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I thinking about using Top Producer, any comments

Asked by Thomas J McGroder, 12134 Mon Nov 10, 2008

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Steve Epstein Epstein Partners’ answer
Just paid over $100 to get out of my contract with Top Producer if that says how happy I am with them. I was already unsatisfied enough to call and cancel, only to find out that when the salesman told me I was month-to-month I was was actually yearly and they would not simply cancel me. I DO NOT recommend Top Producer.

Dustin Baker, Agent, Santa Barbara, CA
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I just spent almost an hour on the phone with Top Producer speaking to 3 tiers of authority. The first one told me I had to finish my 8 months, the 2nd said 4 months, the 3rd 2 months Plus add a month since a payment processing today. My gripe is that I was told month to month (although there is evidence in an email and their license agreement that states it is a year contract, I didn't read those). Even if it was my fault that I didn't know a year contract, the bottom line is they cannot get my database over correctly after a couple of tries. The first time I used it for a couple of months and then started noticing missing data. I actually had to go back to my desktop database (Mark-It Advantage xi) to retrieve data. Yesterday I had them try again and now no categories and still missing information. One contact record finally had the address, but now no phone or email information. I want out and now have to pay their extortion fees! UNACCEPTABLE!!!
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I was told month-to-month too and I am dealing with the same issue now. How did you only have to pay only $100? From the terms it looks as though you are supposed to pay the remainder of the contract.
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Okay I pulled the trigger and have started their 30 day money back period. This is my 4th trial of a crm - so far every one has been okay in some areas, but horrible in others.

Here is the details on TP - keep in mind I have a full time marketing manager that does a lot of the TP work but will include his comments / thoughts as well:

The Good: By far the most comprehensive system of the 4 I have tried. Good user layout. Their mobile app is without question #1. Mobile is easy to use and mostly intuitive - love it. Allows a good amount of detail and options. Have had to use customer service twice, both times went very very well. Was not long hold times like others claim - maybe 4 minutes -

The Bad: This is not an apple product. We use macs and although they are apple "friendly" a lot of the functionality we have to run VMWare to use. Having said that - most of this has to do with importing contacts and template changes - so once set up, you can do almost anything on the mac.
Clearly programed by different people - they have tried to come up with their own terminology "my business" instead of calendar - why?? So that takes some time getting used to.
Takes time to set up - my marketing manager has dedicated 60 hours this month in inputing and learning the system (not all at once) he's a smart MBA from a top 30 University - so plan on taking time to learn if you want the most out of it. Like anything if you don't use it - than it's a waste.
Finally - on the desktop (again mac) it is slow.
Their template editor is SO SO basic - for this reason we still use get response / constant contact for email campaigns. Per their service they plan on upgrading this in the next few months......

Conclusion: I would suggest it purely for the mobile function. It takes getting used to and there are some features or things that you can tell someone who doesn't understand the agents needs created, but given the four I tried this one is the best for me. provides detailed records and basic email campaigns, while keeping everyone at your mobile finger tips.

Hope this helps!

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What is your opinion almost a year later David?
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I have been using Outlook for a gazillion years. I once purchased Top Producer and had 30 days to review; I returned it on day 29. I find it far too complicated (and I am a geek!) and it really doesn't do anything you can't get Outlook to do.

That being said, there are a lot of Realtors who swear by it and would not be without it.

You probably already have Outlook on your computer (free) ... I do not mean Outlook Express.

Whatever contact database you decide to use (and you MUST use one)...take classes and be an expert so that you can make your database work for you. Learn how to put it to work and to do all that it can do.
Web Reference:
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Note the date on this post. whenever you are looking at Real Estate software reviews,make sure you see a date, or ignore the comment.
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I use Top Producer and I find it to make things more complicated. I'm currently looking into other solutions right now that are just more user friendly. It's not that Top Producer is difficult to use it's just a entire new project that you have to take time out of your day to learn.

The one thing about their e-mail system that I don't like at all is that it's not in real time. You have to keep refreshing it to get your e-mails. If you forget to refresh it you won't get your e-mails until you log in again. Not cool. . .
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I gotta admit, for some people agents providing contract advice, most didn't read any of the fine print for TP? Haven't signed up for it, but a bit worrisome so many agents not reading the TOS or agreement when signing up for a service, regardless of what a sales rep tells you. Where's the reviews on the actual product instead of a "don't get it, they screwed me because I didn't read the fine print" comment? Thanks David Rudd, only legit comment on the board.
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Wow. so many negative reviews. Im glad I looked here before buying it. I am currently trying out realty juggler, and hopefully it is useful
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Would you purchase a jet plane if you had no intention of learning how to fly it? It would be a waste of money, right? Top Producer is a powerful tool we use in our Real Estate Coaching to help agents triple their production, quickly.

