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Pete Flint, Home Buyer in Noe Valley, San Fran...

How would you grade President Obama’s handling of the housing crisis in 2009?

Asked by Pete Flint, Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA Fri Jan 15, 2010

Housing has been one of the key focus areas for Obama during his first year in office – he tried to keep homeowners in their homes with the Mortgage Relief plan and tried to spur sales with the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit, among other things. How would you grade his performance on housing and what do you think needs to be done in 2010?

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- Before you start... let me state that we've already heard the "It was Bush's fault"

When every doctor tells you to lose weight and exercise, maybe it's time to listen.

As for the "crazy" people, what you're telling me is that you'd rather believe in fantasy than deal with reality, which is fine, if not terribly admirable. Especially real estate professionals who have contact spheres of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

For those of you who think it's clever to shift the blame or credit for budgets on the Congress, it is enlightening to note that Congress does not create these budgets, they are created by the White House and submitted to Congress for approval.

The last twenty budgets submitted by Republican Presidents have been deficit budgets, in good times and in bad.

This year, the Republican Party has made it essentially their official policy that tax cuts for the rich are more important than the deficit.

I'm still interested in why this party has 40% of the electorate, given that they are prone to at least the same sort of expansion of government, budget deficits, and personal immorality as they accuse the Democrats of having.

- Who wouldn't walk away from this type of investment when times get tough

You're right, Carol; it's not really an investment if you don't have anything "invested."

- Most other people do not.

Apparently, 40% of Americans don't care.

- Although great political propaganda

Not so much. You don't get much political hay from flops.

- The administration has FAILED to create new jobs

While that's true, it also doesn't tell the story.

The economy was losing 500,000 jobs a month while the old Administration was packing its bags. Putting a halt to that is an accomplishment. In fact, if you look at a monthly chart of job losses, it's like a mirror image, bottoming out in January 2009.

The good news for you is, this November, you have another chance to vote for the party that got you into this mess!
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F- - - - - if such a grade existed. Obama took over auto companies; why didn't the employees fight this? They wouldn't let their unions approve of putting them out of a job or sending one overseas again?!...oh, I forgot, their money and vote placed him in the Oval Office along with Wall Street big contributions. We are trilions of dollars in debt. Who in their right mind would spend the limit on their credit cards and spend the entire equity on their homes to improve their financial portfolio? Who would think about re-distributing one's wealth to people who don't deserve it and won't work but stay on welfare? Why would Congress, a democratic one at that, pass a national care health bill when other socialistic countries are trying to get rid of theirs from going broke? Why do others come here for care from their socialism health care for treatment? Look up the statistics of how long a person has to wait for a doctor's appointment, get approval to have a simple test like a mammogram, if approved, wait for a surgeon to operate when their test said they had breast cancer, and would they be given an operation and how much more wait? Wait until we see the new banking regulations where we have to pay for everything...use of our own ATM from our bank, cashing a check, having to keep a certain balance in a checking account, and pay a teller for her time? When the Bush tax credit bill is permitted to expire 12/31/2010, we lose certain credits and exemptions to get back income tax return money from the IRS as the items that once were NOT taxable or no credits for children is dropped. Estate taxes from inheriting a home and things from your loved ones will now be taxed at 55% (capital gains and losses). If you think the housing foreclosures are over, better check again as more are coming down the pipeline 2010, 2011, and 2012. There are going to continue to be more job losses for the next 2-3 years. If our oil companies aren't happy with us, they plan to move to Egypt. So much for being told by this administration we Americans CANNOT drill even in shallow waters. WE THE PEOPLE ARE LACKING IN REPRESENTATION WITH THINGS WE DON'T WANT AND CAN'T STOP. I love legal people in my country as that was what my family did standing in line and waiting their turn to get in; they were proud to call themselves AMERICANS and not HYPHENATED-AMERICANS; they even dropped their foreign language and NOT spoken in the home and gave up many traditions. Therefore; we NEED to TEACH our children to get in a line AND CUT until they get to the HEAD OF THE LINE WHEREVER THEY ARE! People in grocery stores and banks can do the same thing as they may be busier than you and have no time nor patience to wait. OLD Congressmen and women should NOT be in office to establish cronyism and be caught up with lobbyists and sex affairs, and being away from their families and WE their constituents. Bring them home to get in touch with the people; they'll save costs and not have to rent apartmnents. Cap and Trade will destroy this economy already on the skids. NOTHING IS TOO BIG TO FAIL....IT'S POOR MANAGEMENT FOR YEARS. Companies drop their mangement people when profits and problems drain their business running it into the ground. Those in office NOW ARE willing to throw away their offices for the CAUSE: getting everything passed THEY want and NOT WE THE PEOPLE WANT, to pass their agenda. YOU WILL SEE EVERYTHING THEY WANT PASS. Look for illegals to get amnesty. Then they can vote the dems back in again if the republicans get the majority in the house and senate as Obama blames them "for not cooperating with HIS PLANS including our wonderful HOPE AND CHANGE scam artist and colleagues, Van Jones, APPOLLO, ACORN (still exists but in different organizations), Bill Ayers still teaching college who was part of the SDS underground movement who bombed federal buildings saying if he could do it again he would do more! He never had any jail time! Our new head of health care system said on many tv stations "we need to redistribute the wealth"..... "health care rationing will be part of this plan as it's in the stimulus bills" Who is ready to give these destroyers MORE TIME? Haven't we lost enough jobs? There were only a few thousand who had jobs for a time which came to an end as temporary ones including census jobs which wasn't counted properly. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE STATES RIGHTS? If a president is going to sue Arizona costing us taxpapers money and peoples lives from illegals killing them, pillaging the land, health care, schools, and jobs, then why should we vote for ANY President. Stop taking yearly pay raises Congress!

