Rocky, Home Owner in Upper Darby, PA

Why are so many people on Welfare in this area? Our school taxes are extremely high because we have to pay for those that do not want to work!

Asked by Rocky, Upper Darby, PA Sun Jun 3, 2012

I understand that assistance is needed to help those who fall on hard times. For a fact I know people who brag about getting free cell phones. They all have Flat Screen TV's, Air Conditioning etc.... Aren't you supposed to be poor to receive Welfare. WOW!! The system is good to these people giving them much more than my family can afford to have. I have turned my Air Conditioning off, used my electric sparingly, cut back on my food bill, and next I am thinking I may have to
discontinue my cell service. My family and I are in our own business and recently due to the economy we have been very slow. I refuse to collect Welfare seeing that in the Bible "Those who do not Work, Shall not Eat" This is God's Word. How can some people have 5 to 8 children and the whole family is collecting a government check, then instead of raising their children to work hard, instead they teach them the same as they do. They say that they believe in God, but this is not what God intended.

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Beccalam13’s answer
Well you can't WORK when there are NO JOBS to be found!!!!! How dare you criticize people on welfare. My husband had an excellent job for over 17 years and got laid off. He has been out of work for over a year. He has literally HUNDREDS of applications out there and NO ONE calls back. I can only find part time work. We are Christians too and understand that you are suppose to work, BUT there has to be a job!!!! And as far as having a big TV I'm sure in some cases people had nice stuff BEFORE they got into a bad situation....what should they do...sell it all??? And speaking of families with alot of kids, at least in my state(and I have a feeling in others) Welfare DOES NOT give you help for more than 3 kids after that you are on your own. So don't think these people are having more kids just to get more help. As a Christian I think YOU need to be a little more understanding and a little less judgemental. Instead of worrying about what others are getting/not getting and what they have and don't have, you should just be BLESSED that your own family is doing well and that you have the PRIVILEDGE of owning your own business.
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EXCUSE YOU!!!! Times are tough for us also! We have taken a hit on our business because of the economy as well. We do without, we don't have a Large Screen TV, we don't buy unless we need something. Our Taxes go up every year. WE PAY for your Welfare and the Welfare of others. There are jobs out there, you may just need to take 2 jobs to make the pay you used to. Is it right that there are people that live in our State and raise generation after generation on Welfare? Who do you think pays for this? The working people. If you ever wondered why your Taxes go up every year if you are a Home owner, it's because we have to support so many people on government programs and public schools that turn out kids that can't read or write. In regards to you and your predicament, you say that you can't find a job??? Don't you really mean that you can't find a job equal to what you had??? Instead of complaining about not being able to find work, you should go out and get 2 or 3 jobs. Just like we did
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I don't know of anyone who if offered a decent job with benefits would turn it down in lieu of a measly welfare payment. You cannot have the rich without the poor. Imagine if all of those millions of people on unemployment suddenly returned to work, that would bump a lot of people with jobs out of jobs. Those on welfare pose no risk to an affluent person. It is when they are removed from the welfare roles that they become a threat. The competition for jobs will be fierce. People are delusional if they think getting a welfare check is something anyone wants. The generational cycle of welfare dependence is due to, those in the upper class and the generations before them, keeping their money and opportunity amongst themselves. Nobody wants to be on welfare or disability. Nobody wants to live within a fixed income when our society is ever changing.
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I do have an answer. It certainly is not welfare. When 'short time' assistance becomes a 'life time' of dependency it is a disaster for our great country. It robs the tax base of vital monies that must be spent for the correct purpose. I am not a biblical scholar, and would never pretend to be. Society is supposed to take care of the needy, but I do not think society is obligated to take care of the lazy. I graduated from St. Cyril's in 1956, and Monsignor Bonner in 1960. Apparenty welfare was not needed until government deemed it so, for some reason. I don't remember anyone dying in the street for lack of food, until government told us that they were. T.V. and phones, cell or otherwise, are not a necessity. I have been to 36 different countries. I have seen poverty, lived with and among truly impoverished people. And if you think America has poverty, you ought to look around. Rocky USMC
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You are so right. It really makes my blood boil when I see people in the grocery stores that we shop in and they have Cell phones, Nails & Hair, Clothes & Makeup to the max. Most of these people (of all races)- YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT THIS IS RACIST ARE USUALLY THE RACISTS!! Welfare does not have a Color, get over yourselves!! They get to the Register with all of their name brand items and have Steak, Lobster, all of the things that I cannot afford to buy. My wife and I clip coupons and we do not buy brand names because they are unaffordable. When we get out to the parking lot they all have SUV's and newer vehicles while I am driving my old vehicles because I cannot afford to buy a newer car. People are mad as hell because we have to watch our budgets while our Government takes our money to take care of the LAZY. There are people who need the assistance but unfortunately, where I live there are generations from Great Grandparents to their Grandchildren on Gov. Assistance.
