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We are looking at homes in Lake Riverside Estates, an equestrian community 30 miles between Palm Desert and

Asked by Sue H, California Sun Jul 13, 2008

Temecula. There are many bank-owned homes, high vacancy, slow r.e. market. When looking for reasons, I've heard whispers of HOA problems, high crime rate, bad drainage issues. Still it has its rural merits and at affordable prices. Has this been a good sleeper area, a SO. CA. secret? Any clear insight on the future of Aguanga? Hoping to find a horse-friendly, rural, affordable community. Anyone know the area? Pros & cons?

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I have lived in Lake Riverside Estates for over 15 years. Let me tell you, it is beautiful. Most of the neighbors are friendly. But truth is the HOA is horrid. They up the fees every year, mess up every single budget (this year they lost over $100k). They rob the residents and "lose track" of the money from the ridiculous fees for a pathetic amenity. Move to Anza or look across the street to other properties outside of Lake Riverside Estates.

If you are seriously wanting a peace of mind and happy place to live DO NOT MOVE TO LRE!!!!
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LRE is a literal CESSPOOL!
The $5-10 MILLION cost to clean up 40 years of neglected "crap" in the next year will strain most homeowners to their financial breaking point.
And some very vile people live in LRE, a three time DUI offender is about to get life in prison for vehicular manslaughter. A lot of low income renters alos reside in LRE and they ignore decorum and tape lost pet signs all over the place and never remove them. The result is "urban blight" with lost dog signs as trash all over the community.
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There have been problems withe HOA for years. I have been here for 10 years. The dues have gone from $45 to $110 without an increase in services.
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Hello Sue. Lake Riverside is old Califorina and a place to cherish. Not sure about what you have heard but your question could apply to the USA in general. If you are looking for a home , hangar and horse property call me@ 951 603 4432 Im not a realitor.
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I am a pilot and was interested in runway property in Lake Riverside Estates. I flew there just to check out the area. I called the contact number and received permission to land on their private runway. I didn't receive any other instructions. The approach from the North had a lot of shifty wind, making it difficult to want to power down to get in on the dirt runway without worrying about stalling. After circling twice and going around once, I got it down without incident. After rolling almost to the end of the runway, I taxied back to one of the properties for sale and pulled off the runway to take a quick look in the windows of the vacant house.

Suddenly, there was an gray-haired, irate guy screaming and yelling, cussing and swearing, demanding that I "crank it up" and get out of there. When finally he decided to use more helpful words, he said we were parked ON the runway and were shutting down their runway. That might have been technically correct, but since we were well off the compacted part of the runway, and since there was not a single aircraft in the sky, AND no other aircraft were moving or even had an engine running anywhere near the runway... Needless to say, this guy had no justification for being so abusive.

I don't know why I didn't have the presence of mind to ask who he was and why he had the authority to run-off prospective buyers. Let's assume for a moment that he was authorized to ride up on his bicycle (on the runway, btw, lol) and bark at new-comers. Do you want to pay good money to live in a place where the community thinks that's OK behavior? Wouldn't you want to live in a place where newcomers are greeted politely, then informed of (or gasp, even assisted with) any rules that were inadvertently broken? Do you want your wife, children, mother in law, or pastor to be around elements of society who believe they are within their rights to represent you and your neighbors in such a vulgar way?