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To Jerry:

You can't blame corporations for trying to increase their's a federal mandate. The real problem with the corporate entity is that they have the same rights as you and I do as humans, but no moral responsibilities, or ethical responsibilities beyond oversight and legislation.

At the end of the day, the consumer has to take some responsibility for trying to get something for nothing whether you're talking about housing or chickens. The demand for (disposable) $299 flat screen plasma TV's drives manufacturing overseas, just as much as the desire to make a profit does.
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I generally don't like to talk politics, but on this item I must speak up.

President Obama attacked a battle that he could not win and we all know it! The foundation of our real estate economy is so brittle that no matter what he does it is going to have very little impact. How can any rational person expect 10 years of abuses to be wiped out in 12 months?

I think that the tax credit first time buyers has been great. Secondly, his administration is trying to assist with the mortgage relief programs, but with unemployment at 9.7% and underemployment over 20% there is nothing short of paying people's mortgages that will do the trick.

There was so much mortgage fraud and predatory lending being conducted in the market that many of these home owners are beyond help. There is going to be a painful correction in the market, and when we look back in 20 years we will understand that this administration has gone above and beyond to help the people back to their feet. Now let's get out there and sell!
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While I am not thrilled with Obama's effectiveness thus far and I disagree with a lot of his decisions (like the appointment of bankers to regulate banks and the focus on healthcare over more pressing issues) I find it absurd that anyone would blame him for the housing crisis or unemployment. Why? He hasn't been here long enough. Not that he couldn't have contributed them if he had been here long enough, but that these things are the culmination of years of different factors creating the perfect storm. The housing market problems have been brewing for years and I think other people have outlined in perfect detail all the factors that led to them. Unemployment is also the result of the financial meltdown many years in the making.

The question is who can lead us out of this. So far I am waiting to see that person in any party or position.

Agreed the policy that says you deserve to own a house if you can draw breath is one that should never have started. Insanely unregulated credit card companies are another problem. Propping up failing banks also a problem. OTOH, if we hadn't bailed out the banks and we had plunged into The Second Great Depression Obama would have gotten the blame for that too. This is not a problem I know how to solve. I just wish some financial geniuses would step forward and figure it out.

