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Craig Cooper, Real Estate Pro in Tahoe City, CA

How would you rate the value of using Trulia for lead generation in your real estate business?

Asked by Craig Cooper, Tahoe City, CA Thu Oct 10, 2013

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Seller leads is terrible. I get other agents just looking for information for their clients, or clients with homes listed just checking to see whats around. NOT ONE good seller lead as of yet.
Yesterday, I called to find out that it was a Realtor on the Island and he was just "seeing" who would call him back - he said I was the 10th - that's right 10th - person to call him within 5 minutes.
This explains why most people give a bad phone number.

Buyer leads are great and Ive had enormous success with them - but I will not be renewing the Seller Leads (stuck in it for a year - ugh! - and no refunds)
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No. They are total frauds. The leads are fake, and Trulia will steal your money. Don't do it---they are scam artists.
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Should I Buy leads from Trulia? I do not want to waste time and money
Flag Sat Feb 21, 2015
When I first started out utilizing Trulia" they were the greatest and vast response with buyer leads, but this was a few years ago. Now I may receive 1-2 buyer leads around billing time and I cover 20+zip codes at a 4% up=1200 views per month, I don't care for the buyer lead service, as its just a large bill far outside of my budget in the 2015.
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I have been very successful on Trulia for lead generation. My Team and I have received over 20 solid leads since Nov 2014 (and 50 less solid) and we are excited to continue working with Trulia in the busy season of 2015. With some online training provided free from Trulia we have learned how to cultivate the leads into stronger leads. It takes about 5 months for a lead to actually close. Perseverance, follow-up and tracking is key!
I have worked with Trulia Online advertising and mobile and have had much more solid leads with Online.
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I agree as well. I got nothing out of it other than a large credit card bill. Not one that I called back within 15 minutes were actually looking to sell their property, just looking and didn't know what they clicked on.
Demanded to cancel within the 6 months and won't buy internet leads anymore.
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I agree regarding seller leads... so far they are horrible! I have so many "Just Looking" and have had no less than 5 agents who already have the home listed, when I spoke with them they said they were simply checking to see the market value Trulia came up with. I am still hoping to get at least one listing in the 6 month period I singed up for.
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PS - Im averaging a buyer every other month with buyers leads and even got 2 listings out of it this year. Wish Seller Leads was better....
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In today's real estate market there is no such thing as receiving boat loads of fast and easy "quality" leads from any lead generating software/programs or websites. There are thousands of licensed agents out there vying for same area business, have websites and use nearly identical lead generating softwares. The treadmill never worked for me and did not grow my business...nearly put me under the first year. I don't sit at my computer clicking away and hope for business, instead, I go out and get business.

Absolutely nothing trumps getting face-to-face with folks when it comes to earning quality leads and getting referrals.

I highly recommend to market with purpose. Hard work, knowing your market area well and having a proactive, outgoing personality is a must in this industry. Every day presents an opportunity to "meet and greet" folks. I spend my money and time updating my education where it matters in my area, not randomley. I'm not an acronym type professional. I invest time and talk in real-time with lenders, real estate attorneys, appraisers, contractors, and inspectors to stay up-to-date. Presentation of your business is everything!

My ongoing success has come from taking care of my database over the years and staying in touch frequently. I do random surveys to my database...they talk and I listen. My business is nearly 100% referral.

Everybody in this business has ample opportunity to change their business...if they want. Technology has its place in the industry, however, in any business nothing trumps face-to-face activity. It will lead to success.
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I think it is a NAR ethics violation to not reveal your name and brokerage on social media and RE websites. Same advertising signage rules apply. Full name, brokerage and address or at least the town. Just saying...
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Best posting I have read.
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I agree about seller leads - terrible.
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I've tried many different trulia products and their leads are very poor quality. Usually just people shopping around but not serious buyers. I think is funny and outdated that they ask their customers to sign a 6 months contract. When big companies know they have a good product they usually do it month to month to offer the agents peace of mind. Last time I used trulia i purchased mobile ads for zip code 90292 and all I got out of it was a few poor leads from cities located more than 30 min away from my geographical area. Not only they didn't deliver what they sell, but they keep my $600.
Thanks for nothing trulia, I love your great customer service and your business ethics.
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The final straw was hearing my phone ring at 2 a.m. this morning with a Trulia automated call and two concomitant texts alerting me to an incoming lead. Thinking it must be a personal emergency, I roused myself to find it was yet another lackluster lead. Since I'm now wide awake, I investigate this latest real estate opportunity.

