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AC, Home Buyer in Hoboken, NJ

Has anyone tried the bamboo floors from lumber liquidators? I wanted to try Morning Star or Supreme Bamboo.

Asked by AC, Hoboken, NJ Thu Aug 7, 2008

But I heard that bamboo contains an adhesive which may have high levels of formaldehyde which can be an irritant especially for people with allergies or even cause cancer. Has anyone had experience with Morning Star or Supreme Bamboo from lumber liquidators?

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Scott Miller - REALTOR®’s answer
Hi AC.

99% of the answers posted here are completely against buying from LL. It seems that the same story is being told over and over again. With that in mind, you are being fairly warned by consumers like yourself. If I were you, I'd run the other way. LL's ads have always caught my attention because they're slick, colorful and the prices seem very low. Which leads us to another old but true addage, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is........." The LAST thing you want in your home is formaldehyde, OMG. There must be tons of flooring companies in and around Hoboken, go find one!!!


Scott Miller
Realty Associates
Boca Raton-Miami Beach, FL
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I am thoroughly disappointed with my Morning Star bamboo flooring. Within 2 days of installation, it began to buckle -- now all 500 sq. ft. has buckled and no one is taking responsibility for it. It was installed over a NEW, 4-month cured slab with in-floor heating. The constant humidity of the area is 35% -- I am being told there is so much moisture coming from somewhere that it has ruined my boards. This floor was installed in a new addition: there are no leaky pipes, no humidity issues ... and the weather has been so dry from lack of rain and snow, there is no moisture to filter in. The new boards sat for almost three weeks in the dwelling before being installed. The question remains: Why did my boards warp so quickly and make it impossible to walk on the floor???? Research is showing me this is a cheap product that, in all likelihood, came with a high moisture level. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated ... most of all, direct contact with Morning Star would be great!!!
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I laid my floor in 2002.I had an old terazzo floor 1958, over a concrete slab and the moisture content was still on the borderline to do glue down. So we did floating. Whoever laid your flooring should have done a moisture test of the slab. I was putting down long strip and heard there were problems. I would only recommend doing a floating bamboo floor anyway. I talked to a knowledgable flooring person and they said to put roofing paper down first first, then plastic, then foam under the flooring. I have had it 12 years now without any warping.
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crabbyburton, yours is a common problem with this Lumber Liquidators supplied and warranted floor. Lumber Liquidators will claim that the problem is somehow due to your incorrect installation or improper cleaning method and deny your claim. Lumber Liquidators Inc. seem to be the bottom feeders of the flooring industry. All I can say is "join the club". Be sure to pass along your experience with LLI at every opportunity. Perhaps if enough consumers voice thier problems with LLI, these vermin will be exposed for what they are.
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I am having the same problem! House is bone dry- yet after 6 months our floor looks awful, the edges are cupping and the boards are the finish is bubbling and cracking. Looks awful!! I have filed a warranty claim but haven't heard back-
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If are in need of new flooring and you're not sure what store you should go to then make sure that you stop by calgary flooring stores. They are located in Calgary and offer a variety of services and at amazingly great prices! Make sure that you stop by or call and talk to them about any questions you may have.
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My name is Jessica, and I am a legal investigator. I am looking into consumer complaints regarding Lumber Liquidators’ bamboo flooring, and I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experiences. Please contact me by email at or call me at 800-901-5119 at your convenience. Thank you.
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After a lengthy investigation, today I was informed Morning Star is stating their bamboo flooring is NOT meant to be installed over radiant heat, and when it is, the warranty is voided. When I purchased my bamboo flooring, I specifically asked about the radiant heating at least three times, and in all my conversations with the Customer Care line and HSS I was very clear clear about the in-floor heating. It appears Morning Star has re-written their warranty and is trying to convince people the language was there all along. WRONG!!!
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My morningstar bamboo floor has been in since just before christmas. it is over a 50 year old slab with radiant heating above the joists. it is starting to cup as well. We are fairly close in distance so I agree,there is very little moisture in the air. My contractor is wondering as well if there was very high moisture in the product to start with. I am beginning my investigation as well and will update with what I find. sounds like we have the exact same situation!
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If you are interested in hearing about customers who have used bamboo floors, I would encource you to visit the review section of the flooring type on I actually purcahsed from them 2 weeks ago and I am getting ready to install about 650 sqt of flooring. The total cost (including hte 15lb mosture barrier was 1400.00. A very reasonable price (1.99 per sq ft) in my opinion. They loaded all the wood into my cargo van (at the store in St. Louis, MO) but I did help them. Of the boxes I opened, all the wood seems to be in very good shape.

