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When do you think a house qualifies for demolition?

Asked by Gabriel Palotas, Pompano Beach, FL Mon Sep 27, 2010

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Gabriel, I find that when it would cost more to bring back the property to it's original splendor than when you could start fresh from the foundation. A qualified Architect, Contractor and Inspector should help in this determination. The bottom line is to have qualified licensed and reliable advisors.
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When a property has more value as bare land than rehabing the house and the zoning can be converted if necessary, then it's definitely time to enter the new century! I'm a very sentimental person and out here in the beautiful rolling hills of the wine country of Sonoma County, we see everyday the slow conversion of properties from rural farmland to vineyards and tract houses. Fortunately there are many people that love old fixer-uppers as I do, and restore many beautiful painted ladies. But some homes have suffered neglect for so long and they are so in the face of progress that it is inevitable that progress will win. Best regards, Terry Bell, CPS Real Estate, Sonoma County Wine County, California
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I have been wondering the same thing. My husband and I bought a property last year. There is a house on the property, but it is dated and falling apart. We would like to tear it down, if possible, and build a new one that suits us better.
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Thanks for this answer. I've been wondering this myself. There is a property in my city that I have had my eye on. It is a great location and the property is large, however the home that sits on it is in very poor condition.
Gary Puntman |
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I agree with a lot of what has been said. I think that there are a couple of factors that will effect whether or not a house should be demolished. Some need to be demolished because of saftely issues, other times they might be demolished just for a fresh start. Thanks for sharing this information.

Amber |
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I would recommend having a house demolished when it would cost more and be more effort to repair the house and bring it back to a good condition. If it would cost less, the same amount, or only a little more to demolish the house and rebuild, it is smart to rebuild. Keep in mind a new house is a better investment because it will last longer and can be personalized.

Claire Reynolds ||
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I'm not really an expert because I have never had a home demolished, but I think that a house qualifies for demolition if it's a danger to people. I've never had a problem with this where I live because we don't have a lot of old homes, but I know teenagers like to go into old homes for fun. I think if the home presents a safety issue for teenagers who like to explore places they shouldn't, it should be demolished.
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Hi Gabriel,

When the property is "red tagged " by the city ( meaning -do not enter-tear down ) or you are buying a property that an inspector tells you that that property needs to be torn down,I just saw one recently that had a crumbling foundation that could not be repaired & contractor advise that house be torn down,good luck !
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The house would have to be so badly damaged to the point where it is either unsafe or not worth the repairs.

Eight engine companies, two trucks and two battalion chiefs responded to the incident using hose lines and a large nozzle attached to the top of the fire engine to fight the fire in Adelanto, CA

Damage estimates were calculated at approximately $130,000 and in the afternoon the house was demolished by the city.

So this would be one way I guess .
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Contact the local building department and find out their requirements. That is what you need to go by as far as what "qualifies."
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Personally, I find that a house qualifies for demolition when the cost of repairing it exceeds the cost of rebuilding it. It's similar to when a car it totaled. Just to be sure, though, call a local contractor or relator to verify that the house should be demolished.
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To decide if a house should be demolished or repaired, I think you need to look at the time and cost. Bring in a professional to inspect the house and determine everything that would need to be repaired. If it costs anywhere near the amount that it would cost to simply build a new home, I would say just demolish it and start over. At some point, it is smarter and less time-consuming to start over.

Claire Reynolds ||
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The house would have to be so badly damaged to the point where it is either unsafe or not worth the repairs. Severe water damage is one example. Homes that have been flooded and had water sit for a long time weakens the structure.

Will Jenkins |
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If a demolition contractor who was going to have the job of demolishing the house looked at it and determined that it qualified for demolition giving himself a job, it could have been a brand new house. There is no criteria other than comparing the cost of repairing and remodeling rather than tearing down and rebuilding. Sometimes a very nice house in very good condition is torn down because it is on a lot zoned for multiple dwelling and a developer is going to build apartments or condos on the parcel. General contractors should have looked at it rather than a demolishion contractor and there should have been several opinions.
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Demolition isn't always the cheapest answer. I would say that demolition is necessary when the living conditions of the house are unsafe and unhealthy. If the structure is not sound demolition and restarting are probably the best answer.
Fred Hutchinson |
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On Paompano Beach, just like on Clearwater, Palm Harbor or Dunedin, if the structure sitting there is not going to provide you the quality of waterfront living you want then is a candidate.. Lots of demolished waterfront homes would have been perfectly fine, if only located someplace without a big water view.

It boils down to the definition of a weed, any plant that is not where you want it to be.
A good house in the wrong place....becomes a knockdown.
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Here are some criteria that I work of off:
-If the cost of maintaining/restoring the house/building out weigh any earnings you can/would get from sale or rental.
- If the there is serious structural damage (this plays into the above reason).
- If the value of the land is worth more without the house there.

In some cases you may only want to demolish parts of the building in order for restoration to occur or to satisfy building codes. In any case you should always use licensed contractors/demolition teams to keep yourself physically and legally safe.
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That depends on a ton of different factors (and preference potentially). You should consult with a local licensed contractor to find out if the structure is worth saving or if it would be cheaper to tear down and re-build.
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If it would cost more than the house is worth to fix it up or if there's a problem, like black mold or a crumbling foundation that would make it extremely difficult to just do a repair. A friend of mine just moved to Chicago and the house across from her was demolished due to unlivable conditions in the house that were too costly to fix. Made her rethink where she had moved to a little bit.
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A house qualifies for demolition when it is significantly decreasing the value of the homes in the neighborhood. That is my personal opinion.
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A house should totally be demolished if it has stuff like black mold in it. Just don't even risk it. Also, renovations can take a lot more time and money than simply demolishing and starting from the ground up.
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I agree, I think it depends on the history of the house and condition. For instance if my neighbor wants the demolition in Calgary, for the house that just looks old but is fine, that's silly. But if there is a reason, it's totally fine.
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if you own the property you can hire demolition contractors in chicago il and take the place down
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If it costs more to repair or update then it would to demolish and build a new home.
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When its no longer cost effective to make repairs.

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I consult with experts, and base my decision on the info that they shared with me.
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