ready to make a move they call you and not someone they meet at an open house. Basic "Top of Mind Awareness" type stuff.
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Sometimes the leads we receive are not quality leads and I think that over time, we grow lax in our response because so many leads are not real.
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Well said, Annette!

My most recent "internet lead" took some digging to track back. It turned out he'd received a direct mail piece from our company TWO YEARS AGO. He kept it because it attracted his interest. He used the URL to visit our company's web site where he read the agent bio's and customer comments. From that he picked me!

If I understand your first paragraph... what a wonderful example of the Internet being a validator.

Part of a "lead generation program" is figuring out who exactly you want to attract... and what they are looking for. A name and address is not a lead. (We used to classify folks as suspects, prospects, customers, clients. A name and address MIGHT be a suspect.)

Perhaps unrelated... but would this soon to be client get counted as an Internet Lead statiscially? I'm not sure he qualifies as one.
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As reported by most marketing professionals, the internet lead is the least qualified of six common alternative lead sources. I, however, believe the term 'internet lead' is way to cosmic to be meaningful. In the arena of internet leads it is, IMHO, important to know the pool from which the lead come, the message that attracted them, and any secondary or tertiary vetting that followed. Regardless of wether you do collaborative marketing or advetorial, the internet will always be an important validator for both buyers and sellers.
Why don't real estate agents follow up on leads? Simple, the conversion rate for internet leads provided by most lead generation companies isn't worth the time investment required, incubation time too long, and mostly comprised of bottom feeders. A real estate agent would do better by walking down main street and handing every stranger a $5 bill and ask for a few minutes of their time. The conversion rate, would be better, and the opportunity for a REAL impression event greater. Lead generating companies all promise the same results, and deliver little. To toy with the idea your internet customer is being underserved because the agent is too lazy would be the error that should put you out of business. If your customer is being underserved it is because the agents do not see nor have they experienced the value of your product. PERIOD!
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Frankly, the quality of the leads that most lead generating companies reduce is of a very low, invalid email address/phone number, tire kickers not interested in moving, people who already have agents but looking for alternative 'free" information, not financially qualified to make a purchase or sale, etc. I'm sure a large portion of the non-response has to do with the credibility of the leads being offered in the first place.

I also believe that most agents, though they may like the "idea" of a business who can generate leads for them, at the same time resent the intrusion of the many "lead generators" into our industry since they know the reason you're able to get those leads in the first place is because you use the inventory that the realtors create by listing property to generate the lead, then turn around and, in one form or another, and sell that lead back to the agents. Were there not the "lead generating companies", consumers would simply look to agents for information...there would be no NEED for lead generating companies.

Personally, I resent any company who offers to the consumer "prescreened, qualified agents", when the reality is the only "prescreening" or determination of the qualifications of the agent is that the agent is willing to PAY THE REFERRING COMPANY. It's at the least "misrepresentation".
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To answer the question... I don't know, but I suspect it comes down to either skill or motivation. While I don't participate in a lead generation program as such, we do get some from various sites... I find that I make a pretty quick judgement of the quality of the inquiry... when the "buyer" provides very little information I tend to respond in kind, applying the law of psychological reciprocity.