After fielding nine alarmingly abysmal buyer leads since signing on with Trulia Pro in September, I thought the bar couldn't be lowered any further. Au contraire. This morning's chipper inquiry concerned a $15,000 mobile home in Palm Springs. This, after a succession of requests for $50,000 Palm Springs condos (not even available at the bottom of the market) or the Brit who thought he might buy a few mobile homes for perhaps $35K each. Or the Canadian asking about the million-dollar manse that Trulia had erroneously listed for $149,500 since a critical zero had been dropped.

I can only surmise that my name appears next to low-priced properties while agents expending more advertising dollars are garnering placement next to higher-end listings. Or perhaps the vast majority of Trulia users who actually ping a Realtor for assistance are bottom feeders while deeper-pocketed buyers have their own agents and merely use the site for investigative purposes. Since I've never fielded even one inquiry on a reasonably priced property, the results seem conclusive.

I've written to Trulia twice now, first articulating my professional unhappiness with the low-quality leads, and this week asking for better quality buyers or a refund of my money. To use a pertinent phrase from Chris Christie's unfolding scandal, the response has been "Radio Silence."

Either way, it's terribly discouraging and I will not be renewing my subscription after the six-month trial.
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Mary,I feel your pain,it's all a waste of time and money.
The leads are no good,most of them won't even pick the phone up!
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They need to be reported to the better business bureau.
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Hello, Mary and everyone! I am a lead generator that works for a realty company in Omaha, NE. I started in January after getting laid off from a corporate job in December. Ouch! So I am generating leads for this group. The question is quality! It takes me 68 calls to generate a lead (someone who may be interested in selling in 6months-12months or an appt) and it takes me 156 calls to generate a bonafide listing presentation appointment. To date, out of 2824 COLD CALLS for listings, I have set 18 appts, 6 not presented yet-that's this week, and 23 other leads. 2 Listings Have been signed thus far.

This is feeding your database which is very difficult for you all to do with the time constraints you have! What would you pay for a qualified listing presentation appointment done by a traditional cold call?
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Did you know you can adjust all of those things you didn't like? I ran into similar situations, called them and they helped me out. I just really know how to use their products, and then found out there are quite a few things I can do to customize my advertising
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I find that I get a lot of rental leads thrugh Trulia. Sales not so much.
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Carey, Seller leads huh? Interesting. Trulia may just end up shooting themselves in the foot if they're not a little more flexible with their clients/RE Professionals on their refund policies. I'll only be taken advantage of once.

This policy shows that they are only interested in generating revenue not building a solid customer loyalty base. Hope they get a handle on this. Perhaps a little Acitve Rain influence may sprinkle down upon them soon.
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exactly my thoughts!
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Terrible. I have been paying for "leads" or as Trulia calls it "views or hits" for the last 3 months and its been horrible. The leads are crap. Most people couldn't qualify for welfare. Spend your money on direct marketing and farming. DONT BUY TRULIA LEADS. Its a complete waste of money. I am really sorry I invested what I have already.
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How I wish I had read these before I agreed to 6 months. I feel totally taken advantage of.
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I think this thread has helped me change my mind about spending the money on trulia
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Change the number on your credit card. CHANGE IT. Trulia hires people who do nothing but deceive the public......and professional agents/brokers. If these leads were so good, why wouldn't large companies buy them up and distribute them to their agents? Hey, you know, just don't accept the charges. It's easy to promise the world. What I'd like to know is why the National Association of Realtors doesn't start a crusade to protect agents and brokers. Here's a thought, why can't the NAR introduce the idea of ALL MLS's GETTING TOGETHER AND CREATING A GIMUNGOUS MLS CONGLOMORATE TO PUT ZILLOW AND TRULIA OUT OF BUSINESS??? In fact, why can't the MLS sue them for stealing information? MLS information is private, and deserves to be protectedThese sites are not about the professional, not about maintaining high standards that REALTORS uphold. They CHEAPEN our industry and they have NO business interfering in any way whatsoever.And they are nothing but scammers and sleezebaggers
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I find Trulia to be a place where you can write blogs, answer Q&A so forth and so on. It's entertaining, fun and interesting but I would never use it as a source of lead generating. A lot has changed with Trulia this year.

Those of us who have been on this site for years and helped many folks, we are finding our "status" has changed to nearly nothing; however, we now understand that if we pay a large fee we could buy back our status, or so that's what most are interpreting, to get back what we had earned over the years.