I have included the link below for the type of flooring I purchased. Follow the link and towards the bottom of the page, you'll see the tabs that say specifications, accessories, and "review"s. The reviews tab gives you all the feedback from people who have purchased and some people posted before and after pictures so you can see how the wood looks when it's laid down. This is actually how I made my decision to purchase the type of flooring I want.

Hope this answer helps!
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Here is a follow up regarding the product reviews listed on the LLI site. After posting my experience with LLI on several independent sites, one post finally received a response from a representative of Lumber Liquidators. A portion of the representatives response was:
"Any constructive review related to a product is listed on our site. Reviews that don't get approved are ones which list issues unrelated to the actual product...".
Really?? I have attempted to post a review on the LLI site several times specifically for the Morning Star 10023754 ½“x5” Clic Strand Carbonized Bamboo product, but I guess none have ever been deemed "constructive" by Lumber Liquidators. It is no wonder that the products on the LLI site seem to have so many satisfied customers. I must conclude that the positive reviews are posted because they are "constructive" and the negative reviews are rejected by LLI because they are not "constructive".
I sure hope that the marketing practices of Lumber Liquidators catches up with them soon. In the meantime, many more unsuspecting customers will be duped by Lumber Liquidators and regret they depended on what appears to be an unbiased review on their website.
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Corey, the reviews on the LLI site are posted only if LLI approves them. Have the courage to believe the truth. LLI should be avoided unless you have a sadistic desire to be taken advantage of.
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We have bamboo flooring from Lumber Liquidators throughout our entire house, and just put it into our master bedroom also. After over 4 years with 4 children, we still love these beautiful floors! Yes, it will scratch and dent - it is WOOD, after all. ALL wood floors scratch and dent, that is the nature of the material. If you have dogs, or want a totally non-scratchable surface, you need laminate or ceramic tile. Wood floors are not for you. We direct-glued the bamboo flooring to our existing concrete slab-on-grade and have had NO problem with warping, buckling, or any of the issues mentioned here. I would buy this all over again - it is a great value!
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Lumber Liquidators are the bottom feeders of retail flooring. And yes, there are high levels of formaldehyde in their bamboo flooring. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen that can cause Cancer. Two accredited laboratories tested the Morning Star Bamboo and found it to be 3.5 times over the legal limit. Just think about your children crawling on this floor! They don't mark it on the boxes so there is no way to know and of course they don't tell you because no one would buy this garbage. Not only is the flooring loaded with formaldehyde but it shrinks and gaps excessively. Believe me....these people that have posted complaints aren't lying! Don't believe any bull crap from Lumber Liquidators. They can respond all they want.......they lie through their teeth. And if you have a won't get any help from them. And the 30 year warranty......that's to protect them....NOT YOU! People who bought this floor have lost thousands of dollars. And those inspectors they send out.....they are paid by LL. They are paid to find fault with you or the installer. And believe me they will. Just read all the complaints!
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Check to see if it is young mamboo. I bought Bamboo floors from lumbar liquidators and was so happy with the way it turned out. Two years later with a dog and the floors were shot. I read up on it and the manufacturer says let it harden for 2 years. Now they need refinishing
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We bought bamboo flooring because we were told that it was harder than other wood choices, that it would be highly resistant to dog nails, for instance (at that point, we had 3 dogs).
Not true. This flooring has only been in place four years now and it looks like it was installed in 1980! I would not recommend bamboo floors -- except for their beauty. Good luck.
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In mid December, 2013 we had Morning Star 1 x 5 Strand Antique bamboo flooring installed by a reputable, experienced contractor in a 25 x 25 room, over Bella Premium Underlayment. The floor is particle board with a moisture reading of 5%, over a full, heated and cooled basement. The house is 4 years old. The floor looked gorgeous for the family Christmas gathering.

