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Is Lancaster, CA a good area to invest?

Asked by manapiha21, Wed May 30, 2007

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NO! Ive been here 25 years.. its a horible place to live and all the people that posted on here lied except for the meth comment. 80% of the Antolope Valley do drugs or make drugs. Palmdale is a horrible getto place. The west side just looks nicer cuz they sell the drugs to the east side trash. Lacaster as well. Im in realestate and this is the worst place to invest!
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not rue. I moved from LA 3 years ago and I love it. 30th st east and L. no different than the big city except no traffic and of course everthing closes early. Great movie theatre with imax. or you can watch a independent film in the downtown and have a beer. What it needs is of course more local jobs. very needed.
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It is a shame that a local Realtor has not answered your question until now. While I service that Antelope Valley as well as Santa Clarita and So. Kern County, I would not even speculate as to the situation of a city that is either over 1 hour away or one which I had only driven through.

Actually, the AV has a population of close to 500, 000. Believe it or not. Palmdale and Lancaster have close to 150,000 each, and then add in the populations of all the outlying area towns and cities. We have viable commuting options here and have worked diligently to re-structure our jobs base since the early 1990's when the cold war ended and we were heavily involved in the Aerospace Industry. In short, it isn't the same place it has been. Yes, we have had our share of economic issues, but we continue to have an influx of buyers coming in from ALL over Southern and Central California.

Our home prices are quite reasonable, even in the most desirable areas. We have homes from as little as $50K up to and including multi-million dollars. I guess what I am really saying is, you should take a trip up here and see for yourself! I am part of a team of 3 professionals with backgrounds in Escrow, Lending, Finance Appraisal, and of course Real Estate. Our company has been in the Antelope Valley for the last 51 years, so I guess you could say we are area experts. We would love to be of service to you at of course no obligation or cost.

Best wishes in your search,

Cindi Wolf
Troth Realtors
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If you plan on creating a meth lab or just buying meth, then it would be an ideal place to live
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Lancaster isn't getting any love :)

I was there about 10 years ago and I thought it was a ghost town. No creature was stirring, not even a mouse, and it was 4 in the afternoon. Not exactly a very appealing town, and it's too far from the big activity hubs in SoCal to be a realistic commuting/bedroom community. I'd pass on Lancaster as well.
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Quite honestly, it is not the best investment now. Yes, you can buy cheap, their are many forecllosures. However, if this is a place where you are considering purchasing for yourself, I would not recommend it, the resale value of the area is very poor. It is a buyers market right now and many other areas are much better investments now. The schools are poor and their is alot of drug and gang violence thier. I am sure others would not voice this opinion, however I believe in speaking plainly. I hope this helps.
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it was 25 years ago.
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I do not work that market, so take this with a grain of salt.

What sort of investing interests you? Shopping malls, single family homes, industrial space, etc. I've referenced the city's redevelopment department, a great resource for finding what financial incentives might be available for investors.

Lancaster is a major hub for transportation, and is still transitioning for a defense base to other industries. The relatively inexpensive land has allowed for a great deal of development, so at the moment there is a lot of inventory.

The Antelope Valley Multiple Listing Service currently shows:
41 income properties available
1,521 Residential listings for sale

So it's a buyer's market in housing, a great time to buy when others need to sell.

This has been a broad overview, hope that it is helpful.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Funny, that now in 2013 it is coming back to life. Investors are buying there everything. Anyone knows a good area in Lancaster/Palmdale. I've seen very posh houses there....
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Contrary to what people are saying, Lancaster right now is an ideal area for investors. There are many homes for under 100K that are perfect for investors looking to purchase and rent them out. I have investors contacting me daily snagging up these properties to rent out.

Most of the homes here you can have an average of 10-15% ROI. There are homes in distress just as everywhere else in the country. A lot of short sales are going on and the higher end investors are purchasing those mostly for rentals too. Of course there is also an equal amount of investors purchasing to fix up and resale too.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in the area and would like to work with an agent that not only lives in the area, but was raised here too.

Thank you,

Robert "Tony" Haven
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I think you would have to be much more specific in your terms as "a good area to invest"
That is quite vague.
If you are talking 3 Bedroom homes to buy and rent them out I think any area is so long as the market is not flooded with other items you have.
Do your research to se it it is good for you.

