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zampala000, Renter in Atlanta, GA

I am looking for reviews on Riverstone Residential leasing company that manages Invitation Homes. I have heard their property management is poor.

Asked by zampala000, Atlanta, GA Sun Apr 21, 2013

Riverstone Residential appears to have a huge amount of properties for rent throughout the Atlanta area but they are all empty! I have spoken with someone who rented from them in California and has had the worst experience with the property managers fixing things around the house. I know for certain it is their policy to sign the lease electronically and then you meet with a property manager 3 days later to do the walk through checklist. The leasing agent I am working with won't even meet with me because he lives in North Georgia and is a subcontractor to Riverstone. I have asked to speak with my assigned property manager before I sign anything but it has been difficult to get a hold of him just for a chat! If anyone knows of someone who has rented with them or can provide insight into their strict corporate ways please let me know. Thanks!

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Samantha Hansen’s answer
I currently rent from them in California. WORST experience renting that I have ever had. I initially applied for a property in March, I was d***** around for over a month until they finally gave me word that they had approved me. I immediately gave notice to my current landlord that I was vacating. Invitiation Homes then said that they could not wait that long for me to move in. Luckily, after jumping through hoops and reminding them that they wouldn't be waiting that long if they had given me an answer in reasonable time, they oversaw the move-in date issue. When I finally moved into the home (which was last Friday), I entered the home with my agent and the home was filthy. The hardwoods throughout the home were covered in clumps of dirt from workers who had been in and out of the house. Literally dirt clumps everywhere, all over the home and new carpet. The kitchen counters had dirt all over them, hand prints on every wall, door and window, there was poop in one of the toilets! Part of the security deposit goes to cleaning after I vacate if needed. How unfair to not have the place clean when I move in! That is standard procedure for a rental! I waited for 3 hours for a cleaning crew to come out who never did. I spent 5 hours cleaning the rental myself before moving my stuff in. They won't give me any credit to my next months rent, or even respond to my calls/emails. I would not recommend them to ANYONE. I would urge you to rent through an owner.
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took my 50 dollar app fee.. then two weeks later i looke and my app had been cancelled for some reason.. i told leasing agent i want a differen IH home ane we agreed to transfer m app.. I was ready to take 1700 deposit to him and i see they have rented my house to another person !!!!!! no one will call me back...
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Sounds like the same horrible service we've gotten from them. Scary that they'll be overseeing so many properties across the US and this is the kind of care they show.
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Sounds like the same horrible service we've gotten from them. Scary that they'll be overseeing so many properties across the US and this is the kind of care they show.
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I rent through them in Seattle. I think they are running some sort of scam. I rented the property I'm living in through another property management company.

When working with the first company we were led to believe that the alarm system was included in the rent. We went back and forth several times over who has the codes. Three months later we're told that the original company was only contracting with Invitation Homes, and that Invitation homes would be taking over as the property manager. They are denying that the conversation took place with the original property management company, and it's tough luck, because I signed the lease.

Management at Invitation Home is now saying that the alarm system is not part of the rental agreement. The attachment to the rental agreement states that the house comes with a fire alarm system. Like most incompetent manager's, Invitation Homes is trying to spin the fire alarm system as the smoke detectors even though the same document refers to the smoke detectors separately.

This month I have a three day notice to pay or vacate, because my rent check was late. I sent it to the address that was on the welcome letter from Invitation Homes. When I got in contact with them, they're telling me I sent the check to the wrong address, and should have sent it to a local address. Further, they don't know where my 1600.00 check is.

The not so smart employee emailed me what was supposed to be a copy of a Welcome letter in the mail. The address where I was supposed to mail the rent check on the email letter is different than the one I received in the mail. It was changed before emailing me.

The home I rented is nice, but as with most homes, it has maintenance issues. All the window screens were missing on the front side of the house. Two double pane windows need to be replaced. One has moisture on the inside which indicates it is not sealed. Another is missing parts, so it doesn't close properly. I've been trying to get these replaced for three months. They were just ordered yesterday.