It's also ironic that some of the same people who said we should let the free market correct itself are also blaming Obama for high unemployment. What do you think the unemployment rate would be if we had let multiple financial institutions that employ hundreds of thousands of people go out of business?
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Outstanding speech. A refreshing approach to do the right thing for the people of the United States of America. Banks are increasingly cooperating with the Short Sale approvals due to the pressure put on by the Obama administration which decreases foreclosures and preserves American credit and home valuation. We have a long way to go, but things are atleast moving in the right direction. In 2010, we need to continue to refine the Mortgage Relieve plan, extend the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit, expand to include jumbo loan candidates, and keep interest rates below 6% so that we can effectively transition into the breakthrough nation that we are. I have had the pleasure to see the look of relief in the eyes of my clients who have successfully short sold their homes as well as hand the keys to hard-working buyers who have achieved fantastic interest rates in the current market. Additionally, I have connected loan modification candidates with our local foreclosure help center who work with hud-approved counseling agencies so that they can be assisted with proper care. Personally, I believe we need more Professionals with this mind-set to dig a little deeper and to help our communities to get through this time in history faster and better than we were when we came in. Cheers to the change agents.
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Considering that my business was down by 75% during first quarter 2009 and I finished the year up 7.7% over 2008 I must say I am thrilled with a lot of moves the administration has done. I also like what is upcoming with HAFA to help deal with short sales, not to mention all the moves taken to lower rates to historic lows. American's memories are so short, we need to recognize just how ugly this could have gotten without bold action.
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I may have missed something in earlier post. I wrote yet I have not seen it on here. anyway, I give our president a "B" grade. He can be blamed for some very short list of items. no way can he be blamed for the Iraq war. he can't be blamed for the tanked economy. He can't be blamed for the Wall Street deal. I think he is not exactly doing all that should be done about our particular problems at this time .
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I feel the programs established were a step in the right direction. The tax credits helped many qualified buyers enter homeownership. Providing a stable real estate market and removing the fears of declining prices are the steps and goals to continue to strive towards in 2010.
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Vernon, agree with you.

What I find most incredible, that all these "agents", "brokers" and "RE Pros" are here bashing the president, complaining, and giving him an "F" and basically saying it is the end of the world. Yet, they hava audacity to meet with their clients tomorrow and tell them, "Now is the best time to buy and everything is wonderful".

Others make it sound as if Hugo Chavez was the president. If this was the case, let me ask you, is it a a good time to buy a house when your president is Hugo Chavez?

The same people who are accusing Obama of being two faced and an actor are themselves being two faced and played the starring role in the housing crisis that we are in.
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housing in our country has been in cycles for a long time. for awhile it is up and awhile it is down. that is not any particular pres. fault. for the guy who wants to say, "stop blaming everything on Bush!" I have to tell you, Bush left office with our nation in ruin. and yes Obama did inherit that. our nation was in a terrible pit a few months before Bush left. Obama can not fix everything. and he should not think he can and will. we should not expect any one man or woman to fix everything. if Mr. Bush were in office right now, he could do no better than our present person. we have so much to blame on Bush but we also have a bit to blame on Obama. every one can look back and say, we should done this or that. but all in all, I give the present man..... "B" grade. remember no one is perfect. every one must stop trying to blame Obama for our situation, if John McCain had won, would they be the same way, blaming him or his predeccessor?
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I give him a B for effort and C for implementation.

He inherited a mess, and that mess produced a litter of stinkers. Both wars and the crashing economy has consumed too many resources (brain-power, money, time, etc). I also think he's spent too much time trying to "get everyone on board" with some of his plans. No person can please everyone all of the time; he needs to do a better job of prioritizing and executing on those priorities.

Although his administration has proposed some interesting ideas (and some horrible ones), this dysfunctional Congress keeps kneecapping them at every twist and turn. Too bad we can't reboot Congress, because voting process won't clear out the critical mass of clowns quick enough. I'm annoyed with all of the bickering; I'm exhausted with this do nothing (right) Congress. Maybe a boot in the butt of all of the incumbents IS "the kind of change we need."
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He sucks ..........................................
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Obama is trying to reinflate the housing bubble to bail out the Wall Street crooks.

FHA is the new subprime, he nationalized the Fannie and Freddie trillions in liabilities, and Obama doesn't even care about the unbearable debt legacy he is leaving our children.
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As the chief economist of the California Association of Realtors put it "the banks were buying houses without any skin in the game of the buyer".

