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Asked by Joan Braunschweiger, Morris County, NJ Wed Jul 21, 2010

He is one of the most valuable members of this community. You may not like they way he always demanded the truth from you but Trulia is a better place because of him.

Help the community by answering this question:


This used to be an enjoyable forum for answering questions and helping the public. It was also fun to every now and then go off on a tangent and have some fun and sometimes a very direct and informative discussion. Many times it was Dunes who asked the question or made the comment that fuled those discussions. They were not offensive or untrue statements, rather poinient statements and cause for thought. Are these really the types of threads that Trulia does not want?

Trulia will let a political thread about Obama run for months with peoples personal political views expressed and personal attacks made to other posters that has nothing to do with real estate or answer a question. That's ok, but point out an error in ways of Trulia and you get banished to the land of keep quite. Nice.
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Boy oh Boy! I say thumbs up to all previous posts. And I'd like to add my own two cents if I may. Trulia used to be an excellent site, not only for agents, but also for consumers. I sent customers and clients to this site to obtain what I considered valuable information. During the time period that the change took place (point system), several of my clients were watching and waiting for my VIP status. I, like most others on this site, worked very hard to reach that goal only to have it wiped out on the day I finally made it.

I was extremely disappointed as were my clients. Lucky for me, after I explained what happened, they didn't think I was some kind of nut case. This may have had a direct impact on my own credibility. The result was that I didn't visit Trulia for quite some time. And because I was so busy with client's I really didn't miss it much. Then when things slowed down I pondered the thought that I maybe I'll check it out once again.

The very first day I had to write to Trulia asking why I was not credited for my points from the day before.

My point???

After reading the previous posts, I think I will once again have to rethink where I am spending my valuable time.

I give you all a thumbs up.

And, Trulia, you better pay attention to your contributers lest you lose them and who will support your site then? I think you need to hire some professionals to run your site and get rid of the grade-school mentality that seems to be running rampant when it comes to decision making.

I'll be observing!

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Hey Debbie now that you have your VIP 3 badge back are you hanging on to it with the recent removal of some of your TU's? Here we go again.
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@ Dan: "Trulia reserves the right to remove or edit any content for any reason, at any time without notice. Likewise, Trulia may, for any reason and at any time, deactivate any user’s account and restrict that user’s access to the site."
this is from the (new) guidelines?
......any content for ANY reason??
Boy, I haven't read the guidelines in a while - talk about censorship!
This is very troubling to me...........
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Debbie I don't think that Dunes has ever said anything, that I for one, have not thought. He just had the *%##$ to say it.
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I think Dunes is in a time out.

Trulia, can Dunes come out to play?
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Loosing profile points Over 2000

Loosing TU points Over 500

Having your account frozen Priceless

When you want to get screwed there's Trulia
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I think the way Dunes pushed Trulia could have only been positive for this website. He demanded the truth and wanted to hold them accountable.
It may have made Trulia uncomfortable but demanding excellence and transparency makes for a better website.
Honestly, how PETTY and short-sighted can they be??
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they also seem to take issue witrh the word "petty"

the trulia guidelines seem to have different interpretations from day to, you cannot ask for a follow up when someone resurrects an old question - even if you only ask the question of the person who originally asked the question! Go figure that one out!

example: "Betty - you asked this question 3 months ago - so - did you ever sell your home?"

Trulia deleted that..........I am guilty as charged
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Randomly and inconsistently deleting answers as well as freezing the account of one of the most avid (rabid?) consumer advocates is most totally uncool.
Alan, where are you, minister of uncool??? We definitely need your services.
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Apparently, we are all being punished - let's go sit in the corner with Dunes and keep him company
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He was too outspoken for them

They also took away any thumbs ups he gave everyone - check your count
I had over 1420 - now I have 1193

Unless there is a huge glitch with trulia tonight, we lost tu's because Dunes was frozen
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Trulia did. They didn't like some of the things he was pointing out.
Like the truth.
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Did Trulia delete his account or did Dunes?
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Trulia was a great resource, as a new agent to go to where RE agents from around the country could share their knowledge and insights. In the meantime, I found myself part of a community of extremely varied, interesting people and I felt comfortable here. For me, it was a win-win.
I know that everyone is upset that Dunes account has been frozen... but Dunes was a big boy, and he knew full-well that poking the bear with a sharp stick might anger the bear.

Trulia is still a place where you can interact with agents from around the country sharing knowledge and insights. Yes, Dunes abrupt departure will leave a hole in the community, but I'm sure it will be filled by the next gadfly, and you'll feel whole again.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Wow Emily, that's all you can say???

