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Has anyone had spray foam insulation or used recycled materials to insulate their attics?

Asked by Carlos Del Amo, Coral Gables, FL Wed Dec 22, 2010

Looking for reviews , opinions, from anyone who has had either spay foam insulation or used recycled materials to seal their attic space. Also if you can provide the experience and energy savings.

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Don Kelbick’s answer
I have used recycled material (I believe it is paper) in my attic. It both effective and cost effective. It is sprayed in so if you want an higher R level they would just spray in some more.

If you have roof vents, sometime it needs to be redistributed a bit because wind blowing through the vents might carry some with it but it is not a big problem,
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If you're looking for reviews and opinions, I would ask people around your area who have had this done. They should give you plenty of advice on where to go and what you should do. Not only that, but they could recommend a company in your area to help you along the process. I would definitely start by doing something like this.
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I've never used materials like this for insulation. I would contact an insulation company to see if they can come help with this. They should be able to tell you what materials to use and what should be appropriate. Good luck and I hope everything works out!
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I didn't know there was such thing as foam insulation. Does it work as good as traditional insulation? After reading a little bit about it, I might think about getting that instead.
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I think it's really cool to get spray insulation. I have a house that is pretty old and the insulation needs to be replaced. I'm looking for some alternatives to traditional insulation. This looks like a good choice for me.
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We had spray insulation installed in our home last year. It has been a year and we have liked it, as much as you can like insulation. It's getting the job done to say the least.
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I am not an expert but I would really like to repair my foam roof. It has been giving me nothing but trouble lately. I thought about replacing it to an asphalt roof, but I don't think it would look as nice as the foam roof. I think it is cheaper too.
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I recently used it on an addition I put in. The main reason I went with it was the cost. It's a good bit cheaper than other options. it is also super easy to do yourself!
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I agree that it is nice to use replacements that area little more cheap to get. I would like to look into continuous insulation and see if it would be a good fit for my home. I want to find insulation that is easy to install and pretty affordable.
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One of the reasons I used spray in foam in refinishing my basement was that it would be helpful in keeping spiders out. I loved that idea and it did indeed seem that it kept spiders at bay!!!!
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My wife hates spiders, and so we would love to look into getting spray in foam in our basement. We're finishing it right now and have been wondering what kind of insulation to use. I also think that the spray in foam would be nice because it wouldn't be as much of an allergen.
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I guess it really comes down to preference when discussing different insulation methods. Both ways have proven to insulate a home well, so if you really are having trouble deciding which style is best for your home, you could always just ask the contractor who is going to work on it. They could give you advice on what is best for your home and make sure that they do the best job on it.

Zach |
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I have used both. I personally like the spray best. It is cheap and super easy to use! I applied it on an entire wall in a few hours! Traditional insulation would have taken much longer.
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Spray foam insulation has gotten very popular in recent years. I have never needed to replace my insulation, so I don't have any personal experience with the material. It seems like one of the main advantages would be ease of installation. With the rising cost of energy, I don't imagine it would be so widely used if it was inefficient.
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I haven't personally used spay foam in my attic. I've only heard good things about it though. I think it would be a safe choice. I think any type of insulation in your attic will help with energy efficiency though.
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My wife and I have been thinking about using some of it in our attic as well. We moved in to an older home, and there was almost no insulation at all. It gets so cold in our house during the winter, and I think that spray insulation would be the cheapest way to go.
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I have never used spray foam insulation in my home but I need to. It is getting pretty cold outside and our heating bill keeps getting higher and higher. I would like to make it go down somehow.
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I've never used the spray foam insulation, but I have heard that it works fairly well. However, this is because I generally like to make sure that my insulation is more natural. I think that it works really well and it is also more eco-friendly!…
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We just have normal insulation, but my grandparents recently got some spray foam insulation in their attic and it's helped them a bit, but not as much as they'd hoped either.
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Though I have never used spray foam insulation before I have heard really great reviews on it from some of my friends that have. I'm also thinking about switching over.
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It is my personal opinion that spray foam is more effective.

I think this because a couple of our local builders use spray foam on the underside of the roof and it keeps the attic within 10 degrees of the inside of the home temperature. This is a huge energy savings. Wish I had it in my own home.

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Hi, blown insulation is better in my book just for the fact that cellulose is made from recycled materials. Foam is an oil based product and we do not need to be buying more oil. Foam has its draw backs as to later updates or additions. Once you spray in place and it expands you encapsulate everything it comes in contact with ceiling joists, sill plates, wires, junction boxes, you name it. Later on down the road if you want to install a new bath fan or add anything good luck. IT"S ONE BIG BLOCK OF RIGID FOAM, and expensive it needs to be installed by a company that has the equipment, but it does seal all those little cracks. Cellulose on the other hand can be placed by the homeowner and usually a homecenter will rent the machine for free as long as you buy so many bags. Drawbacks it does settle some, the R value isn't as good but you can move it around if you need to make updates and if you add on later all you need to is remove some of it, bag it up, do your thing and put it back. Make sure you wear a mast when installing. Cellulose is treated with a flame retardant and the dust will get to you. Good luck !!
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Thanks for the information. I never would have been able to guess some of these long-term effects. I never thought much about my insulation, but we're finishing the basement this winter and I want to get the best option out there. It's always cold, so I'm hoping that insulating more of the rooms will help with the temperature.
Jenn |
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Spray foam type insulation is not a homeowner project, it should be left to a professional contractor (Licensed Contractor that is). Adding recycled cellulose (recycled newspaper) can be done by a homeowner. Home Depot for example, rents the machine to spray the insulation, however, you will need to check to see if they have the recycled type of insulation. Be careful not to block any venting with this type insulation. Proper venting provides convection air movement, meaning that the lower vents allow air to enter and as the attic area (above the insulation) heats up, the warmer air is drawn up to the upper vents and out of the attic. It is this movement that helps to keep the attic cooler than if it were sealed.
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We used the spray foam in a 100 year old home in NY. It worked great on energy savings and our bills. It really did make a difference.
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It is worth the money but expensive...
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The positives here are far and away better & positive regarding this type of insulation!
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I have isonene sprayed in my attic. I used it for enviromental purposes as well as savings on my electric bill. This is not an inexpensive way to go. When you use isonene you cannot have any soffit vents at all. It is a sealed application and all openings must be plugged up. But after all is said and done, when you go up in the attic on a 90 degree day, it is 10 degees hotter in the attic than in the house, instead of 40 or 50 degrees , like in a house with fiberglass insulation. This is less taxing on your air conditioning system and saves alot of energy.
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I have seen very effective spray foams used for insallation.

Debbie Albert, PA
Keller Williams of the Treasure Coast
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