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Does installing gutters add value to the home or is it something that buyers don't care about because it's not "fancy and shiny" ?

Asked by Firsttimebuyer, Michigan Wed Jun 23, 2010

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Tish Lloyd’s answer
Adding gutters certainly doesn't fall within the "glamor and glitz" category; however it should be at the top of the "pragmatic" category. Home ownership, while certainly a big part of "The American Dream", is one of the largest investments any of us ever make. My hat's off to you for recognizing the value in protecting your home from potential damage which can be caused by simple water runoff.

The added value here will be long-term. Congratulations!!!
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I agree with this answer. Installing gutters may not be the most dramatic addition, but it is necessary. I wouldn't notice the gutters on a home unless they were missing. Adding the gutters would definitely be a wise investment.
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In my humble opinion there are very few homes in Michigan that should go without them. The main function of gutters is to divert H20 from the structure base and to keep the foundation as dry as possible. In my experience many buyers feel the same way. As a matter of fact, just this past winter a buyer almost bailed out on a new construction home when we discovered the builder was not going to install them. That was my most recent experience w/ gutters. Whenever I am showing a home and notice it is without gutters, I do point it out to my buyers and tell them they should consider adding them in the future to best protect the foundation from water penetration. I think it's safe to say most home inspectors will also advise the same. Will they make or break a sale??? It is going to depend on the buyer, what they are paying, the perceived value of the purchase and what gutters are worth to them. I hope that helps!

Jay M. Jones, Realtor
Max Broock, Birmingham
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I think it's something you should consider. Gutters always make a home look nicer and run smoother. I would highly suggest looking into it and seeing what you can find. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
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Exactly. That's a good move by the realtor and the seller-- gutters are a safe investment for the buyers. A house without gutters is asking for water damage. If you don't think traditional gutters will look good with your house, you could try something slightly more original. As long as they function the same, you should be fine. |
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I don't know how much value it could add to a house, but it's definitely a good idea to have. If nothing else, they help avoid water damage. While you may not make much extra money by having it, you will avoid the possibility of having to make a big repair before you get the chance to sell. I would definitely suggest putting them in.
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I don't know if rain gutters really increase the value of the home, but they keep the house from being devalued, if that makes sense. As has been mentioned in a previous comment, the gutters help to divert water away from the foundation, to avoid erosion and structural damage.
Mark Leach |
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I think that having gutters is really important to any home, especially in areas that get more rain. They do usually help the home to look better and more finished, but they also help to keep the rain in the right place. Without gutters, the rain can wear away at different parts of the house which is never good. If you don't have some and would like to sell your home, then I would probably look into getting some so that you can keep everything in good shape!
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I agree, rain gutters are not only good to have for aesthetics, but for the functionality of the home as well. It can not only damage parts of the home when rain gutters are missing, but also the landscape. Seamless rain gutters do a great job of collecting runoff and channeling it to exit in designated areas. Otherwise, rain could runoff in any low point in your roof's structure and damage flowers, grass, or anything else below the roof.
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Gutters definitely add value to a home. Without gutters, rain falls down along the walls and you're at risk of foundation damage because of water penetration. That being said, not all gutters are created equal. It's important to know what gutters are out there, and to get them installed correctly the first time. Have you looked into seamless gutters?…
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I think it depends a lot on the area you live in. If gutters are very important where you live then it should add value to the home. No one wants to have future problems because the gutters are old and breaking. Installing new gutters could help a buyer feel more comfortable bidding on your house.
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It does not add inherent dollar for dollar value to the home like some things do. I say that if you feel questionable about it; be ready to install them or give an allowance i(even fractional)f you want to. I like the idea of letting the new buyers install their own so they can choose materials and have a first hand relationship with the installer.
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To expand on why you need gutters to protect your foundation: Your home inspection should include making sure that not only are the gutters in place, but that the gutters are clear and that the downspouts effectively drain the rain water away from the foundation. Since gutters fall into the category of what is expected to be included on a house they do not add significant value. But a lack of a properly functioning gutter/downspout system will almost surely detract from the value by causing possible structural damage and the potential for mold.

The maintenace of the gutter/downspout system is something I always include in my home maintenace list for my first time home buyers.

Tom McCombs
Century 21 HomeStar
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The response from Jay Jones is your most honest. I'm glad he spoke about the foundation as some others did not. That is the real reason for gutters. And yes, having them increases your home value at resale time. It might even reduce your insurance premium. Check with your local insurance agent.
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A well thought out gutter system is an important part of a sensible water management system to protect your home and investment. I would not count on it adding a significant amount of additional value but rather in the category of protecting investment.

I'm finding that buyers tend to focus on what is missing rather than what is there - which can be frustrating indeed for sellers that have made efforts to improve their home in preparation for sale. But the fact is this, a properly prepared home that is priced to reflect current market conditions has the best chance of selling at the best possible price.

If you need the gutters to manage the water runoff from your roof, get them.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
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Sorry, maybe I should explain more. I just bought this home, one of the strong reccomendations from the inspector was to add gutters (there was only gutters on the front side of the home and one downspout there. I am getting gutters on. I was just curious as to if they actually add value or not. The salespeople were really keen on telling me that it's a big selling point, especially the strong lifetime guarantee they offer, etc etc. I'm getting them either way, I was just wondering if they were full of it.

I'm looking at doing a few things to add to the longevity of the home, gutters, adding better ventilation to the roof mostly.

Thanks for your answers!
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in Michigan, where rain gutters are the norm, missing gutters could be a problem. Asking the question: "would adding gutters add value" is almost the same as asking "would adding windows add value".

A home in Michigan is expected to have gutters, windows, roof, etc... and while NEW gutters might be worth a little more than old beat-up (but functioning) gutters... they are expected on a home so they don't really add value. While missing gutters certainly deduct from a home's value.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in Evanston, IL
That depends on whether your buyer will be purchasing with cash or obtaining a mortgage. A home without gutters will cause problems becuase most lenders will not accept an appraisal on a home without gutters.
Missing gutters can lead to water infiltration which causes foundation issues.
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Depending on the home, gutters may be an integral part of the design and function of the house. By the sheer design of gutters they move rain water from the surface of the house and away from the foundation. Buyers may see gutters as an essential part of a house structure and insist that they be installed.

The lack of proper gutters and down spouts in some homes can allow rain water to accumulate around the foundation and eventually seep into the basement.

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The addition of rain gutters to a home wouldn't necessarily add value to a home, but if there are not any presently there, it could be an issue.

I've found that most water issues in basements are caused by poor drainage of rain runoff on the exterior of homes. The lack of gutters would certainly fall under this, and if there is a home inspection done, it would probably come up as a recommendation to have gutters installed.

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