You guys freeze the account of one of the most dedicated consumer advocates on this website and that is really it???

I understand you are doing your best to keep everybody, including your employer, happy but the issue here is inconsistency in how things are handled.

Yes, people need to be respectful of one another. This should apply to Trulia as well. You(Emily) have always been nothing but respectful, I will grant you that, but actions speak louder than words and some of the actions that have taken place by Trulia are self-defeating at best and self-destructive at worst. If you have an agent only website, I can't imagine any profit being generated. Who is benefitting? Even worse, if you have only agents who answer rote, cut and paste answers,over and over and over again, how many people are going to come back to this website?

Frankly, lively exchange is entertaining. Rote answers isn't. That's not to say that people shouldn't make an effort to put themselves in the best light and of course agents should be informative and professional. However, you need to have something that draws people to this website. Seemingly random subjective censorship, Trulia's unwillingness to tolerate too much heat from people who only want quality and the truth and interfering in exchanges between members is....well......its uncool.

The Obama thread is often off-topic, has attracted some people with.....interesting, sometimes disturbing perspectives, has been borderline nasty, amidst some very lively interesting, respectful, conversation. In other words, its entertaining and I would suppose, because its entertaining and has attracteded so much attention, it has been left virtually untouched.

Guidelines are absolutely essential. Members need to treat each other with respect, not insult or curse each other. I haven't once seen Dunes do anything disrespectful other than demand truth and fairness. If Trulia members demanded his removal, I could understand it. If Trulia, in spite of the admiration and support of Dunes from agents and non agents alike, freezes his account because he makes Trulia uncomfortable, then something is wrong. Priorities are skewed.

I understand it is not realistic for a private company to give in to all demands made by the users of this website. It is realistic to consider them, maybe weigh some more heavily than others and then of course it is Trulia's perogative to do with the suggestions what they will. Dunes was loud, vocal and occasionally annoying (sorry Dunes) but he rarely expressed something we didn't all feel to one degree or another. Perhaps some things he deemed important that others didn't care so much about but he had a right to express it, question it and ask why nothing was seemingly done. You had a right to respectfully disagree, not remove him.

He might have been a thorn in your side but he was OUR thorn, highly respected and necessary in many ways. I have had my own "battles" with Dunes, but I never lost respect for him, even if I totally disagreed with him because he was just SOOOOO wrong. :) Reread the posts below, and you tell me if you don't think it was a mistake to freeze his account.
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Well I must say that daylight has brought some very thoughtful and expressive responses here - great job everyone!

@Mack - you're quite gallant, and I do thank you for your willingness to step up to my defense (duel at dawn, perhaps?) - I agree, I could live without trulia, but could the consumer live without me!!!! ( just kidding , of course!) - my point is..........well, I have no point other than to state I am a big girl, and I recognize - I "get"- that trulia is a business, and, although this shouldn't be like kindergarden, this is their playground, so they can set the rules. If I am provoked enough, however, trulia won't have to freeze my account, I will take my bat and ball and leave of my own volition - and survive quite nicely elsewhere.

@Alan- yes, I agree, and assume you are correct in that Dunes hit that proverbial nerve that caused him to be exiled - that being said, i do think it was PETTY of trulia to allow simple words like PETTY, et al, to be a reason to ban someone. I am sure it was the spirit and strength of the confrontations Dunes so loves that annoys them the most...... but trulia is a business, not a person - they need to have a thicker skin, anf alllow more leeway when it comes to critiques of themselves - they might even take heed, and learn from them.

As a quick example - Dunes was and is, adamant regarding the points system and the changes resulting in many (such as Linda below) losing their points - trulia was "taking this under advisement" - to me, it now appears as though this topic was pushed to the back burner, as trulia has been busy coming up with other changes, rather than dealing - with a definitive response - with one that affected so many of it's members - Dunes never let them forget it - and I say good for him.

I hope Trulia (Pete - are you out there?) pays attention to the most recent posts here - Gene, Stephanie, Linda (from WI to TX to AZ - nice cross section of the country) - those members are hardly rebel rousers - I think their thoujghts are reflective of many others.

I was especially interested in reading what Linda had to say - that's a direct way in which the points system impacted her - just one trulia member..........

I am in agreement that overt rudeness/name calling/childish behavior between members shoudn't be tolerated, as trulia needs to moderate that in order to protect members and retain a level of civility - - But......It may be better business to allow one outspoken advocate speak, than to silence him because he was annoying to you - trulia pay attention!
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"Say it ain't so" When Dunes responded to queries, I would read the post just to see his reply even if I had no interest in the topic. When Dunes posted a question, I would read just to gain an insight into his thinking process. He had no ax to grind; he had nothing to clients to prospect, no homes to sell. Dunes was just...well...Dunes. His replies were always introspective and well thought out...there was none of the Go See An Attorney reply that seems to be favored by a few of the agents that regularly post on Trulia--they are the ones that should be banned for providing innocuous replies. Instead, they ban Dunes. There are a lot of others who I wished were banned in his place.