My personal preference is to not play the numbers game. I put a lot of effort into becoming a "magnet" that attracts leads--not a name or number who gets a bunch dumped on him. The "part b" of that program is to design a system that keeps people in the pipeline... or funnel might be a better term.
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Hello Dave. Good question... from your perspective. Think about it. From your point of view, you're saying: "I've created this great, fancy lead generation system and I'm sending all these pretty good leads out to all of these agents and all I need to do is sit at my desk and collect 25% - 35% referral fees all day. " Here is what we see: "I've received all of thse leads and I've called and emailed several times. When I finally do make contact with one of them, they have their guard up and have no loyalty. Many times they want a smokin' deal and end up writing many, many offers on several bargain-priced homes. IF they end up closing on a $90,000 short sale, my commission is 2.5%, then I pay you a referral fee."
So that's why we choose our leads carefully. Dollars-per-transaction is very, very important to me. YES, I want to help the consumer but I also need to feed my family and pay my bills and I can't do that paying referral fees on reduced commisions on bargain-priced homes.
But I do agree with you: If an agent agrees to accept leads form you....Then FOLLOW UP! Work it thoroughly. If the agent doesn't want to do that, then he/she should accept leads.
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FDor three months I spent $700 a month on a well known nationally advertised Lead Generating service. I received not one sale. All of my time and money were wasted. After many calls, letters, e-mails and home visits not one of the leads materialized into a legitimate listing. Most od these "lookyloos" were people who "just wanted to know what my home is worth". Diong business with web-based Lead Generation companies is a risky and exxpensive business. In the end, there is no substitute for developing your own network of sellers and Buyers. "Word of Mouth" and Referrals are still the best sources for legitimate Sellers and Buyers.
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I worked with a lead generation company that promised valid buyers and sellers. For two months I spent more time working on the web leads then I did with any of my other marketing, keeping only my own personal real life leads ahead of the webbies. Out of the hours I spent sending emails, phone calls and hand written letters I did not have one turn into reality. I am Top Producer in my company and in the upper 7% of agents in Clallam County serving Port Angeles and Sequim, so my approach and style of communicating should not be the problem. I believe the problem with web generated leads is that the people who register with one site are likely register at many sites,going to many different agents, and that many are just looking with no real intent of getting active in the market. Real life clients found through the old fashioned means are definately the greatest value and worthy of ALL my time.
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I think that when it comes to lead generation, my company has developed a great system that help (scrub) leads and put them in buckets. Maybe the lead generation companies can impliment a few more tools so the agents know where the leads are in the buying process or are the potential leads just tire kickers. I do not think most seasoned agents would turn down a good valid lead. Maybe feedback from the end user (agents) on how the system can be improved. Good luck.
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Agents followingup with leads from lead generation companies are not doing their job. I represent a Broker as an agent, and a SEO marketing firm which I founded. One of the things I have spent time studying over the last 10 years is the best way to respond these leads which are usually weak at best in terms of viable. Being personable and having a direct message the lead can relate to is a key element, timing is crutial, and for best results for your own sake follow up with a phone call.
I thing that leads that come from search traffic, which I generate a ton of traffic for my clients using this approach, only dilutes the prospect and reduces your credibility. People are naturally turned off by unknow referrals so its best for AGENTS and BROKERS to generate their own leads.
I would love to help anyone boost their traffic, and free advice on how to maximize your leads.
Its a two step process, first you engage them, then call them. WORKS EVERY TIME.
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I am a agent that both have plenty of listings and get my share of leads via the web. I have to consider them all good but I do answer them quicker if I have a phone number and a email address that looks correct. I encourage all my agents to get those leads quick within hours if possible or first thing in the morning. I also have learned if I cannot get to those leads to pass them along to a new agent with more available time and ask for a referral. I will stand up in meetings and let everyone know if you have a lead you are not going to follow up on let me have it even if it is over 48 hours old! I have made several sales doing this with no referral fee. When I am not able to follow up on the lead is when I have to go search for the lead in your system. I want that to come directly to me. I have sometimes 20 leads a day and cannot get to a system that I have to go to their web site and retreive the leads. I simply do not have the time. I was a member of one and had to get out because of this situation. In other words make it easy for me to respond. The next thing is when I am out showing property with a client for a day I am not able to continue to get to all my leads quickly and have to spend time later catching those.
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I have been a subscriber to and found the software to be extremely helpful in organizing and staying in touch with leads. The problem I had was that so many of the leads are people just using you for information. They get the listings they want and then go use their agent to view and buy them. I have since stopped paying for the leads but I kept the software subscription to organize my leads.
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I try to follow up as soon as practical...however, our leads are generated thru our website. So many times I have called and the phone number is bad, no one responds to my response email, people didn't realize that by entering their info that someone WOULD call them, then they tell you ther're really just scouting and may buy in a year or two! I have started relationships only to have them disappear after a few calls and emails. It's a numbers game. Then too, many customers may not realize that we ARE selling and may not have the TIME to get back with them!
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Many agents do not have the technology to do it quickly.
Then you put in all this time and effort and the prospect is not even qualified or won't get qualified.
If they are not quality leads that are not from potential buyers or sellers, it gets to be a waste of effort. I know all leads are not equal or on the same time schedule but at least verify address, phone numbers and email. We also don't like to be "sold" back leads that we generated in the first place by having listings that people use to attract the leads with.
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I have answered a lead router call and IMMEDIATELY called the number the interested person left and gotten no answer and no return call. Usually I do no respond to emails that consist of less than two words. I.E. "address?", "taxes?" because I have found, after responding to many of them, that that is the end of the conversation.
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If you find 20 agents you'll find 20 different work ethics. Everyone does this business their own way. I am with Coldwell Banker and we too have lead router. I LOVE IT!!! I have spoken with MANY buyers who can't get in touch with their agents., agent's don't/won't return phone calls and or e-mails. Laziness, probably.
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Lazy I guess! I work with ERA and we have a feature called leadrouter. This sends internet generated leads to our phone as soon as the prospect enters their information. I follow up with the phone call as soon as I get it. Many times the prospect is still in front of their computer and is wondering how I did that so fast.

It's been a great tool ! Now lets figure out how to get them to quit filling in bogus contact information!!
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Hi Dave: I always follow through with internet leads. I do find that most often the buyers have a buyer agent when calling on my listings, so they usually don’t pan out. Something else I've noticed is that by starting their search on the internet, they get a lot of different information on how the process should go, and its up to the Realtor to change their expectations or thought process. First and foremost they need to get pre-approved. If a buyer resists this suggestion, it is usually because there is some kind of problem with their credit or income that they are not sharing with me. In this instance, I refuse to pursue them because I don’t want to waste my time.
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I'm not an agent but I used to be (for a year back in 1995). But I've been in sales for over 20 years and all the good sales training comes from real estate gurus. I was even a sales trainer myself for a while. One of my favorite quotes is,
"What is easy to do, is easy not to do." Another one along the same line is,
"What IF an apple a day kept the doctor away?" If you knew for a fact that if you ate one apple, every single day without fail, that you would never have to see a doctor, would you do it? For how long?

You can tell ten people, if they called every single lead within 10 minutes, they will be a millionaire within a year. Only one or two would do it, even if all 10 people believed it was true. It's not laziness, it's human nature.

But many of the other agents are correct. Calling everyone might make you a millionaire, but are there enough hours in the day to do that? The agents are trying to work smarter not harder. What you are suggesting in your follow up posts is working harder. The human nature part is working harder might be a proven method but some are successful at working smarter and some are not. Everyone hopes to be in the working smarter category but only 1 to 20% are.
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