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Asked by Loki, New Jersey Thu Sep 8, 2011

Can a landlord end a lease of an apartment at the end of the lease period without giving any reason.
The landlord resides in one of the units in a 3 unit house in NJ.


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Loki -

The Landlord has the option to renew your lease or not without any reason to you. remember, you are the tenant and it is his building. The landlord can look out of his window whenever he wants and yes, he can check who is coming in and out of the building. Why not? It is a safety issue for him. If this bothers you..

So, you want to retaliate for what you think is the landlord, who owns the building, is invading your [privacy by looking out the window.. so you want to report him to the police because he sleeps in his basement... really?

Just move on dude. You are wasting too much energy in the world on this apartment and your perceived notions on how a person should run their life and belongings.
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You are a broker f? Or a lackey for landlords... Hope you don't lose your
house and have to become a tenant.... Wow!!!! This is not medieval England.
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At the end of the lease term, tenancy automatically reverts to what is known as "month to month". This means that at any point the landlord may ask the tenant to move (landlord MUST give 30 days notice). Rent control laws do not apply in this case, as the owner is occupying a 3 family dwelling, which basically means he or she can refuse to rent or renew leases without giving any reason(s) for that decision. No lease = no contractual obligations.
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wow you obviously lived at 310 Hudson. If so I have the same issue. In addition to constantly peeking out the door, window everytime someone comes or goes they have also repeatly entered the our apartment without notice. Just use their key and come in anytime they want.
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Did the landlord give you advance notice?
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yes If he resides there he can
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John Sacktig provided me with the best answer on my question.
You are right John in every way.
Thanks for your mature comments.

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Many written leases will have a section explaining how you can get a new lease when your current lease ends. The lease may, for instance, state that unless the lease is ended by either the landlord or the tenant, it will automatically be renewed for another year.

But a yearly lease that is not renewed automatically becomes a month-to-month lease when the year in the lease ends

If you want to be a ball buster, did the landlord ever file a Landlord Identity Statement with the local health /housing department. Required in NJ. How about a certificate of occupancy or smoke detector compliance inspection?
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THe only additional information you need to know, is that according to your lease, the landlord has to let you know whether or not he wants to renew the lease. THe lease will show you what the time frame is for that. You also have a certain amount of time in which to respond to him.
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Thanks for answering my question.
We both have issues with each other and does not like they are going to get resolved.

One big issue I have is that when we open up the main door to get in into the house, he always peeks in from his window that is overlooking the main entrance door to the house to see who is getting in. I think it invades my privacy. I have my teenage son who freaks out everytime it happens.
Question 1. Can i do something about it? Can i complain somewhere about the above?

Question 2. Owner is sleeping in his basement too, can i complain somewhere about it.
I know everyone in my town-mayor,cops,town hall etc since the last 20 years.

Or if there is nothing i can do much since he occupies 1 apartment, should i peacefully leave when the lease ends/if he asks me too.
I am asking this because i need to be aware of my rights and do not want to get shortchanged.
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Yes... unless there is a self-extending provision in it. Consider.. the Lease is the contract when it's term is done you can move to another property, right? The landlord can also rent it out to someone else or do with it what they choose. Talk to the landlord and let them know if you'd like to stay, good communication can often resolve issues.
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End of lease = end of obligation...? that is the point of the end of the lease.
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Unfortunately yes. If you would like to see a list of available apartments in your area, send an email with price range and preferred town(s) and I will reply with MLS listings attached. Email: Maybe you will find an even better apartment.

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