The dishwasher runs for three hours, and does not dry the dishes, but I was told that since it works, it won't be replaced. The exterior doors on the house were fitted so poorly, that you could see daylight through the edges when they were closed, and feel a draft on windy days. The maintenance staff tried to convince me that this is normal. The house had an ant infestation that we didn't discover until we moved in. The ant bait wasn't here when we originally looked at the house. As we were moving in, we saw the ant bait. It was so bad that some mornings my girlfriend and I would wake up covered in ants. It took several weeks for Invitation Homes to get an exterminator. When the exterminator showed up, they told me that there is an ongoing pest problem with the property, because of the way it was originally built. When the ants returned, the maintenance people dropped off ant spray for me to spray the home myself.

Invitation Homes didn't care that I have to pay the extra cost in utility bills that these maintenance issues are causing.

I feel like I was duped. Bait and switch. I never would have even thought to google a property management company, but I guess I've learned to do that, and to ask if the property management company is going to change after I sign the lease.

What's really funny though, is that I'm a former Gubernatorial Aide who's job it was to initiate investigations into these types of complaints.
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I am in the exact same boat, and I want to get off like yesterday. They are horrible.
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This company is TERRIBLE!!! I am dealing with them now in South FL and I have dealt with 3 different people over a matter. The customer service is non existent. They lie constantly. If I get them to answer the phone the response is "oh I was just about to email you." They have not returned ANY emails, as if they were about to start!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!!!
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The only thing I can tell you about Invitation homes is that they are HORRID as far as answering questions/problems/resolving issues. I do not know who does their work or what the craftsmanship is like but they seem to be a very sub-par property management company.
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There being investigated, someone needs to put them out of their misery. company ran backwards, making up their own rules as they go along. had me working there for 8 months, bounced me around from Administrative Assistant to Portfolio Managers and their assistants, to working in the leasing department for two weeks mind you I was only suppose to be there a week trial basis, then I went in one day to the call center as a rep. The supervisor they had their made up her own rules of course they fired her eventually after letting me go. the supervisor created a position call IH Temp are they any others out there and no one in the company has ever heard of that. they b0ught me out from the temp agency had me sign documents closing up the building at night alarm codes usernames and passwords to salesforce, box and yardi took webinars classes taking money out for 401k. they took me on a ride Ill never forget. I would sit in the office and PM's would talk about what PM doesn't have a license
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Look at other houses. This is a big company so we are just another number.
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I rented from them for a year. My animal had an accident down stairs in our two story condo and they recapeted the entire house per "saturated in pet urine" I know for a fact any and all accidents were kept down stairs since I had a gate leading to the upstairs so the animal never went up there. However they are charging me for the entire amount to carpet the whole house. Also in the lease agreement they are supposed to deduct the amount you lived their per how long the carpet is rated for ie: 7 years rated lived their a year you would pay 6/7 of the cost of replacement and they are refusing to do this. Also when i called to figure everything out they took over 30 days to return my call.
horrible experience all the way around the leasing office was incompetent maintenance never fixed anything while i lived there even though my heater went out. etc.
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I have had a horrible experience with invitations homes that hast left me house less they change addresses when it's time to make payments I even submitted payments online that they denied I am in the process of suing them please whatever you do if you want a family home go else where or you will be left with a mess
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They have been nothing but GREAT for me! The real estate agent I have been working with is prompt with answering my questions. I was working with another agency before them in the Tampa area and it was a disaster!!! They didnt take the house off the sight when you applied. So there would be several applications going in!! It was terrible!! DO NOT GO WITH HOME ENCOUNTER!!!!!! Invitation Homes was Godmsent to me after that horrible experience!!
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This should answer your question, a little late though, I hope you didn't rent with them. I got Real lucky that My soon to be Ex Husband, had a bad feeling about them and he was right, it sucks i Paid the application fee but its far less worse then the poor renters that get sucked into their web are going through, I left a link for you, there is more than 5 Reviews that rate this company at 1 be sure to click at the bottom (26 more filters) that arent viewable with the other 5. In total there is 31 reviews and out of 31 , 2 was from A worker who works with the company.
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I read and copied all for evidence in court that I am not at fault and that they try to make tenants at fault for their incompetence.
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Hi, This is my thoughts on invitation homes...............................................................................
I am posting this to everyone in regards to this specific property located in Tarpon Springs>>>Spacious 5bedroom,4bathroom home!
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Hi- I'm a national TV news producer working on a story about Invitation Homes /Blackstone Group.. I am looking to profile an Invitation Homes tenant who is unhappy with the level of service being provided.
I am hoping for someone in the Miami, Orlando, or Tampa area, since that seems to be where much of the homes are centered..
We are aiming to shoot this story next week.
Please contact me at to discuss
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It is never good to hear someone in our industry is a bad actor. It gives everyone a black eye. Some companies unfortunately don't care about their reputation and are here one year under this name and another name next year. Those that do care will change their behavior when the consequences of that behavior begin to hurt.

