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Virginia Bea…, Real Estate Pro in Virginia Beach, VA

Head to Head: Trulia vs. Zillow?

Asked by Virginia Beach Estates, Virginia Beach, VA Mon May 14, 2007

I'm wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are between Zillow and Trulia? In a head to head match, who would be the victor? From a Realtor standpoint, I'm aiming my crosshairs more on the Trulia cloud than I am on the Zillowsphere. Any good advice...I've been around the block on the internet and right now I'm starting to like the Trulia theme a lot.

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I'm so glad you asked that question. The answer is...BOTH! I wrote about both services the other day and said: "I love the opportunity Zillow offers but wonder if they are the biker chick who will take off to Mexico leaving us broken-hearted. I know Redfin will ride this sugardaddy until he's broke than move onto the next sucker. Trulia might just be the gal you marry. Let's see how this plays out." Check out the link for my full opinion
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From my experience, Trulia is the better of the two. Not only is the information updated more frequently and seems to be more accurate than Zillow, but the forums are also much better. Last time I checked in with the Zillow forums, about two or three weeks ago, it was still inundated with spam and just heated personal debates, if you can even call it that. It was really not helpful or useful to anybody, especially consumers who just wanted to get their questions answered. Trulia seems to have more objective realtors who are truly trying to provide answers and aid to those who need it instead of just advertising their services.
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Vincent: I am still laughing at Brian's response and agree that your question is a good one. I also post on both sites, but am inclined to think that Trulia might be the ultimate winner. Let's see what Google thinks!
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Roberta Murp…, Real Estate Pro in San Diego, CA
I'm a consumer! So far Trulia Voices is the greatest! I might actually hire an agent again if I can find one as good as the ones here!

As for the other aspects, I'm starting to use both equally for different reasons. Last year I used Zillow extensively for the greater Chicagoland area to buy a house. I thought some of their Zestimates were way off in both directions. But they gave me the tools to check their work. In the end, for the Chicago area, their estimates AVERAGED out pretty close. But you have no way of knowing which are good and which are bad, so you have to check them all yourself.

For the past 6 months, I've been using Zillow extensively to sell my home. When a house goes on the market in the MLS, I log onto Zillow and record their Zestimate and get the sq ft of the home since agents don't disclose that. When the house sells, I compare the sales price to the Zestimate. Again, some are way high and others way low, but they are averaging fairly realistic. Of course the Zestimate is much different before and after it is sold.

I like Trulia for the the Real Estate Guides and demographics and searching an exact home in Google. But starting with Trulia Find Home does me no good. The fact that Trulia doesn't have all MLS listings and doesn't allow FSBO, makes searching through them redundant. The only benefit is days on market +/- 30 days. There are other flaws as well and I think I put that on a different thread.
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Ruthless, Other/Just Looking in 60558
I would wear a Trulia T-shirt in public, but I would be laughed at by other Realtors if I word the zillow shirt. OK, I am joking. I like Trulia much more than the big Z, but we need to see where each go. In the end, its all about how they make money of these things.
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Maureen Fran…, Real Estate Pro in Birmingham, MI
Vincent and Voices:

I'm no fan of Zestimates, but I think Zillow actually benefits those of us who are full time, full service realtors by giving us another venue to prove our value to our consumers! I'm new to Trulia, and I like what I've seen so far. But I really would like to invite all of you to visit my website and check out the interactive map search for properties called property point. Check it out and let me know if it isn't one of the easiest searches you've ever used!
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In my opinion … the local agent is your best choice overall. What does Trulia, Zillow or even Google really know about your personal needs? It’s all cool BUT find a good LOCAL agent that is attuned to your needs and work with him…. You will get more relevant information that will out perform any on-line automated attempts. Real Estate is a people business … Keep it Personal. Keep it Professional & stay local to make it relevant to you.
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Hi Vincent-

Obviously I am here on answering real estate questions for a reason.

As a real estate agent who prides himself on being on the edge of technology. I am convinced that "Trulia" is doing a far superior job with both the product and quality content compared to "Zillow".

Trulia has even added tools for both the agents as well as information to educate the typical home buyer & seller.

Kudo's to the team over at "Trulia"!!

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The Z-estimate for a house i was working on was apx $850k. Then we listed the house at $1.150m and the z-estimate shot up to $1.2m. Does that make sense!!
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Jed, I hadn't heard that, but if its accurate (key) that database will be of great value to buyers and sellers too as long as the info is good and again, accurate.
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i like the
"make me move"
its funny
some owners will be moving
even if they don't get their price


good luck
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I think that ally's answer goes right to the heart of the MLS controversy that's raised, whenever someone brings up Zillow.

