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We're considering replacing the cracked tile floor in our main floor bathroom before putting our house on the market. Is it worth the investment?

Asked by Stephanie Miles, Portland, OR Wed May 29, 2013

We have worn our oyster tiles in our vintage-style bathroom, a few of which are cracked. Is it worth paying $600 to have the bathroom re-tiled before putting our house on the market next year?

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Hello Stephanie,

In my profesional opinion it is worth it to replace the tiles, Simply because it is not that expensive and can be recouped in the sale of the home. As a buyers agent here in NYC i know that the less my buyers have to worry about, in the form of work, the more likely he/she is to like and or purchase the home. It is always in your best interest to replace old, broken or worn out tiles. Not to mention safety reasonings as well, you would not want someone getting hurt, possibly a child trip and fall during a showing, or worse get cut.

I hope this helps, Good luck with your home sale.

All the Best,

Daniel D'Amico
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I agree that you should replace the tiles. A lot of buyers don't like looking at homes that have things wrong with them. Just the thought of work makes them turned off to the house. I would try to make everything perfect before I started showing it to buyers.
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I think it would be worth it because people want to see it in good condition. Having a cracked tile floor is not going to look good and not sell fast at all. I think that would be the best way to sell your house fast as well as for a decent price.
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I believe it is worth replacing the cracked tile floor in your main bathroom. Buyers today have a high priority in work being done and the fewer projects needed to do by the buyer is considered an asset for the seller.
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Most likely it is worth it. Generally when answering these questions, I can get a better idea if I know what the whole house looks like. You want to bring the home up to certain types of condition. For instance, if the rest of the home is totally remodeled, then the answer "yes" is really easy. But if the rest of the home also needs a lot of work, the answer would be "no."
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I think it makes sense to replace the floors. The fewer things wrong with the house, the more likely a buyer is going to go through with the purchase. When I buy motorcycles, I am less inclined to even like a bike if it has things wrong with it, let alone buy it. I think you can make that $600 dollars back at the sale.
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This has much to do with the overall picture of the home... And the degree of visible damage.

What would your opinion be if you walked into the home as a potential buyer?
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1. it depends on how bad the cracks are. 2. is there water damaage under the tiles? if the cracks are barely noticeable then probably not Can you really get it retiled for $600? that is really a great price! how big is the area? Beware "cheap" tile and cheap tile installers. You need good quality tile and a good quality installer to get the right results. Teh bathroom remodel cost calculator at gave me an estimate closer to $1500 for the flooring in a medium sized bathroom for tile. Hope that helps!
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Hi Stephanie,

All of the comments below are great. The answer to your question would change depending on the type of market you are in when you sell. Right now it is a Seller's Market. Low inventory equals high demand and sellers are receiving multiple offers just after a few days on the market, depending on the neighborhood and price point. So homes that have a few minor issues may be picked up regardless just due to the lack of competition.

To really get the right answer for your specific home, it would be best to have a Realtor and a Handy Man/Contractor take a look at it in order to give you the cost vs. value when you sell.

The quick answer is that homes do sell faster and for more money in neutral markets when they are move in ready. A few cracked tiles definitely wouldn't mean buyers negotiating a large discount, it would be noticed and perhaps negotiated through inspection.

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This is a great question. If you are looking for top dollar offers from buyers, your home should be move in ready. And, all too often buyers tend to reduce offer amounts by approximately 150% of the real cost of repairs when there are obvious issues that should be tackled right away.

However, if you can make repairs, rather than totally replace the floor, that would probably be more cost effective for you. There are many vintage resources online where you might be able to find tiles to match those in your bathroom.

If you'd like a someone to look over your project and make suggestions or offer alternatives, please consider giving me a call. I'd be happy to take a look at your home and help you find resources for the tiles and a professional to make repairs if necessary.

Shelby Bateson
Broker - Knipe Realty NW
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It all depends on buyers. My mom hates tile in the bathroom and would much rather prefer hardwood. My mom is not buying your house though. Have you ever considered doing repairs or switching to some other material?
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Hi Stephanie

I think it depends on several factors. One being the placement of the cracked tiles. Behind the toilet or near the bathtub (ie in a non-obvious place), I would not be too concerned. Also the price of your home. If it is a entry level home, I would not worry about it. A second or third tier home, I would consider it. And lastly, you need to consider your own financial position. If all you have is a specific amount of money allocated for your home repairs, you might want to spread the money over several repairs/beauty upgrades and possible even set some of that amount aside for any buyer requested repairs but if all your house needs is the re-tile job then I would consider it.