There are a number of rating sites, BBB, Yelp, Kudzu, Angie's List, Trulia, Zillow,,,, the Georgia Real Estate Commission if you feel you were misled, the GA Department of Consumer Affairs are places where you can supply can comment. You may get regulatory action, you can sway public opinion perhaps helping the next person, and to the extent these companies monitor public feedback and comments, you may get a better response, they may change their policies and many companies utilize Google Alerts so they know when someone comments, it's like a credit report notification. Smart companies monitor what people are saying and posting.

Good luck, be honest and accurate in your comments, keep records, communicate with them by certified mail so they know you are serious and are building a record for potential litigation.

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DONT DO IT!!! They are a slumlord
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their property management truly sucks...i know that cuz a former manager of mine who at one point worked for riverstone residential...and, according to an online apt review about RRG, a condo was wrongly sold from RRG to another company that my former manager worked at. I am getting as much 411 as i can on my former mgr....u could do the same for RRG... My former mgr. definite mortgage fraud and exploitation of elderly. Thank goddess for the internet!!
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They are not property managers. They call them that but check with your state agency to see if the person assigned to you has a Real Estate License, and also is licensed as a property manager.
They do not manage the house but expect you to do any work that is needed. I am 73 with peripheral neuropathy and there are four trees at one end of my house with a 40' lanai that has a full rain gutter with leaves. They told me that it is my responsibility to clean it. So if I fall maybe I can afford to buy a house.
They are penny pinchers. Very authoritative and want you to take care of it. Refused to turn my water form to the utility and took them 10 months to do it. They would demand I pay a specific amount and not provide copy of water bill. The PM gave me a nonsense list of charges each month that did not agree with the water statements. Learned after nearly a year that they gave me a water credit. Water bill they told me to pay was nearly double what it is now in my name
I made an error and shorted rent by $5, and instead of telling me to correct my checks, they took the $5 out of my water credit til it was gone then demanded I pay immediately $12 when credit gone. That was when I learned of the credit. So they breached their fiduciary duty, by not telling me about the water credit, and also breached their fiduciary duty by dipping into my credit wtihout my knowledge or agreement til gone. It made me look bad. I would have fixed the $5 erro the4 first month. Too much trouble to email me or phone me. In Florida they can refuse to renew your lease for no reason at all. I paid my rent on time and have improved the property by moving plants in proper places and adding a hybiscus, and a 30 ft. long arbors of flowering vines to make a natural and privacy hedge between house I rent and neighbor who is close. Makes using the pool more private. Neighbors like it. Cost me $125 in materials.
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This review is not even worthy of one star. I don't even have time to write about all the concerns I have with this management company, but the BBB better get involved!
Our lease after 2 years with this nightmare is about to be up. We are applying for new places and found out the hard way that Invitatation homes placed us on an eviction notice on our credit!!??? Really!!?? How is that even possible when we still live in the home and pay rent monthly. Oh wait....does this have to do with the amount of times we paid online and you said you didn't have our payment!!??
Stay away from this company at all costs.
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I'm at my second home with Invitation Homes, both times have been great - even with repairs however... the rent is sky high...and they try to stiff you for most of your deposit (found that out after I moved into my second home) ... I'm definitely not trying to rent from them again but rather purchase my next home or at least rent from another company AND I'm almost not counting on my deposit being returned since my first experience they returned 1400 from the 2100 I put down. May I also add, even when you sign a 2 yr lease with them, they raise the rent after your first year – so you’re basically not saving anything. I give them a 5 out of 10.
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What is this non refundable deposit binder all about? Does anyone know?
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No, I am a renter of one of there places and have another year plus couple months on my lease. Well, I do recall that it said if I broke the ease I would have to pay them $2,000 and then some.
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We are renting from them know and it has been the wore experience I'm the last 11 months.
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Does anyone know how to fight them on end of lease situations. Mine is that they re carpeted the entire house top and bottom floor due to pet urine. They are unable to give me any proof and I know she urinated on the lower level and was fine paying for that potion but they are charging me for the entire upper floor two and not pro rating it per life of the carpet rating and time lived there. Any help would be appreciated.