Many believe that Zillow is positioning itself to become THE national MLS, and open up the monopoly that the public believes that Realtors hold over the consumers.

... and yet, Ally trusts the listings in Trulia to more up to date and accurate than those on Zillow in large part because they are entered and maintained by those same Realtors. As long as zillow allows it's listings to be input by the owners, and has not oversight on the content, it will not be competition even for the smallest of MLS's across the country. (just my humble opinion)
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
From a buyer standpoint, I use Trulia and Zillow as tools to do research. I like being able to ask questions anonymously to real estate experts and getting the honest answer on Trulia. I trust the listings in Trulia to be more up to date than Zillow. I like being able to research past sales information for specific addresses in Zillow. This way, you have an idea about much equity the current owner may have in their home... and how much room they have to reduce their overpriced listing. The Zestimates are fun to look at, but I take them as seriously as the National Enquirer. The algorithms they use to make their estimates sometimes produce numbers that are several fold off... especially for homes that have not been sold recently or for homes that are owned by the original owner and especially custom built homes. I have also noticed that their historic estimated values graph will change (not only current value, but the whole line shifts) if someone in the neighborhood sells, since it is considered a comp.
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I'm also a consumer, and I feel Trulia is a much better mode of information ...

Zillow works the MLS better, but the Zestimates can be off by zillions (actually thousands), but Trulia has more "real deal" information like days on the market and area information.

We're never in a hurry, so I end up using both 3 or 4 months before any purchase ... afterwords I track every home we've ever looked at .. this way I know the true value now, and what it did 9 or 39 months ago.

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I think they are both pretty cool but serve unique purposes. I like Trulia when I know which neighborhood I want to search for data about such as recently sold, for sale, etc. I love the Make me move feature in Zillow which got me an unsolicited offer for my place in the City. They both need to stay on their toes as a new up and comer has just been launched, from Fidelity National Financial based in Florida. Zillow has the first mover advantage and experience being all the ex-founding team from Expedia based up in the Seattle area. I always thought of Trulia as our local version.
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Is it even a contest any more? I'd say Trulia is the champ, hands down!
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I'm not quite happy with Zillow. Not only are their estimates way off (sale price is way below zestimate in many instances, even in SF bay area hot areas), their data seems to be pretty old. Recently, in a bay area neighborhood, I saw Zillow recently sold yellow flag for some houses in high 800s. Actually that data is from a few years ago, when I did a comparison with the comp data that my agent sent me. That kind out outdated information can't be relied on when I draw up the offer amount.

I'm very new to Trulia. So far so good :) I hope Trulia can offer historical comp data down the road.
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I think that both Zillow and Tulia have a place in online Real Estate. They're both very different sites and offer real estate information packaged very differently. As a Broker, I use both sites. My clients tend to use Zillow more for finding the value of properties. I think as blogging and user generated content becomes more popular, Trulia will be used for more niche information. I think educated clients are the best clients so both of these web sites definitely play an important role in the home buying or selling process.
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I am new to Trulia, but I seem to be getting addicted to it, I am so afraid I am going to miss something. Is there any one else out there that feels this way? I check it more than my email! Maybe I need a support group. Oh, by the way I really dislike Zillow.
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These two are very different companies at this time. Zillow focus (for now) is on appraisals and advertising revenue. We need to credit Zillow for starting more recent revolution in real estate. However, they cannot justify the huge investment to their investors ($60M), unless they will come with additional revenue sources. We don’t know what they are, but names of founders are almost a guarantee that they have something “lurking” in their sleeves. Trulia is focusing on listings and client education and they have quickly become a second important catalyst of the current real estate revolution. A few minutes I answered a question regarding “one stop shop” for homes in the US. is closest to it at the previous time, but event they cannot get the data from all 900 MLS’ out there. So there is a tremendous market fro Trulia and other to capture.