It is tough for me to see excellent agents and brokers who have earned their place/status on this site and then be reduced to marginal status. For this alone I would not pay them a dime. Thanks for the post.
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Terrible!!! I have advertised for 5 months with Trulia and have ZERO LEADS as a result. A total waste of money! I went with Trulia Pro in a very active zip code with 11% of the advertising. I should have had a few leads at least. Trulia has been very poor at communicating, evading phone calls and not calling back, and not confirming my cancellation in writing. I am very disappointed in the waste of many hundreds of dollars.
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I think once you sign up you commit to the contract.
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This type of lead generation seems to be about raising money from Realtors, who can pay for ads, SEO, get more signs or take a chance on people who search the internet and land on Trulia. They may or may not actually be interested in purchasing. Qualified leads are a slightly different thing. I don't think this system requires anything more than a person just being willing to enter their email address in order to get an estimate of their home's value or from expressing an interest by asking a question about one home. Not sure these are really 'warm" leads
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I subscribed to Trulia for lead generation in January and so far I have gotten poor quality leads and it's been a month since I have gotten anything. When my contract ends in July, I'm definitely not signing up for further service. I have called every lead within minutes of them coming my way and I have followed up, and nothing has come from it. It's pretty disappointing and Trulia just tells me I need to buy a bigger percentage of the market so I can sign on for another 6 months. No thanks.
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Trulia leads are extremely poor quality. I subscribed for "60601" and I got "0" leads from that zipcode or even within 20 miles of radius of 60601. 60601 average listing price is ~250k

I got 5 leads, out of which 3 never called me back., and they were 50 miles from the areas I work. I got 2 leads which were fake leads, One of them was looking to use realtor for some phony business he is conducting.

One of them was for 29K, almost 80 miles from my home! Even though I have updated my lead preference to 100K and above I only get leads which are 29K....

My account executive while signing me up gave me his phone number, which he never answers and never even calls me back either, he always emails me, I will call you back I am in a meeting, it is some kind of endless meeting which he never gets out of and never calls me back!

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Be careful when you sign up.

I would highly recommend the Pro Product to promote yourself and your own listings.

As far as purchasing buyer or seller leads, the minimum is a 6 month contract and they will NOT let you out of it no matter what. The leads they provide are low quality but what makes it difficult is they sell the leads to at least 3 Realtors at a time so the potential client is bombarded with emails, phone calls, and sometimes visits to the home. This approach causes the potential client to become understandably hostile. If your OK with that then you might get a handful of potential clients.

Good Luck.

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It's impossible to say exactly HOW Trulia has worked for me...was it my activity in the Voices community, the lead generation $$ spent, or my profile? You can get a glimpse here and there (like the leads that say "I read your profile and want to speak with you", but even that's not a sure sign. All I can say is that I've enjoyed almost $100k in GCI in the two years I've been on Trulia that can be attributed directly to Trulia leads. Not bad, but there was a lot of junk to sift through to net those valuable leads. 7 good clients out of around 200 "leads". I'm a big fan of Trulia, but you do have to take the bad with the good.
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Jessica, Same thing holds true for the Q/A platform. Trulia has been the best thing that's ever happened to our Nationwide website presence.
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Seller lead program is terrible!
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I can relate to what Mary is saying for the most part. I don't know what or why Trulia has been doing lately but the only thing positive that I've seen so far is their recent acquisition of Market Leader who owns Active Rain. AR is a very successful RE site and once again I'm hoping that some good will come of this.
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Trulia seems to heavily favor well established agents with deeper pockets, not that more experienced agents shouldn't be able to use their experience and knowledge to their advantage or anything like that, but the very limited resources of newer agents are better spent elsewhere. Getting more involved in trulia seems to make no difference and wastes time that you could spend doing other things to build your business, having your profile 100% complete seems to make no difference either. I'm still here because I'm paid up. Unless something really interesting happens soon as a result of trulia, I'll be done here.
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Geovanny, nothing changed and I didn't renew. I actually got a lead Trulia I thought might pan out from a couple days after I my subscription ended. Turns out this guy was looking for a $30,000 foreclosure. I don't mind helping people out once in a while, but one viable lead for a $30,000 house in three months, isn't worth anything. Since it didn't come in until after my subscription ended I guess I received nothing at all for my money.
Flag Tue Jan 14, 2014
How has it been since this post? I am a new agent and in the same boat..I am here for another couple months..but so far nothing
Flag Thu Jan 9, 2014
I'm very happy with the Q/A platform and have risen to the ranks of kind of a go to guy for Factory Built Housing. This hasn't cost me anything in the 5 years I've been a contributing member. However, as far as my RE brokerage is concerned I have to say that what little advertising I've done thus far has proven less than stellar. But I will continue participating in the Q/A platform.
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I've answered approximately 1700 questions to date...and have gotten a handful of worth while clients from it. They've been good clients...but still the value for lead generation is not great.
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In the first five years it was very good. Very very good. Buyers in all price ranges, even an occasional seller.I can trace over $100K GCI to Trulia from those years.