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I rented from them for a year. My animal had an accident down stairs in our two story condo and they recapeted the entire house per "saturated in pet urine" I know for a fact any and all accidents were kept down stairs since I had a gate leading to the upstairs so the animal never went up there. However they are charging me for the entire amount to carpet the whole house. Also in the lease agreement they are supposed to deduct the amount you lived their per how long the carpet is rated for ie: 7 years rated lived their a year you would pay 6/7 of the cost of replacement and they are refusing to do this. Also when i called to figure everything out they took over 30 days to return my call.
horrible experience all the way around the leasing office was incompetent maintenance never fixed anything while i lived there even though my heater went out. etc.
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We rent a nice house with a pool from Invitation Homes. It was good in the beginning. We had a waterfall with the pool and two air conditioning units one for downstairs and one for upstairs. The first thing we noticed was the pool kept going down. Every couple of days we would have to fill it . We called and after awhile they sent someone out to check for leaks but it was not necessary because my daughter realized it was coming from the waterfall. Once off the pool remained at a normal level. So the guy never entered the pool to check for leaks and wrote up his report . Next problem.... the upstairs airconditioning was all messed up. During the day, the thermostat, placed in the master bedroom would read in the 80 ' s all the way up to 92, yet my son's room was freezing. The refrigerator also went out. So we called and they sent some sort of tech. He fixed the refrigerator, but said the air was out of his league and they would have to send someone else . The next day they sent an air conditioning tech out. He looked at everything said we needed some new duct work and a new airconditioning. He said he would write the repairs order . The next day the air went completely out. The entire upstairs was nearly 100 degrees. We called their maintenance line at 3 pm. Nothing. This was an emergency call which should have been returned in an hour. A hour later I called again. Nothing. Eight hours later and still nothomg. Finally I contacted my portfolio manager and she said she would take care of getting us portable air conditioners until everything was fixed. A couple hours later. Nothing. I called her back and she was real upset, not at me, but her tech people. Within a short period of time two brand new huge stand alone ac units arrived at my house. Boy did it help alot. Today the air was replaced. I sent an email to my portfolio manager thanking her and asking her about the waterfall since we heard nothing. They are not going to fix it and will remove it when the house is vacant. Wow . That was one of the centerpieces of renting this house along with the spa on the pool. Come to find out they remove all of the heating to the spa so it is just a little pool. That was misleading to us especially with the ad. What makes things so bad for us is that my family really loves this house and I have six kids three are younger and just beginning school. I want stability for them. We have met all of our neighbors and to know that will be over in the most, two years makes me sick. I would love to buy this house, but greed outweighs people's feelings. So sad. Especially after what my kids have been through . To finally see them so happy only to take it away. Breaks my heart.
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I agree you do not want to rent with them, I was renting with Invitation Homes and it was the worst ever. They have horrible communication with their tenants. Requesting maintenance takes forever. They provide the worst customer service, no one will contact you and if they do it is to tell you they will call you back.
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Living at Meridian apartments, in Salem, Oregon is O.K., having said that, I want you to know that the person who is running leasing office, her name is Amy, and Amy is worst person I have ever seen. She lies about nobody has been living here, and I am not the only resident who has been lied to. When you call Amy to have maintenance to put a new light bulb in the apartment, her answer is I am responsible for maintaining the maintenance of my apartment. Amy is very immature, lazy, mentally unstable. The funny thing about this, is that riversstone knows about it, did nothing!
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They are horrible I lived in one of their condo complexes and it was the worst experience I will never rent from them again and regret ever having rented from them.
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Hi, Im in the process of dealing with them right now and so far the agent I've been working with has been great! We are still in the beginning stage and hope that the service we've received so far continues. If you would like to call the Agent I've been working with please email me at and I'll forward her information to you.


