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Candy, Other/Just Looking in Spring, TX

Where is the most Christian-populated area of Texas?

Asked by Candy, Spring, TX Sat Jun 23, 2007

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Sorry Candy,

But you have touched a nerve that has become inflamed among many Christians.

The likes of Rev. Jim Baker, Rev Jimmy Swaggert, Rev Ted Haggard and countless other so called Christians have made it clear that meeting someone who professes to be a Good Christian is no guarantee you are meeting someone who is a Good Person.

Maybe you should decide if you want to live in a safe neighborhood or in a Christian neighborhood. The two are not necessarily the same.

The word “bigot’ is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as:

n. One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
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Your sweet name conceals an attitude that could leave a very bad taste.

How sad it is that in 2007 you are trying to find a community in the United States that will tell you by certain faith based demographics you will be safe from people whose beliefs you don't approve of, even before you have an opportunity to get to know them. It's the root of all bigotry.

Are you old enough to remember the time when there were restrictive covenants in Title Deeds all across White America that prevented Jews, Blacks, and other "undesirables" from buying in certain neighborhoods?>

If you are looking for predominately Christian areas of Texas I suppose you would want to bring back protections for your neighborhood against those terrible non Christians.

But maybe I have misread your question. Maybe you are trying to stay away from the most Christian populated areas of Texas.
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James, what I think is that atheists like yourself shouldn't be answering questions on Christianity. You should stick to your sataic bible instead.
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I think Candy's question is real and likely to be something many religious (as well as non-religious) people would ask or think about. Why does it make someone a bigot to want to live near people who share similar values to themselves? Sociologically speaking, this is very normal for people to do. If others do not ask this (or other questions of this type), maybe it is because there is a fear of being attacked but inside the questions exist. At least that is my belief, and I'm far from a Christian and also far from being insulted by her question. Power to you Candy!
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Looks like this question is not often answered in government sponsered research. You can see other interesting population trends at http://recenter.tamu.edu/mreports/DallasFWArl.pdf You might also look at:

The 1995 Federal Fair Housing Act however likely prohits realtors from stearing you to one particular neighborhood or another.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
Sorry Bruce, Blitzen, and Allheart. Being a Christian, I didn't mean to start a conflict. Bruce, I found your answer helpful, ALONG with Mortgage Man's. Thanks all.
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i think Bruce provided some useful links. no, he did not answer the question but he gave resources to help the asker find there way. i do not really see how that is a bad answer.
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You're in the bible belt. At every corner is a church.
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WOW, I never dreamed of such responses. I was just looking for the best place for my grandchildren to come up alive and well. I really never thought this question would bring such animosity. No I'm not a bigot, but I want my grandchildren to not have gangs to join or be killed by (or both), neighbors who would prey upon them, and such easily attainable drugs to steal their minds, etc. I'm sorry that there are so many misinformed who feel this is bigotry.
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Thanks! and Thanks?! I guess all of you were helpful in one way or another. Thank you all and good night.

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Candy, I too am astonished and amazed at a couple of the replies here. I don't for a moment believe that you were trying to be anti-semantic, racist or elitist.

Probably what you were trying to do is to find an area that holds similar beliefs to yours. Christians aren't the only ones by any means that have beliefs like this. I sure hope that my neighbor, whether they are Christian or Muslim believes in "thou shalt not kill".

It is difficult for agents because to answer your question we could be accused of "steering", in other words taking a client to an area that is highly one ethniticity or another. This would keep the areas that way in the long run and be a bad idea.

That being said part of the Aggie Creed here at Texas A&M, College Station is never to lie, cheat or steal!

Good luck finding a great place!

Chris Tesch
RE/MAX Bryan-College Station
Web Reference: http://www.ChrisTesch.com
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Candy, I agree. These questions are very real and asked everyday by clients. Don't feel bad for asking. It's a very valid question. I hope my link helped.
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Candy, it looks like you brought up a hot topic here. The truth is as Real Estate Professionals we are not allowed to discuss statistics like these due to Federal Fair Housing Laws. Discussing Race, Religion, Handicap's...items like that are a Fair Housing Violation. In the Houston area I refer people to school reports for answers such as these. They post statistics about almost everything that we can not discuss. I hope this helps you, and sorry that I can't answer the question. I honestly don't know the answer but thought I could point you in the right direction. I am placing a link below that is the School Finder on our MLS. You can search any zip code in Texas.
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Texas is so diverse, and for that matter Christianity is as well, that to answer that question the best would require more information on what you're looking for. A particular denomination? A large Evangelical Following? An overall community feel that avoids and opposes standards frowned upon by Christians? etc.

Being that the majority of Texans still consider themselves Christian then my short answer would be the place in Texas with the largest population is the most Christian-Populated area.
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Bad answer, Bruce Lynn!! The person was asking for a statistic, not a referral to a specific neighborhood. Trying to skirt the real question will not get clients for you.
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That is a good question. I would have to say probably the counties where alcohol is not sold. Maybe family.org might have some stats on that.
Web Reference: http://itvrealty.com
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Bruce gave the best answer and is correct :The 1995 Federal Fair Housing Act however likely prohits realtors from stearing you to one particular neighborhood or another.

He gave some excellent links
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Candy, regarding the concerns you expressed about your grandchildren- Of course nothing is a guarantee and things could change during your time in any area but I would research crime statistics in an area that interests you.....
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several years ago I had a cal from a man in New York City. He had a great oppurtunity with a wonderful job in Ft Worth Texas but he and his wife had grown up in a neighborhood where they could walk to their synagoge and be near various markets that catered to their religion. He said he could not talk his wife into this move unless he could find a jewish area in Ft Worth.

I thought about his needs and also about the Fair Housing Law. I gave him the phone number of two local Synagoges and told him that he could ask advice there and then call me back requesting specific nieghborhoods, but not only was I legaly prevented from giving him information like that but I really didn't know the answer.

I also don't know how you could truthfully know the answer to this question either. I would visit several comunities and see what you think. I would also visit churches.
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Dallas is the belt buckle of the Bible belt!! There are over 5K churches in the DFW area!
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I'm from California. On every corner, there's a Bank of America. (With apologies to Disney's Small, Small World.
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Here's a solution. Go to your church and ask your minister where churches he recommends are located in Texas.

Remember, when you live in an area that is too monolithic, you won't learn much about the world where you live.
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