Mary, Home Buyer in Connecticut

why does north port, fl have so many great homes at very reasonable prices that are not selling? Is there?

Asked by Mary, Connecticut Tue Apr 15, 2008

something happening in North Port? Is there a reason no one is buying there?

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If you are of working class people. I would suggest doing your homework before you move to North Port in regards to employment and salaries. Add in factors like traveling to Sarasota or Fort Myers for the higher paying jobs - if and when they are available. Even travel to Southern Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda can take up to 45 minutes. We have lived here for 2 1/2 years and it is very nice place to live...not much in the entertainment field - depends what you are looking for.
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I am a Canadian with two rental properties in North Port. We started out as vacationers in Englewood and we discovered North Port and decided to purchase a home due to its value. We have been extremely happy renting and vacationing in the area. We do not have a difficult time securing seasonal rentals, and our guests marvel at the peace, quiet, safety and accessibility of the area. We are in an area that is not considered "honky tonk" and our neighbours take exceptional care of their properties. Granted, if you are looking for the night life of South Beach, it is not there. However, if you are wanting to invest in a rental opportunity, there are many people out there who are definately interested in the area. I cannot speak to living there long-term, but any city, even Venice and Sarasota have their share of economic, social and infrastructural issues. I have never felt at-risk going anywhere in North Port - I have felt uneasy in parts of Port Charlotte. North Port is very much like a growing suburb. It will take time - the residential building may have slowed down but the commercial continues, providing North Port with new, clean, safe areas to shop and do business. Also, just because the prices of real estate are low does not necessarily mean that this will attract marijuana grow ops. In fact, these lower prices as attracting a lot of northerners who are looking for a quiet place to live in a beautiful villa with pool that would cost them one and a half times as much in Venice. Where else in the region can you buy a 3 bedroom home on the golf course in a gated community for less than 200,000? Do the math, North Port is again a great opportunity and it will rise like the phoenix again!!
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Like everywhere else, you will find people who speak highly of Nortport and you will find people who will spend days telling you how bad of a place it is. I have lived in so called great cities (Paris, Montreal) and I have lived in so called dump cities (Buffalo) and I can tell you that I have as many great memories in Buffalo as I had in either Paris or Montreal. There are great places in Northport and there are dumps too. Just go there and find out by yourself. One thing I do know is that you will be able to get twice the house for half the price that you would pay a few more miles to the north. There are problems with the infrastructure but once this is fixed, Northport will florish again.
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as i am looking for a second home i was amazed by Northport as well...but i was told by a lot of folks.."Newlywed or nearly dead " is a good motto for Northport
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In a nut shell...this is an area that grew at a rapid rate. Developers built homes as fast as they could put them up. Thus, a large inventory currently exists at a time when people are not buying. The law of "supply and demand" is as visible as the sunshine causing a serious decline in pricing.

North Port is a location where buyers can find the home of their dreams without paying a fortune and it is the time to buy here......

Best Regards,
The "Eckler Team"
Century 21 Almar and Associates
Venice, Fl 34285
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Florida has ups and downs in market prices. Hurricanes floods Tornadoes. I wouldn't worry about grow houses. You can find those anywhere. The days of the easy automotive commute are grinding to an end. Urban sprawl is over. No one really wants to be a snowbird anymore or can afford to. Developers came and worked the land and built canals so housing could be built. Now legislation stopped the canal building over epa regulations. Fertilizer companies striped soil and polluted the fresh water. It was big money to create developments. There are hundreds of square miles of developed land that never ever had housing on it. North Port was on high ground so it was easily turned into a development, but people want to be by the water or at least have access to it. Get a high suspension vehicle and enjoy the quiet. Gardening, art, writing, home business.
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I live in North Port and I love it. I'm 25...not married yet...I grew up in a small town in central Illinois. I am not blind to the things that need to be done, however. The roads are a huge issue. I think people should check out -- its the citys website that shows all of the money the city is putting into everything. They have been doing everything from expanding city infrastucture to building a new pet park. To say that Venice or another area is better, that is a matter of opinion. Venice is nicknamed "deaths waiting room" for a reason. The parks are nice, the golf is great, for the most part the people are friendly. The positives totally outweigh the negatives in this city. (which is getting harder and harder to say for some towns) When you live in north port--you are 15 minutes from port charlotte, 20 minutes (max) to the beach, 30 minutes from sarasota, (small town feel with big city benefits) real low home prices (I hardly put any money down and pay $920 a month...that includes taxes, insurance, as well as additional escrow). Now that the homebuyers credit has passed it is not the BEST time to buy, but it is still very good. North Port is going to absolutly boom in the coming years and I'm glad I'm going to be here to see it.
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Realty Executives Mainstream in Port Charlotte has a great Property Management department. They handle everything in regards to renting your home. You have no stress, we find renters and handle all problems. Call us and let us manage your home.
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I have found in the two properties I own in North Port, has taken over the management and messy rental procedure for me... thank god because i live in ct.
also good dealing w agent named bruce ... and connie... I think that is the correct link
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How do home owners rent out their homes in North Port and get tennants? Who do you use for your properties?
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Hey Carli!
I am Canadian to! Who manages your rental properties? Can you refer me to someone? Also, is there a good potential to get renters if I buy a 2000 sq ft in the 34286 zip code in North Port. Let me hear your thoughts! Comments appreciated!
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There is one high school in North Port --North Port High and it does not have bars on it?? The city of North Port is in the process of repaving miles of roads. This is a big job--there are 813 miles of roads. Many of these have been repaved.