You can set it and forget it for many tasks. You can integrate other systems that convert leads. Many of these integrations are only known and used by top producers.

Does top producer help you get to the next level in your real estate business? Yes. Is it worth the technical trouble of setting it up? In my humble opinion yes, yet you may want to hire a pilot.
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Please be aware that Top Producer requires a one year agreement so make sure you are IN LOVE with their product after your free trial because you will be stuck with their product for a year if you are not. Other products do not have such agreements so choose wisely.

There are other less expensive & less complicated products out there available.
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My broker/realtor sister has a Top Producer hosted website, which I've been helping her with. I don't know anything about their CRM product. I still think that they offer a nice looking website for a decent price. You don't have to know website coding, it is just a matter of filling out online forms.

I previously posted that I had some trouble getting a listing to show changes that I made. The listing did show the changes later, but it was annoying to post changes and not see them when the page was reloaded. The problem has not come up again with the other listings I've added and edited.

She has contacted MLS to obtain the authorization and code to activate the IDX support, but we haven't done that yet.

When we get the IDX working, she will pull the plug on her old website and say good riddance to the company that designed and maintained it. The old website is very nice but the service from the website developers is very slow and their fees were very high. They also prevented her from hiring anyone else to work on it.
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My realtor/broker sister signed up for their website hosting several months ago but hasn't had time to do much with it other than to use their setup wizard to get her basic information on her new website. I volunteered to make some changes and begin transferring her listings from her old website.

I do feel that using is one of the cheaper ways to get a real estate website online that looks decent. But you have to have some time to wade through their setup wizard. Adding and maintaining your listings takes more time, but is also basically filling out forms.

My opinion is that editing listings would be easier if they refreshed pages more often. I tried everything I could to look at a current version of an edited page, but it seemed that the 'remarks' field of a page that was being worked on wasn't updated for the entire afternoon. I even repeatedly cleaned out the cache of my web browser. In desperation, I deleted the page and it obediently vanished from the site. But when I re-created a new copy of the page, the old version was all that would load.

I believe that their system did record the changes made to the pages, but may have been waiting for the system to be less busy before updating the page. It was annoying to me and made editing the page more time consuming.

We still haven't activated the IDX support for her website. That is my next project.
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Do not use this company!!! Customer service is horrible! The system is old an clunky. Does not get a long with MAC. They also lock you in for a year term and sneak that in their paperwork.
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Can you share what issues you had with Mac?
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DO NOT BUY Top Producer. They would rather enforce a BS contract than take care of the customer.
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I used TP for years and switched to Outlook, then Market Leader and now back to TP. There is nothing more comprehensive than TP to manage ALL aspects of a real estate business. I highly recommend TP
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I am a Real Estate Virtual assistant . I have worked on TP for one of my client . If you want any service you can join me on skype - neelsingh18 my email id is, for futher details please just contact me on skype or mail me. Thank you
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Ooh my!

This posting is 5 years old and by developmental standards should be attending school....
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The worst customer service ever!!!! 30 minutes to talk to customer service. Don't waste time or money on this
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A lot of good information from everyone. We are currently looking on switching CRM. Was seriously considering TP - their website marketing and you tube webmercials look great. But I was concerned when everyone else gives a 30 to 60 day trial period and TP does not. That fact and the comments below makes me think to go with ixactcontact - thought they seem behind the times with no app for phones / ipad.

Anyone know of one that has app for phone?
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Not a fan! Try Outlook it does most of the features you will need!
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Now I am really confused, the no's vs the yes's, I know Arleen so I have to give the yes's more leverage. Finally, I need more information on Franklin Covey's "PlanPlus Online" system before I sign up for a new CRM learning curve. I will check the reviews of that plan next. Cheers!
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I've heard lots of good about Top Producer and lots of Realtors say that it's too complicated, but I decided to try the new mobile interface because it's web-based. Call me crazy, but for me the "seamless" promise is what attracted me. Well, 4 weeks in and I still have not received all the components of the "Move Cycle" marketing program of which Top Producer is a part (along with Showcase Listings, Website, CraigsList Ad Generator, and Facebook Business Page).

