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Cost of bathroom addition in San Francisco?

Asked by tyegul, 94117 Mon Oct 7, 2013

I've looked at many websites, watched many renovation shows on TV, and even read books about construction. It appears that one should be able to get a bathroom added for 20-30K, but when we got multiple quotes last year to add a master bathroom to our house in San Francisco, the bids were all at or above 100K (one came in at 200K!), so we couldn't proceed with our plans as our budget was 60K.

I'm wondering if I'm just not able to find the right contractor or if this is just the way it is in SF. If you've added a bathroom to your house in SF or the Bay Area, could you tell me how much it cost?

By the way, we have a really old Victorian with not much space, so the bathroom will be quite small with a 60" double vanity, a toilet (there is no existing sewer line where we want the bathroom), and a double shower head shower with white subway tile.


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Hi Tyegul-

This response may be coming a bit late but thought I would share my thoughts. I have found over the years that contractor bids can be all over the board and span the $$ horizon. I know people who organized the various workers for their own bathroom remodels who spent $10k-$15k. I had another client who just installed a bathroom where one did not exist previously (so they had to dig up the sidewalk/garage floor and install lines) and it was well under $30k. Finishes also play a role in cost.

Contractors' estimates can also vary depending on how busy and how hungry they are. I have found the busier they are, the higher their estimates. The slower they are (like tin the 2009-2010 downtown), the lower their estimates.


Rich Bennett, Realtor
Zephyr Real Estate
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I will answer my own question- hopefully this can help others in my situation. We just completed our bathroom addition to our single family Victorian home by taking half of a large guest bedroom and converting it into a master bathroom. Our bathroom has bianco carrara subway tiles for the shower and a basketweave marble tile for the floors which are heated. We have a double shower with Grohe fixtures and a custom double vanity with Robern medicine cabinets. We also have a large stained glass skylight. The plumber had to dig in to the concrete garage floor to connect the new sewer line. We also added a tankless water heater that serves only the master bathroom. Finally, we added 4 new closets. All of this cost about $55K. I had to get many many many quotes (not the standard 3-4) before I found 2 contractors with reasonable quotes. Then I went and saw 3 similar projects each had completed and talked to the owners for reference. They both seemed great, so I flipped a coin and picked one. I highly doubt that I would have had a better bathroom had I picked one of the first 5-6 contractors who gave me 6 figure quotes (I couldn't have picked them anyway since we couldn't afford those prices).
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Tyegul. I'm in the same boat right now looking for a contractor that can gut and renovate 2 tiny bathrooms for an affordable price. Would really appreciate getting the names/contact info of your contracts if you are comfortable doing so.
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Tyegul: First off you showed both a willingness to do a large amount of research rather than just give up after two or three bid requests. You knew what you wanted which helps a lot. Sharing those two contractors names could really help others benefit from you efforts, as well as helping reward the contractor you chose.
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Congratulations on finding contractors that fit your budget and keeping my remodeling hopes alive! Would you mind sharing their names/contact info?
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Hi t,
call me for a free referral to an experienced licensed general contractor that charges reasonable prices...on his website, you will see examples of the work he's completed

good luck!

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You're final price will all depend on the finishes you choose, as well as any major modifications you want to make (ie: moving plumbing, electrical, structural walls etc).

TV shows are very inaccurate in their pricing, especially for someone who lives in an expensive area like San Francisco, so I would not suggest using them as a reference point.

Bathrooms in SF can cost upwards of $50K, but can also be much less expensive if you choose cost over finishes in your design decisions. Of course, adding a bathroom outside of the current footprint of your home will be much more expensive than adding one within your current home.

I regularly work as an independent contractor with a LLC that designs and renovates homes, and work closely with architects and general contractors in SF to do similar renovations. I'd be happy to give you some recommendations and referrals. Feel free to contact me at any time.