Also, there some confusion about what is better, a local agent or Trulia. The answer is very simple. Clients need more different types of solutions than realtors are providing at the present time. Zillow and Trulia showed that there is a tremendous untapped market out there and those realtors (for variety of reasons – but this is a separate subject) were not able to tap to it. But does it mean that those agents are going to be replaced entirely by on-line solutions? MOST DEFINITELY NOT. There are a lot of needs Trulia and Zillow will not be able to satisfy. There are plenty of great agents and brokers out there who provide unparallel service. Zillow and Trulia unleashed a revolution and thanks for them. A few years from now we will see a different world in real estate. How is it going to look? No-one really knows. But I can assure you that it will be world full of great agents, brokers, “Zillows”, “Trulias”, etc. Possible we will be down to 100 MLS (out of 900 today) and major brokers will be squeezed/replaced by many new, independent brokers and agents providing clients with services far beyond listing and closing. This way or another – it will benefit clients!
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ARTUR URBANS…, Real Estate Pro in Burlingame, CA
I think that Brian and Roberta have a good take on this one.. Trulia may well wind up to be the trustworthy site for consumers. Zillow knows their information is not very accurate but instead of trying to improve they discount questions about accuracy. I think this policy will definitely hurt them in the long run..
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Kaye Thomas, Real Estate Pro in 90266
I always like to try and start a if there has never been one of these before on the internet about Zillow and Trulia! I just wanted to add that I did some quick preliminary research on the two mogols and Trulia, as believed to be, came out on top with stagering stats. As i told Brian on his blog, I think Trulia's api development and tools for their customers are above and behond what the GodZillow has to offer. Now just recently, it was funny to stumble across the new community here at Trulia, but they desperatly needed it! If you want to see a little Trulia map in action, take a look at my website below.
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Posted in 2007, but I'll respond.

Trulia is primarily focused on Real Estate Purchases. I'm a Mortgage Professional. I consistently receive notices from Trulia to increase my standing, I need to upload my listings. That's not my job.

The financing of property in escrow, is the main ingredient for Agents to earn a living. Trulia, doesn't understand that. After all, it's not sold, until it's funded.

Zillow has Forums for both mortgage professionals & agents. Trulia, does not. But, the level of the questions & responses on Trulia are much higher and far more professional. .... Happy funding, Rudi
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Trulia Trulia Trulia Trulia Trulia
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Continued | Asking a question on the same topic:

I’d like to make an attempt to rejuvenate this discussion, only this time I have a specific angle. First, I have to say that I had a much more intricate and responsive conversation at the Trulia booth in Orlando last year during the NAR convention, than I did at the Zillow booth (although, both are deserving of much respect). Secondly, the game has changed since this discussion was established (DOJ, NAR, GDP, REO, Chinese Drywall, etc. HaHa). Finally, before I forget…if you manage to make it out to the NAR convention in San Diego this year, stop by the Trulia booth and ask them what they have underneath the props! Last year, “I was too old for MySpace, but you could find me on Trulia Voices,” so they gave me a t-shirt that stated just that (of course, it generates a decent discussion if you where it in public)!

If I had my way, Conan O'Brien would do a skit on June 1st titled, “In the Year Twoo Thousuuund… In the Year Twoooo Thousuuuund,” and include,, and in the limelight. I would be the guest, and real estate video production would be the angle. With this elaborate hypothetical situation in mind, what would Conan and I say? Well, my team of real estate techy’s and I would have to receive a generous raise, but I’m sure we could come up with a few spoofs and puffs.

However, on a more simplistic approach, I have two basic questions.

• Can high quality real estate videos “stick” in our industry?
• If yes, when Trulia vs. Zillow, who will develop the apps to be followed?

Yes, I might have a hidden agenda, but I believe this is a very important topic…especially when considering a consumer base currently “growing up Google.”

Next (& I’ll miss 100 of them), I’ll call it a Realtor 3.0, W3C web standard, TAG LOTO:

Brightcove, Kaltura, Maven, Ooyala, VideoAFX, Vid2r, FLV, H.264, HD, YouTube, Social Networking, Tweet, FaceBook, MyFrontDoor, WellcomeMat, Comscore, SERP, SEO, REPO, FZBR, Blogosphere, Joomla, Wordpress, VOW, IDX, Adobe Creative Suite CS4, the Mac Line, Apple’s Motion, Final Cut, Live Type, Windows, Real Estate?, Disclosure…maybe I already grew up Google?

Oh what a mouthful. Sadly, it’s become my Broker Moto and lastly, I’ve become a product of my environment. But will it stick. I’m based out of Virginia (but originally posted in San Francisco for tech reasons) and I have to say, the VAR publications are increasingly becoming a road map to a plethora of web based education. Over the past 3 years alone, the articles have gone from, “you should have a website” to, “you need to name the images on your website for the keywords you are trying to rank in the SERP’s for.”