I'll look in on Trulia occasionally to see if Dunes is reinstated, but if he's not, this website is a poorer place because of it.
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Alan, I hope you are right and I sure hope Dunes is back and soon! Maybe we should all have "Bring Dunes Back" T-Shirts are something. When I take the time to tune in, ( can we actually tune in on line?) I get really charged by things that he says. Dan is also interesting, and even Mack . Debbie Rose is great. There are others I love to read, but Dunes really gets me going.

Some of the stuff that other people post is so boring and repetitive that they might as well put "ditto" on their blogs or answers. Oh, but that is supposed to be removed.

I lost my status again. . . I cannot blog enought interesting stuff often enough to keep my status up, and I refuse to do "dittos". I don't know if I want to play if Dunes is not in the Sandbox. Bring Dunes Back!

Stephanie Kelley
Keller Williams, Legacy
San Antonio, TX
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I don't know the details of why Dunes account was frozen. Nobody was more surprised than I, to learn that had happened. I think this last thread that Debbie is referring to about the word "petty" was probably the straw that broke the camel's back at Trulia.

Trulia asked him to stop using that word, they considered it insulting... he posted it, they removed it.... he reposted it, they removed it again... over and over... and suddenly... viola... his account was frozen.

While he often has a laser focus to the heart of the problem, I think even Dunes would admit that he liked to poke and prod, and clearly Trulia doesn't like to be poked and proded. Someone at Trulia central had enough yesterday.

I don't think we've seen the last of Señor Dunes. I'm sure he's reading each and every comment carefully, smiling while drinking his coffee (yeah, that's it.... coffee).
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Mack, you hit the (proverbial) nail on the head. Whenever a question is asked requesting a response from the non agent population, agents always answer. I think there ARE non agents who read Trulia, the Obama thread kind of proves that (boy did that attract some interesting people) but not enough.
This is why Dunes presence on this website (I think) was so important. It is a non agent perspective that is unique and always advocating for the consumer.
I get that Trulia is a (trying to be) for profit business. But they are only hurting themselves by acting this way because an agent-only website kind of defeats the purpose, don't you think?
As the Trulia people wake up on the left side of the country, this thread's life is probably going to be short-lived. I'm just glad that Dunes can see how much we appreciate his presence.
Speaking of non agents, I wish some of them would speak up here as well.
Its for them that Dunes spent a lot of time here, with nothing to gain.
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Debbie, I could live with being banned.

The way I see it, Trulia isn't a public utility, but a private company hoping that providing discussion forums will result in more web browsers displaying advertising.

While I take personal umbrage at Trulia offending you in any way, and am eager to strike a blow in your defense, I'm also kinda like, what-ev-er.

I think we have to realize that if Trulia wants to offend Dunes or you or I or whoever, that is their right, regardless of how shortsighted or wrongheaded that might (or might not) be.

But I really think that, more than worrying about us, Trulia needs to figure out how to get more homebuyers and homesellers interested in the forums. Because pretty much any question calling to buyers or sellers to report on their experiences turns out to be answered almost exclusively by agents. This tells me that not enough buyers or sellers are reading the forums.

With the warmest regards,
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careful Mack - you never know who's next!

Arbitrary rules that are enforced in an arbitrary manner are disconcerting to me.

so - apparently, We have to be good little children, or we can be sent to our rooms - maybe for good

I don't think I am a terribly controversial figure here on trulia - I am direct, and speak my mind, but try to use diplomacy, and tact, or at least I'd like to think I do. I am not a rude person, so I try to be respectflu in my responses.

But, when a banal comment I make is deleted by trulia - and I am chastised for that comment and reminded of the trulia guidelines - that kind of makes me sit up, pay attention and and wonder what is going on..
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I don't know about Dunes or anyone else, but my feeling is - if they don't want me here, then I don't want to be here either.
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I think Dunes would prefer Kumbaya
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well Dan, since you're not allowed to say such things..I am glad you didn't say them :)
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true --- well then, Patrick, we will have to resurrect it, afterall, resurrecting threads is a favored pasttime here!!!!

