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Do any of the people from the housing projects of marin City come into Sausalito to harass.....?

Asked by Sausalito Bound?, New York, NY Fri Jul 10, 2009

Having been to Sausalito on several occasions over the past 10 years, and hence having fallen in love with what it has to offer, we were sort of concerned that there is also a horrible housing village just a few steps away in Marin City. I actually viewed a few condo's which were reasonably priced due to the current market but am wondering if that project has been or become an affliction.
Do any of the people there routinely come into Sausalito proper to harass the visitors and/or residents?
Also on the last visit, I did notice many of the stores now along the water front are being taken over by what appear to be Middle Easterners. Has anyone an opinion on the direction the local "flavour" has been heading in recent years? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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The comments you make seem to really place you in a class of people that is classist and very close to coming off as a racist.
Have you ever heard of diversity? Do you understand that California prides itself on the acceptance of differences of all the people that live here? Yes, we would welcome you too, but typically we expect that you leave your feelings of exclusivity and self-righteousness back home. You need to take on our feelings of inclusivity and self-righteousness.
If you move to Sausalito you will be harassed more visitors from areas further away than from Marin City. In fact you will probably find that if you let your disdain show on your face as you have in your question either everybody will harass you for the fun of it or everyone will ignore you because they will think you are just another tourist.
The direction of the local "flavour"? Too many wealthy people thinking they have found a little of the Cote d'Azur in America and not enough of the old Italian fishermen. The place has become a little Disneyland village where everyone can pretend they have artistic cred. The real artists that live there are inspired by the inclusive diversity of all the people that live there now and who had historical significance.
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Actually my friend lived on the hill to the right of Marin City and they broke into car all the time. Just saying, he moved to Larkspur. I am not phrasing it like this person but when a bunch of people from very far away move in and somehow take over businesses I wonder why. They don't even try to be a part of the community, I see some who don't speak English and can be rude, I don't really want that around here. I live in Larkspur, my only problem here is the Silver Peso bar, its always been here but its odd.
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Jed Lane, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
Run away as fast as you can! You don't want to live here. You would never be happy in Marin.
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To raise concern regarding the 'great unwashed' is not-in-the-least inappropriate nor "racist" as one respondent sadly (and not surprisingly - Heil Maobama) labeled.
Overall, Sausalito is no problem regarding such people. Between the better off citizenry, the dedication on the part of the public sector leadership as it were that well understands the importance of tourism, your concerns while more than just and dignified should precipitate little concern.
Generically speaking, pretty much anywhere these days in once great America, when witness to certain people, keep your guard up, as well distance. As you are acquainted with the greater New York metropolitan area, you know exactly what that means. The word "diversity" is a pathetic euphemism whose lie - and it is just that - more than sadly shows itself for what it is with each and every new day.

Ave atque vale...........................
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I am dissappointed in the way you frame your question. The housing project was created for those not as fortunate as most in Marin. As I believe all people are equally valuable, I find your comments about "horrible housing villages and Middle Easterners" repugnant. I hope you will take advantage of those in the Marin community who are educated - emotionally- about the richness and depth that comes from an open mind.

That having been said, I do have some concerns with the level of crime and lack of education that is sadly contained in the Marin City confines. I have lived above Marin City, in the Sausalito headlands for over a decade. Sadly, during this time, I have personally witnessed, read in the papers, etc an increase in crime. Many kids travel in groups and include others who come from Oakland and Richmond. Some groups are actively carrying arms and assaulting others. They recently assaulted a dry cleaner just to get his iphone. He was badly hurt in this assault infront of his store, in broad daylight at the Marin CIty Mall. My biggest concern is the lack of role modeling shown by the community that statistically has little education in addition to other disadvantages. . Family units are broken and drugs are available. Kids cab be rough and language is not schooled. As a causasian , I feel safe so far, but I know of many stories where families suffer abuse and parents are livingunder house arrest. We should all get together and help desing more progaming to suppor thi s part of our community. That having been said, I must say that tha emodeling my child sees at school is often unacceptable At bestk his class mates have not had the good foturne to know musuems, camps or even sailing on the bay. It is hard to watch the pain and limtations. It is inexcuseable that we have not done more for our neighbors.
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Its a very strange thing to have a dangerous group like that where its located. My friend lived on your hill and his car has been broken into, he moved. I feel for them but they just keep bringing people over and the kids never learn. They should move all of that out of here, its just to a culture that will ever get along, violence and theft is not welcome. If I lived on your hill my gun would be ready, I was a Marine, I can shoot straight in like the wannabe gangster kids, if they got near my house they'd have a problem.
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I had lived in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Glendale before I transferred to the East Bay, then Sausalito. I am now living in Sausalito for almost 5 years now and I love it! I also walk on some occasions to Marin City, from my place and never felt threatened by any of the Marin City residents. I also go the the stores in the area close to the housing village, and had never experienced any harassment nor been bothered by any of the residents. The low cost housing in Marin City has never been a problem. Besides, if you live in Sausalito for a while, you will notice how excessively active the police force are...I got 2 tickets already on my first year! I heard that the rookies are often sent to Sausalito for police training. Having lived in several cities, in Asia and in the US, and being a 50 year old woman, I still feel very safe living in Sausalito.
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It's really not a problem at all. You can find more accurate information if you Google "Sausalito crime"
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Hi Sausalito Bound home buyer, I apologize for the tone of the other two responses you received to you legitimate question. Obviously the other two aren't tolerant of viewpoints different from their own. As someone who has been robbed 4 times (always many miles from Sausalito), I do understand your question. The housing village you refer to in Marin City is not horrible, it is clean and tidy and it is not within walking distance of Sausalito. I have never heard of any unusual problems from that area, there is a large shopping center just across the street from this housing community, but no problems. If I see an African American family/person in the shopping center, I smile or say good morning as I would with anyone else. Like everyone else, they probably just want a better life for their families.

As for the Middle Easterners in Sausalito, well, MIddle Easterners have historically been shop-keepers (as have many other people), and some of them have set up businesses in Sausalito, but like I mentioned above, these people probably want to be here for a peaceful and better life.
We all mix pretty well around here. On Labor day of each year Sausalito has a huge Art Festival that attracts thousands of people from all over that come to enjoy our beautiful weather and the fun art festival. Even with all the extra people pouring into the city for this three day festival, there is never any problem. If you would like any more information, please let me know, I moved here for the safety factor, so I so understand your question. You can reach me at my email of aarei_aarei@yahoo.com. Jo
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Personally I find visitors much more of a Sausalito hassle than disgruntled poor, by several order of magnitude, but that's personal. You'd likely be more comfortable in communities other than Sausalito, San Rafael or Novato where there are poor.

Marin City effectively has two communities; the flatland neighborhood where many low income folk live and the hillside condos which are much more middle class though NOT bourgeoisie. Some feel that proximity to the poor means more crime so avoid all of Marin City.

If you've the resources you'll find, Belvedere, Tiburon and Ross much quieter and "secure". Your taste(s) may run toward the communities in the south of the Ross Valley? If proximity to "the city" is unimportant you may find the flavor you seek in West Marin.

Marin County has a myriad of communities each with its unique ambiance and character, a hat for every head. If I can be of assistance...
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