I'm pretty much a techno-geek and this monster is COMPLICATED and the learning curve is quite steep! 3 weeks in and I still haven't figured out how to set up contacts and leads (what's the difference anyway?) and there's so many different campaigns that seem to be duplicates, I can't figure out which one to use. I'm super busy, too, so I don't have time during the day to call customer service or read lots of instructions online. I need it to just work. Also, each component seems to be owned by a separate company, and there are separate control panels and usernames and passwords for each component. It was said to be seamlessly integrated with Gmail also, but it's not yet. So you need a Top Producer email address to make this thing work. So now I have another email address to track and another calendar to use in addition to my normal email and calendar. Whew!

Well, I tried to cancel and they said I had 3 days in which to cancel. Really? Yeah, it was in the terms of agreement I received AFTER I paid. And... get this... they didn't even deliver my Top Producer access codes until 6 days after I paid. And they haven't even delivered all the components yet after 4 weeks. And they still won't cancel me. I had to actually cancel the credit card I used.

The pitch was good on the website and from the salesman, but once they have your money... be very skeptical.

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I'm currently trying out Ixact Contact ( So far, I like what I see. I was a previous TP user.
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Using it also and have been very happy with it!
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No don't get it. They did the same thing to me that I am hearing about other agents--one of their reps told me no contract and then later I found out that I was bound to a year contract. Also, I'm not very impressed with it especially for the price.
Web Reference:
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Great program if you take the time to utilize the features and make the data entry.
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I create my own system using excel spread sheets

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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The program is very clever,but you might need some time to get used to it.I do recomend.
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I have 2 fellow agents who just bought it and really like it. How ever they both say there is quite a learning curve so make sure you have a place you can go for classes and support.

Good luck,
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No don't sign up--and don't believe what the sales people tell you--I was told no contract and now they have locked me into a contract . Plus it doesn't offer anything else that I already have.,
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No --don't sign up--and don't believe anything the sales people tell you. They locked me into a year contact after telling me that
there was no contract-- and it doesn't offer me anything I don't already have with other programs.
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Hi Tom. Did you end up with Top Producer? Would love an update as I am looking into the product.


Mike Long
Long Realty
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If only I had spent more time on the phone calling clients instead of on the phone with Top Producer customer service, sales, technical support and billing trying to cancel services. I'm down to their web hosting service and am about to axe their Market Snapshot as it got me 7 leads after prominent placement in an email blast to 5500 people in my sphere. Nope, Top Producer is a top waste of time and is totally unintuitive. Go with Outlook and something like iContact that can actually get rid of your bouncebacks for you or Plaxo so your sphere can self update - if they care to thereby qualifying themselves as viable leads. And who does mailers anymore when EVERYONE is on the web - big whoop about TP's market builder mailer program. It takes 6 exposures to a mail piece to get your message to register so what TP actually costs is 6 times the quoted price. Hope this helps.
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I have been using Top Producer for over 15 years! Yes, since it was a dos program...

They keep up with trends in the market place better than any other contact management program out there. Of course, it is a real estate product and that really helps. I am not enamoured with their CMA program, but Top Connector is an essential component for easily transferring data from your MLS and creating your listings. I have one of their web sites as well and find it is very user friendly. My favorite product is Market Snapshot. I am including a link to their demo page. Top Producer University offers online classes to get you up to speed and their tech support (I call often for assistance with questions on 8i is second-to-none!
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Top Producer is definitely a good software if you plan to effectively use it. Like most software programs you need to be prepared to spend the time to get it set up for how you do business. It comes loaded with many default "Action Plans" which do you no good unless you take the time to customize them to meet your needs. Like most software programs they sell a bunch of add-ons that you need to end up getting to get the most out of the system. They are now offering bundles now so that saves you a little. The Top Connector part lets you connect with your MLS system so that you can import your listing data automatically. They have also come out with a new product called Market Snapshot. This definitely looks to be a creative product that uses data directly from your MLS system. I have not signed up for the Market Snapshot as of yet but may do so soon. Hope this helps!
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If you're looking for the best database tool plus all the other enhancements then Top Producer is the one. You can upload all your data on your Palm Pilot/Blackberry and have your entire database with you at all times.

It's also great for mailers.

I highly recommend using it. Give me a call if you have questions.
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i am a Real Estate Virtual assistant . I have worked on TP for one of my client . If you want any service you can join me on skype - neelsingh18 my email id is, Thank you
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i am a Real Estate Virtual assistant . I have worked on TP for one of my client . If you want any service you can join me on skype - neelsingh18, Thank you
Flag Sun Jun 2, 2013
I have been using TP for a while now and think it's the best I've tried. The maketing materials seems to be a big help for me and I love how I can print/email or link to anything I create in it.
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I used TP for years and switched to Outlook, then Market Leader and now back to TP. There is nothing more comprehensive than TP to manage ALL aspects of a real estate business. I highly recommend TP
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