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I want to do a renovation on my house. I've been trying to figure out the cost of each room. I think that the kitchen and bathroom will be the most expensive to do.
Gary Puntman |
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Try DuGarry construction . They do amazing work and there prices are fair
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Hi Tyegul,

perhaps getting more bids on it would be ideal. Perhaps you can find a few more at or did any of the current bids itemize the job, showing Why it would cost this much? For example, do you need to run a new sewer line or alter something due to new code?

All the best,

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I think it may be the SF area. I know things are considerable more expensive there. You could probably do minor renovations on your budget. Like painting, or just changing out fixtures?

Alena |…
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I am a contractor in San Francisco all my work is in Noevalley . The name of my company is Dugarry construction You definitely can remodel a bathroom for 60k . Fell free to call me if you have any questions 415 702 6055
Thanks patrick
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It may not feel like it but you are really in control for the cost to add your bathroom! I live in the bay area and SF is certainly an expensive place to get work done but $100k for a medium size bathroom addition is getting close to top of the line. Were there any construction issues - like a hill side or other issues? that can easily add $20k just for extensive foundatin work. yes, who the contractor is and the designer makes a huge difference. If you got a quote from an architect who charges you and then a high end contractor with lots of overhead and is super busy then that adds a lot to the cost. Your $20k is probably on the low side but $30k should be achieveable...i found this at the bathroom addition cost calculators at A few suggestions...1. pick out the items you want to use..vanity, sinks, toilet, tile, etc. You have to make these decisions eventually and if you make them now you can get a much more accurate estimate from contractors - they dont have to add "allowances" which can drive up the price because they may assume you want a $1000 toilet when you are OK with a $200 toilet. 2. talk to different types of contractors - smaller companies with no sales people and where the owner does most of the work and big companies with employees and sales people. You will likely see a BIG range of prices - varying by $50k! You can then choose the company who offers all the services you want and need and know you are paying the "right" price.
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hire labor yourself,hire carpenter,plumber,electrician make sure they are licenced,buy materials yourself,
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hire labor yourself,hire carpenter,plumber,electrician make sure they are licenced,buy materials yourself,
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That's a tough questions, if youre looking to make it at a reasonable price i would see if has any services in your area. i havent been back to SF in a while though.
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Hi tyegul,

You may want to check out the new Real Cost Finder,, that Houzz launched, which is a partner of Trulia. It has costs for remodeling across the US based on actual projects that homeowners recently completed - it shows a:

bath remodel in SF averages $25k with the most expensive 5% costing $69k.

Given the scope of your work it may be at the higher end of this, but sounds close to your $60k target budget.

Houzz also has a pretty extensive list of contractors and you can search for bath remodelers in SF. Good luck!
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Thanks for the answers so far. Just wanted to add that we're not increasing the square footage of the house. We're taking half of one bedroom and making it into a bathroom. Also, there is already a sink there, so there is plumbing for water, but no sewage line for a toilet.
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The $100K range is more realistic. You are adding a master bathroom and depending on if the existing structure can handle this along with the existing plumbing and electrical. Obviously different finishes can make the job less or even more. Although it doesn't sound like that was the goal. Usually a bathroom addition will start in the low $75K on up and typically you will see a recouped value of 73% (depending on market conditions. i think you might be getting confused between a bathroom remodel vs. a bathroom addition. Updating a pre-existing bathroom is going to be a lot less expensive then adding something that was never there to begin with.

Best of luck!

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Thanks for your response. Unless I see different responses from others, I'll assume that "this is the way it is in SF". I'm definitely not confusing bathroom remodel vs addition as my best friend just remodeled her bathroom in Ann Arbor, MI for 5K and they moved everything around. Also, my sister in law owns a 3 bed/2 bath house in Jacksonville, FL that only cost 125K (the whole house, not the master bath).
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Just remember that everything is negotiable. Some contractor's will overbid in expectation of a counter, while others will quote a real price without much, if any, room for negotiation.

Depending on whether you're extending the footprint of your home, moving walls around inside the existing structure and also taking into consideration the plumbing and electrical needs, a bathroom could be added for anywhere from 15-100K.
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