With all that on the table and before I write my first book, it’s Trulia vs. Zillow. Who’s going to win real estate video?
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Here is link to the article…
It states that the database will be member only access.
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Jed Lane; Fog…, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
Absolutely amazing that a year later we are still posting. Great question. Did anyone else notice that NAR is working on a database for it's members that will include property histories on every property in trhe country?
Obviuosly they recognise that Zillow and Trulia have value and want to provide members with more.
I like Trulia better by the way and am sorry I missed the martini party.
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Jed Lane; Fog…, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
I think trulia has better data, I think Zillow has just had more press. I prefer trulia.
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That is the same for my market. Zillow is of little value.
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In the market I sell in (Katy/Houston) Zillow is of little value because they have a difficult time getting real data.
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Well the discussion forum on Trulia and about Trulia is pretty hot these days..bloodhound. Vince, this post started a year ago, I wonder what your thoughts are at this point. I imagine you are much more internet savvy as well.
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I've been very impressed with the response from the Trulia community! I just recently launched a blog (again) and decided to post about this exact topic. I made sure not to single out Trulia or Zillow with any biased opinions...well, maybe a few trickled out.
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I like Trulia for the discussion forum and Zillow for the web layout. Both provide great free service for Realtors and we need them both to be around a long time.
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I guess we're all a little *biased* here! :) They are also adding functionality so you can put it on your blog, etc., with more to come.
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Wow! Thanks for all the chatter! It seems like this is starting to turn into a little threaded discussion. It's to bad we couldn't get some consumer feedback in here...
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I agree, In my experience, Zillow Zestimates are most usually off base...any one using them as a basis for either buying or selling should check and recheck to determine accuracy. The algorithm ( s ) utilized in selecting which sales are comparable to the subject property are not accurate. I often find properties used in the comps that are from totally un-like subdivisions. Use them only with several lgrains of salt.
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Still hard to decide, it seems that Zillow has received more exposure in the past, but Trulia is coming up pretty strong. I like some of the features that Zillow has, but their housing prices estimation are not always accurate.
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In Searching for real estate, I find that Trulia is a great site. Our company posts all of our listings directly to Tulia. As far as Zillow is concerned, I find it staggering how off they can be in offering a suggested price to consumers. I think it is great to compile the information, but is is a shame to think that a computer can offer a value. That is still an art that is left to seeing the house and knowing the loacation and amenities. In my area, for example, I can pick an inner city, condemned home, less than .5 mile from a VERY exclusive and expensive neighborhood, and it will give a value that is no where near the true value of the property and same holds true the other way around too.

Either way, I am not a fan of Zillow, and I offer my own insta-compare solution on my website that simply gives the value of homes recently sold in the area and allows the client to extrapolate the price on their own.
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not unitl Tuesday evening. will let you know..
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
How was the Trulia Tini turnout? I would have loved to participate, but I'm over here on the East coast.
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Thanks, now I don't feel left out. But, now I have a decision to make? :)
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
You are invited. Please drop an email to to get on the list. That goes for any others on Trulia Voices. It would be great to meet up with you all in person!
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Zillow invited me and Trulia did not. :(
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Red Bank, NJ
We'll see... the true test of this challenge will be this Tuesday in San Francisco. Zillow is sponsoring beer with bloggers event at 5pm and Trulia is hosting Tini's with Trulia at 7pm. All in preparation for the Inman conference the next day. I give initial odds to Trulia - martini's are classier and the later party will always be more interesting. Check my blog late on Wednesday for an update!
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Mario Pinedo,…, Real Estate Pro in Beverly Hills, CA
1. They are 2 different business models.
2. Zillow gets more traffic = better to advertise on for real estate professionals.
3. Zillow's api is better. Most agents think that zillow is out to get them, but with zillows api I can allow people to get the values of property from my website, and then guess on future home prices. When the future home price date is hit, they get an email from ME...trulia cannot do this. Look at web reference for an example.

So, as you can see, I like zillow better.
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Personally, I like Trulia better because the information is more accurate. There is a delay on Trulia so the user doesn't see when a property is in escrow or closes--until later. But that's better than Zillow, that displays their opinion of value on a property with no basis that I can see. The values on Zillow are not accurate.
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Surprising you should say that, as I have just the local solution. In the comming month, we are going to be revealing a local real estate portal for FSBO's, Realtors, agents, home buyers, etc. Plus, the site is already receiving over 6,000 monthly page views and has high rankings in the serp's. Wana find out more? Keep an eye on...
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