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Joe, Home Buyer in Brooklyn, NY

Hi. I am considering a move to the 78248 zip code in San Antonio. I am concerned about airplane noise and being in the "flightpath." Is

Asked by Joe, Brooklyn, NY Wed Sep 16, 2009

there any way to find out what the most common flightpath is on approach to San Antonio Intl Airport?

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Always nice to hear a home owner's voice chiming in on these discussions. Thanks for taking the time to join in (after all, you're the one who lives there everyday, you should know better than anyone).

Best of luck with your home sale. I took a look at it in our MLS and will keep it in mind if I have any clients in the area as it looks like you've taken great care of it from the photos that were available.

I'm curious, what made you choose Creekview Realty? I've seen them before and know their deal, but I'm always curious to see why a consumer chose them over any one else (or any other business model). I myself am always a little disheartened by some of the things they say on their website as I feel they paint a picture of all agents with a very large brush. In the case of how they refer buyer's without agents directly to you and how agents handle them, I especially find the brush rather large (as is evidenced by the fact that I do not practice dual agency (or more specifically, intermediary with no appointments as it is called here in Texas)).


So I'd love to know your thoughts on them and a bit more about the thought process that got you there, if you don't mind taking a minute (you can even contact me off site if you're more comfortable with that, so that you're not getting in a heated debate with every agent on here or anything).

Thanks again - I hope more consumers use Trulia Voices for answers like this in the future.

Best of luck to you in your sale and relocation as well!

Matt Stigliano, Realtor®
RE/MAX Access
(210) 646-HOME
"Your all access pass to San Antonio real estate."
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I am a homeowner unfortunately selling due to job relocation. We loved it here in this area and home. I know when I was looking for a home 4 years ago we didn't get a house exactly for that reason-it was way too loud outside. I felt like the plane was so close above us. It was located further south off Blanco across from Churchill Estates. Here, in Deer Hollow, I never hear planes inside and rarely even notice them when I'm outside and I love to be in my yard. If you are still looking, consider our subdivision. Pl call if you have any other questions or concerns.
Rebecca Crispino
1919 Thicket Trail, 78248
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what price in deerfield? mls?
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Having lived in 78248, I have to say that it is a wonderful area. The property values have held up tremendously and in alot of cases have doubled since the homes were built. Some neighborhoods are in the flight path, but the closer to 1604 you get, the more out of the path you are. Let me know if I can help you on any specific neighborhoods, I have a listing in Deerfield (out of the path) right now that you may be interested in :)
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Awful! Just moved from there!
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You can do a search for the San Antonio Airport and find flightpath information. The 78248 is a very popular area and homes sell all the time and we have not seen evidence that prices are being effected by the airport.. My office is located within the zip code.
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It's not a problem at all. The airplanes do flyover but it's really a non-issue
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You will not notice the noise after a week or so.
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One added note. Our agent was organized, patient through our search, and just a fantastic person dedicated to her clients. Our mortgage broker was thorough and focused, The title company closing agent was terrific - she even made the 3+ hour ordeal a bit of fun. Great experience all around!
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Update. We found our home! After all the research, the shopping trips, the online work, and the seemingly endless mortgage process, we settled on a home in one of the subdivisions of Sonterra, and closed on it in mid-August. We love the property, location, and amenities. And it's all walkable.

Coming from a big city (New York) we still desired to have convenient shopping, restaurants, public transit options, highway proximity, and just a more active area around us. Although the Blanco Rd construction project is a headache to area residents, we didn't see it as a deterent and it will wind down soon, and traffic will flow better. As we searched for our more desired areas (78248 was one) we saw older homes, more upkeep, smaller lots (in some cases), and spotty transit options (in some areas).

I can't understate the value of research, in person and online. The more you know about an area the better informed you are for your decisions. Don't just look at crime graphs or school test scores. Go to the supermarkets, see the property at different times of the day, check out the neighborhood a couple streets over, look at a VIA map, etc. And with Bexar Appraisal District info and Bing.com's birds eye view maps, you'll learn sooo much.

Can't wait to make the "big move"! and thanks to all of you who've posted in response to this.
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(210) 207-3411

Lost and Found: (210) 207-3451

Airport Address:
San Antonio International Airport
9800 Airport Blvd.
San Antonio, TX 78216

Russell Weinman: Customer Experience Manager
(210) 207-3820

Rich Johnson: Public Relations Manager
(210) 207-3534

Nora Castro: PIO
(210) 207-3542
Web Reference: http://WWW.210REALTY.COM
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I really wish Trulia had a way to edit your answers. I meant to say: "People are a lot friendlier here." - not "People are a lot friendly here."


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Thanks for stopping back in with the update. I hope you'll enjoy the process and love it here in San Antonio.

I'm a former East Coaster (Philadelphia - I also lived on the West Coast in Los Angeles) and love it here. It does take some getting used to. People are a lot friendly here. My favorite story is when I stopped outside the HEB (our local supermarket) to look at a new grill. I had been mulling over the decision to buy one and would "look under the hood" every time we were there.

A guy pulls up behind me in a large truck. Says "hey, that's a nice grill." My first thought? He knows someone who knows someone who has a few that "fell off a truck." Perhaps he has one in his truck right now. In Philadelphia, this happens everyday it seems - was a normal thought to me. Of course, he didn't have one. He just wanted to tell me he had just bought the one I was checking out and absolutely loved it. He also let me know that they were currently on sale at Lowe's for $20 less. That to me sums up the people of San Antonio.