I wonder who the locals are, who yell at you around the lake or along the horse trails or anywhere else within that community, for some real or imagined micro-infraction? Can you imagine their HOA meetings? You might try to be reasonable only to be shouted down and cussed at. No thanks. If you are a real estate agent for this area, it would behoove you to get involved with the politics of this area before the low-lifes ruin it for every one.
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Ahem, the little problems have not been resolved! They are worse, the board needs to be completley replaced. they do things discretley and without public knowledge. its a PITA to even put up a Fence for crying out loud! the drainage issues will always be present, they try to control it but ineviteably the roads get nasty when there is enough rain.
I like it here, but some of the people in here have nothing better to do than complain about others!
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I own in Anza and I'm a realtor. The numbers don't lie Anza has not gone down as much as Murrieta and Temecula where most people are buying now. Why not go down the road a little and avoid hoa.?As far as crime goes where there is man-kind there is crime. Although, some areas of our country are worst then others. Feel free to call me for an effective search engine that will make it eaiser to locate property.
Web Reference: http://www.soldbybarr.com
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I owned an unimproved lot in LRE and just GAVE it away for one dollar, I could not sell it at any price.
STAY AWAY FROM Lake Riverside Estates, LRE!
They are NOW being forced to perform 40 years of major drainage work in the next year at a cost of $5-10 million.
This work was ordered by the Army Engineers Corps and must be done or the Corps will do it and then bill the HOA.
The numbers are alarming, LRE only has 500 dues paying members for 1022 lots so the special assessment could be $20-40k per homeowner.
That is twenty to fourty thousand per homeowner for an average home price of $250k.
LRE also has five or six drug grow houses, those are the homes you can see with paper on all their windows and groups of people showing up at regular harvest intervals.
Grow houses are illegal in Riverside County but they are rampant in Anza and Aguanga with a recent major bust on the Reservation.
LRE may seem too good to be true with low home prices, that is due to looming massive construction projects.
I would wait until the Army Corps had completed all projects before even thinking about buying at LRE or you may have a $20k special assessment.
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Am seriously thinking about living at LRE but really want to have horse-friendly neighbors for my new riding pals. Please let me hear from you if you are NOT an agent in LRE and have horses, I have questions and would be very grateful for your input. You can write to me at: CentauredAuthor@gmail.com Thank you :)
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go to http://www.42642alexanderdrive.com 1.) Low tax rate 2.) rual setting 3.) still close enough for all the conviences of daily living. I hope this helps.
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4. Toxic neighbors who run cartel grow houses and meth labs.
5. A $110 a month homeowners fee and looming special assessments for drainage and erosion and hazardous waste disposal.
6. Three board recalls in the last two years.
7. Local schools that rely on substitutes who travel one hour each way because they cannot find teacher who want to live in anza.
8. A corrupt local utility that has an archaic billing system with no real time customer access to their wireless meters.
9. A large number of renters who disregard sign rules and plaster lost pet signs all over the community and let them rot as trash.
10. Pedophile Sex offenders awaiting retrial and sentencing .
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I live in LRE and am not aware of crime, you are missinformed. Love the area great views horse riding trails up into the mountains, lake to fish or use the airstrip and fly out for lunch to local airports. I can see the stars at night.
You can have fruit trees, grow a garden. As in all situations there can be difference of opinion in how a HOA should be run thats life. There is a new on site manager so we hope to see the benefits from that. Opportunity to be involved friends to be made.
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I currently live in Aguanga, but not in Lake Riverside Estates. My husband and I have been looking there to buy as well. I believe that any HOA has it's issues, I think theirs is about $80.00 a month. Which is pretty high, but they have a lot to offer. They also water down the dirt roads, which I think is nice. On the high crime issue, I can't really add any real information on that. Aguanga is currently having water rights issues with the local Cahuilla Indians, but this has been an ongoing problem for awhile. I do believe they are wanting to eventually charge us per. usage. It was a big deal a year ago and now no one is talking about it. We actually had to bring it up to a Realtor that showed us a few propertys in Lake Riverside Estates. He acted like it was no big deal. As of the growth well, thats hard to say. Anza, which is very close to Aguanga is wanting to grow, but some of the residents are fighting the issue. I belive they are called Rual Comminitys United. Their views, from what Iv'e heard are that we are tapped out on water use( we all get our water from wells) the water underground is not big enough to supply such a big growth. They are also stating that are two lane roads are not going to handle such traffic. They are trying to tell devolpers to first fix and expand the roads for saftey and comunting for such population growth. I know there has been many accents, and deaths on our hwy. So I am all for that. I have two boys that are 9 and 11 and are scared that one day they will be driving this road. We get behind slow trucks and it might take us awhile to get to town(Temecula) but many others pass recklessly. Aguanga is very horse friendly, beautiful weather and quite. Their is many residents and locals that are dirt bike owners as well. Iv'e lived here about 12 years now and have seen it grow. I love it here, it's close enough and far enough from Temecula.
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I am a resident of Lake Riverside Estates, and can tell you from experience, every HOA has it's minor problems, but in the last couple years, with management and board member changes, the little problems that have arisen have pretty much been resolved. We have virtually no crime, and drainage issues are always solved easily. Prices are very affordable, even more so compared to "the city" off the hill. If you're interested in an equine-friendly, country community, LRE is definitely going to work for you.
The only cons to being "on the hill" right now is the cost of commuting....if your job takes you much further away than Temecula/Murrieta or Hemet, gas could be a factor. I commute to North San Diego County, and wouldn't trade living at LRE for the city for anything!
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