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Richard Burt…, Real Estate Pro in Atlanta, GA

Why are Trulia staff members asking questions?

Asked by Richard Burton, Atlanta, GA Tue Mar 6, 2012

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Just an opinion... Trulia enabling an agent to "become the local expert" in only 31 days is a disservice to the consumer and the agent community as a whole.

Being first to jump on-line and answer mundane questions does not an expert make.
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Past patterns were so the responses could become the fabric of a newsletter or report.

However, this now appears to be an attempt to counter act the consequence of their 'agent rating' ploy. This obvious 'gaming' has resulted in fewer agent generated questions. I know I haven't posted one in two months.

It's their game and we're just pawns in it.
Expert in thirty days. See what I've been talking's an entertainment website.
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I like the top questions by trulia, I don't see them as a waste of time, so what if your not in the top 100 areas, Make yourself the number 1 in your area,
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Hi Everyone,

These questions are part of Top Questions Month here at Trulia. We see great questions and answers every day on Trulia Voices, but they're limited to specific locations. So to spread this great information with buyers and sellers, and give professionals more chances to share their local expertise, we're posting 1 question in 100 different locations each day in March.

We realize that posting of these questions has clogged up our main Q&A page a big and our engineers are releasing a fix for that tomorrow. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Please be sure to check out the blog post below to learn more about Top Questions Month here at Trulia.

We hope to see you all participate in your area!

Best Wishes,

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They're posting a question a day... one of the most popular questions typically asked on Trulia, in 100 of the most frequented locations.

This gives agents the chance to "flex" their expertise and become the local expert in only 31 days. Check out the link below for the full story.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
Its for a campaign they are doing. March is Top Questions Month. Here are a couple of links that talk about it.……
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Some concerns here, we have an agent posting in our market that is answering questions from 300+ miles away? seo, expert ranking? referal fees? trulia is missing the point this website WAS unique, now with the facebook link t o leave a rec ,they are trashing the platform which made them very good. I will not renew pro status this year!
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Hello Richard,
I have contacted Trulia about this flooding of daily questions by one of their moderators. Apparently, they are attempting to showcase the agents' expertise in the top 100 municipalities thus encouraging more consumers to utilize the site (so they think).

I let them know that I'm opposed to this particularly since my region is not one of the top 100 so I'm not able to answer any of these questions.

Trulia feels that consumers only search in their areas of interest; not all questions in all regions like many agents do so the consumer does not see the 100 postings of the same question.

I suggested that they just allow the members and consumers of the site to ask the questions but I was denied this request. Trulia believes that this strategy will increase their visibility but I'm not convinced that it will.

Good luck to you!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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I think they are considering getting in the real estate business.
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Several of us have asked that question. Best guess so far is they're adding content to influence SEO.
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Looks like I struck a nerve :)
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Thanks for the valuable feedback Don. You make some great points and your suggestion is compelling.

We are definitely listening and want to thank everyone who has weighed in on this thread with an opinion.

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We have seen Marketing like this many times:
This is no longer for the PEOPLE and AGENTS,
nor is it by the PEOPLE and AGENTS.

It is for Trulia.
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It's a bad idea. Not just because it totally clogs up the main Q&A board with page after page after page of identical questions.

But also because--and, Trulia, pay attention to this--it doesn't serve buyers or sellers well. When I post an answer about some topic--whether it's lease-options or financing or negotiating--it's available to everyone. And if someone disagrees with my answer, or has something to add, it gets added to the same thread. Therefore, after a while, the poster and anyone else can come along and see a collection of 5, 10, or more answers that address his/her question. There's good value in that.

On the other hand, when the same question is posted 100 times and each answer receives 1 or 2 responses--or even 3 or 4--it doesn't provide the same perspective or depth of information to a buyer or seller. Today's question is about what makes a good buyer's agent. OK. That's a good question, and I've seen individuals post that question, too. But you're watering down the responses. Suppose an agent in 1 geographic area answers: "Someone who listens to what you want." Someone in another area answers: "Someone who'll drive you around on weekends." A third answers: "Someone who's a great negotiator." A fourth, in the fourth geographic area, answers: "Someone with experience and credentials after their name." All the answers have some validity, but the perspective and depth is lost.

Trulia: Rather than having your programmers figure out how to visually suppress the 99 duplicate questions, have them figure out how to take selected questions (whether they're "questions of the day" or highly rated ones) and make sure they appear even when someone's doing a search of a specific geographic area.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Fairfax, VA
Thank you for your feedback Scott. Please be sure to flag any answers you see to these questions that are not from local professionals. The idea behind this program is to provide quality content that is specific to these locations.

Thanks again,

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Oh, I was wondering what this was all about. Thanks for the insight.
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and they are wasting our valuable time on nonsense questions that the novice can answer through a simple google search. I agree with Rusty.
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I like your answer, Elliot!!
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Does anyone have any good recipes??
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In addition to the answers below, it give Trulia members a way to juice up their response numbers. Woohoo!
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