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Which Fencing Preferred?

Asked by Elizabeth Sagarminaga, California Thu Sep 20, 2012

Which fencing is preferred most in California? Wood or vinyl?

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Ingrid Ski Realtor’s answer
In California.wood has been the most popular Vinyl is relatively new and looks nicer for a longer period of time most people go by cost and how it would look So personal taste come into play on any project you do. If you have any restrictions in your complex that may dictate on what you can have May have to be a block wall for instance. It may also depend on where you live.
Sounds like you want a poll You can contact your city development office and see what they can tell you. Good luck

Ingrid Ski Realtor
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I agree, I think wood is a traditionally popular fence type. That said, there are a lot of other options that look equally nice and may be less expensive. Consider all your options and your personal preference before deciding-- you don't need to simply do what's popular. | http://www.alliedfencetampa.com
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Hello Scott,

Fencing around a home can be an interesting issue especially if you share the fence with a neighbor or have a home owners association (HOA) that may have a specific type of fence in mind. If you belong to an HOA check with them first. If not, the decision may be determined based on the style of home you have. Is it more traditional or Spanish/Mediterranean?

Another large consideration is cost. I am going to quote some estimates of cost but please don't hold me to them as I am not a fence builder and these are what I think a fence of a specific material may cost. A wood fence I believe is around $25 a linear foot, vinyl maybe about $60 a linear foot and a block wall around $100 a liner foot based on a 6 foot high fence/wall.

Really, whatever fence you choose or agree upon (if shared) will be the right one for your property. I don't know if there is one preferred over the other unless there is an issue with using recycled materials over another natural product?

Good luck with your decision and enjoy your new fence,
Brian Wilson, Realtor
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It can be a process when the fencing is shared. I used to live in a house that technically had six neighbors. We were hesitant to replace the fence because of how many people we would need to talk to. So we just let them come to us since we were not that picky.
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Hi there, I think the excerpt below from the website “This Old House” is a great answer to your question.

Going back 400 years, the favorite residential fencing material in this country has always been wood. In 2007 alone, Americans put up 59,000 miles of it, enough to circle the globe twice, and then some.

Why wood? It's inexpensive and lightweight. The main reason is that a wood fence can easily be shaped to give properties character and individuality. You can choose from dozens of styles, including linear post-and-rail and crisscrossing lattice, as well as myriad picket patterns and post-cap designs. And you can stain the wood to make it pop out or recede from the landscape as either a vibrant or subtle frame for what's behind it.
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It might be good to check with your HOA if you want to put in a fence. They tend to have regulations for stuff like that. If you're not a member of an HOA, it still might be good to talk to your neighbors and stuff. That's especially the case if your yards are fairly small. It can't hurt to ask around. http://www.qualitychainlinkfencing.ca/
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Hi Elizabeth,

Wood still seems to be most popular.

Kind regards,

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Hi there,
There are many factors to consider when replacing or repairing a fence. First you must see if you have restrictions in place for fence material or design from an community HOA or city HOA. The next important thing to factor in is the durability and longevity of the fence you install. A more expensive vinyl fence or brick wall will give you a longer lifespan than a less expensive wood fence. Saving money in the long run might be better than saving money in the short term depending on the particular situation. I would weigh all your options and see which one makes the most sense for you and your situation.

Good luck!
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It really depends on whichever option you like best. Vinyl is more resistant to weather than wood is, but that doesn't mean it's always the right choice. Wood generally looks best, but I've seen some awesome looking vinyl fences before as well. There are also other options to look into. You should talk to a fencing company to see what kind of advice they can give you.
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Personally, I prefer wood over vinyl, but they both have their advantages. Vinyl is easier to maintain than wood. I find that wood lasts longer though. You have to keep it painted, but I believe it also looks better than vinyl. I think installing a fence made of either material is a wise investment.

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I think that whatever fencing you prefer is the one you should go with. You could also see what would look best next to your neighbors. It can be nice to have fencing that goes well with the fences near it. There are so many styles and kinds of fencing it is easy to find the perfect one for your home! http://www.daviskresakfences.com
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I'm not sure if there is a preferred fencing material in the whole state. There might be some local ordinances and things that might stipulate a certain type of fence. If there aren't any ordinances or anything, I think wood is a good option. I think it looks pretty cool and it's sturdy for the most part. http://www.buyrningwood.com
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Wood is more work. If you're willing to put in that extra effort I would go with wood. I looks a lot better. Since CA gets very little rain, you should be fine staining only every couple years. http://www.fencenashville.net/Pages/HowLongShouldIWaitBefore…
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Both types of fencing are really useful and stylish. Getting fences can be a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it. Personally I would prefer wooden fencing. I think that it really adds a modern and country look to your yard.

Mary Jane | http://www.4cornersfencingco.com/
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I have a light wood fence that goes all the way around my property. We recently remodeled the siding and shutters on my home to a darker wood. I think we may have to stain our fence to match the siding. It would be a lot easier than replacing the fence completely. http://www.fencenashville.net/Pages/HowLongShouldIWaitBefore…
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Hi Elizabeth,

Many people still like the look of wood fences.

Kind regards,

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First, make sure that you comply with any requirements imposed by a homeowner's association.

Second, take a look at what your neighbors have. That can give you an approximate idea of what is "standard" or "typical" for your immediate area. You certainly can deviate from that, but it's also helpful to know what the expectations are.

Third, consider the appearance.

Fourth, consider your budget.

Hope that helps.
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Don Tepper, Real Estate Pro in Burke, VA
I would like to get a new fence for my yard. I have a large dog and I want a fence that will be strong enough to keep her in, but also looks good. There are a lot of great options! Thanks for sharing! http://www.macdonaldfencing.org/en/
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That question is impossible to answer here as you'd have to do a large scale survey of fencing preferences throughout California. In practice, wood is a much more common material simply given its easy availability and lower cost for builders.

However, for you area, I would suspect vinyl would be a more practical solution given the environmental conditions and relative wealth of homeowners.
Web Reference: http://www.archershomes.com
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