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How much value will a pool add to my house?

Asked by Joe, 94109 Sat Jul 7, 2007

I want to add an inground pool. With nice design & tiles, etc. Medium size.

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Tex’s answer
If you live in Texas, especially West, Central or South, a well maintained pool will absolutely add value to your home as well as volumes of personal wealth. The high heat, dry winds and very little rain fall that are typical for 8 months out of the year can easily become exasperating along with obvious dehydration.
I wouldn't suggest trying to squeeze a pool right next to the house....which many people do either due to lack of yard or because it "appears" more cosmetically convenient. (Termites love moisture too!) A distance of 25-30 feet away from the facing door/outer wall of the home is a good distance to place a pool for concrete slab homes.
Safety is another reason for not having a pool squeezing up against a home. Reaction time is just as important to a crowd of inebriated individuals as it is to parents of small children. Plus, it is overall more convenient and less cost to fence comfortably around a pool area than it is a whole yard.....unless, of course, the pool is the sum of the yard. ;)
The view is another reason for having a swimming pool in Texas. If you are lucky enough to have open land, the sky scenery is beautiful 24/7 and the Milky Way along with a tapestry of stars truly do come out at night, espcially when drifting and relaxing on an air mattress and listening to your favorite music or just quietly enjoying the majesties of life.
So, to answer your question: The value is what you make of it, not what others superficially assume to categorize.
Best wishes,
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The greatest value a pool will add to your home is the value it brings to you, your family and friends in terms of enjoyment and memories. In certain communities, where pools are common, a "nice" pool will help sell a property faster, perhaps for slightly more. In a community where pools are common, a pool that is not up to the typical pools of the neighborhood will detract from the value of the property. Some buyers seek pools, while others specifically and purposely avoid them. Put in a pool for personal enjoyment, not as a 'money maker.' A nice pool may add only a small amount of value to a property.
Web Reference: http://PeninsulaFirst.com
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
I started my working career being a pool guy. I maintained pools for over 10 years and I can say they can be a handful. If you have pine trees, oak trees, or any other type of try that drops mass amounts of leaves over the area you want to build your pool, expect to get stains and lots of dirt in the pool. Stick to a dark bottom pool. Make sure the company building your pool has been in the business for at least 10 years. Don’t go with the cheapest bid either. The area they will spend less money are the area most important to maintaining your pool.

As far as added value, there will not be much. I think you get something like .20 cents on the dollar. Pools can run from 30,000 to 100,000+. But adding a pool to your home will increase the chance that your kids (if you have them) will stay at home and invite their friends over for a day in the sun. Plus when you have parties you have the option of being pool side. I personally love pools and love the luxury of getting up in the morning and jumping in to wake up. I agree with Kevin P. you many run into a problem selling your home if buyers are not looking for swimming pools. But at the same time you might get lost of buyers who are looking for a pool and buy yours. Don’t second guess yourself on this one. If you can buy a pool and you will use it then I say put one in. Also keep in mind that your electric bill will increase and over all up keep of the pool will run around 70-100 dollars per month.
Web Reference: http://www.4saletours.com
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Dear Joe,
There are some improvements that are simply for your enjoyment. Both pools and hot tubs are in that category. If you believe that you will enjoy it much of the year and recoup the cost of maintenance and installation in enjoyment and conveniance a pool might be for you.

Occasionally we will run across someone that just has to have a pool and they can be great buyers for your home. However, even they will look at it as a savings to them compared to installing a pool themselves.