I will always remember Trulia fondly for those golden years.

The past year it has slipped down to just "good" Real Buyers in the low price range, and people looking to rent.
First time "Investors" fresh out of seminars or get rich quick books looking for cheap, cheap homes at 50 cents on the dollar.

Where have all the middle and high end buyers gone?

Using Trulia for home searches has always sucked. The search results were always fouled by fake list prices posted by Realty Trac.. Now the rental searches are fouled by fraudsters.

It might be better for you in TC though.
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Jim Walker, Real Estate Pro in Carmichael, CA
I have been on trulia for about 4 years now. I have closed deals from trulia leads and have one closing this month and another in the car. It works for me but then I actually pay for the zip codes in which I prefer to work. I think the main key is that you have to be responsive. Make sure you are set up to get your leads on your smart phone and follow up on them immediately. These customers aren't going to wait. They want instant results and they want to know that we are out there just waiting to talk to them.
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Trulia is one of several lead generation avenues that I use. I have not received a great deal of traffic even though I'm on it everyday. I have however received a handful of wonderful clients from Trulia over the years.

I wouldn't count on it to do everything you need....make it one of many lead sources.

Good luck.
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We are just over 2 years from when this questions was asked. It is funny how some agents are just finding Trulia and how many questions i get how well or not so well Trulia works. Since the series of mergers the site is about the same. The amount of leads is down, the amount of spam is the same and the leads i get, are no where near what they once were in Trulia's glory days. I check the 1 and a now and then, Trulia axed its blog and most agents have switched to Active Rain. I have to say i put all th etime i used to put into Trulia into my Active Rain blog, and the amount of leads blows away anything i paid for over 5 years time. My advice is go to Active Rain, write a blog every day, get active, become a rain maker, as you earn points the fee goes down $10 per 100k points and when you hit 500k points, it is free. Feel free to check out my my blog through my link. It is a great tool for sure.
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The leads are horrible and I am waisting my hard earned money
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jun 10, 2015
Six months, 5 leads, none legit. Don't bother. If you have advertising dollars to spend use them elsewhere. Also not crazy about the idea of having three other agents listed as contacts on listings that I have earned, really not sure how they can do that, nor am I sure how they can farm the MLS information when we have to pay dues every year for access.

It's a great tool for buyers, and I can appreciate that, but as far as lead generation it is non existent. Save your money.
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If your not using Trulia - DON'T SIGN UP
Since they changed the system in April, I've gotten 0 leads. When I call to complain, I'm told Trulia is giving me quality leads only! I'm getting no leads at all. This is an expensive waste of money. I can't wait till my contract is up.
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I did not think it possible there could be more spam after the merger but the site is getting worse not better
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Mar 29, 2015
I didn't fully trust it but thought I'd see if they had info on our home or homes in the area. i didn't use my real name or provide real phone number. tired of websites sharing that with sales people/companies in general.
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I have been using Trulia now for a week and have received 7 leads. Out of those seven, one was a listing. The owner talked to another agent before I talked to them. Same with a buyer lead. So far I am pretty excited about the leads that I am getting. I now realize that I have to be quicker than the other agents to get the business.
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Yeh I feel like a sucker amount all!
Trulia generated leads in misconduct way by posting low price listings from 2011 so low qualified buyers gone crazy to find out! Correct: no answer neither I called or email!!! Trulia keep press charges on this 6 months terms !
How can trulia has the right to collect a term service . When there is no terms and condition disclosed upfront ???
Anyone ever tried to find out ?
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I have been in the business for more than 14 years. I have paid for various types of leads. Trulia seemed like a good choice - and they can talk a good game. However, it is the worst decision I ever made. More than a $1000 a month wasted. I can produce better quality leads myself- I was simply trying to add to my business - not drain my bank account.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Nov 10, 2014
Complete Waste of Time & Money. I won't continue using Trulia leads, as they are not generated properly. I have gotten no new business from them, and only had one hit on my profile in 30 days. I have requested a refund, and they are not cooperative. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Nov 3, 2014
With Trulia the best leads come from the Q and A section and my blog. In Q and A answer questions with real answers, avoid blatant self promotion as consumers can see right through it. A thoughtful answer will go a long way. My blog shows off a variety of market reports and stories complete with a lesson for buying or selling. Purchasing leads from Trulia for me was a waste time, they were all spam or not serious people.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Aug 11, 2014
Did you read what Derek, a Trulia employee wrote?

