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Asked by armandochavez28, 60625 Sat Jan 12, 2013

We added a bedroom to our two story home about 15 years ago. The addition was done to the 1st floor, and above the bedroom was a deck for the 2nd floor. When we had the addition built, it was done with the intention of eventually adding a 2nd bedroom above it, so the foundation is good to go. We're hoping to do this in stages, and we want to add a roof to the 2nd floor deck now. What cost am I looking at per square foot for adding a roof to an open deck?

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It really would depend on how much square footage it would be, plus, the material you want for your roofing. Sometimes roofers can give discounts for bulk when they do a lot of work, so the square footage might be different for that specific job. It sounds like you have a smaller area of roofing to get done for the deck, so there's another possibility that a roofer would give you a discount for a smaller area too because it's a quick and easy job for them. Compare at least two roofing companies as well. Hope this helps, Armandochave!
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Celine, do you know how much square footage merits a discount? I would like to re-roof my home, but I want to find the best deal I can. I will be sure to take your advice about getting at least two quotes before going will someone.
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That sounds like a pretty interesting project. I'm not really sure how they'd go about building it on the second floor deck, but I'm sure there's a way. I'd imagine that the cost will be a little bit higher than normal for a couple of reasons. First, you'd need to integrate the new roof into the existing roof, and, depending on where the deck attaches to the house, that could be a little tricky. Also, they'll probably need to add some sort of support in the posts holding up the deck so that the roof's weight is supported. I'd check with a couple of contractors to see what kinds of bids they come up with.
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If you are looking for the cost of roofing a deck I would speak with a contractor. That is a pretty big project but I am not sure on the price. My sister has done something similar to this done to her home as well.
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With this kind of problem, I would say you should talk to a couple people. First, talk to a deck contractor and ask him what he thinks. Some decks aren't built to have roofs just added onto them. I would then talk to a roofer and see if he says it can be done.
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I think there are a lot of factors that will go into adding that roofing. It's hard to say how much exactly it would cost per square foot. It depends on what needs to be done to integrate the new section of roof with your current roof. If the current roof is well-suited to add a new section on, it will probably be a little less expensive as far as labor is concerned.
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My sister is going to have a deck added onto her home. She has a pool so it will be perfect when a bunch of people are over. Hopefully she has already figured out getting it roofed too.
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Honestly, there are too many factors to guess at online. I'd recommend calling several roofers and letting them give you a rough estimate for your specific situation. That way you can ballpark the cost, and choose a roofer at the same time.
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My sister recently had a new deck installed in her backyard. It will be nice to have some shade by the pool. Hopefully they will have it roofed soon so that we can all enjoy it together.
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My sister is having a deck added on to her home as well. I think it will be great to have next to the pool. She said that it is currently being roofed as well.
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I can see what your concerns would be with this type of project. I think it's a good idea to install a roof over your deck. I think that sort of thing looks really good on a house and it could potentially add a lot of value. You'll probably want to integrate the added roof into the existing roof structure of the house. That being said, it will be hard to say how much it would cost since it depends on how much of the existing roof needs to be redone.
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The good thing about your idea of getting a roof for the deck is that during the winter or summer, it will be put to use indefinitely! I mean, the summer sun rays, or the winter snow will be kept off of your deck area. What is the square footage for this roofing job? I'm pretty sure some roofing companies charge per square foot, or they sometimes throw in deals with the more square footage you get - sort of like the concept of buying in bulk. You said you'd do this in stages, so it depends on how much square feet is in one of the stages. I assumed a standard roofing company would be around three-to-five hundred, but you'd have to get a quote for sure. Go with a company that's been in business for a long time too. Hope this helps, Armandochavez!
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I think a deck with a roof would be really nice, because then you could have shade or protection from weather. That way you could be outside despite the weather conditions. There might be other options out there, but if you are looking for a covering for a deck extending the roof is a good idea.
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It all depends on the kind of roofing you are looking to get. Price varies according to the material, and to how much time it will take to install that certain material. I would call a couple different roofers and get quotes on the material you want used and then compare to find the one that fits best in your budget.
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My sister is going to have a deck added on to her home. I am pretty sure she is adding a roof on it as well. She is contracting out all the work for it but I am not sure how much it is going to cost her.