North Port is a much younger city than Venice the average age in Venice is 68, in North Port it's 40. If you check out many of the websites you will discover that North Port is well below the average for crime in the state of Florida.

Here's a link to yesterdays Herald Tribune Newpaper-…
Homes sales in North Port rose 13% in the last month. Actually, most Realtors that I've been talking to are very busy.

I would suggest that you come to North Port and check things out first hand.

Shannon Moore, Realtor®, 941-276-8142
Roxanne Moore, Realtor®, 941-626-3926
Re/Max Anchor Realty
North Port/Port Charlotte
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Yes, I would also suggest if you are considering buying in North Port that you check it out for youself first hand. If it is a place you are considering for yourself to live I would also check out employment opportunities (barely any), commute time & distance (traffic), roads (horrible), taxes, schools, homeowners insurance (get actual quotes). If possible, rent a home first in the area that you are considering to get a better feel for the area. If you are considering North Port as an investment, will your monthly rent (if you can find any renters) cover the mortgage, homeowners insurance & taxes, Most do not get enough to cover these. Also think if the houses are going so cheaply, what kinds of people are going to be moving to North Port? Or who will be your potential renters? Another thing to consider, try to find out what there is to do in North Port? The closest beach is in Venice, a good 20 min. drive, what is there to do in North Port? Good luck.
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We were also considering buying a home in North Port, We are also from CT. But when we got there were not very impressed with it. Most of the roads are in disrepair, full of pot holes, etc. There are endless miles long streets iwith not much of a neighborhood type feel that you are used to in CT. There is a more diverse population: ie. the high school has bars on the windows? We looked up & down the west coast before we settled on Venice. I would not recommend North Port as a place to live or invest. I would consider Venice or Sarasota. Practically every other house in N.Port has for sale & for rent signs & if you think you will rent your home, I bet you will have a hard time. Do some more research: google North Port, check out the marijuana grow houses in N. Port, crime, etc. Good luck to you. ps I would not listen to realtors, they are hungry, do your own research!
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Hi Mary,

I live and work in North Port and right now we have 11 contracts in and lots of buyers. In talking with other agents in the office they are seeing the same kind of activity as well. For the past two years there have been a lot of investors buying in North Port. When the market took a down turn many of the investors got stuck with several homes. Many of them are now foreclosing or selling them by short sale. This adds to the already high amount of homes for sale in the area. Right now there is too much supply and not enough demand, which in turn lowers the prices.

I think people are starting to see the great deals available in North Port and buying. In my opinion, North Port is a great town to live in. Most everything is new-shopping centers, schools, homes, many of the schools are "A" rated, and the home prices are reasonable.

Please give me a call or email if you'd like more information about the area!

Shannon Moore, Realtor®, 941-276-8142
Roxanne Moore, Realtor®, 941-626-3926
Re/Max Anchor Realty
North Port/Port Charlotte
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2002, 2003, 2004 - Northport was the land of investors and more-so, speculators. Properties were cheap in comparison to the other areas of the Greater Sarasota and Manatee area. Many Builder / Developer spec homes and the entire area became over-saturated. Now it's a land of unfinnished homes, short sales and fore-closures. Great Buys are there for your patience to search the area. Get a good Realtor. I refer to several in the area. Jim Soda- Luxury Real Estate in Sarasota, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and Lakewood Ranch. Your real estate resource in Sarasota and Manatee
Web Reference:
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Right now Florida is leading the nation in foreclosures. Florida is number 1 in foreclosure filings followed by California and Detroit Michigan and other areas of Michigan. There is no diveresified industry or high paying job base in Florida to justify inflated home prices. Retirees traditionally live in Florida and retirees generally live on 1/3rd of thier previous employment income. And people living on 1/3rd of thier former income just do not have the money to pay high prices. Also a large percentage of retirees live solely on SSA payments. Widows must live on 75% of thier late husbands SSA income. Since our federal government defines as poverty level most seniors, these retirees will not be buying inflated overpriced homes.
Also much of Florida has had a non justifiable rise in hoa fees, home owners association fees, monthly fees homeowners are charged by hoa ' trustees' or directors In many cases the homeowners are not receiving any value in service for these excessive hoa 'fees' and land rent 'fees'. One community of homeowners is being charged 535 a month hoa for 1 bedroom, 1 bath units, the 535 a month they are hoa assessed goes to pay for an annual ' anna marie island party 1x a year' . Needless to say this type of gross mismanagement and hoa assessment land rent fee price gouging keeps millions of buyers away.
Hopefully Florida residents and thier states attys will correct this enron type hoa fraud.
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