".... I get a discount on Trulia leads for working for them. I bought leads for myself from Trulia and made a commission for doing so ....."

Of course it is clear Derek's post is self serving but that understandable.

How many Trulia employees are buying Trulia leads and reselling them as referrals?
Of course we all understand this is a viable business model for a part-timer. And you can spend your entire career getting referrals payments and never ever, meet a buyer or seller.

You must understand Dereck's business model to realize how disconnected it is from what the majority of real estate agents, those who actually meet the buyer and seller, encounter.

Of course I'm not Derek bashing, he simply is unaware of the reality of full time agents. If you believe part-timers are the best source of information regarding your success as a committed real estate professional, then Derek and Trulia is the resources to which you should turn.
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I signed up this week, after moving to a new company and have received 2 leads that are REAL....I paid for hot zip codes in my area and was also given excellent advice from the Trulia associate, even talked me out of the highest price package after hearing what I was looking for. I pay $149.00 a month for the basic package and zip code leads....going to give it 6 months but so far so good. Barb Bloomer United Real Estate Lexington KY
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Craigslist, Zillow, Postlets, Facebook, There are dozens of free sites for everthing, just Google for them. Newspapers online is good also. to find people who need to sell in your area. Ebay has a free listing site also, I believe.
Flag Sun Jul 13, 2014
I think Trulia overpromises and under delivers with their lead generation services, and the fact that you can't cancel the service is even more aggravating.

When my contracts expire, I will not be renewing. Very expensive and the results have been awful.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jul 9, 2014
Just pulled the trigger on 25% of a zip code on mobile ads. I will report back with my results!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Jul 1, 2014
I tried Trulia for 4 months, and I didn't receive one viable lead in 4 months. The leads they sent me, most of the time, after I contacted the lead, I never heard back from them. The ones I was able to contact were not serious buyers. Don't waste your money! Completely useless!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 27, 2014
As you have read, the overwhelming response to paying Trulia for leads is, "That's a bad idea."

Some say a great profile, or extensive Q and A engagement or blogging is the secret..but even then, as Jim points out,,,,it hard to say, it is like String Theory, hard to prove.

We are all marketing experts here.
How can you leverage Trulia's presence in your market place in a way that is MEASURABLE?
I won't reveal my strategy here to discourage Truila from making it a 'FEATURE' for which you must pay.
There MUST be a reason why I am here.

There is 41 showing in my Trulia leads queue, which I will never call, but that does not mean Trulia is not integral to generating additional business for me.

You can leverage Trulia to generate additional business without creating the hazards and perils that you may be held responsible for at some time in the future.

If you don't want to contact me, take a look at my footprint on Trulia. A light should come on.

Best of success to you,
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Apr 16, 2014
Thanks for your tip.
Flag Fri Jul 4, 2014
J, Broker, Greensboro, NC, that was by far one of the best answers I've ever heard. You are so SPOT ON!. Good for you girl in all that you do to move the ball down the field. If I could award a best answer on this thread it would indeed be yours. Let's stay in touch. I like your style.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Tue Apr 15, 2014
I did very well with the local and then the mobile ads last year. However, for every 20-25 that you get, there might be that one nugget.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Apr 7, 2014
I find that my best source of QUALITY leads on trulia are from buyers and sellers contacting me based on my reviews written by past customers. And the best's free!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Mon Apr 7, 2014
None of these online lead generations have panned out. Main reason being you still can't reach the ONE ON ONE HI TOUCH with HIGH TECH.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Apr 3, 2014
I would be curious to know if anyone from Trulia ever sees any of this stuff. I know there would be countless posts to sift through, but you would think they would at least hit some of this stuff randomly, This one has been hanging around since October, and its surprising I still getting emails from trullia from this. I'm not paying Trulia for leads anymore and Market leader is another one I'm not going to give any more money to, so I have very little confidence Market Leader will make any significant difference, but ironically one of the very first leads I got from Trulia, a couple that wanted to make low ball offers on $50,000 foreclosed properties, may actually pan out in a month or two on about an $85K property.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 26, 2014
The PRO designation is not nearly as important as your VIP status. Get intrenched in the Q/A platform and link to your website. That has been largely responsible for our National website presence and a good part of our SEO and Google juice.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 26, 2014
I would be curious to know as well, since I am an agent that is slightly considering becoming a Pro, but not convinced.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Feb 26, 2014
Pro its OK and really close to nothing. I think they charge like $40 a month so you can use their trulia pro badge, if your marketing dollars is limited don't waste your precious money in any of their $100 + a month programs. You will just end up losing $600
Flag Wed Feb 26, 2014
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