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Bill Eckler-…, Real Estate Pro in Venice, FL

"A penny for your thoughts?"

Asked by Bill Eckler-Florida,, Venice, FL Mon Sep 5, 2011

Agents....what do you really think about the new Trulia format?

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I just scrolled up to the Find a Pro button and clicked it. Results were sorted by "Top Contributor". "Recommendations" is sixth on the drop down list. Same thing happens if I go my own area. I can't explain why it doesn't work for you that way Laura.
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Actually Laura, I just checked and recommendations was not the default when someone goes to Find a Pro. Bill still comes out on top in Florida with his 11,000 answers.

I do however agree about manipulating the system with bogus recommendations and reviews.

Ron, you are kidding, right? Don't you understand how the system works? Trulia answers are well indexed in the search engines. I get leads from questions I answered 2 years ago. Instead of answering questions posted in Florida, try going back and answering every question ever asked in Fresno. You will be amazed at the results.
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Hi Bill,
I don't like the fact that Trulia has now made "recommendations" the default when it comes to searching for an agent. Now, agents with very little contributions to the site can obtain recommendations from their Facebook friends to gain a higher ranking.

I feel that it should be those real estate professionals that have the highest contributions or are most active on the site to be the default when searching for a professional. I would think those with a "Pro" status would be concerned with this change.

I plan on contacting Trulia about this.

Thanks for your post!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Hi Bill,

I too would be interested to know what you're referring to by the "new Trulia format". Are you indeed referring to Trulia Social Search that was released several weeks ago, or are you referring to our new Large Map experience that can be seen via the following link?,FL/x_map

To all who have given their feedback about Trulia Social Search, thank you for making us aware of your concerns. I will certainly continue to make my colleagues aware of your thoughts.

@ Laura & Mark - The two of you are both right. Those who have signed into Trulia with Facebook, will see that Find a Pro results are sorted according to the recommendations that others in their social networks have given to real estate professionals on Trulia. Those who have not signed into Trulia with Facebook however, will see Find a Pro results still sorted by Top Contributors.

I hope this clears up the confusion. Please continue to share your feedback and questions with us!

Emily Erekuff
Community Moderator
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I am with Laura - "recommendations" are always the default when I go to the "Find A Pro".

However, the person with the most recommendations is not always the person who is 1st on the list. I believe it also takes into consideration other contributions that person has made to Trulia, for example when I searched for Mortgage Brokers/Lenders and recommendations - someone had more than I had but I was still listed above them because what I believe is because they were not a VIP and I am as well as their total contributions were less. So even a few recommendations (I have 4 total) and contributing elsewhere, it can still put your name above another person who solely is just fishing for recommendations.

However the recommendation feature now motivates people to ask every person under the sun for one (I even found one mortgage loan officer recommending themself!) - thus that way to search for people could become saturated with false recommendations in an effort to boost one's ranking on the "Find a Pro" feature.

Also, you can no longer search the entire directory, you are *required* to enter in a location. While that is no longer a big deal to people who only work in a specific geographic area (such as majority of the professionals who are here at Trulia), there are other professionals (such as myself) who have done business in nearly all states and continue to do so.

However I feel the "Find A Pro" feature isn't used nearly as much as it could be, and Trulia was trying to improve consumers experience using it, so something does need to happen to it in order for it's usage to increase. Majority of my leads stem from answering questions in the Q&A section - the leads I get from the "Find A Pro" feature have been mostly spam.

I think the "Find A Pro" feature should have a default search for "Points to Contributions Ratio", but call it something a little more appealing to the consumer. The Points would be your "Total points" # in the and the contributions would be a combination of the blogs/answers/questions/comments/listings one has (and whatever else Trulia considers a contributions) - those who have a high amount of contributions but lower point totals (for not being helpful with answers, for not having any "Best Answers", for having posts removed by Trulia moderators) would not be ranked as high. This would further promote "quality over quantity".
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Thanks for letting me know as Recommendations is the default on my computer.
Interesting glitch in the system...something else to inform Trulia about.

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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@ Mark,
Sorry, Mark but I disagree with you. When an agent searches for a "Pro" in his area then the default is "Recommendations" and places that agent at the top of the heap knowing that it is that particular agent who is conducting the search.

I looked for a "Pro" in Venice, Florida and Bill came up as #3 since the search defaulted to "Recommendations". He should be at the top due to his number of contributions.

Just doesn't seem right...

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Please tell us what CHANGES they've made:

The one I was rooting for, was deleting questions that are over six months old.

Keep it fresh.
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I have multiple Local Ads and I'm a Trulia Pro. What Laura has stated does concern me.
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The current format is not that bad, I know they probably spent time having people test the new site, so i assume they got good results from these tests. Bill, Is there anything in particular you dont like?
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I don't feel so bad; I'm with Alan.
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I just signed on, this morning, and haven't noticed any changes yet. What's changed?
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
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