Banks do that having high expectations and nothing has changed. All they want is as much money as they can get - society be darned.
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Jed Lane, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
Under your plan you would shove all the people that can’t pay their bills on the poor suffering landlords out there. I don’t know about the rest of America, but my landlord is out to make money on his property. Being the wise businessman he is, he definitely checked my credit before he rented to me.

As to the question at hand: I remember hearing back in the last economic downturn in 2001 and 2002 that housing was the only thing that was keeping the economy going. Now, we know that Mr. Bush’s way of keeping that economic engine going was probably equivalent of used car salesman putting saw dust in the motor oil. I really wonder how much of our economy was based in people 'refinancing' to access the equity in their house to buy the things that kept our economy engine function. Sure the engine ran nice for a while, but in reality it just exponentially damaged the economy. Ergo, I think Mr. Obama is doing the best job possible under the condition he inherited. It is going to take time to dismantle the engine and rebuild it. Unfortunately, as with any engine repair, it is going to cost more than the repairman estimated.
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Very well put, Mack, your last. I have been reading many Op Ed pieces on the election, its meaning and listiening to a frw pundits; accidently heard Gallagher plead with Latinos to return to their foundations of anti-women's rights (he calls it Pro-life). Some still call for their conservative positions and beliefs to be renewed and the fight to be continued. But since Reagan, whose policies have led to the dissolution of progress made in the latter half of the 20th century, it at last appears that conservatism is waning. Meeting in the middle when you do have not have the power to have your way and enforce your views on others, should be the conclusion of any sane movement. Yet the extreme right still wants to pretend that even without the power and the majority of hearts and minds, they can somehow prevail and get their way. Is Boehner asking to meet in the middle, at last? Romney tried to lean left, but too late. I guess he was too right handed after all. Our long national nightmare is over, 2-4 years of opposition hopefully will dissolve in favor of progress and help to continue the American dream. Its kind of nce that we don't have to be sorry for Romney, because he can return to the solice of his $16 million unearned income per year. And finally, we sure could have used some of that $6 billion in campaign spending on some sea walls, storm surge barriers and a new TappanZee bridge.
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You would have been better off with Michele Bachmann.

Ann Coulter told you that if you didn't nominate Chris Christie, you'd wind up stuck with Mitt Romney and you'd lose the election. Turns out that yesterday morning, Romney had a 9% chance of winning, which was about the chance he had of winning a year ago.

Herman Cain could have run the country like it was Sim City, with tax rates of nine, nine, nine. And no legislation longer than three pages.

Rick Santorum would have pushed for a Christian version of Sharia law and banning contraception; Rick Perry told Mitt Romney to his face that vulture capitalism kills jobs.

Jon Huntsman regretted signing Grover Norquist's never-increase-government-revenue-by-taxing pledge and asked his fellow contenders if they had ever heard of science. Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump?

Your party is criminally dishonest, treasonous. Four years ago, they united - not to oppose Democratic proposals, but to oppose Democratic acceptance of their own proposals, and then called the President a divider rather than a uniter. 41 Senators and 200+ in Congress pledging allegiance to Grover Norquist rather than the People of the United States?

And you guys who have supported this - it was not a difference of opinion, it was abandoning your own critical thinking and reasoning. How did your "Tea Party" work out for you this year? No rallies, no Revolutionary War re-enactments - did you finally figure out how fake your "revolution" was?

This thread will probably wind down after a wave or two of screaming at us lefties, but I am pleased that the moderate Reagan Democrat defeated Mr. Waffle. I am pleased that the country is moving in the direction of expanding civil marriage and giving up on the charter school fiasco.

But more than anything, I am pleased that we are not going to raid the pension fund to pay for tax cuts for people who have enough money that they don't have to work another day in their life.

I'd like to say it was fun and that we made friends across the aisle, but - we didn't. Oh, I would refer Paul as a real estate agent and Gabriel as a poet / artist, but until the GOP and their followers give up this theology that Obama is a socialist and that global warming is a hoax, we are not friends.
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Hi, Gabe!

I've been super busy, but still read the posts here. Hard to believe the election is finally at hand – now watch for the Chicago Machine and its many thugs to shift into high gear!