Kay Stabrowski
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Look on YELP web sit to review and check out ratings about moving and the Riverstone Residential / Invitation Home Property management.
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I'm in Miami area, and although they have a tendency to sub out everything, so far all the items I have submitted for repair have been or are being dealt with.
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Hi- I'm a national TV news producer working on a story about Invitation Homes /Blackstone Group.. I am looking to profile an Invitation Homes tenant who is unhappy with the level of service being provided.
I am hoping for someone in the Miami, Orlando, or Tampa area, since that seems to be where much of the homes are centered..
We are aiming to shoot this story next week.
Please contact me at to discuss
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I trust your question was answered by the previous comments from Trulia users.
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Thieves. App fee is 35 dollars and you will probably be donating to these crooked a$$holes.
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we made the mistake of signing before the walk through and now we still havent moved in a week later because the house is not livable yet. they said they'd have everything fixed before move in but its im trying to get out of the lease or find a solution to all these problems we are having. total scam it seems like.
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I will give them props for fixing the pest issue I informed them of but everything else has been horrible. Shouldn't take almost two weeks for someone to get back to you. Especially regarding to be able to pay rent. They also told me I have a balance, that I don't have. I've already scanned all of my payments to email them, if only they'd get back to me!
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They just bought the house I'm renting from my old owners. They've had management of my home for a month in a half now my house is still not in their system whenever I call. I've had someone return my call since their main phone line ( that I sat on hold for 20 minutes) couldn't give me contact info to anyone that could answer my questions. All I want is to be able to pay them! I need my online info to pay rent. The lady emails me the info and it wasn't working and she hasn't replied or called me back for almost 2 weeks! They never called or gave us any info about how to contact them when they bought our house. So horrible! Worst service ever! As someone that works in the property management field and knows a thing or two about how it works, I couldn't be more disappointed with their lack of care and resident retention. I love the house but will not renew because of how terrible this company is.
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the maintenance group is outstanding the telephone reception team is great but if you need to speak to corp forget about it, and most of their agents are so busy they are hard to reach as well. We have an issue that could cost out home and no one will call us back and no one will give us corporate contact info.
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Hi- I'm a national TV news producer working on a story about Invitation Homes /Blackstone Group.. I am looking to profile an Invitation Homes tenant who is unhappy with the level of service being provided.
I am hoping for someone in the Miami, Orlando, or Tampa area, since that seems to be where much of the homes are centered..
We are aiming to shoot this story next week.
Please contact me at to discuss
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Horrible! All the other reviews are correct. They do not manage their properties.
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We have Invitation homes(Treehouse) as our property management company in AZ. They are by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with. We moved into a house infested with mice and had to leave countless messages to return our call(10+) and they never called us back until we left a message saying our lawyer would be contacting them next. Its been at least 3 months and the problem isnt totally taken care of...still!!! This month, they just changed their name and their website to pay the rent is not working. We have, once again, left 10+ messages to pay the rent and no one will call us back. They just served us a paper after a week of trying to contact them saying that we owe them late fees. Of course, there is no number to contact anyone on the paper either. THIS EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN HORRIBLE!!!!!
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Conversation started today

Be Loved
Please share with anyone please!

Be Loved
I am being threatened, harassed and embarrassed by my landlord. This company, invitation homes based in the new location of Woodland Hills, Ca. keeps serving me unwarranted and illegal notices to my home/email. Their reason: I am not cooperating with their worker to perform work that I asked them to do in the very beginning of the hire. Before I took possession of the place in late april 2013. My first contact was in mid march 2013.

Since I proceeded to exercise my rights by alerting the proper agencies that handles the owners when they don't fix hsit! They have continued to abuse civil code 1954 and have threatened me with the use of the code to enter my unit illegally.

I also filed small claims against them for not repairing/responding to my request in a timely manner, failure to provide peaceful and habitable unit (civil codes sec 1941.1 and 1927) and breach of their contract (cc1941, 1941.1, 1927).

I promised them that if they proceeded to enter into my unit without my consent, I will call the police and have them arrested for breaking and entering into my unit, file a temporary restraining order until

They seem to have an attorney with as much knowledge/understanding of the law as I do in my baby pinky toe. Because, my knowledge and understanding of the laws I discovered reading, according to the civil code sections 1940-1954.1; "the landlord may not abuse the right of access or use it to harass the tenant."

She told me to seek counsel, but, as I saw that I could run circles around them and the whole staff at least ten times and none of them seeing how fast my evidence has piled up, on them with the whole help of the internet, civil code sections, reading, no sleeping, etc...(friends in the field). They may need to rethink their own in-house attorney because she silly and don't know that she has also played a big part in helping me and my family establish knew evidence of other crimes committed. Dang, I used to want to be lawyer...I know that had I been, I would win every single case by proving my case from a exhibit A until there is no need to proceed.

