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Jim Mellen, Real Estate Pro in Williamsburg, VA

Beware the posers. Are there self proclaimed experts in the audience who dare ask misleading questions in?

Asked by Jim Mellen, Williamsburg, VA Tue Dec 23, 2008

hopes of baiting people into argument? Before answering a question or getting way off base on a topic, look at the author or answerer and their profile on Trulia. You will see a pattern from a few people who have taken self importance to a new level. As Elbert Hubbard once said The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”

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I will agree with your statement, but would like to know your feelings about the many Pros who never answer the question but use it as a vehicle to self-promote. I have seen many " If you would like that info please call me at" answers or " please go to my website for your answer" responses.

It's a two-way street and parties from both sides (Pro and Non-Pro members) sometimes make comments or
cross the line. The Topic should be to ANSWER THE QUESTION!!! and be prepared to say what you base your answer on.

Blogs are here so anyone can say whatever they want and argue all day long if others disagree. The Blogs are the self-promotion--debate--arguement forum.

The title of this Area "Questions and Answers " is fairly self explanatory. Discussion or even debate on differing opinions may sometimes contribute by exchanging facts or information to help the poster who asked
the question, however insults, namecalling and I'm really smart -you're really dumb statements are conterproductive to everyone. So is mindless self-promotion.

The only people here who know who's really being helpful are the people asking the Questions.

Just my 1.O475 cents worth.. Dunes
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This question is the most ironic thing I have come across in a while. I'm paraphasing but I think you said "Are there people who think they are experts that ask questions that bait people into arguments?" which incidentally this is one.

So, you have asked your question that strokes your ego, a. k. a. self importance.

What now? Go back to sleep because the recession/depression isn't over.
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I would like to think the majority of buyers, sellers and agents use Trulia as a learning tool. I do. Reading about situations, opinions helps me be prepared for my job. I also watch CNBC, Fox, Robin Meade (OK maybe just because she's smokin hot!) and read the local newspapers and occasionally an interesting artice from the Wall Street Journal online. I can weed through the nonsense and rhetoric and do value differing opinions. I'm willing to change my position and viewpoint when confronted with compelling information. Are you?

Are you open minded? Are you willing to acknowledge another persons viewpoint? That's all I'm looking for.

I realize complaining without a solution is whining, so here is my solution. In the Q&A section stick to the question asked, and provide statistics and details to back up your position. It would be nice if we could all put our real names out there, but I realize that may be asking too much. The real estate pros have to. It's part of the code, as this is now considered part of artice 12 and advertising requirements.
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So glad you read this thread Nicolas!
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OK, what is so wrong with self-promoting? If you ask me, that is a STUPID guideline that should be ignored. No Realtor is on here because of altruism- we want your business and will say it openly or we will dance around it hoping you will "pick me, pick me, pick me, becuase my answers are SOOOO smart!!!!!".

Realtors are in the business of giving away free information as it stands- buyers and sellers alike think we owe them answers to all their questions without any compensation.... Well, folks, we are only paid when you buy or sell, and all activities up to that point are to try to get you to buy or sell with us so we can earn an income and provide for our families. Be very glad we give this information freely, even if it comes with self-promotion!
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**"You will see a pattern from a few people who have taken self importance to a new level."**

That pretty much sums up 99% of the post on Trulia. If everyone was busy then they would not have the time nor the need to be posting anything on Trulia.

We are all here because we have the time to share our self importance.
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You are right on target....great post, and a helpful reminder.

No point in "feeding their fire"

Happy Holidays
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