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Benzlet, Home Buyer in Naples, FL

Why do most of the swimming pools have a large screened-in enclosure around them? Does this reduce the appeal of sitting "outdoors" while?

Asked by Benzlet, Naples, FL Mon Jun 21, 2010

at the pool?

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Roxie Baber’s answer
I wouldn't have a pool in FLA without one! My sister lives in an area with a lot of palm trees and just keeping the pool clean was a daily task until she built hers. She now has an outdoor kitchen, bar, pool and spa all under the screened area and we can enjoy it all evening with no mosquitos!
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I don't think it reduces the appeal of the pool. I think it's a safe idea to keep the pool enclosed. This way, you make sure who is going in and out of the pool which can really reduce a lot of accidents that can happen! http://www.standrite.com.au/Pool-Fencing
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We live in Kissimmee and have chosen to not have screen enclosures on the last 2 homes. We like the large walking area around the pool, like irregular shaped pools, find the enclosure to be distracting, unappealing and takes away from the open garden atmosphere.

Mosquitos and other bugs are only out for a few minutes at dusk, and if you are in the water they don't bother much. In the morning we have to scoop out one or 2 frogs. Another important reason not to screen is that it warms the water up to 4 degrees more than with a screen, and that is a big reduction in heating cost.

Tony Vega

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these are onle black snake, they don't bite
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that is insane - snakes gravitate to water pools
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Benzlet, having a screen does not reduce the appeal of sitting outdoors but instead enhances it. No bugs to worry about, no leaves to sweep up, just the beauty and satisfaction of being outside. And, as mentioned by another responder, it enables one to keep the sliders and windows open creating an indoor/outdoor living.
I love it and so do my customers!
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Too bad they're ugly as sin.
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Also keeps snakes out of the pool!
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--unless the snakes sneak under either of the screen doors of the enclosure. (which has happened to me twice. I used left-over screening, rolled-up then flattened to fill the gap beneath both my screen-doors on the enclosure to the pool/patio.
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I am not from Naples, obviously, but have been to Florida enough times to hazard a guess:
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Penny wise, stupid foolish. To have a pool in Florida without a lanai is like shoveling snow with a broom! The heat, sun, snakes, leaves, dirt, spuders, mice, skunks, kids, did I even mention quality of life?...buy plenty of bug spray and hire a pool company to clean the pool...you'll be sick of it!!!!
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Honestly, I have a larger backyard. I would love to not have the cage.... The cage give me feeling of a bird, not being able to breath freely. It's kind of disgusting but necessary. So, my suggestion is 1. my lanai is as bigger as i can. My cage goes from one side of the house to the other side of the house, so I can see the list of it, and on top of it, I continue the cement or brick after the cage... it give me the sense of continuantion.... it gives me the sense that it doenst stop there at the cage. and the the other side of the screen I have a patio, with chairs, with garde, palm trees, a fire pit. So, every morning, I walk my dog there with my cup of coffee, sit on those chairs, enjoy MUCH better that sun, the wind, the dogs love, to run, I love to hear the palm trees making the noise...I feel free out there FOR SURE. much more than inside of the lanai. But when is time of the mosquitoes, and when is late in the afternoon.... than I sit in the lanai. I guess I got a little of both worlds. I have nothing fancy, but it gives me the freedom of the outdoors, I right there on the other side, looking at the beautiuful pool, taking the pure sun, breathing, and than I move inside. I enjoy. But I do not enjoy the mosquitoes. But this is life.. Make a bigger patio and bigger than your screen, put vases, in key places that kind of disgase the screen. and enjoy both side of the screen :+) different types of the day. By the way, I even hang a hammack on the palm tree on the "free side" with the birds....
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snakes love to take a swim
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Many homes in Southwest Florida (mainly outside of an association) are being built without pool "cages". I also believe the appeal is enhanced year round as you can keep your sliding doors open if you wish, and it protects your pool from bugs, leaves, etc. A really good friend recently removed their screened-in enclosure when they updated their living area. They love the more open feeling, however they do not like the increased pool maintenance and upkeep associated with no cage.

Cage or no cage, I cannot imagine living anywhere else! :)

Janet Berry
Naples and Southwest Florida Specialist
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There's almost no way you would be able to sit outdoors by your pool without a screened-in lanai. It keeps the debris out of the pool and off the deck, keeps out wildlife (frogs, turtles, gators) and the myriad of insects we co-exist with in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and the rest of SWFL.
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In my experience, it keeps pool maintenance down by keeping debris out. We can enjoy our deck without being disturbed by insects, gnats, mosquitos, flies, etc. and it provides some indirect sunlight. We can feel the heat of the sun with some deflection from the screening.
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Dear Homebuyer,
a lot of new homes are being built without a screen enclosure, but it is important where you built or buy a home. Some areas have a lot of moskitos' and the screen is protecting from the moskitos' and other bugs. Also check the surrounding landscape, the screen is also keeping out the landscape debris. I had a pool with out a screen enclosure for many years. I liked it much better, but the pool needed much more maintenance, because of the surrounding landscape.