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Amazing - the current population is not the only population that was on welfare in Upper Darby or in South Philadelphia or North East Philly or in Haverford for many years. All communities have a welfare population unless you are living in areas where you are paying $300,000+ for a home. And why are you so judgemental - second thought never mind you gave your reason. Anyhew - you need to also understand the dynamics of the City of Philadelphia. Like most urban areas, and I am now in DC, the cities are making it very hard for the low income or welfare recipients as you put it, to continue to live in the city. Properties and communities are being redeveloped by the wealthy pushing people out of their neighborhoods with raised rents, most areas have no way to shop for food, goods, or services and the new place to live for the upcoming wealthy is the city - they want their urban back - lol! By the way, most on walfare do work, and supplement their manner of living, they put things on lay-a-way televisions, clothes, furniture etc. Stop being judgemental and either stay or go - it's as simple as that, that area has not be revitalized since a god knows when! Most of the homes are old and over priced anyway and who better to buy than the poor broke people who live paycheck to paycheck from the neighboring city of Philadelphia. Your school system stopped caring about educating since African Americans moved there anyway- so Upper Darby ain't no prize because you have slum lords, ripoff home sellers and the like. This nation is not a nation of throwing away the poor - and I thank God for those who watch out for the poor and those needing welfare - sometimes that's all a family has to make it from day to day especially after loosing a job, home, car, and anything else essential to the average person. So what they get free phones - go get one yourself if that's what you want - stop whining move on and if you live by the Bible - then I am certain that there is something about not hating, not coveting, not complaining, jealousy, etc. Oh, yeah, and LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS "I" LOVE YOU. Can you guess who the "I" is?
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Joann, did you purchase a home yet? When you do and your property taxes are $10,000 and your home is only worth $150,000 will you care then? I would think so. Would you do the "Christian thing" and walk out of your house "move in a needy family" and pay the mortgage for them? I tithe to my church and they distribute my money to the poor. I don't need a lecture from someone that is a "home buyer" take it from a "Homeowner" Things must be good for you to pass judgement on others. You should be ashamed of yourself, judging others. You sound like one of those people that hate the rich. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? When the rich are all on welfare then where does the money come from? I bet you don't know, or want to know the answer to these questions.
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Oh, The Bible you say- How about this- Did you ever hear that he that does not Work, shall not eat? That went out the window a long time ago. Wait until your school taxes are so high that you need another job to afford them. Then they foreclose on your home and move in a Welfare recipient on your dime. I guess you won't be laughing then. Let me ask you something- Do you know anyone that is a 3rd Generation Welfare recipient? I DO! This family that I know first hand has been collecting Welfare, they all work under the table and their kids, and their grandchildren are being raised on welfare. What about that? Is it Okay? Really? This is my Tax money that goes to support these people. What happens when are taxes are so high that we can no longer keep our home? Then we are expected to just leave and loose our homes? Most people CAN work but CHOOSE NOT TO... And they have to answer to Jesus when judgement day comes just like I will.
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This is utterly ridiculous. Everyone on welfare does not want to be on welfare. And most of the people who have to fall back on to welfare still work while receiving welfare. instead of condemning people on it why don't you help out by lobbying to raise pay so that everyone can make a decent living and not have to rely on welfare. The fact that you say that people raise their children to continue to be on welfare is racist. You dont know everyone's situation and you need to do research before you start spitting out untruths
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I know that the company I work at is constantly looking for drivers and dockworkers. There are jobs, but sometimes you have to consider career changes. Yes, the economy is bad, I was laid off twice in 2010. I was out of work for one week the first time and three weeks the second time. If someone is filling out "hundreds of applications" then I have to guess he is doing something wrong or that something could be coming up in the background check that the applicant is not aware of. I had that happen to me once - years ago, my credit score had fallen below the 600 mark, so I was denied an opportunity as a programmer for a particular company.

Keep in mind that oftentimes there are people on welfare who might not be able to work a regular job. There are such things as hidden disabilities, so unless you personally know a person "working the system", perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge. Should they be on SSI or SSD? Perhaps. But SSD can take a year or more to have your case evaluated - and in the meantime, folks need to rely on other income/food sources.

And if you DO know that someone is "working the system" - perhaps you should report it. There will always be those who want to abuse the system; if they are not reported, then there's no negative consequence.
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You know something, you mentioned your company hiring drivers, how many men and women don't have driver's licenses because public transportation is readily available, I bet most don't even think of getting one. Good post though.
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Yes, I know first hand of several people that have raised first, second and third generations and live on Welfare and abuse the system, I would love to know how to report them. Would you happen to know who to contact? How would I prove that they are abusing the system? I know them and their families live in Phila. and brag about all the freebees they get. One in particular works under the table and also collects Welfare, gets free cell phone, Chip, Wic and every other free program that WE as taxpayers foot the bill for. I myself am tired of having to pay for those who don't work.
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