By mid February, a gap began forming at a kitchen island and ran to the opposite wall, about 11 feet. It rapidly grew to a gap 5/8ths of an inch wide, running the full length of the seam, and jumped laterally at an end joint to the next seam over. A zig zag gap.

There are now, around the perimeter of the room, at least 12 smaller gaps, some as wide as 1/4 inch and four foot long.

In isolated cases, the flooring has shrank lengthwise, leaving gaps up to 1/8th inch at an end joint.

Also,, the surface of some of the planks have seemed to have "crinkled" and are no longer smooth. Cupping does not appear to be a problem.

After a long period (basically waiting on LL) and submitting a questionnaire and photos twice, I received a form letter this past Saturday (21 June 2014) from the "Customer Care Review Team" essentially giving all the reasons for flooring problems and any problems had to be someone's fault other than LL. The letter was not even signed.

It did say that If I want to refute their decision, I could have the floor inspected by a certified inspector (which they gave a couple of names - sounds chummy) at my expense and they would reconsider my claim. One inspector quoted a $450 charge and I have not heard back from the other one yet.

We are disappointed and upset with the flooring, but are very disappointed and aggravated about the total lack of response and effort on the part of Lumber Liquidators. My teeth are clinched as I write this.
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I purchased morning star bamboo from LL also. I had it installed about 5 months ago and it buckled right up the middle all the way across the room. I thought it was a poor installation but when we looked closer, there was plenty of room for the bamboo to breathe and expand. There are also spots on the floor that are peeling off and there is some sort of sticky substance being emitted from the floor. I have been waiting about 3 months for them to fix it. I have had most of the conversations with the contractor and LL says they will fix it but now they are asking for humidity readings, etc. The readings look fine so and I believe they are just delaying things.
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I am glad I found this website because I was thinking of buying Morningstar Bamboo Flooring from LL. Now I don't know what to buy. I live in the Lakewood area (CA). When we bought the house, it already had bamboo flooring in the front part of the house. I want to continue it throughout the house. Does anyone know of a reputable bamboo flooring store in the Long Beach/Orange County area (CA) area?
Much appreciated
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The above address is to a video regarding Morning Star Bamboo. I've had this installed in my house and I'm having the same problems. The product is defective! It shrinks, separates, and the clicking magnesium does not hold which causes the boards to separate and cannot be fixed unless the boards are removed. Not to mention the formaldehyde that is used in the adhesive which is 4 times the level and a carcinogen that can cause cancer. My husband and I both have been experiencing sore throats and coughing since this floor has been installed. I have done everything to the book as far as humidifiers, taking care of the product (never thought I would have to babysit my floor) and I still have separations and boards that have un-clicked throughout the rooms where it was installed. It looks horrible and is an embarrassment.

I don't reccomend anyone buying this product.
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We purchased our bamboo floor from lumber liquidators in Lombard Il. I had the floor installed by a contractor he just came out to look at my floor and said it is all buckled and we have a lot of gaps on the floor and we are on a concrete slab, followed the instruction that were given on tacking care of it I have just called the customer care center and we are starting our complaint.
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Did you guys do a moisture test? My "third party" flooring inspector just left, and from what he kept saying, I think they are going to deny my claim because of improper install. His moisture meter read outside the recommended range (I looked) for the ratio at the time of install of 2%. My installer has had to return to at least 10 job sites to fix this exact issue.
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I was the store manager for the Phoenix ,AZ stores. And i was with Lumber Liquidators since they only had like 6 stores nation wide. I started with them in California and made the move to Phoenix to open another store and I stayed in the Phoenix Store. Lumber Liquidators has shady practises and thats one of the reasons i left. Other than their material is trash in my opinion. I didnt like the fact that i met a lot of nice folks and then when a problem came along i had to follow "Company Rules" and make a happy customer into a person that totally ended up hating me because either because i wasn't able to honor warranties or any other issues with material. I really hated doing that to people. They have a lot of techniques and loop holes to try to get out of things. When i was there, they didn't like pulling permits for anything the city required. I got my ass handed to me when I tried to pull a permit for a large 10'x 10' electrical sign that had to be installed on sign of the building. They had also lied about me not required to have a mandatory lunch. It was the law and they told me that managers on salary are not required to have one. You eat when you have time. Of course I didn't find out till it was too late and the statute of limitation had run out. 7 years of that! I became and installer and now as an installer i made it a rule not to install anything from Lumber Liquidators. I turn anybody down as soon as they mention that name. And i tell them why. I am not the only installer that thinks of their material as trash. I have a customer whose her Floating bamboo plank is shrinking and keeps on shrinking. LL said it was a bunch of things like moisture and bad installation. Even the flooring installed over plywood upstairs is shrinking. Downstairs floor shrunk an inch already ans is still shrinking, it unsnapped and has gaps where it can not contract. Poor lady says she cries everyday!!! Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere. There are Mom and Pop stores offering great deals. They can beat LL! They got Bob Villa as a spokes person . LOL. Give me a million dollars and i will Say whatever they want me to say! Bobby got his floor for free as well. They are the scum of the flooring industry. They are not even members of the NWFA!! (National Wood Flooring Association ) And its because they have to meet certain standards that just scares them. They never take part of the Surfaces shows in Las Vegas every year. All the top manufacturers, even China manufacturers take part in the show. And China builds crap, Take it from me, Stay Away from them!! Don't become a victim. It can be a mistake in the Thousands!!