I'd like to say "may the best man win" but the country is so divided that half of us will be unhappy regardless of the of the victor.

As for me, when I walk into the voting booth, I will not be undecided and it will not be a choice between two evils. It will be a choice for something potentially better. We deserve so much more as a nation and we must fight against accepting these economic conditions as the "new normal."

Like any other election, there are no guarantees that Romney would succeed in all things. But we do know about Obama's results. We live with them every day and they are NOT the change we hoped for.

So tiresome -- he has chosen to pout and scream about binders and tax returns while trying to sweep the Libya debacle under the carpet. And he STILL has offered no plan of his own for the next four years. The MSM has allowed him to get away with reckless mismanagement throughout his first term. It remains to be seen whether the voters will allow him a second chance.

I do think it is obvious now that a community organizer is not the best fit for President. Perhaps these particular times call out for a businessman who understands the fundamentals and has a record of motivating both sides to set and achieve goals.

Take care and enjoy the debate!

P.S. Poor Mack -- given his last post, he is clearly breaking from reality.
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Mack, do you consider someone an effective leader who does not even pass a budget for 3 years?

To me not being able to get a budget passed is a sure sign of someone who lacks any leadership ability.
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Suzanne you can click the green thumbs up to the left of the posters name when you like. After watching that debate it was like Paul Ryan took on 2 people in the debate and came out pretty well. Joe got some digs in, but his complete disregard of any manners and professionalism wiped out any positive thoughts I had about him.
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Scott, I wish this page had a ';LIKE" button! My thoughts exactly!
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Why do they choose a moderator in which Obama attended her wedding? Oh yea another fine example of media bias that can not be debated.
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This is a repost from facebook but it's Robin Hood funny: Everyone try this!!! didn't really happen to me.

My waitress at lunch yesterday was wearing an 'I Love Obama' shirt. I asked her if she could explain Obama's wealth distribution plan to me. She said, 'It means he will tax the rich and give it to the poor , like me.' I said, 'No it means, well... let me show you. Here is your tip. You worked for it, but I'm going to take it from you and give it to that sweet old woman over there to help pay for her lunch.' I got up and walked over to the sweet lady and gave her the money and left. The waitress's jaw was still hanging when I left. How's that for sharing the wealth!"
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He did a terrific job under the circumstances.
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I am not feeling the love, man. where the reciprocal thumbs up??

Medicare FICA witholding caps out at 109k per year per individual WAGE earner. Increase that to 500k wages or start FICA taxing investment income and social security and medicare funded forever! It is wrong that a guy making 2M a year is totally done paying for FICA in January for the whole year. AND that an investment portfolio income is taxed zero. Most people dont know the FICA cap amount since most dont get close to the 109k wage mark. I will admit it is nice for me to have my wife's paycheck bump up $50 every two weeks in July for the remainder of the year, but not needed or would be missed. Iif we get out of the idea that it is an entitlement and make it needs based, capping benefits to high income retirees to what they paid in plus interest.
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Clinton and the Republican Congress could manage to spend $1.9 Trillion and have a little left over in 1999 while the economy prospered.

That was then when a Democratic President had both the intelligence to work with the opposition party on behalf of a common cause PROSPERITY OF A NATION

What was Obama's excuse? Lack of patriotism? Lack of intelligence? Lack of desire to work with the opposition? Or was it because of douBlyah?
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If there were no PARTIES(DEM or REPUBLICANS)....Who would be a better candidate? The answer is simple. If your in REAL ESTATE and you vote for Obama you might need to have your head examined. Not saying that the other option is great but Obama is horrible for this country, unless you want the government to take care of you. Obama is horrible for REAL ESTATE and he has done nothing to help. NOTHING. Even those BS Home saver programs are a waste.

Pete asked this question over 2 years ago. So let me ask you are you better off today then 2 years ago? Bush has nothing to do with this. Obama is over his head. He should stay as a community organizer.....The US can not and will not stand another 4 years of him.

One last thought, since we have no other options at this time except for Romney, does anyone really think that OBAMA is a better business person than Romney?
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This election boils down to the simplest of human values.
To support one that inspires a nation to be unified and take on voluntarily any and all means to get our country back on the right track or to support a leadership that divides by force and serves the interest of a few at the cost of the majority.
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@ Carl,

"Banks need less regulation they say."