Now mind you, I have tried to negotiate an amicable and favorable decision on behalf of me and my family before filling claim, and after filing claim as well as up to this point. I should definitely hear back this week. I gave them a deadline.

If anyone is experiencing trouble form landlords and believe that rights are being violated in anyway, you should seek out a qualified counsel to review your situation.

I also am going to research options on class action suit against this company invitation homes in woodland hills ca new location from thousand oaks. They are an investment property management with rental home all across the states.

I have read over 35+ NEGATIVE reviews about this company on,, etc. A lot experiencing some sort of violations of the cc sec1941, 1941.1 and 1927. As well as many other things that is too much to name.

please keep this going and share with the whole fb family...

thanks, beloved always.
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In all of their leases it states they have the right to do inspections and YOU HAVE TO ALLOW them to enter the property. if you do not allow they to enter YOU are breaking the lease term and you are doing something illegal not them.
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I am having the issue of they refuse to pay for a fence around pool, say door alarms are enough, and that I have to use their vendor. No one answers their phones. My husabnd works in same building as their offices, and he has to walk in to talk to someone. It is getting frustrating. I am pretty sure they never had the home inspected as they refuse to produce those papers showing so, and that they rented out a house with a pool that wasn't up to code on pool regulations.
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Having the EXACT same issues here in Tampa.
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While it is great to post on Trulia, this is not where consumers look for reviews. I would recommend you post to Yelp, Angie's List, your local BBB and other local review sites, here in metro Atlanta When a business gets a sufficient number of bad reviews, they will change their policies or go out of business.

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We rent in California and as I read the post I feel what you guys are dealing with. It took a month for us to learn that we got the home we wanted then it took three weeks to find out when we could move in. Keep in mind we were never in the home up untill the day we signed all the paper work and gave our deposit and first months rent. The house workmenship was poor. The fence boards were healed up with staples. So my dog pushed on the fences the boards came off. The closet shelfs were healed up with staples no screws or nails.The house was dirty when we got the keys and we were told they don't clean the houses. The water leaks outside at three different spots. The pool has cracks in it and needs to be refinished we are having to fell it up with water 2 or 3 times a week and we are told they will not fix that it due to $$$ (keep in mind I pay the water bill) When you call the 800 number to get a work order it takes 2-4 weeks to get someone to come out and try to fix it.yes I said try! Because the first handyman can't fix it so someone else has to come out and try again. Iy seems there are to many hands in the pot with this company! I have a lease agaent, a property manager neither one can ever give a straight answer. I've rented in the past and this by far is the worst I have every had to deal with.
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We too are in the Elk Grove area and found a home out in the Franklin area.
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HI Kim,
Would you be able to give me the name of the lease agent you had? We are going through a situation like this and were wondering if she was just a scatterbrain or had no answers. We have run into nothing but problems with this company and are just about ready to pull the plug on the whole thing. Please email me
Thank you,
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you will be frustrated and disappointed.
you are absolutely right. it is the most pathetic customer service i have seen. you never want to rent from them. you end up being just a number in the system. you do not get to talk to real people about your problem. all you talk to is some call agency that says you have a work order number that most of the times you have to call several times to follow up with. also there is no reasonable turn around time for repairs. all the call center says is "i am so sorry you have to go through this."
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DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!!! We are currently in one of their rentals in a nice gated, waterfront community in Florida. Here's just a basic list of issues:

1. House hadn't been lived in for 2-3 years and the yard reflected this neglect. We've made a good faith effort to rejuvenate the yard including planting 180 plugs, but it needs professional help. Riverstone won't rejuvenate it, but the HOA expects us to.

2. Day one: no hot water. Heating element was shot (ie: they don't even do basic checks before someone moves in).

3. Toilet ran in back bathroom (minor issue), but took two weeks to fix

4. Sliding doors to back yard were immovable (we have a dog so this was a big issue for us), three weeks to fix.

5. Air compressor broke for our air conditioner last night (Friday evening). We were told that it wasn't an emergency until the temperature hit 90 degrees; therefore, it can wait til Monday or whenever it hits 90.

Please note, we've been in this home for 2 months.

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We just moved into a house operated by Invitation homes. We've only been here for 2 weeks.

