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kopp.sigrid3, Renter in Daytona Beach Shores,...

What section of Palm Coast is the best ... We will be moving from Ohio to there. We are looking for rental pool homes for now until we get to know the

Asked by kopp.sigrid3, Daytona Beach Shores, FL Wed Feb 13, 2013

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When torn between multiple cities,I would look at the average temperatures for the areas, recreation availability in the areas of your enjoyment, Hurricane frequency, the quality of their drainage, and School Ratings. We do receive a lot rains in a short period of time and many parts of Florida experience flooding. This has not been the case in Palm Coast even when we received 21 inches of rain over 3 days. Hurricanes threats typically come from the west coast for this area and have weakened by the time they reach Palm Coast. Typically east coast hurricanes are in south Florida, , or turn to North Carolina. Palm Coast has an A rated school system. I will say one thing that is very special and unique about our beach is that it is described as a scenic highway A1A which follows our beach. The majority of the highway has no building on the Oceanside offering pristine beaches. Flagler Beach is very quaint and my slice of heaven.

I hope you make the best choice for your family. Feel free to contact me if you decide to purchase in this area.

Denise LaFrance
Trademark Realty
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The realtors will tell you all sections are good....because they have homes available in all sections! Duh! Take it from me. I researched the entire area before moving here in Oct. '12. Avoid p and r sections. Too much riff raff. Same with most of b section. L section is no better...maybe even worse. Don't ask me why...doesn't matter anyway. Just trust me. I have nothing to gain by telling you this. The c section is OK, but old. Most homes built in the 60s and 70s. The problem with k, s, z, and LL is the location. Very rural, and bordering some of the worst areas of Ormond Beach and Bunnell. The best sections are w and e, and f is ok as well. I am in the w section. It is beautiful. Quiet neighborhoods...lots of trees..homes built between about 1988 and 2008. .Just very nice in every respect. e section is even nicer, but newer and generally more money. Now please realize the sections I am negative toward do have some decent streets...nothing is 100%...but overall they are not desirable. Stick with w or e or f and you will thank me later. Tony D.
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How do I find out what the letter sections refer too? Linda M.
Flag Sun Jun 15, 2014
Hi. I'm going to try to help you with your questions. I moved here in 2009 after looking at a lot of east coast towns with water/boating amenities. I'm not a Realtor. While there are some areas and streets that are not as nicely maintained or are heavy rental areas, my knowledge and experience with PC tells me it's unfair and misleading to label the sections as good or bad. Also, you need to put "good or bad" into perspective. It only takes a ride through Bunnell, or Ormond Beach or Daytona Beach or St. Augustine, or Coco or any of the towns and cities up and down this or any of Florida's coasts to see what a "bad" section of town can really look like! Most of them have areas that are very trashy, no code old construction, lots of mobil home areas in disrepair. Palm Coast doesn't have any of that. So a "bad" street in Palm Coast is much nicer than a "bad" street elsewhere. I have 2 friends, for example who own homes on lovely streets and very nice homes in the R section. Yet they say R section is bad. It's large and it does have some streets with heavy rental, which may not be as well maintained as others, but all of the sections have rentals and primary homeowners mixed together, except perhaps some of the upscale private gated communities. Even my section F, which people tout as one of the nice ones, has some unsightly (by Palm Coast standards) homes and heavy rental streets. Someone wrote that C section is mostly old yet, I look across my canal and see half million dollar + homes in the C section that were built in the mid 2000's, and there are many of them in that section. It's one of the most expensive sections in PC. I've traveled all over this country and many others and lived in 7 different states and another country. So, I think I'm qualified to render an opinion. I looked hard when I wanted to return to FL. and I chose Palm Coast because of its gorgeous landscaping, hidden or heavily landscaped commercial areas, thousands of acres of parks, unspoiled beach, it's canal and intracoastal access and affordable cost of housing. It is a safe town. I feel safe here. Have no qualms about going out to the store late at night, etc. Do we have some problems and some crime, of course. Humanity doesn't exist without it :) But, look around, visit other towns and google their crime stats, observe the homes on and around the streets in the areas you're considering renting . It's lovely here! Especially in comparison to a lot of towns. One thing though, is that we are mainly a service area job base, so consider that and job availability in your decision. Hope this helps! God Bless! Dorothy