Carl.... why don't you take the time to meet and discuss the regulations with your local / regional bank and see what they have to say?

If it's anything like most regional banks... they now have more Attorney's on staff in the compliance department then they have helping people with Small Business Loans. I can certainly speak with experience in this department since my Mom used to be the VP of Commercial Lending for a Regional Bank before being forced into retirement. That bank spends more on Attorneys at $600 an hour then what she made per hour generating revenue.

That makes a lot of sense...

Why don't you look into starting your own shoe store and taking the time to evaluate everything to understand what you are up against?

That should give you a clue about what's really going on and you'll understand that's it a lot easier to sell shoes at Macy's then starting your own shoe shop ---- NO MATTER HOW good you are at selling shoes with your business plan.

And that's the sad reality of today's U.S. economy.

When I got out of college.. Working for the Government or a huge business was the choice of people who wanted a "safe" job with no potential of really "making" it.

Today --- It's the goal of College Graduates just to get a job that pays them enough to pay off their student loans they racked up.

Like I mentioned / asked not too long ago.... Name a Great Small business growing like Gangbusters with the current environment that started up in the past couple of years with little capital?

Good luck with that...

If you know people who hit that top 2%.... they did it pre-Obama/Reid/Pelosi Days.

I know a couple of people who did it in the 1990's / early 2000's... Some of them don't even have degrees. Just great ideas and able to implement them without having to hire on $600 an hour Attorneys to make their dreams come to fruition.

(And all without Government Help.)

Good luck doing that nowadays....

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"And since we have, time and time again, demonstrated that spending cuts aren't going to eliminate the debt, we really do need to have the people with money pay it down."

If it was only that easy Mack...

Time and Time again it's been shown that even if you erase the Bush Tax cuts, it's hardly going to make a difference in the Federal budget deficit.

I've Never, EVER said that there were easy solutions to the mess this Country is in. HOWEVER... I have said that the policies of the past four years were not going to help out ONE Bit when it comes a long term sustainable solution. Temporary solutions and when they were over, the same thing is just going to eventually pop right back up except that there is going to even more debt to deal with. (More debt, more money needed to JUST service the debt.)

A big mess was created because of a phony economy fueled by credit.... absolutely no doubt about that.

However, Keynesian Economic Policies just throwing money away at programs such as Tattoo Removal, Monkeys on Cocaine Studies, Promoting Tourism and numerous other liabilities with U.S. Taxpayer dollars is not a LONG TERM solution.

Has there been one program in the past four years that had a Return on Investment using Taxpayer dollars? Has there been anything equivalent to a Hoover Dam where the Return on Taxpayer Dollars invested was all paid back plus some? (Yes... Electricity users in my neck of the woods and everybody else in Southern Cal paid for Hoover Dam plus some and still going.)


There was a path that could have been taken several years ago.... but instead the easy path was taken for a temporary fix throwing good money away that provided no Sustainable long term solution.... all to the joy of savvy hedge fund manages who understand the Ebb and Flow of Capital.

So you want more Obamanomics?

Sorry Mack... Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is indeed the definition of Insanity.

I prefer handing my money over to somebody who can evaluate Returns on Investment and choosing the Investment that responsibly yields the highest return.

Before you continue your "either you are with us or against us" party mission.... I would highly consider you think before you write such silly statements with nothing to back them up.

Two years ago.... I provided tons of links to support my statements of why things would not work.

Today.... I don't even have to do so.

(And you really thought that it's because of you chastising my links to relevant reading. Lots of laughing.)

Best wishes and keep it up.... This has obviously gotten very, very, very easy for me.


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So my friends who are such ardent Obama supporters. Tell us why Obama is good for America?
When you finished the long list please tell us why you doubt that he will loose the election?
Otherwise why be so stressed ?
Why worry so much about Romey? Let him worry about himself
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I would cut everything. Foriegn aid would be gone. Any government housing program would be gone. All extra hiring done by obama would be reversed. Then remianing necessary government workers would cease to be unionized. By contract government workers are not only entitled but encouraged to waste time they should instead be paid for working in.