My wife and I were relocating from 400 miles away (to the Atlanta area) and had a very limited amount of time to find a place. So this put us in a situation where we couldn't be too picky. We new right away that the rent was about $150 - $200 above market value. This is where the trouble started:

1) We were told by our agent (who was told by IH property management) to put in an application to ensure we are qualified and then we can talk about price. We did just that, $70.00 later and approved by IH we then addressed the price. To our surprise, IH stated that they do not negotiate on the rent rate and they know what their properties are valued at. We were then told that a premium rent was charged due to the level of service we would receive. I'll skip some of the details and just say we folded and put a deposit down.

2) The walk through: Found many items that needed repair: Dishwasher was not mounted in correctly nor did it work; Fence door to the back yard had been ripped off it's hinges by the landscapers; rear gutter bracket had popped out and the rain caused the gutter to hang away from the home; Minor leak in the roof of the garage. All of these issues were written down during the walk-through and the prop. manager assured me she would put in the request.

3) Fast forward one week; no call, no one has come out to fix anything. I email the prop manager, no response. I call later that day and she answers. I tell her the situation, she said she will call maintenance and I should do the same. Within 2 hours someone is there to fix the leak in the roof but they say they are not there to fix anything else. I am assuming they fixed the leak quickly due to the fact water damage can add up $$$$ fast. I came to this conclusion due to the next item, number 4.

4) It was a nice day, we were cleaning house due to the moving mess, my wife opens the window for fresh air and... no screen. No big deal, she moves to the next window, no screen. I look at all the windows of the house, none of them have screens. I call the property manager back and ask if maintenance (if and when they show up) can put the screens back in the brand new windows. Her reply, with a frustrating tone in her voice, "argh, I answer this question every day, the screens have been removed if they were damaged and we aren't putting them back in!" I said, "did you say you 'aren't' putting them back in or you 'are'?", she replies, "we are NOT, screens are not in the budget, but if you want to go out and buy some you are more than welcome." I said, "not in the budget? Really? Don't you think you should rent a home with screens in the windows?", reply, "No, it's not a mandatory building code in GA to have screens in the windows."

This is when I realized that if you have an issue with your rental home that will cost IH $$ they will send someone out relatively quickly, in my case a week and a phone call later. IF you have issues that are just inconvenient to you, as the tenant, like a broken fence, broken dishwasher and a gutter that hangs off the house when it rains they seem to either ignore you or, at a min, take a yet undetermined amount of time to get back to you.
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I've had almost the identical experience here in Southeast Atlanta. I went ahead and rented from them despite my hesitations. Feel free to email me sometime to swap awful stories.
I moved in April 30th and though they have fixed somethings the property was far from move in ready. It turns out the Air conditioner unit was STOLEN from the side of the house and I promptly got 2 new units (1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs) but that was something the property Manager, Shaun Hannifan, had no idea was missing. There were a lot of things he said after we did the move in checklist that he would "get his guys" out there to fix but so far nothing has come from him. Only if I call the 1-800 number. Its the strangest most inefficient system. My house didn't come with screens either.
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Hi, What property were you thinking of renting? I could probably get you the leasing agents name. But just like the guy in California said, I just rented from them but they're super unorganized. I am really worried my maintenance requests will be handled. They also are sloppy with collecting my rent, etc.
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It the moment we're having a rough time with Invitation Homes (I believe this is the same company you are dealing with in Atlanta). We drove one of their homes with a sign in the yard and called the reply. It looked like a good deal so that night we we put in an application online. Two days later we got a phone call from a leasing agent who said that the house won't be available for 2-3 weeks. We've left a bunch of messages over the last week trying to get the status of our application. Finally 8 days after we submitted the paperwork, someone from their office called and asked what property we applied for. When I told her, she said that she didn't know the status of our application but that the property had already been rented. I asked if it was possible that the property was rented to us...she checked and sure enough we were listed as the new tenets. However she also said that the property was in construction phase and wouldn't be ready for 3 weeks. The house looks like it's never been lived in...fresh paint, carpet and landscaping.....Now we are waiting for someone to call us back on Monday and let us know what the heck is going on. What we know is that we've been accepted but we haven't been able to walk through the property and we don't know the terms of the lease (we have two pets lists on our application...what's the deposit... when can we move in...etc.) So far, we're frustrated and confused and wondering how long we should chase this "good deal" down the rabbit hole.
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Hi, So even though I was hesitant to rent from them...I went for it. Already there have been some super questionable things going down. I have a list of all their leasing agents and the broker that you can call to try and get your application $ back. feel free to email me so I can fill you in on the details
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I can tell you this--in California they are unbelievably non-responsive to maintenance requests, never return calls and do not update their web page to record your rent payments made. The house is nice but their management is a bad joke.
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Hey LA guy, I wish I had listened to all the warning signs. I signed a lease with them on April 30th and all ready it's been stupid unorganized. I'm hoping things will get better and that this branch of "Riverstone residential" people will follow through on my maintenance request, etc. but It's probably highly doubtful. Please let me know more about this website thing though, currently I can't pay rent online because they said my profile is being weird. Feel free to email me at thanks!
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Check us out, we are The American Home, one of the largest owners of single-family homes in Atlanta. We are local and own/manage our own properties.
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I think you have answered your own question. You can search for online reviews at BBB, Yelp, Kudzu other places. You are entering at least a one year relationship where it is difficult and expensive to move. Having a responsive, reputable, understanding and hands on property manager will make the difference in this period of your life being a good or a bad experience.