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I would love to have my home remodeled. We have done a few projects lately but to have the entire thing remodeled would be so nice. I do think that we could really use a new roof.
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First of all, this idea is genius, and I think it is a wonderful use of space. Kudos to you guys for being so resourceful. The cost will vary by location, materials used, and obviously square footage. I think that this is a question for your roofing contractors. I am sorry that I couldn't be of more help to you.
Mark Leach |
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I never really thought about roofing a deck. I think that would be fantastic! Especially in cold weather, it would be fantastic. You could put some speakers out there and relax. It would be awesome.
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I am having a deck added onto my home and will need to get it roofed as well. I would recommend looking into a few different options before you make the decision. I hope both our roofing jobs have a good turnout.
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I have been needing to get my roof repaired for quite a while now and we have been doing a lot of research about which is our best option. We think we know what shingles we want to replace our old ones and we have some friends who have referred us companies that they have used. We are hoping to get this done before any big winter storms hit us.
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I think it really depends on the materials used as well as how difficult it might be to connect to the rest of the house. Your best bet would be to talk to a contractor. They would know what materials you would likely use as well as how hard it might be to do the work. It shouldn't be an extremely costly job, but it would be good to get a professional opinion on the topic.
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You need to have good roofing to make sure you don't get any water damage. I would check the roof at least once a year to check that everything it all good. It's probably a good idea to check other things on your house as well.
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It depends on material. There are some really fancy shingles out there. You can go for something showy like copper or something space-age like interlocking shingles. Going as cheap as possible, it shouldn't be too bad.
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I think it's going to be hard to transform the roof into an open deck. I think you might want to have a different plan. I would talk to a roofing contractor to see what kind of options you have. I'm sure you can make something work.
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It depends on what kind of roofing you want to use. Different types of roofing provide different benefits and drawbacks. Are you planning on having it professionally done? This will boost the price but is a very good investment!
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That is a good point to bring up about the kind of roofing. Materials is a lot of the cost when doing a roofing project. Of course the labor will also be a part of the bill, but that is a fixed thing. Be sure you know what you want.
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Ask your neighbors if they have had their roofs expanded. They might be able to give you a ballpark figure. I would also suggest getting several quotes. Most contractors will give free estimates.
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I agree, Eugene. There is lots of information available if you just ask around. Like you said, getting several quotes is a good idea because it will help you be sure you are getting the best deal for the roof. Different roofing companies will charge differently, especially depending on the type of supplies they use to install the roof.
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It all depends on how the roof is going to look. There are some designs that are more expensive than others. It also depends on if you are getting a roof guarantee or not. I've heard that some contractors can guarantee their roofs from ten to thirty years. I am also looking to get a roof done but I know they can get really expensive so I'm holding off.
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The cost is going to depend on the materials and the contractor you use, or whether you plan to do it yourself. Square footage is one important variable, but there are many others. The cost will also vary depending on where you live. Materials may cost different amounts in different areas of the country.
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The cost all depends on what type of material you use and how much of it you need. Also, different companies charge differently so that will have an effect on the total cost. It would be smart to call different companies to get quotes from them. You can then decide which material would be best for your budget.
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It depends on your area and size of project. It might not be very cheap so just be aware of that. My neighbors built a roof over their deck but I'm not sure what they paid.

Will Jenkins |
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It really just depends on the companies that are in your area. You can call around to get a few quotes and see what the average is in your area. It also depends on what type of roofing you want to install.
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Not sure what the cost would be honestly. I'm curious to find out though. Personally, I'd expect it to be a pretty stiff cost but who knows, I've been proven wrong before!

Will Jenkins |
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It really does depend on the area, type of roofing, and the company you choose. I'm in the same boat-- I think roofing my deck would provide me with benefits I want, even though it will be expensive. It will be so nice in the colder months. |
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