And also, if you do decide to retile, I would get a couple quotes (and not just off craigslist :-). ask a couple friends that have remodeled for referrals.


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Yes it would be advantageous. They make vintage tile reproductions so you can stay true to your house and the character and original details that buyers of vintage homes look for. I love the vintage homes and have owned several and currently live in a 1920's bungalow. Preservation of the details is crucial. Good for you for considering that. I have been in real estate for 31 years now. If you would like the opinion of a vintage home owner who is a professional Realtor I would collaborate on what to do and not do prior to listing your home. My information is Joan Bowyer-Principal Broker-John L. Scott- bowyerjo@ Cell is 503-260-2416.
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Stephanie, it depends on how the cracked tiles look. Feel free to send me a photo or two at It might be worth putting an economical granite counter top for THAT amount if you don't have it:)
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Hi Stephanie,

You should look at the overall picture of your home and see if it makes sense. Are there a list of other items that also need to be taken care of but you only can afford to take care of a few? When a prospective first walks up to your home, is your front yard going to be well maintained. How is the condition of the roof and exterior siding?
If everything else in your home is well taken care of and it seems that the bathroom tile is high on the list, then I feel yes you should replace it. You only have 1 first impression when a potential buyer walks in to preview your home. Receiving a low offer because the buyer feels the home needs too much work should not become a situation you need to deal with.

If you would like me to come on by and walk around to give you ideas of what are some of the items to fix or take care of, items that buyers notice first, I am happy to do so.
To give you an idea of my great listing presentations, please take a look: and

Thank you,
Kevin Levy
M Realty LLC
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Hi Stephanie,

With homes flying off the market in today’s market I would not replace them let the next buyer choose the tile they want. I would put it on the market then see what the feedback is from the buyers coming through. If buyers feel that is a problem then either negotiate it of replace the tile.

If you need an aggressive agent to list your home I can help you with that too.

Kevin Sucher
Principal Broker
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Yes it is - it may not get you your money back but it will help it sale better!
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Hi Stephanie
I think that bathrooms and kitchens are the most scrutinized rooms in a home so if I were going to list my house next year I would most certainly re-tile the bathroom and freshen up any other room that may need a little attention. Stephanie if you would like a professional opinion I would be happy to meet with you and give you my take on your home for future reference. Let me know how I can be of help.

Reneta Peery
Knipe Realty
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If the bathroom is otherwise looking good and that is the only issue, then I would recommend fixing them. If you need a Realtor to come look at your home and help you with do's and don'ts to get your home ready and a comparative market analysis to see what value the market places on your home currently, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mandy Lewis and Jennifer Peterson
Keller Williams
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Hi Stephanie,

There are many things to consider. When I meet with a seller who is going to be putting their home on the market, I go through the house, room by room, and make a list of things I would like to see fixed before I put the home on the market. I also find out the budget that a seller has to work with to do repairs or some light staging that will help the home sell and advise accordingly.

If you don't already have an experienced agent that you plan on listing with, I would be happy to meet with you to see if you think I would be a good fit to work with you to sell your home. If you are working with an agent, that agent should be able to offer you advise and suggestions to get your home sold in the shortest amount of time for the highest dollar amount.

Tamara Koedoot
Premiere Property Group
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Depends on the condition of the rest of your home. If it is one of the only obsolete items in the home, then yes. If the whole house is cosmetically dated, then no. Would love to do a walk through and help you make more decisions like this pre-listing.
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It is true that if you only update one part when others need help too, it can be very obvious. Though I would be inclined to replace it since it sound like it would need to be done anyway. Cracked tile is not much of a selling point anywhere. Though the final decision is up to you as the owner and seller.
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How much is your home worth? If it is worth several hundred thousand dollars, then spending $600 isn't much to enhance it.

Do the cracked tiles jump out at you?

Is everything else in your home about in that bathroom?

If your home is pristine, I'd think you should follow through and make the bathroom look that way, too.
If other items need to be addressed in the home, then make a list of them in order of importance.
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