You might want to pack a few pizzas in your suitcase when you move down. I have yet to find a really excellent pizza here. We have some great places, but they really don't compare to home. As a Brooklynite, you probably take your pizza as seriously as I take my cheesesteaks - so even though you can get "good" pizza, I don't think you'll ever find pizza like they make back home.

You mentioned public transportation and I have to say, we really lack in that department. Philadelphia's system doesn't even compare to New York's and I find it a bit sad to see such a big city with so little public transport. Even Los Angeles has a subway! As long as you wind up near one of the more major roadways, you should at least be able to get VIA bus service, but it definitely won't compare to what you're used to.

The last big difference you'll go through is the weather. I moved here to get away from winter and my first summer was pretty wonderful here. Last year's was brutal. 100+ was more common than not and the humidity can make that tough. You get used to it. Wait until you've been here for awhile and you grab a jacket because it's "only 60 degrees." You'll laugh at yourself. Since I've been here, every summer and winter have been different, but the summer is definitely tough with the heat.

Other than that, best of luck to you on the home search. Would love it if you came back and gave us a report when you do move and then maybe once again after you've been here for awhile - just to see how it all worked out for you.

I don't know why I didn't link to this previously, but you might find this pdf file useful. It's from the San Antonio International Airport site and is a pdf file showing departure and arrival flight paths. It's pretty amazing to look at:


Hope you find a great home and I wish you the best!

Matt Stigliano, Realtor®
RE/MAX Access
(210) 646-HOME
"Your all access pass to San Antonio real estate."
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Thanks to everyone to offered advice. We are still on the househunt. Regarding airplane noise, I am less concerned about it than previously mentioned. I now know the areas to stay away from for this and am currently looking in the Huebner/Sonterra area. We have a realtor; she's terrific and we receive house updates all the time. We are just taking our time, coming out to look every so often, and watching for the opportunity to find just the right property. We have found, however that many people are watching for the same "bargains" that we've heard can be had. We've put bids on two homes so far only to underbid and lose the house (the last one really hurt). But we keep shopping.

The other aspect of living in San Antonio that has been harder to manage has been public transportation. My spouse doesn't drive, is retired and will be at home while I work during the day. There are a few criteria that we're looking at in combination: Limited-access community, nearby public transportation (VIA buses) availablility (so I don't feel I "stranded" someone), and nearby grocery shopping.

I appreciated Rebecca's reply. It confirmed the area I'd known to be a concern., Although friends have moved there recently and didn't care about the noise. I guess I'm coming out there for a change from what we experience everyday in NYC (in SO many ways). And all of you who are realtors - thanks for your expertise and willingness to share knowledge!

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I think you have asked a great question, because I have lived in cities that you would not think of living so close to the airport. When I first moved to 78248, I was concerned also about the airplane noise, but I love it and it is actually a selling feature for people who travel because you can be at airport in 6 minutes.

The planes do not bother me at all. The area has great schools and you are close to most everything.

If you have any question you are welcome to email me at tammara@fsrealtytx.com.

Good luck on finding a house you are absolutely on the right track!

Tammara Alarcon
Full Spectrum Realty
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Good afternoon Joe,

Welcome to the possibility of living in San Antonio! I have also lived in New York City...brrrrr. You will
love San Antonio. As to your question, I live in the 78248 area code. There are only two subdivisions
that a largely affected by the airplane landing noise. We have some great subdivisions in 78248 where
you would not be bothered at all...

I'd love to help you. I live in 78248 and my office is also close by. When are you planning on moving to San Antonio ? Where will you be working? Call me at (210) 865-1132 - and if you will give me the price range and size of home you are looking for, I can send you some samples off MLS and show you what type of home is available in you price range!

And please go to my website at " http://;www.JanetCummings.Net. Also, I work with Keller Williams Legacy Group, and we are #2 in house sales in San Antonio.

Let me know how I can help you!

Janet Cummings GRI, ABR http://www.JanetCummings.Net
Keller Williams Legacy Group E-Mail: JanetCummings@kw.net
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 865-1132
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Good day. Here is what I wanted to share with you. The airport 78216/78209/78284- (Hwy 281 and Loop 410) is where most of the noise will come from. As for Kelly Field (old Kelly AFB) just south of Hwy 90, you can hear the C5's overhead making their approach from the Northwest as far as Loop 1604.

Visit the San Antonio International Airport Homepage

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/san-antonio/90084-flight-patt…

Also, keep in mind that BuyersHouseRealty is a unique real estate firm in that we offer a huge incentives for our buyers to use our services>> http://;www.BuyersHouseRealty.com" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http:// http://;www.BuyersHouseRealty.com (FAQ) you will be glad you made the click!

Happy House Hunting,

Gavin St.Louis
TX Managing Realtor
"The virtual evolution of real estate"
Web Reference: http://TxHomeValues.info
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Flightplans can change, but I would look to the FAA and San Antonio International Airport for guidance on current and future flight plans. There are several areas of town that have various flight paths, not just from SAT, but also the Air Force bases.

Hope that helps!

Matt Stigliano, Realtor®
RE/MAX Access
(210) 646-HOME
"Your all access pass to San Antonio real estate."
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Hi Joe,
SAT is a large airport. I am not sure how easy it is to tell how often a certain flight path enters an area. I haven't heard of too many complaints about there being too much airport noise.

What I can tell you is that the 78248 area is a very nice area in the North East. Most homes in that area are well established and the price range runs from lowest $142,000 to over 1 million.

If you are looking for a particular type of home, feel free to let me know and I can certainly send you what is currently available in that area. Once you find exactly the type of home you want, I could definetley call the airport and find any information on flight paths for you :o). Hope to hear from you soon!

Brenda Mullen
Home Team of America
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