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Does anyone know what it's like to live on Willow terrace in Hoboken? (i.e. Parking, Flooding, Noise leve)

Asked by Gail, Hoboken, NJ Mon Nov 5, 2007

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Hi Gail,
Michelle is correct that Willow Terrace is a nice little street. It is not anything like Willow Ave., which can be quite busy. The houses there don't turn over very often and they sell quite fast. Most of them have now been extended and renovated but they are still on the small side. This may be an issue for tall buyers should you decide to sell down the line. The semi-private street parking is unique in Hoboken. As I understand it, the city does not maintain that street so I I'm not sure who clears it in the winter when it snows.

It's also true that much of Hoboken is in the FEMA flood zone but not every part of Hoboken frequently floods. Some do. Others have occasional water problems, some parts (Castle Point, Hudson, part of Washington & Bloomfield) are not in a flood zone at all. You can check with city hall to get the specific flood zone map.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like more info on our market or take a look at my blog: hobokenrealestatenews.com for an ongoing 'state of the market' report on the Hoboken real estate market.
Hope this is helpful!

Lori Turoff
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Hope this helps.
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I currently live on Willow Terrace, so I can give you first-hand feedback. I love living there--you can't beat the location. It's in the center of town, so you really have access to all of Hoboken. The grocery store is right there, which is very convenient. There is a bus that runs on Willow Ave and Clinton St during morning and evening rush hour that stops right on the corner that can take you into the city or to the path. If you prefer to walk to the PATH, it's an easy walk, about 10-15 minutes, depending on your pace. My neighbors are great. There is a really interesting mix of older people who have lived in Hoboken all their lives (for some, the house they live in was their parents' or grandparents')plus young singles, couples, families, etc. There is a feeling of community, but at the same time if you don't feel like socializing with your neighbors there's no pressure to do so. Most of Hoboken is in a flood zone, including Willow Terrace. We have personally not had any flood problems, but I know occassionally some of our neighbors have. My understanding is that there is more of a problem with water on the North Terrace as opposed to the South. Honestly, if you don't want to ever deal with water in your basement you should not buy a single family home in Hoboken. As far as parking goes, parking on the street is for residents of that street only (we don't share parking with the other terrace). The person who posted previously in incorrect (at least for Willow Terrace South)--parking is anywhere on the street for residents, first come first served--not directly in front of your house. One car per house is permitted. We've lived here for eight years and have a spot on the terrace about 90% of the time. We don't commute with our car every day, though. As far as noise level goes, it is a fairly quiet street -- it's certainly more quiet than Willow Ave (where I previously lived). Occassionally we will get noise from people cutting through the street on their way to or from Willie McBride's tavern which is behind the A&P. We sleep in the back of the house and don't hear street noise unless it's quite loud. Good luck with your search.
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Willow Terrace is a small, cobblestone side street located off of Willow Ave. Every time I've passed the street it has been blocked of with road barriers containing signs indicating private resident parking, not sure how many spaces are there or who gets to use them. Noise level should be typical to Hoboken minus significant car traffic . A supermarket and its parking lot are a stones throw away. It's probably in a FEMA Flood Zone, which is typical to the majority of Hoboken.
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As a resident of the Terrace, I can tell you it is a true oasis in Hoboken. We are in a flood zone but aside from occasional water in our crawl space we have not had any problems (and now have fixed that issue). Like everyone else said, the cobblestones help a lot. One wonderful aspect of the Terrace is that you know your neighbors and we all help each other out. Some folks socialize and hang out with each other (particularly those with young kids) while others tend to keep to themselves more...like any community.

Noise is not much of an issue. These houses were made right. As a contractor said to me "they don't build them like this anymore".
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We love living on Willow Terrace. It is a charming place, and very liveable. Within one block there is the NYC bus, A&P, Maroon Coffee store, The Clinton Social - a great restaurant, and a cute mani/pedi shop. Church Square park is 2 blocks away. Schools are 3 - 6 blocks away. Washington Street is 4 blocks east.

The noise factor on WT is fairly low for Hoboken. Each house has two shared walls; one is brick, and the other sheet rock. You do not hear day to day sounds, like the tv or radio. One shared wall is brick, and that is very quiet. The other is sheet rock, and the level of loudness depends on how thick the installation was, when it was done, etc. You could install quiet rock as a precautionary and inexpensive measure, but honestly I don't think that is necessary. There is very little street noise because there is no through traffic.

I have never heard of any flooding on the street As stated, water seeps through the cobblestone into the shared crawl space below; it is an old fashioned, time tested, super smart solution. Our house is always dry, no matter what is happening in Hoboken.

Parking is for residents only; each house gets one car. We have a daily car commute and have never failed to get a spot.

Overall, this a wonderful place to live. I often tell people it is like being on Sesame Street. A block party for WT South is held a few times a year, which promotes positive ongoing relations among the neighbors. There are lots of families with children, all of whom like to play together.
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My family owed 23 willow terrace for about 70 years. I remember going there almost every weekend. That street brings back so many memories of my childhood. My mother was born in that house and she lived there until she was in her 30's. I wish we never sold it, it is a great street .
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Hi there - I just came across this posting when I Googled the same question! I would like to ask Michelle (one of the answerers) this question - what is the noise like between houses? IS there any "sound insulation"? Do you hear noise from your neighbors on either side - like TV or music?

Many thanks!
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Hi there - I just came across this posting when I Googled the same question! I would like to ask Michelle (one of the answerers) this question - what is the noise like between houses? IS there any "sound insulation"? Do you hear noise from your neighbors on either side - like TV or music?

Many thanks!
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Willow Terrace is very unusual for Hoboken. It's a pretty, private pair of cobblestone lanes with individual houses, much like townhouses, lining both sides of the street, very historical. The homes are 13' wide or so, built during the 1860s. Some have been completely updated and renovated, others need work, but all have an individual charm, quite unique for Hoboken and the central location makes everything convenient, especially transportation. A few have tiny yards and some have been built all the way out and have outdoor space in the way of balconies off the back and/or roof decks. I've been told that flooding is rare, because rainwater simply soaks into the earth between the cobbles, rather than flowing into basements, but I do not have firsthand knowledge of this. Noise level is a bit less than elsewhere in town because there is no through traffic.
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Willow is a busy street parking across the entire Hoboken is a night mare and it does get pretty noisy from the bars
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