OK, so............let's all hold hands and sing.............. "We shall overcome..........."
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Oh yeah by the way, you loose points for having your post removed as well. Better get crakin that VIP3 badge may not be there tomorrow.
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Don't care Dan. I have already lost thousands of points lately what's a few more?
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Oh, and did I fail to mention that Dunes is a very handsome dude, too??

3 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 21, 2010
So - the question isnt ..... where is Dunes - the question is:

When will he be allowed back???

oh, and I am giving a thumbs up to everyone here - just because i want to!
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Well said Patrick - really - well said!

Dunes was outspoken (well, he still is - don't want this to sound like a eulogy) but he basically was outspoken - not rude to individuals - rudeness to others is a valid reason to remove comments, as it is fine to disagree, as long as it is done with respect for the other person. Dunes can be rash in his approach and comments, but I really never saw him outwardly rude to an individual.

It appears to me that trulia doesn;t like to be critiqued - he stood up and stated how he felt - he can be a thorn in one's side. for sure.........but, .whether I always agreed with him or not - he added a level of spunk and vitality, and opened some doors to useful discussions and banter -

The jabs that are begin thrown about on that political never-ending thread are allowed to remain......Obama is being called a Marxist...but Dunes was silenced
Here is an excerpt from the political thread that the head of Trulia started:

"Freedom can make us rich again if Obama confesses his hatred for success and returns to Kenya and returns power to true American patriot who will disband SEC, FDIC, FHLBB, FTC and all other marxist cults in government that work to destroy success."
and Dunes' account is frozen........
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careful Joan - you may be off topic

(I never did find out if Betty sold her house or not! - I dare not ask her again, or I may be exiled to Active Rain!)
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So Debbie..... you were petty with Betty?
Sorry, couldn't resist.
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Dan I think that you may be tilting at windmills. They responded about 100 posts ago and nothing since. I think that's your answer. It seems Dunes has moved on and maybe it's time the rest of us did as well.
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Sylvia --- I get those calls to upgrade to paid services too...but there's only so much we can afford to I just try to increase my marketing presence via blogs, posts, etc. Seems to work. Just closed escrow on buyers who found me via the internet. Thus far, 40% of my business this year is from leads developed on the internet -- an increase of 10% last year, and 20% increse from 2008.

Happy user of both Zillow and Trulia --- that's me!
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Funny that I started on Zillow and ended up doing more on y'all are leaving to go to Zillow?

For what I do on Trulia and the fact that I have received leads based on my blogs on Trulia, I think I'll hang around here, too. But I will beef up my participation on Zillow and hope to see you there, too.

Need to publicize my listings on both sites since many prospective buyers and sellers visit there. So wherever my clients (and prospects) are, that's where I will be.

Have fun!
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Back in the days, Trulia did reinstate one of the members, and I witnessed that. I think Mayor Deborah might remember; maybe even Jay? You might want to ask that at you nexzt Mayor's meeting, Alan.

Haven't followed Dune much, but I do enjoy reading his posts, questions and challenges. When I have time, I sometimes seek out his answers just to agree or disagree with his points. I love a good challenge.

Yes, it will be a shame if Trulia does not bring Dune back.

But there is a lot more at stake here now.

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Marin, CA
You made some good points, Pacita, and I do hope Trulia responds (via Emily or someone else) in some way to them.

While most of us here are diisappointed in Dunes's forced departure, I am sure there are others on trulia who are rejoicing. He made many friends, and a few not-such-friends along the way due to his outspoken (although often witty and true) positions. Most of those postions were in favor of the consumer or to point out ways he thought trulia could improve. He didn't back down.

I have seen a few others be banished from trulia - most were rude, nasty and said terrible things directed at trulia voices members. They truly deserved to be dectivated - no one missed them.

Dunes may have annoyed some agents (and agents seem to make up the bulk of the trulia population), as he often pointed out their faults, as he saw them, , and that's not comfortable, but he was never nasty or obscene - he just told it like he saw it.

In a book, or play, he'd be the protagonist - a useful foil that makes most stories interesting, and sparks further discussion.

Dunes made it interesting here.

I think there will be a void by his absence.
Many, however, may breathe easier knowing he isn;'t around to poke at them or hold up a mirror - trulia is one of those entities who will now rest easier, and that's probably why they didn't go out of their way to help promote a different outcome.

Just my 2 cents once again...........
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Dan, as much as I, and I am sure others, understand your fervor - and we are all disappointed with Trulia's decision - it is their company - their own guidelines give them the right to deactivate anyone for any reason if they see fit.

Thney are not really looking for feedback from voices members.

They are under no obligation to "exlpain it it us" - I think it is very clear why it was done. Dunes, in his lovable way was a PITA to them, so they had it with him, and pulled the proverbial plug . He pushed all the buttons, knew he was doing so, and they responded pretty much as he must have expected them to do.