Good Luck to all of you!
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My sister has bamboo flooring. I don't know where she got it from. I haven't heard her say anything bad about it. I love the look of it.

Alena |
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STAY AWAY FROM LUMBER LIQUIDATORS. I purchased $7,000 of Morning Star Bamboo Qing Viper in July 2013. The floor started scratching immediately. White scratches are everywhere. All the same complaints are online if you Google search horror stories from around the country. The floor also smudges when one uses any water, murphy's oil soap, or other cleaning materials to wash the floor. Lumber Liquidators will deny your warranty claim.
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A class action lawsuit is being put together. If interested in participating and learning more, call (206) 816 - 6603.
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Also purchased approx. 1200 sq ft of this product from LLI and it is drying out and starting to separate have several places in the floor where the boards have separated and the largest crack is almost 1/2 inch and they seem to be getting bigger - I WOULD NOT USE THIS PRODUCT
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Same problem here, and LLI will do nothing about it. Their excuse is too much moisture or not enough moisture. I purchased a floor! I did not expect to have to maintain my home at an ideal temperature and humidity level similar to that of a terrarium for exotic reptiles and plants. Each passing day this flooring deteriorates further, and it has been installed now for only eight months. Please do not even consider installing this product!
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I just purchased 425 sq of Tiger Strand from LL in Mansfield Ohio After reading all these reviews I'm scared of the stuff. Has the company made any changes or? I will not be screwed out of $3500.00 if the company isn't gonna back their product. Please reply with any comments. thanks
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Flag Wed Mar 12, 2014
Aquamagic299, The LLI warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. Morning Star stranded bamboo flooring and LLI have numerous poor reviews on independent forums on the web. My first mistake was depending on the reviews shown on the LLI site. These reviews are posted only if they are "selected". Gee.......wonder who selects them? My second mistake was when I purchased the material. My experience is outlined below. The flooring materials I purchased cost @ $3,500.00 and LLI will take no action on their so called warranty. Unfortunately, if you have already purchased the flooring, I understand that LLI will charge you a 20% fee to return the materials (its in the fine print).
Flag Sat Feb 8, 2014
I highly suggest anyone who has purchased the bamboo flooring from LL contact this person: Vcharabowski,
My name is Jessica, and I am a legal investigator. I am looking into consumer complaints regarding Lumber Liquidators’ bamboo flooring, and I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experiences. Please contact me by email at or call me at 800-901-5119 at your convenience. Thank you.
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update from buying LL bamboo floor: After several months, we ripped out the entire floor of bamboo purchased from LL and bought a new flooring that is just great. Big Lose for us! LL didn't honor any warranty sayiny the cupping was our fault. Our installer followed the directions for installing the floor. We asked LL to come out to the house to inspect the floor and LL refused. We sent pictures to their Va. office. As soon as we told them of a problem, we were immediately directed to their VA office for weeks of emailing how the floor was cupping with pictures. LL just seems to reject any redress for claims. Why did the floor cupped so badly? Their answer is that it was our fault. Stay away from LL. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against them!
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I am currently fighting with Lumber Liquidators as well. Our flooring has been down for 4 months and it is pretty bad when you trip over the flooring getting out of bed. It has risen about 2 inches on two sides with 2 boards in the middle in various spots of my bedroom. I sell Real Estate for a living and have never seen a hardwood floor do this. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, Attorney Generals Office and a local attorney. My question to the service representative is how can a company sell flooring in an area that has 4 seasons if it can't withstand acclimation to the climates. I am awaiting a call back.
Flag Fri Aug 22, 2014
Exactly what happened to our flooring? Such crap.
Flag Wed Mar 26, 2014
What new flooring did you buy?
Flag Fri Feb 28, 2014
It is NOT your fault! Contact this person: The Home Service Store
80 West Street Suite 104
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone - 866-891-5453 Ext.6726
Flag Tue Feb 4, 2014
Our floor has been down less than a year and has shrunk over an inch horizontally and 1/2 inch vertically. It is over their best "quite walk" barrier and started shrinking within 2 months. Lumber liquidators will not honor the warranty.
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Just for the record, I was in Costco the other day and saw very, very good looking laminate floors for only $1.13/s.f. They were a beautiful, neutral, earthy color. Seldom do I buy anything at Costco that needs to be returned, so I know that they watch their quality control and demand a high value from their vendors.