You may be better off selling your current home and buying a home with a pool to ensure that you won't be the one to take the monetary hit.
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In Cupertino, where my office is located, a pool will reduce the demand/value of the house. This is the case in many Silicon Valley neighborhoods that are driven by excellent school scores. Not so in the luxury home market of these same districts, mostly in the mid-range single family homes (1500-2,000sqft, 800k-1.3k, 3 and 4 bedroom homes). When speaking to a seller who has a pool in that market, I talk about the cost benefit to filling the pool in (approximately $10,000) and the increase in price and offers that will be achieved (this could be a 10X multiple). Menlo Park has a variety of homes, ranges, styles, lot sizes. It may or may not be an investment move, although it very well may make your summers wonderful.
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Mario Pinedo,…, Real Estate Pro in Cupertino, CA
My experience in and around Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Mountain View is that in the under $2M market, a pool tends to actually reduce the value of a home. Why? Simply because most prospective buyers with kids find the dangers of a pool to outweigh the pleasure. The vast majority of my buy-side clients with kids specifically do _not_ want a home with a pool. I can't tell you the number of times I've gone to preview a property for a client and only found out then -- as opposed to on the MLS -- that the property had a pool. Quite a number of listings agents will "forget" to mention that a home has a pool on the MLS simply to make sure that other agents don't simply skip the home.

Having said all of this, if you're going to be living in the home for a number of years, I would say go ahead and put in a pool if it's something you would enjoy having. _Don't_ put it in, however, as an "investment." If you have, say, $50K sitting around burning a hole in your pocket, and you're thinking of putting it into your home in a positive-ROI project, better spend that money on a swank kitchen or bathroom upgrade.

In parts of the $2M+ market, especially at, say, $4M and above, a pool is pretty much expected.
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Pools are on the list of the low returning investments you can make in a home. See the link here for a few other as well: http://massrealestatenews.com/home-improvements-with-the-wor…
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If you simply have to have a pool, buy a house with a quality recently installed pool and let the seller take the monster loss on the pool installation price. If moving isn't an option, and you just have to have a pool installed at your current home, be able to financially justify investing $10K to $50K into a pool that you'll see virtually no, that's zero, return dollars on your investment. In certain hot humid areas of the country a pool may net you as much as 25% of your investment but elsewhere in the country, in my opinion, you might just as well throw $50K out the window. If it takes a $50K pool investment to make you happy and you can justify throwing nearly all of that money away, go for it.
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Hardly any popular esp during drought years. Only estates with huge acreage needing landscape to occupy the extra land space.

Maintenance is a costly issue. Want to be a aqueous chemist? Here is a chance to really shine.
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A pool will only add value to your house if it looks good. If you want the best job done for your pool you have to go to the best, and they are the team at http://www.proatlasinc.com. They did a great job in building my pool. They are fantastic at what they do leaving all the work they do looking spectacular. If you do choose to add a pool to add value to your house, then you have to go with them. Their pool will definitely make the value of your property go up. I guarantee it.
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Thank you for such a great question.

A pool that is well both pleasing to the eye (design, tile color, solar paneled, etc) and landscaped into the yard vs. being the focus of the yard could add value at the time of sale.

A pool can be a bit tricky. As a deck, built in BBQ, or any other improvement for enjoyment.

If you plan on being in your home for 7+ years and will have a pool of high quaity and landscaping implemented, then yes, put in your pool. The enjoyment factor is important as a homowner and you should not be overly concerned about resale - at least not with this type of improvement. When you are ready to sell, you will find a buyer who appreciates a pool as much as you.

Web Reference: http://www.athenashouse.com
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I agree with the other answers, but it is dependent on the area of the country you live in. I have lived in many parts of America, and have found tha a pool has limited use in the winter (expensive to heat). However, in SW Florida we can use the pool all year long with limited heating and a cover in the winter. In the Fort Myers and Cape Coral market most buyers want a pool home.
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Joe, both, Irina and Deborah are right on the money. Enjoy the pool and make sure that you keep it well maintained and secured, as not doing so might add to problems while selling the house.

Web Reference: http://www.cimpler.com
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Artur Urbans…, Real Estate Pro in Burlingame, CA

It's an interesting question. I would ask you how important is the pool to you and your family? And, are you willing to invest in building a pool for your own pleasure?

In my experience, clients will either want a pool or will specifically look for properties WITHOUT a pool. A nice pool in and around Pasadena, CA will run you about $45,000 to $50,000. Will you recoup the investment - most likely not. Will it add a bit of value to your property - maybe.

Remember, not everyone wants the pool and the maintenance costs/responsibilities that come along with it.

Install a pool if it will make you and your family happy.

Good luck,
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