Best Wishes,
Kirsten Prizzi
TMB Realty Inc
Phone: 239-248-1667
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Dear Homebuyer,
a lot of new homes are being built without a screen enclosure, but it is important where you built or buy a home. Some areas have a lot of moskitos' and the screen is protecting from the moskitos' and other bugs. Also check the surrounding landscape, the screen is also keeping out the landscape debris. I had a pool with out a screen enclosure for many years. I liked it much better, but the pool needed much more maintenance, because of the surrounding landscape.

Best Wishes,
Kirsten Prizzi
TMB Realty Inc
Phone: 239-248-1667
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We are one of the few that doesn't like our pool enclosure. We live in Georgia. We find the the water temp is significantly decreased. When people are getting in there pools and enjoying them in April/May, we usually don't get to even get in ours until June. Our pool is never a comfortable temp. We don't want to go thru the added expense of a heater. We are probably about to have ours removed. At least if we could swim in it then we wouldn't mind the expense and work of keeping the pool maintained. We didn't install the enclosure ourselves, it was already there when we bought the house.
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People have different opinions when it come to pool screen enclosures, some love them and some hate them and think they are ugly. But nearly everyone who has spent much time in Florida lounging or entertaining around a pool has to admit that the screen cage is a necessity if you are to enjoy the space. The lack of a pool cage is viewed buy most home buyers as a negative.
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The appeal for pool & lanai screen enclosures is the they keep the pool and surrounding area cleaner and of course they keep the mosquito and other biting insects out so that you can enjoy the pool year round. And yes it does cut down on the view at time, but many people consider it the lesser of 2 evils.
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Posted June 2010.
Still relevant for those newbie puzzled by these cages.
So many reasons that would only be understandable for those living in FL.
One of the resdialual benefits become awesomely apparent only AFTER they have lived their a while.

A screen enclouse around the pool provides:
1. Security
2. Reduces cleaning issue if oaks, pines or palms are nearby
3. Extend sunshine time by disfusiing the sear of direct sun
4. Keep out the flying inscets
5.Expands the effective living space in winter months by allowing all the doors and window remain open without bugs getting in.
6. Could serve as an aviary. (not recommended)
7. And if direct UV exposure is the goal, open the door and step out or move the the driveway.
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It may be the owners method of trying to keep others away from their pool as a means of limiting their liability or it may be similar to a "screened in porch" with the screening serving to keep the bugs out.
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I have never seen a screened pool here in Illinois . We have leaves , animals , insects , that can get into the pool . My neighbor has an electric cover that with a push of the button is deployed thus keeping out insects debris and reducing heating cost in cool times . Also keeps kids out when nobody is around .
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I would have to throw in insurance costs. A pool that is not enclosed is a higher risk and the premium is likely to be higher.
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I agree with you Freddi...Jenniferlupita, you are an ignorant backwoods idiot.
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Jenniferlupita you are a sad stupid person. There is always one in the group! Hopefully you will be removed shortly.
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Keeps the NI66ERS out too!
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Rest assured screened in lanai's do let the sun in as well as the breezes. A screened in lanai is an asset to the home. You'd not be able to enjoy your lanai without one. It keeps out critters as well as bugs.
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My wife says it blocks out some of the sun but other than that it is very nice......keeps mosquitos and flys out. Allows you to enjoy a meal on the patio. People want to enjoy being outdoors.....this is just another way to extend those time periods with minimal interference.

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Screens also block 20-25% of the sun's rays. This is a good thing for glare, many plants, healthier skin and pool water overheating (yes, it happens) during the hot periods.
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I believe the lanai's are screen in to afford the homeowner a bug free environment. When one has a pool it's a requirement to either screen it in or put up a fense to keep children from accidently falling in. Within the last few years one is also required to install a child guard fence inside the lanai to protect children from falling in.(when building a new pool or home). We built our home in 2000 and at that time it was not a requirement. In addition to the law the screen also keeps out other invaders and dried leaves and debris.
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Because of bugs, alligators, and snakes. Unfortunately, we share paradise with these critters in Naples. Its the best way to keep them out.
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My Son-in-law said that he would like to have a pool without screening until they bought a house without screening. He thought he'd enjoy skimming the pool. That enjoyment lasted about 3 months and then it became a chore. They live in Central FL and have Live Oaks on the property --- leaves AND acorns in the pool!
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No it doesn't. My brother lived in Florida and had a screened in patio and pool. It did not detracted at all from the beauty of the house or the pool. It was very nice to sit outside and not be slapping bugs all night or swat at bees. I believe I am going to do the same thing in Texas.
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Having a "caged" pool is an option that most Florida pool owners elect to take for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it keeps unwanted creatures including, flies, mosquitos, snakes, frogs, lizards etc away from your personal relaxation area. Secondly, the cage contributes to easier maintenance by keeping out wind blown materials. It also acts as a barrier for keeping out unwanted or wandering individuals.