Harold Sharpe - Broker
So Cal Homes Realty
(951) 821-8211
California Department of Real Estate Broker License # 01312992
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I have lived in Lancaster California for four and a half years. When I first arrived I was dissappointed by the "atmosphere" comparing it to places like the San Fernando Valley, Silver Lake, Echo Park, El Monte,Santa Monica and Mar Vista California...and to Hawaii and Tennessee, where I have lived it wasn't very appealing at first glance. The people are like every other place, of both low and high claiber... one just has to be a bit discriminating...about who you let into your life.

I eventually found myself avoiding most people to eliminate overmuch drama in my life. There are racists about yes, and there are more enlightened folks about as well...we have to make change by being good examples in our towns. Eventually I found particular ways to begin to be social again. I go to many parks and the library, as well as enjoying " the new" downtown Lancaster. There are a few nice shops and resturants I now frequent. I found that one must truely embrace the ideal to "Bloom Where You Are Planted" if you hope to see the natural beauty of a high desert town like Lancaster. Crime rates are falling, the area has it's problems with needing more outlets for youth, so that they do not embrace gang activity which is all over America at this point in history. You can absolutely buy a home here without being concerned that it is crime infested here in Lancaster. I had had only one incidence of vandolism in 4 1/2 years of living here. (Children were throwing rocks at my car as I passed by a nearby apartment complex to my home, and my car was damaged).
I personally believe that ones positive mental attitude goes a long way with neighbors, and locals here. You usually will get "what you put out" in any circumstance so, if you do buy, bring on your positive approach to living here! ;~} (Please) because no matter where you buy a home....negativity will pretty much not be welcom behavior Just a positive outlook and desire to be a peaceful warrior in the midst of some ignorance (which is all over) is all that is necessary to be able to make it in "anytown" America.

I would stress to become involved in the area in some way to improve things for yourself and others as a very healthy outlet and activity. Once you develop healthy routines, all towns are about the same. Believe me, I have moved 45 times in 49 years...and YOU are the most important equasion in any relocation!
Best Wishes~
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The Antelope Valley is a great place to invest! As a bedroom community to Los Angeles the Antelope Valley (Palmdale, Lancaster etc.) is by far the most affordable real estate market offering good schools, shopping, public services, weather and quality of life.
With the approximate average home price in the A.V. at $125,000. and interest rates below 5%, Home Buyer's can purchase a home with a lower monthly debt service then a comparable rental property.
Right now is a GREAT time to buy!!
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YES, The Antelopevalley continues to be the MOST affordable area in the LA county area for investments.
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I have lived in palmdale & of courssssse these blood sucking real estate agents are gonna say such great things cause guess what they want your buisnees well the truth is I lived there for about 4 years I started living there in the middle of high school & I am in my 30 's rt now & I;ll tell you one thing its very boring & the kids did drugs & caused trouble because of bordum & also the school system sucks the teachers are lazy & do not care about the education of students and most of the people around there are racist in all colors believe me they have people similiar to the kkk & also hispanic & blacks & whites are very racist against each other if you have a lot of $$$$$ & want to move there & have kids put them in a private school also make sure you are stimulating there minds keep them busy so bad people wont come a knockin also have a job before you move there cause jobs are lacking & when you apply for a job you might not get it because they hire each other like friends & family pretty disgusting huh ? Ya I agree
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Yes, by all means, Lancaster and Palmdale are both situated in the AntelopeValley area.The Antelope Valley area is the one lowest price area in the Los Angeles county period..
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You shouldn't buy a house to make money on, why do you think we have this crisis. If your looking for a home for yourself or your family; seek a town that has culture, good school districts, and low crime rate. ps: it is hot.
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Actually it is on the current list of the United States fastest growing cities, so I would say can get a good deal now and growth begets growth
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The Palmdale/Lancaster area has been waiting to be the next new place for 25 years and no dice so far.. if they ever get the airport concept off the ground it might happen but right now.. no it's not a great place for immediate return.. if you want to wait 10-20 years.. you just might make a killing..
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Kaye Thomas, Real Estate Pro in 90266
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