I would work simply. What does the constitution say the govenmment need to do? SInce things like the the dept of education are not there they would be gone. The energy department is dysfunctional so it would be drastically cut back if not eliminated.

It is time to have the federal government do its prescribed job and let the states do their job without federal interference.
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The question that just won't die. Guess it should stay up until at least after the election.

Hi Gabe, John, Mack. Just dropping by to say hello.
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Dan, when times are tough, the problem solvers go Keynesian. Nixon did it, and Reagan did it.

- Then our wonderful congress will face the task of doing or not doing something about it.

It's a sad state of affairs when the Supreme Court is more activist than Congress. By the way - does anybody else get the feeling that Roberts was thinking that RomneyCare was better for the insurance companies than Single Payer?

- This was the heritage foundation and william f buckley's position 25 years ago.

Yep. Appalling that the Democrats have been using every ounce of their muscle to get the Republicans to agree with themselves, when they could have used that energy for Single Payer.

- What is the greatest benefit of Socialism?

A better quality of life for more people?
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Gabe, If I was a ditch digger working for $10 (or less) an hour and worked 100 hours a week I would never get rich. A lot of people in this country work long hard hours doing a job with not that great of a paycheck.

Working smarter not harder (courtesy of Scrooge McDuck) is the secret to success.

Blindly following some financial advisors advice to buy something you do not completely understand is more likely to cause a loss than a gain. That was why I would not buy into those investments. I did not understand them wenough to know what I was getting into.

Many of the richest people in this country invented something that made them a lot of money. They invented the thing because they thought " there has to be a better way" and looked for it.

Awhile ago there was a contest with a big cash prize to develop a better oil cleaner for the water. Little guys in their garages came up with stuff much better than the prevelant tech of the day. Without the big prize they may never have invented the better solution.
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You gotta look to Estonia.

"Instead of trying to "stimulate" the economy with money they didn't have, the Estonians cut back. Public-sector wages got a 10 percent cut. They're raising the retirement age slowly from 61 to 65 over the next 14 years. They reduced eligibility for government health benefits instead of broadening them. They're even working on cutting the income tax.

The result? Incredible economic growth. 7.6%! Their unemployment rate has dropped seven points from the recession high. Estonia's national debt is just six percent of GDP!

Estonia’s actually running a budget surplus - by one percent of their economy"

"How about a country that we're a little more familiar with? Like Switzerland. Their constitution boasts strong protections making it very difficult to run up debt or increase taxes. So total government spending is just 34 percent of GDP. We're at 41 percent. Look at what it means for debt. Their debt is only 41 percent of GDP, and shrinking. Unemployment? 3.1%. Wouldn't that be nice?"

Now with modern day examples of not having increased spending and greatly improving economies while this country spent like crazy and went into massive debt without any immprovement explain why the path we are on makes any sesne at all.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 22, 2012
"Maybe down grading will lead to imprisonment. Would that be the tellers in the front or the management in the back and at the Home Office? Like Dimon says, "I feel bad. It was those guys who did it in the back office." Everyone says, what a great guy. He's the Justin Beiber of banking, right?"

Funny you should bring all of this up Carl... considering Dimon is a Democrat.

Imprisonment for Banksters?

Yeah right.... Never going to happen when they have a license to Steal fully backed by Crony Capitalists.…

Thanks for pointing this out. For some reason though, I have a feeling that you intended for your comment to bash something else then what it just bashed.


3 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 22, 2012
I would say without sounding too ignorant FAIL.....
3 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jun 22, 2012
Mack, you should read dreams of my father by obama. He said he ate dog, sought out marxists and chose friends based solely on skin color. He also said he drank heavily and used drugs enthusiastically and often.

I do not recall Bush having pride in similar activitied to include them in a biography and then to read that in his own voice for an audio book do you?
3 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jun 21, 2012
Taxes are crimes against Opportunity Makers and the only useful government fees are User Fees.

Like hunting licenses for old people.

Imagine the thrill of riding in a helicopter over St Petersburg and shooting at codgers staggering around in walkers!

Americans are Free to bid on the licenses and the retirees are Free to shoot back.