My firm manages 120 rentals, almost all are leased, we like glowing reviews from our tenants when an owner tours the property. Below is what we recommend in our why rent from us statement. Find a reputable and professional property manager with views like ours. There are many, I have no experience with Riverstone, but from your stated experience I'd move on.

Why Rent from Us

1. All of our properties are ready when you move in. We use insured professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, carpet cleaners, etc) to ensure that your unit is in good condition. We inspect the work performed to ensure that everything is rent ready before you move in.

2. We provide you repair request forms, electronic repair requests through our website to ensure that we can receive your repair requests and other needs at any time.

3. Our phones are answered/responded to 24 hours a day to handle your emergency maintenance repairs.

4. We have 24-hour e-mail/text access so you can communicate with us at a time that is most convenient to you, even if it is after office hours

5. We provide detailed Move-in and Move-out Inventory forms for proper documentation of the condition of your rental to ensure you are not charged for damage that existed prior to moving in.

6. All deposits that are retained by us are kept in a FDIC insured bank for safe keeping until your tenancy has been completed.

7. We make paying your rent easy, accepting on line payments, and a drop slot.

8. Our office hours are 9 AM -- 5 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding normal holidays. For after hours, we have a mail slot in our suite door.

9. All the maintenance contractors sent to your home are insured professionals who must meet strict standards set by us. Many have been giving our tenants excellent service for many years.

10. When you sign your lease, you have a meeting with a property manager to go over all parts of the lease to help ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities under the lease.

11. We always provide advanced notice prior to entering your property.

12. All our Property Managers that handle leasing activities are licensed real estate professionals through the Georgia Real Estate Commission, our owners are REALTORS and a member of National Association of Residential Property Managers.

13. Our Company maintains memberships the Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Atlanta (BBB), and Cobb County Chamber of Commerce.

14. We will treat you with the utmost respect.

15. Rent Credit 3% of your on time payments credited to home purchase through our agents.

Bruce Ailion,
RE/MAX Greater Atlanta
Success Real Estate Brokers, LLC
An Atlanta Real Estate Expert Serving Clients Since 1979
Certified Residential Specialist
Certified Real Estate Broker
Accredited Buyers Agent
MS Real Estate and Urban Affairs
Certified Distressed Property Expert
Certified Investment Agent Specialist
203K Certified Specialist
2050 Roswell Road
Marietta GA 30062
404-978-2281 Direct
404-386-3682 Assistant Robin
678-760-6266 Buyer’s Agent Adam
770-973-9700 Office
The Linked In REALTOR
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WOW I am really wishing I had read all these before just putting down a $1500 deposit last week!! We are set to leave to drive cross country TOMORROW from CA to FL to move into an Orlando home and the leasing agent will NOT get back to us! They keep giving us the run around and approved us and then suddenly said we needed additional proof of income after we already qualified, we already have a moving van, new jobs set up, everything is packed and now they won't return calls to figure out when we are picking up keys and signing the lease!!! This is extremely stressful, as if driving across the country isn't stressful enough. I've tried calling the "answering service" and they're no help. Help??? Anyone?!
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