End of story.

Should trulia have permanently deactivated his account?
Is it goodwill on their part to act in such a way???
That's for each individual to answer for him or herself.

As a result, I made a decsion to cancel my Pro program, as it expires Aug 30, and I won't be renewing it. I will also check out other real estate websites. I was pretty much exclusively here on Trulia - but I now think that life exists on other sites, too, so I will take a look around, and see where my time is best spent.

Maybe I will spread the wealth, and now visit multiple sites - maybe not! :)

Anyway - that's how it is.
We made out feelinsg known, but ultimately - this is Trulia's site, and they can do what they want.

Have a great weekend all!
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Well - we have a weekend ahead of us, and no answer as yet to my simple question that trulia should ALREADY know:

Is Dunes's account's deactivation permanent or temporary?

Once again - simple question - only requires a simple answer! Yes..........or .......NO
2 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
Dunes abrupt departure will leave a hole in the community, but I'm sure it will be filled by the next gadfly,
btw... it's come to my attention that some consider the term "gadfly" in a pejorative or negative way. I meant it in it's "Webster's Dictionary" meaning which is "someone who provokes others into action by criticism"... not negative at all, in my opinion.

if I've slighted Dunes, it was unintentional... I meant it in the best of ways.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Clearly, Trulia didn't value Dunes as much as the rest of us.

... and just as a side note, I don't pay anything to this site either. I participate here on Trulia primarily as a mental exercise and to keep my skills sharp, and to help people with real estate questions.

... I also gain nothing directly from Trulia, I haven't had anyone call to view any of my listings, and while I have gotten buyer/seller leads from Trulia, they have been far and few between, and I have turned down more Trulia leads, than I have accepted.

... I know it may not feel that way now, but we've had dramatically more feedback and interaction with Trulia, than with most monolithic websites who don't communicate directly with their membership. Trulia has been communicative and responsive... maybe not as communicative and responsive as you would like, but I really can't fault them for running their site as they see fit.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
Hyperbole? Well...maybe.

However, I haven't been at Trulia that long and I have seen inconsistency in Trulia's responses to questionable content. The frustration is real (not just mine, who cares about my frustration other than among regular contributers here.

I don't pay anything to this site, I don't really receive anything palpable other than personal satisfaction and knowledge, and I certainly am not deluded into thinking that my presence on this site makes all that much
difference, one way or another. It is certainly my choice to shut up and leave if it bothers me that much. Its not like I am forced to do this.

Yes Dunes knowingly and continuously angered the bear and yes, Trulia will survive without him, and yes others will come and go, but after spending countless hours on this site, it is hard not to care that the consumers have lost something as valuable as his voice and I am floored that Trulia put their annoyance ahead of what is best for this site.
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Oh, you're not blank anymore, but I am with you, time to fly to Oregon!
Dunes, I know its only 7 in the morning on the left coast but time to break out the beers!
2 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
Does anybody know where Dunes went? Maybe we could all meet over there?
2 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jul 23, 2010
- Would any of you come back if you had been censored for petty nonsense?

I'm already censored. My friends and clients know me as a colorful character with colorful language that Trulia will not permit in posts. Google "mack mccoy yankees" in October if you want to see fbombs on your screen.

I feel bad for Dunes if he's bummed by this; I might not be. I post here because I like to correct misconceptions and help people think clearly about real estate issues, and because I like to write short paragraphs about real estate. I don't care about points or badges or clicks or whether I get prospective clients (although I'm open for business!).

I've never understood why hobbyists were so interested in real estate (I have to, but YOU?), but to each their own.

But few things are as bothersome as feeling you've been treated unfairly, and certainly, a lot of people feel that Dunes has been treated unfairly. I'm not eager to adjudicate the matter; I wish him well, and hope he gets what he wants.

I also hope that Trulia evolves into a success. Right now, if it's successful, it isn't immediately obvious.
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Well, I don't know what I can add that Joan, Dan and Patrick haven't already guess what i really want to know is, based on what Emily said:

" we deactivate their accounts as a last resort. " (and send them to their rooms without dinner -- ok, I added that part!) this a permanent deactivation or a temporary one?

Simple question - should have a simply answer.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jul 22, 2010
Does anyone know if Dunes actually wants to be reinstated?
2 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jul 22, 2010
I also want to know why this question, and yours Dan regarding Dunes, is buried on what, the 7th or 8th page even when recently answered.
How come the Obama thread pops up on the front page whenever someone posts another answer and these are buried?
Call me paranoid.
2 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jul 22, 2010
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