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brackett75, Home Owner in Oroville, CA

How can you guys sell dumps like the one on 1524 10th street in Oroville CA. and sleep at night?

Asked by brackett75, Oroville, CA Tue Oct 18, 2011

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Who says we sleep at night?
Vampires like the night.
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No one buys a "dump" without knowing what they are getting and making a voluntary choice. I don't know anything about the home you are asking about, but if it's overpriced it won't sell. At some point the price and value with intersect and a buyer who sees potential will appear, hopefully hire a competent inspector and make an informed decision.
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Dan has the perfect answer. Thanks Dan,
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Hello brackett75,

Many Cities have found themselves facing this same problem of to many vacant and abandoned homes. And in turn, Homeowners like yourself are left to deal with the mess that is left behind. Your frustration is certainly understandable. You mentioned that Code Enforcement have been notified. That is a good start. However, many Cities have laws on their books that deal specifically with this problem. So much so, that many Cities contract out with private Clean Out companies who come in and clear out homes just like the home you live next to. The City then pays for the services, then bills the Homeowner. The City will also then slap a lien on the property therby insuring that they get the taxpayers money back prior to the homes sale. I recommend that you attend the next City Council Meeting and during public comment bring this home to the Council's attention and ask them to explain if the City has any current laws pertaining to this issue. Find out if the City currently has a contract with any private Clean Out companies. The Homeowner is the responsible party and must be held accountable. The City needs to keep the preasure on the Homeowner throughout the process. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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I'm still not sure what your point is, B. If your complaint is that this cat box was brokered by a real estate company, well, what's wrong with that? If your complaint is that it's a cat box, well, that's not really the brokerage's fault, is it?

People have a right to buy and sell - to transfer ownership - even horrible properties. I'm curious as to what you think the real estate profession should do - judge properties and only broker ones that meet some standard? Whose standard?
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Thanks Dan .The location I'm complaining about is 1524 10th Street Oroville CA. I understand how tough it has been on real estate professionals. This property is either bank-owned or investor-owned. Some of us are working together to clean the many foreclosed properties in our area. If the people who represent this property had to live next to it,or if someone in their neighborhood bought a run-down home and did nothing to fix it, they would understand how we feel. All we are asking is that the person responsible see to it that the health hazard's present on their property (empty tires with standing water, garbage, abandoned R.V.'s) are remediated as soon as possible so that those of us who live here are not harmed. West Nile Virus is still a possibility in these parts and we all have animals and there is an elementary school nearby. If the county has to clean it up, these people will pay twice as much as if they had stepped up to the plate themselves and there may also be fines levied against them. Those of us who can pay our mortgage and property taxes do not deserve this. We are calling for higher standards for all real estate professionals, not just this one.
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No property was linked to your question, so we are answering the best we can. As an agent who lists distressed properties hoping to help distressed home owners I accept that the condition of the property may not reflect as well on me as I would hope. I wish I had the resources to clean, prep and make my listings all more attractive, but frankly I don't. Most agents have experienced the toughest years of their lives in this business. Many have left it all together. Those of us left are working harder and making less while dealing with clients in dire circumstances.
My recommendation is to take some of your frustration and channel it into a constructive direction. Whoever owns the offensive home is over their heads. If it’s a short sale, the owners can't afford the payments and are in distress. If it's a bank owned home, they have already lost tens of thousands of dollars on this and several other similar properties. Rather than worry about how we sleep at night, why don't you organize a work party to go to your other neighbor and pitch in. People used to band together in tough times and help each other out.
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To the person who assumed I am making assumptions I have this to say: this is the age of the internet and it is too easy to find out who owns what. I did not have to make assumptions. I put up with the people for two years and now I am fighting the bank. This is my neighborhood and I will not stand idly by and watch while so-called investors assist in making our property values decline so they can come in and profit from that behavior. None of us should put up with this anywhere in America.
Bottom line is, whomever owns this house now is too cheap to pay to haul away the trash and abandoned travel trailers and the agent/broker that is listed on this site represents that owner. Be it a bank or investor, they should be ashamed to have their name linked to the property. By the way, the code enforcement and environmental health authorities have been notified and are indeed pursing the irresponsible party who owns this property.
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If you truly think this house is a public hazard, perhaps the town would have something to say about it. What about the rest of your neighbors, do they share the same concern?

You seem to be making a lot of assumptions about the seller and their motivations. Few sellers are making any money in this market, especially if they are unwilling to make the property marketable. Perhaps the seller is in tough financial situation. Maybe they are elderly or sick. For whatever reason, perhaps they are incapable of taking care of the property. Do you know?

Either way, I can't imagine blaming agents for facilitating a sale, especially as some have suggested, new owners tend to make at least some improvements.

I understand REAs are an easily picked on group, perhaps sometimes for good reason, but I can honestly say I have never heard this particular beef with agents.

And as Mack asks, what do you suggest?
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What would you suggest, B?
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Spare me the free market lecture.This property is a public hazard, whoever owns this property should clean it up .This is about some one too cheap to pay to clean it up.We are talking garbage not treasures. Who ever owns it is not trying to improve the home,they are trying to make money .Who ever is trying to sell it should be disgusted at the condition it is in and either insist some one clean it up or drop the listing.Some non -licensed contractor will hire his tweaked out brother in law to fix it and then rent it to someone who got evicted from their last place .Please spare me the real estate investment speech.
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sounds to me that you just need to vent. If you and the neighbors are actively working at improving problems in the neighborhood, then why would you assume that anyone on this page can offer you anything. Oroville, in itself, is a dump and was hit hard by the economic downturn, and if you haven't contacted the health dept, environmental, code enforcement, fire dept., etc. then you are not doing too much on your end to solve the problem. All of these people trying to give you assistance are not even from CA, much less Oroville, so I don't see the need for you to be sarcastic or rude to them. Do you live in Southside or out in the County. Why don't you call one or the other and see if someone can guide you in the right direction to solve the issue. I believe the first guy on here gave the best answer and the second one answered it with honesty. No one, that does their due dilligence, will buy a house that has problems unless they can see the potential in rehabing the house.
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We simply provide a service that does not force a buyer to buy.....

Because standards and value vary from one individual to another, "what one views as junk may be viewed by another as treasure."

Who are we to question another's motives?


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I'm not familiar with the house you are referencing either. But the home you are referencing has value to someone. If you think it's a dump you should be happy that somebody bought it and will likely renovate it and make it more desirable. With al the inventory out there it's not like the buyer didn't have lots of other choices? Is it possible you are missing something? Likely you are. I bet some investor or buyer with a good contractor will make the appropiate repairs and do just fine with the property in question. Interest rates are at all time lows and now is the time to buy.
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Ones man trash is another mans treasure, every home will sell for the right price as long as the buyer knows what he's getting into.
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