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Thank you Dorothy...that was helpful to me. I was down in PC for three weeks in February/March. Now, my wife is down there for two weeks. Hey..if nothing else, it's a great place to go to. We are trying to see if it would be a good place to "live". I live in CT near the ocean and the CT River. Zero crime in our little old town resort area, full of artists of all kinds, actors, writers, sculptures. One cop on duty at any needed time. But I grew through reality and relativity. Now my wife called tonight and she is loving it. OK, my town may have zero crime (thought a young man just killed his mother. But not a systemic crime wave), but it is cold in more ways than one. I don't know any of the people anymore. Very expensive, uptight, rough winters, lots of money to fix up the property from the snow, ice, rain, wind, and flooding. Jamaica is my favorite place. Lots of criminal activity, but I get it, and my friends there and where I go and how I operate, make it all good. Thanks!
Flag Wed Mar 19, 2014
This honest info from Dorothy was great as we consider relocating from N.J. to FL in 2014.
Flag Mon Jan 6, 2014
Thank you very much Dorothy for you honest answer. I appreciate that very much.
Flag Thu Jun 13, 2013
Listen, realtors will tell you everywhere is great. Take it from a local. Stay clear of the "R" section (all "sections" are just based on the first letter of the streets in the area). The houses are cheap for a reason. The "P" section is best avoided too because it's so close to the "R" section. If you have kids/teens, don't let them go to Rymfire park alone (in the "R" section). The C section (that still makes me giggle!) is good. Anything really East of 95 and then North West in Palm Coast. The "K" section is way the heck off of US 1 and isn't really close to anything. Also check google maps with dipping into the "S" section. It's an okay area, just a little bit of a drive in some parts.
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Oh wow ! Well the house we were waiting for is done now. it is in the P section. I had reservations. Now I know why .
Flag Tue Mar 26, 2013
If you have to move here which I don't recommend then everyone will tell you the E and W is the best.I like the E section better its newer.I rent in the Ra section it's ok but the rest of the R is pretty ghetto.If you move to an area and you have to figure out what section is the safest than that's a big Red flag.When Palm Coast was developed it was marketing wealthy snow birds.I believe this place was nice in the early 2000s.Now this place has a ton of sex offenders,drugs,red necks,theives and drivers that will hit pedestrians and not stop.Im from up north will never buy here.Its better to deal with the winter than stay here with the people who don't like you because the south will rise again.
Flag Sat Mar 23, 2013
I disagree, You can't just look at the sections, for example there are some "R" that are not great but that would be "Ro" but the "Ra" is good, now for the Psection the area off of Parkview and Ponce DeLeon is not good. You say the C is good, well that is not true, the C and F is where most of the crime is, I have been here since 88, and have seen drastic changes.
Flag Wed Mar 13, 2013
I have lived in Palm Coast since 1990, moved here my freshman year of high school. There are some less desirable areas, like the R section and some of the P section. I live in the P's and love it. I've never had any issues and am raising my family there - I live off of Pritchard. Some of the more sought out sections are the C and the F, but are mostly older homes. C is desirable because of the location and that it is a more established community - where the S section is a newer development and has more renters.

Flagler County was hit hard during the real estate bust. Alot of people lost their homes and then those homes turned into investment properties. Now, we are faced with all of the rental properties in the area. We do have crime, what town doesn't, but it isn't as bad as some other places.

I still enjoy Flagler County. I, myself, am looking to buy. I have grown out of my house. My husband and I built before we had kids. Now we are looking for a bigger house and are not sure where we want to go. I have found a few houses in the E section and the L section that we like. We will see what happens.