It might be worth checking out, at least you know their warranty policy is better than "Liquidators".

GOOD LUCK with your floors.

Scott Miller
Realty Associates
Boca Raton, FL
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Cheap is not always better. I would investigate what other floor dealers have to offer. Morning Star is a mass produced product and little care is taken for an end product.
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I would NEVER EVER deal with LL again. I had Bamboo flooring in NY & absolutely loved it. Bought from an independent dealer. Never scratched & only dented when I dropped a heavy vase on it. This crap I bought from LL is awful. A week after installment - it was scratched from a dog as well as shoes. LL did not want to hear anything about it. So I am stuck with it till I can afford to replace it. Just so you know, I called several times & wrote to the president & got no reply. If you type in their name LL & complaints, you will see a load of unhappy customers who got no satisfaction. Good luck.
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We have put in Morning Star lumber liquidators bamboo flooring in one room in our house over a year ago - have had no problems. When they first installed, they checked for moisture in the floors and found it too high & had to come back later. Perhaps one problem with some people is the floor installers didn't do their job correctly?
We live in Colorado, a very dry climate - very little humidity - no problems with buckling or anything. I've read some stuff about bamboo floors becoming too dry, but it looks as beautiful as the day it was installed!
There have been a few light scratched from moving a chair without padded bottoms across it. I used a slightly dampened rag to buff it and it came out. There's still a light dent, but hardly noticeable. I think you've just got to be careful and care for bamboo floors just like any other hardwood floors.
I've heard about the formaldehyde concerns, but haven't experienced any ill effects (yet...), I heard that formaldehyde comes out if you try to sandpaper the floor in order to refinish it.

"Morning Star uses urea formaldehyde, which information indicates emits more gas than the other form of formaldehyde. However, I do not know what is considered to be a safe level of emission. The data I received was provided by Lumber Liquidators and is titled Material Data Safety Sheet. I learned that the EPA was holding public hearings in the spring of 2009 to study the potential toxicity of formaldehyde in wood products used residentially and commercially, but I don't find anything current on its website." from…

Here's some more info:…

& updated from that article:…
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I just bought the morning star lumber liquidators bamboo floor and installed in my family room. Within a few weeks it started to curl and buckle. We paid a higher price for the flooring. We told them we are installing the floor on a concrete slab. We had laminate flooring there for years with no problems. Now we are hearing you can't install this flooring on a concrete. We have had experts say the floor was installed properly. We are going to rip this new floor up and installed different laminate floor, not from lumber liquidators. We have just contacted Lumber Liquidators about the curling, warping, buckling floor which is getting worse each week, and based on what I see here, I don't expect much help from them

January 25, 2013
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jan 25, 2013
My name is Jessica, and I am a legal investigator. I am looking into consumer complaints regarding Lumber Liquidators’ bamboo flooring, and I would like the opportunity to speak with you regarding your experiences. Please contact me by email at or call me at 800-901-5119 at your convenience. Thank you.
Flag Wed Oct 9, 2013
Thank you for this information!
Flag Fri Jan 25, 2013
Morning star is acrap product and LL does not stand behind it.
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AC, if you know what you are doing with bamboo floors you will be fine.