Simply stated, the choice is yours but it seems to make complete sense to many to have a caged pool.

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That is what i LOVE about that area! Keep the mosquitos out, don't bake in the sun, keep it as clean and free of critters, leaves, and filth as possible, and enjoy it even when it rains or it's windy, and the big bonus: have a nice covered area you can also use for your complete outdoor enjoyment, with exercise equipment, sauna, kitchen, lounge, whatever pleases you! It's wonderful - Now, if you don't like any of these extra bonuses, go buy a house in AZ instead.
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We agree pool screens are not attractive. However, they keep birds and critters out. They enable the owner to have lighting on at night. For these reasons, they used by pool owners of most modest to high priced homes in south Florida.
Bert Nordin, Naples, FL
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You almost never see them in upscale neighborhoods. It's mostly where people don't want to spend the money or the time to properly take care of their pool. They are ugly and destroy the curb appeal of your home. Don't listen to the posters that cite bugs and leaves. Please, there are bugs and leaves in all 50 states. It's a marketing ploy and Florida's dimwits fell for it. Face it Florida, if you have a screened in pool, your house is HIDEOUS!
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Toni Fellowes = TROLL. Best to ignore it.
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Being from Pittsburgh (Yuck) I don't think you have any right to call Floridians dimwits. Living in Pittsburgh nominates YOU to be the DIMWIT.
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You must not live in an upscale neighborhood. I would say your post is somewhat narrow-minded.
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It prevents evaporation - It keeps the water cooler - It protects your skin as you don't bake in the sun (there is nothing worse when sun reflection on water for your skin) - it protects from skin cancer. it allows you to use your pool regardless of the weather condition, and it gives you a nice enclosed private area where your kids don't wander and unwanted kids don't use your pool when you're not around, which is YOUR liability in most states.
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Of all places on earth, I used to live in Diamond Head, Honolulu, HI - We had so many mosquitos that I would be unable to use the pool without getting a dozen bites each time, and my son and I are allergic to mosquito bites. To each his own, but I could not disagree more with you. curb appeal? the pool is not in your front lawn! bugs and leaves ARE REAL! An outdoor pool is A LOT of upkeep, and you would know if you have ever owned one.
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Honestly, pool screens (cages) seem to be either a love it or hate it kind of thing. The 'haters' want the outdoor feel and don't want their sun filtered. The lovers like to be able to open their doors out to the pool area and use it as an extension of their home.

The screen does filter the sun - but as a Florida native who has had her share of visits to the dermatologist, that's fine with me. Also, it keeps the pool water cooler. A big plus in the summer!
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Get the pool screens that remove easily - they help with cleanliness and safety and can be removed when entertaining.
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You have to have a screen or fence to get permits , for insurance We have a big poll with 5ft coloumns and aluminum railing looks like a million but my husband did the work he builds, just buy a self cleaner creepy crawly thing I had screen no screen better cheaper insurance, screens get nasty and spiders love them.
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Privacy! Privacy from raccoons, bugs, snakes, lizards, neighbors etc.. It also performs other great jobs. It secures the pool area from little wanderers in the neighborhood and also provide to some extent a little shading. I have had pools with and without enclosures and can tell you I prefer enclosures.
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A screen around the pool keeps out bugs, snakes, leaves and other debris but most important it helps keep out neighborhood children that may be tempted to go for a swim. There have been news reports of small children drowning in Florida pools.
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I haven't looked at the other replies, but they all probably have to do with safety. Time and Time again you hear in the news kids that drown because parents just don't watch the kids right. Thats probably the only reason, I mean we want everything to look good like we are Hollywood movie stars, but when it comes to kids and safety, I'll take ugly everyday
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All the answers received are relavent.

I have a single family home in Naples with a screened pool and would not have it any other way and my pool man loves it. The screen in no way inhibits my views I remember when we first had our home built it was to be a night of shooting stars in abundance so we set our clock and spent about 45 minutes laying in our chase lounges watching the show. I don'[t think it would have been as much fun if we were watching for bugs etc. also, did you know, that birds will sometimes come swooping down looking for???? for dinner?

There are exceptions when a home is built on the water, the constant winds tend to keep the bug population in check.