Good luck to you and I hope that you find what you are looking for.
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Thank you so very much .. We have found several One was in the P section and one in the C section and the Realty Company has rented them out from underneath us twice now, and we had a deposit on them. So we are looking to start the whole process over again this weekend . I really like the C section and The B and F didn't seem very bad either. The one I looked at last week was in the S section and was way too far out for us. I am hoping this will be the last trip we have to make as just looking. It has really put a extra burden on the purse having to get hotels and drive back and forth so much. I did also get a job down there , and I am supposed to start within 2 weeks time. So now the pressure is really on me to find something. We have pets too and I am very upset of fear of having to try to find homes for our family dogs. They are a part of us. So this has been a very unpleasurable experience for me.
Flag Mon Jul 8, 2013
I live in Grand Haven. I currently and selling my home only because I miss my family in Ga. You can see my home on trulia 42 Shinnecock Dr Palm Coast. It is in Grand Haven and I love the anemities of this area and has lots to offer with gated community. I feel very safe in this area. I just miss Thomasville, ga. where I lived 35 years and my grandchildren are there. Grand Haven has lots to offer with a jr plympic heated pool, I
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I'm sorry you have received some negetive comments about this area from some one who isn't happy. I would confirm non factual data with confirmed sources before you discount this area. Flagler was the fastest growing county in the nation from 2000-2005 according to the US Census Bureau. I attribute this to of the quailty of life and the cost of living here. Most people that have moved here love it and are happy. I am one of them. I moved here in 2005 from CT and never looked back. I can't see myself living anywhere else. This area has great climate with an average high temperature in July and August of 88 degrees and year round of 78 degrees. See About Flagler County Wikipedia.org for more information. The prestine beaches attracts all kinds of people. Palm Coast is a metropolitian area. I would compare how this city ranked with other metropolitan cities. The sites I checked rated this area far below the State average in crime rates (see neighborhoodscout.com) . Do the reseach for yourself and don't base the quality of this location because of what one person states. Confirm what they are saying with true sources like the Sheriffs Office ( http://www.myfcso.com). Compare crime ratings with other metropolitian areas you know about to have a better understanding of what the numbers really mean. It is scarey to move to an area you don't know especially when you have children. If you like a home talk with the neighbors if it helps you make you make an informed decision. I own 2 homes in the P section and 2 in the B section. I rent 3 homes and my renters love their home and care for them like their own. The letter of a neighborhood doesn't identify that neighborhood as good or bad. Buying a home is an important life changing decision. If you really like a home check out your future neighborhood and don't assume by general labeling. Verify facts and talk to several people in the area. I know I made excellent choices.
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Yeah 2000-2005 was awhile ago!The economy is great here...lol. Neighborhood scout makes this place seem ok but that is based on Florida standards
Flag Sat Mar 30, 2013
Ok I will do that ... We really love the house. And it is just going to be a temporary home until we find a more permanent one. The area seemed fine to me, except one house at the end of the qual -de-saq.. But all the other ones seemed fine. As far as the houses driving in they looked fine. It is in the Pa part of the P's . I will do some more investigating . I just want my children to be able to walk or ride their bikes and be safe when going to friends houses etc. Ty for your input , it is much appreciated.
Flag Wed Mar 27, 2013
I agree with Carmen, the area in which you choose is all dependant upon what you are looking for.

I can send you many homes for you to look at but before I do that I would really like to discuss your overall plans and lifestyle.

To assist you please look at this Palm Coast Video link


if you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Colin Russell - REALTOR
an Associate with Realty Exchange
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A little more info is needed. How soon will you be moving? How many bedrooms? Any pets?
What is your monthly rental limit?Is to be for a year or more? Do you need an area with young children or more of an area with grown families?
There are many great areas and some of the gated communities or 'golf' communities usually command higher rents.
E-mail me and i shall put in touch with our property management as well as other property managers who might be able to help.
You will love the beautiful weather and green foliage. A real break from the Ohio westher.
C.Pat Denvir, Realtor
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Reality: R section is the Palm Coast Ghetto. It's high in crime. P section (South of Whiteview) across from R section is also becoming a dump. W and P north of Whiteview are okay, but try to stay as close to Palm Coast Parkway as possible in those sections. B section is okay, so is L section (though L is kind of out there on the north side of town) S is okay, but as L it's out there (just on the south side of town). The place to be is C and F sections. F section has a lot of newer homes where C is mostly older homes. Very little crime in those areas, better schools and it's east of 95 which is a good thing.