Its a life style and up keep issue.

Best Regards
Web Reference:
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the reviews on the site are biased, i sent in a review and it never got posted>
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jul 22, 2010

I was wondering if you ended up getting the bamboo floors from Lumber Liquidators and how it worked out. I'm also thinking about getting the tiger strand version from LL but keep reading conflicting reviews on LL. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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its terrible, factory seconds/ defects, scratches real easy, leaves a white scratch, severe color variations between boxes of the same lot, i bought about 800 sqf of it based on the sample i got from them, i tried to reasonably scratch the sample and it was very durable, but the wood i recieved is not equal to the sample
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been almost 4 years now,it looks nice, but be very careful about sliding anything on it,or it will leave a white scratch ,i have had no shrinkage ao warping problems,the smell goes away after a few months
Flag Fri Jan 10, 2014
This floor scratches so easily!!! Just every day use leaves scratches that are totally unexplainable. We have put felt under everything, even a light weight basket with an aritficial plant now has felt. All of our guests are asked to take even tennis shoes off due to any dirt or debris brought in may scratch. All scratches no matter how fine they are look like white chalk lines - and we have a dark bamboo flooring. We have no children at home, no animals, no high heels and yet there are tons of various scratches everywhere. Terrible flooring!! They did nothing for us. They asked that we send the left over box for them to test. We requested the same box be returned so that most of the remaining boards would match the same dye lot so that if they refused to honor our warranty, at least we could try to match damaged boards. They said that would be no problem. We get a notice that they will not cover the flooring. They did not return the box due to it was destroyed. A whole box!!!
Flag Wed Dec 18, 2013
We bought Lumber Liquidator's Morning Star bamboo flooring about 3 years ago and it is awful. It is dented and scratched over every surface that does not have a rug. Needless to say, we have added many more rugs to cover all the scratches. They would not honor their warranty. If you have not actually installed it yet, I would encourage you to return it. You will be disappointed.
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LL Response: Reviewing the dated and current postings we find a need for consumer education to understand how flooring is to be cared for before, during, and after installation. Installing flooring without reviewing the installation instructions or failing to review the credentials of their hired installers is never recommended and leads to problems. If you rely solely on the installer to make all the project decisions on your behalf is a common mistake and complaining about board selection, quality of work and care given to the floor during the process can all be avoided by being present and overseeing the work performed. We make every effort to educate consumers and the one thing about the flooring business is all flooring products require the same type of acclimation, pre-installation testing, installation technique, proper application of the floor to include moisture protection, and finally proper ongoing maintenance of the floor to include temperature and humidity controls. A common theme with gapping concerns stems from customers refusing to install transitions for floating floor systems, or improper application of transitions such as T-moldings allowing the floor to expand and contract as designed. Application of the floor is just as important as choosing the color or style of flooring for your home. We can ask questions at the point of sale, but ultimately the installer has the final say on whether the floor type is the right one for the scope of your project. Hire a professional with the installation backed by a warranty, but know that a product warranty covers the finish wearing down to the wood layer, or core as it may be. Scratches, dents, chipping, cupping, buckling and other issues are not a covered event and point to other installation and care issues. This does not change when you shop somewhere else and the best advice is to read the warranty, follow the instructions, hire a flooring contractor not a general contractor to install your floor, and follow the care instructions. Thousands of people shop everyday with us and have a wonderful experience. Choosing the right floor and caring for it after installation leads to complete satisfaction with a warranty that covers finish wear through the period offered. Flooring requires care like any other investment, so please visit our site for more information or assistance if you have questions. It can be rather frustrating to get flooring advice from others who may not have taken the proper steps to install the floor, or care for it according to the instructions. If you need assistance please locate the Customer Care tab on the upper right hand corner of our main web page, or call 1800HARDWOOD.
Flag Wed May 7, 2014
The warranty does not cover scratches or dents - no flooring warranty does - this is a care issue and not something a manufacturer or seller pays for. I have a scratch on my car and don't expect Ford to pay for the repair. This is a matter of understanding what you are responsible for versus the seller.
Flag Wed May 7, 2014
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