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Jen, Home Buyer in Denver, CO

What about the rats in Germantown?

Asked by Jen, Denver, CO Fri Mar 20, 2009

I was reading online about some neighborhoods in Germantown having problems with rats. Is this still true? This is really disconcerting. Does anyone know anything abou t it?

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I had roof rats in my attic last winter(2007-2008). I caught one in a rat trap and have pictures to prove it. I emailed our mayor and she didn't seem concerned. She just said to contact the Health Dept of Shelby County if I thought it was a big enough problem. When I told my neighbor, he was not surprised. He had them the previous year. I spoke to one other person and he "knew of someone" one the next street over that had them. So, I don't think they are picky about a person's income bracket! Al
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We have lived in Germantown for exactly 3 years and have not heard of any rat problems. We are near downtown Germantown so maybe there is a problem in East Memphis/Germantown, but we certainly haven't heard about it. Germantown is a GREAT place to live. If you are moving to the Memphis area, you DEFINITELY have to live in Germantown!
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Please call City of Germantown Neighborhood Services and ask for Charmaine Jones our Community Services Coordinator at 757-7263.

City of Germantown Neighborhood Services
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N.S. representative,
Thank you for the clarification. I have just purchased a home in Germantown and have been here just a couple of days and as fate would have it, the home does have roof rats. Seems the article in the Commercial Appeal was a foreshadowing. Although realtors definitely don't like to talk about it, apparently the rats have posed quite a problem for the area. I have not yet moved my family into our house, because of them. I am working with a pest control company now, but am really pretty freaked out about, honestly.

Thanks again for your post.
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We came acoss your post and wanted to clarify something from Al's statement regarding his e-mail to the Mayor. In Shelby County all residents are charged a monthly fee of .75 on their utility bill for mosquito and rodent control. This function is handled by the Shelby County Health Department. Germantown and the other Shelby County municipalities do not have their own Health Departments and Shelby County is responsible for all health related inspections including restaurants, etc. By referring Al to Shelby County, the Mayor was directing him to the department that would assist him with his request.

If you are still considering a community to live, we are glad that you are considering Germantown and be assured it will be difficult to find a community with a Mayor that devotes more time and cares more for the community than Germantown.

City of Germantown - Neighborhood Services
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Rats in Germantown? Really? I live in Germantown and have never heard a complaint about rats.
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I live in Germantown and have heard that it's almost a given that at some point we will get them. I haven't had them yet...
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On Thurs. Oct 21st 2010 a huge Rat was found in the gutter near Calkins Rd. and Aldershot in Germantown Tn.
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I have lived and worked as a realtor in Germantown for 30 years and have never heard of anyone complaining of rats or even seen a mouse!!
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Yes, it is true. Germantown does have a rat infestation problem. We had rats in our attic last month and the pest control man actually saw one. My neighbors have also had rats in their attic. And a friend a few streets over took her car in for service and rat droppings were found. Its seems rats like to chew on electrical cords. I have heard horror stories about rats in east Memphis chewing up everything. I guess they have now made their way to Germantown through the sewer system. Until Shelby County health department realizes that they must protect citizens from disease carrying rodents and mosquitos, then NO place in Shelby County will be fit to live in. And if the Shelby County health department will not protect us then the City of Germantown better because the people will demand it.
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Anyone with a rodent or other pest problem should get a Weitech sonar CIX unit. It uses sound to keep the pest away. It's the best $40 that i've ever spent. It has kept squirrels out for 10 years.
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Thanks Al. Apparently, over the last couple of years it's become an issue for folks in East Memphis/Germantown - particularly where they have matured and abundant trees. If I think of them more as squirrels I don't get so horrified. But they are a type of rat and I've seen they're photos. What's more concerning about your post is that the mayor didn't care. It may be the old problem of her not wanting to admit something because it would be viewed negatively. Instead of addressing the issue and then getting the loyalty of the folks you help. Sounds pretty typical. Did you find out if there's anyway to avoid them? Short of cutting down all the trees. It makes me sick thinking about it. Thanks again for your post.
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Jen, You have really done your research, when are you making it to our fair city??-
Come do a visit- save you a lot of time !- Get a cat when you move here - they love the chase !
Just kidding, I have lived in Memphis, on 4 acres with horses, we would have a few in the dead of winter in the grain, but never in our house, I am talking MICE not rats !
I have lived in Germantown, for over 15 yrs now , and not one mouse in all those years- so I am sure our beloved Commericial appeal blew this story out of control too.

Come see us - Memphis in May Music feast is soon !
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Ok, thanks. I had googled some neighborhoods and found articles from the Commercial Appeal about an investation of roof rats - some finding as many as 20 over the course of a month. It was more of a outdoor phenomenon than the type of thing you find, say in a low income neighborhood or an area where there are ill-kept restaurants etc. I didn't think of it as a class issue, but rodents of course multiple quickly and can be a nightmare...particularly a rat....much larger than a field mouse.

And yes Jo, I've heard of the rats to which you referred...that's a whole 'nutha post and even more of a concern!! :)
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I am not aware of a rodent problem in Germantown. Sometmes I have seen a small problem reported by one individual, get WAY OVER reported for the sake of trying to make news... I can't remember anything on the local news of such a problem in Germantown. As Jo says Germantown is an upscale suburb of Memphis, as is Collierville, Lakeland and several other communities with low crime and generally positive focus.

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Are you referring to the animal or the politicians?

Just kidding, I am sure there are some mice somewhere in Germantown - probably no more or no less than Denver - but a rat controll problem....none that I know of. Germantown is considered by some an upperscale suburb of Memphis with a focus on growth controll and planned planning (that sounded redundant). It does have a commercial tax base, however the majority of Germantown is zoned residential.
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