This is what America is all about!
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sat May 12, 2012
By the way, Osama bin Laden is alive and well. Obama would no more kill his father than he would his mother, Jane Fonda.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Wed May 2, 2012
France needs to be bombed like Iran.

Commie freaks.

Their property values are too low by 10000%!
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Apr 22, 2012
none of whom believe in evolution except for Huntsman

Mack, are you still on this one? Geez......

As far as the Ted Nugent thing, what he said was wrong. I'll call him out. Have any of the libs called out Bill Maher, the hater yet? Not a one that I can see. Just askin.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Apr 20, 2012
Now Gabe will write 10 silly one line comments back and bury this answer.

1 My other car maker belongs to Obama.

2 Obama Koolaid: 100% Fact Free.

3 If it ain't broke, Obama will fix it until it is.

4 Obama makes every day seem like Monday.

5 Obama just said "No" to drugs. They didn't listen.

6 Friends don't let friends vote Obama.

7 Obama supporters vote early and often.

8 If Obama is the answer, what was the question?

9 Obama ain't over 'til the First Lady sings.

10 The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average Obama voter.

I hope I did not disappoint you John I know you are sensitive that way.

Good Night Sleep Tight don't let the bed bugs bite.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sun Apr 15, 2012
Obama's key focus has been to destroy America. He's done a great job.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Apr 14, 2012
"Everybody," Paul, was screaming that corporations and rich people should pay more in taxes.

- Crony Capitalism and Hypocrisy --- Two words that are not in the vocabulary of the party before country crowd.

Hmmm. Which party would that be, Paul? The party of George Soros and Warren Buffett, or the party of the Koch Brothers?

There must be a word for accusing someone of what you are guilty of, that is the GOP in a nutshell. From ALEC to the energy industry to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Republican Party is owned outright by "crony capitalists." Which party, again, voted AGAINST taking away a taxpayer-funded subsidy to the oil industry?

Hypocrisy? I suppose GOHP doesn't have the same flair, but the list is too long for a blog post. For mandated health insurance before they were against it, for cap-and-trade before they were against it, for personal liberties until they were against gay marriage, for separation of church and state before they were for "Good News" in classrooms - how do you explain John Boehner?

Class Warfare? You mean the greatest transfer of wealth in history over the past thirty years - from the 90% on the bottom to the 10% on the top?

Please. L.O.L.

- The U.S. government is growing increasingly more dependent on borrowing to finance itself,

Yes, there are twenty-five million under-employed people in this country. What will it take for the private sector to hire them at livable wages? What if, instead of giving $24 billion to oil companies, we gave that money to highway contractors or school teachers or police departments that have been laying off workers by the thousands?
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 31, 2012
Panic is in the air as gasoline prices move above $4.00 per gallon.

Panic no? Gentle persuasion maybe.
Now imagine if three out of the four gas stations in your neighborhood would have a sign NO GAS.
How much would you pay for gas and not panic?
I just bought a golf cart for $1000 bucks travels forty miles on a charge . I take a short cut to work and with the lawn mower attachment it trims the grass in the neighborhood. They are thinking of making me mayor.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Feb 25, 2012
The proof is in the pudding,. as they say. Looking back, the Tax Rebate Program just shifted demand but did not result in any additional sales. They were all goingto buy anyway. I don not know of one person who benifited fromm the Mortgage relief Programs. I do know many who tried and were frustrated by the process. HE SOULD WORK TO SOLVE THE UNEMPLOYMENT PROMBLEM AND THE REAL ESTATE MARKET WILL CORRECT ITSELF!
3 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Feb 24, 2012
Yes yes it is all true. The democrats had a bootlegger, a womanizer, a peanut farmer and than Ebony and Ivory the ultimate hope delivered by the neighborhood huff and puff the magic dragon the ultimate persuader the high priest of hope the one that turned Luther King in his grave and who shouted to his people "WE Shall Overcome" We the faithful to the cause now got Richie Rich Romney the Good, Gingridge the brain that went bad and "Pau"l the reincarnation of Chamberlain with his choir singing "Let it be". Heaven save us it is like a dose of probiotics. If the bacteria does not kill us the diagnosis on CNN will.
3 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Jan 19, 2012
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