My suggestion to my buyers, give serious thought to having a cage built around your pool; it also gives you a feeling of privacy.
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Hi Benzlet. All of the answers below are pretty valid, except they missed two other reasons to have an enclosure. I read all of the names of bugs, and Murray's named the most, but there are also the ones called 'no see-ums'. They bite the hell out of you on the west coast of Florida and you never see them 'til they hurt you. The second reason is to keep alligators out of your pool. There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, and finding Al swimming in your pool. It has been known to happen, so Google it if you don't believe me.

I used to spend a lot of time visiting a relative in Cape Coral. He had a large enclosure on a new house. The appeal of sitting out there at night was still wonderful. Everything is visible, you just don't get bitten to death.


Scott Miller, Realty Associates, Boca Raton, FL
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Screened enclosures around the swimming pool are not typical in North Eastern Ohio, however there are safety codes for fencing height around the pool to keep children from getting in without supervision. These enclosures are more common in Florida... I would suspect it is to keep out the golf balls...
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I've always thought they were primarily to keep out the pesky mosquitoes, dog flies, deer flies, horse flies, and all of the leaves and pine straw, but I see the answer, "liabilitiy." Typically, a 4ft tall fence is required for liability, but now I'm wondering if the screen actually protects one's liability in a similar manner as the fence. Does anyone know that for certain?
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Liability and child safety. Most of the screens can be removed from a sleeve in the concrete quite easily if the pool is going to be supervised.
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Screened enclosures are used primarily to help keep the pool free from leaves and other debris.
Web Reference: http://www.golftobeach.com
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Phoenix law only requires that you have a pool fence or a special type of lock on the door to the pool that would prevent a child from getting outdoors to the pool without supervision. The laws are to protect children. If the Buyer does not have children, they do not have to comply, but there is a swimming pool addendum that all Buyers must sign if there is a pool explaining the law. Florida screens are a completely different animal so to speak. These screens are for keeping snakes, bugs, etc. out of the pool. They do not protect children from drowning. I have relatives in Florida and they have an additional child protection fence within the screened area. I have been outdoors many times sitting within these areas and I did not find the atmosphere was any different. It does shade the area some during the day, but believe me, you still have plenty of sun! Hope this helps!
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In Arizona it is the law to have a fenced in pool area. Child drownings by young ones have cost many families a child. The law is strictly enforced. No matter how viligent a parent is accidents do happen.
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As you can see there is no right or wrong answer. I have a pool cage and screening around my pool and would not change it. When we have guest over I just open the sliders and this makes the home very open to the out doors. I also don't have to worry about what you might find in your pool from time to time. It also gives you some shade in the summertime. You either have to have a pool cage or fence. Of course there is the Bugs and they bite even late at night.
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Hi Benzlet,

As far as the aspects of the appeal - one thing I particularly like about screened pools is that many homes have sliding or pocket doors that allow the home to be opened up to the pool area. Screening allows this and extends the "living" area of the interior of the home to the Lanai or pool deck. This is very appealing when entertaining and provides much more opportunity to allow free visitation among a group of people. I wouldn't think this would be a viable option without the area being screened. It lends much more of a tropical or island atmosphere to the home when it is opened in such a way.

Dianne Scott
Web Reference: http://www.DianneScott.com
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Good consideration-we are contemplating screen or no screen but this might just be the info I needed to go ahead and screen. Thanks!
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The other agents have certainly brought up the issues of why screening...bugs, kids, sun block, etc. There are many community pools that do not have screening, however if it was me and I had a single family pool home, I would not have it any other way. Hope you have gotten the insights you are looking for. Good luck!

Web Reference: http://www.spinarealty.com
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I personally- do not appreciate screened in pools! There clearly are benefits in having the screen enclosures as has been mentioned in earlier answers.

Screen enclosures can be expensive and they do need to be maintained and re-screened periodically.

Its a personal choice.
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It is also important to keep small children from falling in a pool and drowning. In Florida, we have many accidents involving small children and pools that are unscreened. Many laws will require you to screen or fence in a pool area for your protection as well as the protection of small children.
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Hi Benzlet,

There are a couple more reasons, actually. Screens can not only keep insects and other things out but can also keep the pool from extra dirt like the debris from flowering trees and shrubs.

I have spoken with many home owners who have opted not to "cage" in their pool and this is what I am told: 1) a screen tended to make the pool area darker, 2) the cost of a screen seemed out of proportion to the benefits and 3) since hotels don't screen their pools areas in and most guests aren't bothered, they thought they'd do the same (and are happy with the decision).

As with so many real estate details, it's personal choice. In Naples you have many opportunities either way.

Cynthia Ann Corogin
ShortSale and Foreclosure Resource
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