Stay the heck away from R and P.

Just go on flaglerlive.com and put R-Section into their search, you'll see.
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This has been a nightmare for us... I myself hold a degree in Real Estate and the way we have been talked to and told about the properties has simply amazed me... FIRST IT IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL. I will be reporting several infractions to the Real Estate Board ! I have been told I cannot have my grandchild at one. Another Lease that someone wanted us to sign after knowing we had children etc. Sent a lease which said no one that was not listed on the lease could be at the property longer than 14 days. Myself nor our children were not listed on the lease. As well as we had to run the air at all times. Instructed to wipe down all showers after every bathing time. We were not to air dry dishes in the dishwasher. etc, etc. May I remind you this was not told to us before we put 1000, down on this property. 2nd time now by the same Realty Company. These are simply ludicrous terms in which we would never have put our money down on if this would have been told to us. I myself are being discriminated by for being a stay at home wife and mother now, as well as my children and grandchild. Is there anyone out there who can help us find a decent rental. That allows a family to be together as well as our mature 2 smaller dogs and declawed and fixed adult kitty. They are rescues and we simply will not leave them to the mercy of animal shelters because of anal asinine people! I really have a bad taste in my mouth for Palm Coast at this point. We love the Ormond , Flagler , Daytona Beach Shores Area. Please help. Ty !
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Contact Misty Artz at Trademark Realty. She has been a godsend for us! Very down to earth and cares about people more than commission, and that we have found, is rare in Palm Coast.
Flag Tue Jan 21, 2014
I appreciate all answers the big day is approaching quickly now, and I am torn between Palm Coast and Cape Coral.. I have to decide soon though . Ty again !
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If you need help in finding a place please give me a call.

Hope you find what you are looking for

Colin Russell

an associate with Realty Exchange
Flag Thu Jun 13, 2013
What about Port St. Lucie or Vero Beach ? I am really concerned now. We do not have to be in this area necessarily. It looked like it was a nice area when we have went through it each time. Our first choice was on Cochise... But we have been shown one we loved the house in the P section. I am really confused now.
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I moved here from Port St. Lucie about 2 years ago. I lived in Port St. Lucie for 10 years the city structure is better but there is more crime there mostly because of people moving north from Dade,Broward,Palm Beach Counties. I also lived in Broward for 27 years so I'm not bashing them its just reality, the bigger the city the more crime especially in Floriida. Palm Coast is a lot nicer,cleaner the crime here is a lot lower than south Florida ask anyone that has lived there. I have a 15 year old son and he loves the schools here. He tells me the kids and teachers are a lot nicer here. Just driving around the people are a lot nicer. Down south people are rude that's because that's what there use to. I agree the P&R sections are not the best that's because there are a lot of duplexes, do your homework drve around all the sections I live in the B section and I love it, the L section is really nice also. The reason the home prices are low is because there is no good paying jobs here
Flag Wed Mar 27, 2013
There is no best section, it depends on your particular lifestyle. We have golfing communities, salt water canal communities, equestrian communities oceanfront communities and gated communities. What do you like? Call me and we can certainly find you the perfect home.
Carmen Bongiovanni, Realtor
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That would be so great . We had a deposit put down on a rental. I just received a email that there was issues with the home. We really loved the home. It was in the finishing stages of being newly renovated. split floor plan with pool covered lanai . The master had a jetted soaking tub with separate shower as well as the kitchen granite and stainless steel throughout. We had a fence as well for our two dogs. Had the sliders that opened to the covered area as well . Which I love . So you could imagine our disappointment. We made a trip just for that reason. Now we are scrambling to find what we need and want in the right area for our teenage boys . Having friends to be in the neighborhood their age is important . But not the major factor in our selection. But it would be nice. I will call you mid morning if that is fine. If there is any lease or rent options as well would be fantastic. Thank you !
Flag Wed Feb 13, 2013
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