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Are home values expected to keep dropping in Gainesville?

Asked by Sharkiso, Gainesville, FL Mon Mar 28, 2011

I have a condo in gainesville, and I'd like some advice whether to list or rent.

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I just had the pleasure of meeting an appraiser at a home yesterday. He says that he is seeing home prices steady for the past several months. He said they may drop a tad but he thinks we are on our way back up.

I agree with him and am seeing the same. With interest rates so low, and with home prices so low, investors and first time home buyers are taking over the market right now. It is still not a great time to list a home, but if you have to, it is going to sell if it is priced right.
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Hello Sharkiso, i do not expect home values to keep dropping. They are going to remain steady. When the u overall job market and economy begins to show steady significant improvement then you will start to see home values consistently begin to rise. I do not know the particulars of your condo or situation (for example the urgency of you needing the money)...but if you would like to sell the property at the highest price possible I would lean towards renting it out until the job market gets significantly better. In general right now is a better time to buy than to sell.

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Hello Sharkiso,
I realize that since your posted this question several months ago, you may have already gotten your answer, but I will give you my opinion anyway.:)

First, as you know, property in Gainesville, like much of the country dropped in values from the 2006 price run-up. So, the first question back to you, is when did you purchase your property? If you bought in 2005-2007 you have likely lost value and therefore you will assume a loss in sale price. However, that doesn't mean you lost money.

You should calculate all the financial variables involved. So, add up your condo fees, taxes, insurance, other expenses associated with owning the property. Then get an accurate look at its current value (a Realtor can do this for you for no charge). If you sold it today for the current market value, what is the difference from the money you owe on the mortgage? Are you in the black at this point or the red?

Next you want to look realistically at the potential rental income. Every area has a market for rent. In Gainesville, an average is about $350 for each bedroom a month. If you rent it out, will the monthly rent pay for all your monthly expenses? If you are in the red, how much will you have to kick in each month to cover that difference.

Lastly, a lot of people like to believe that it will take a year or two for the market to "get better." Sadly, that way of thinking can cost you a lot of money. First of all, every day homes sell in Gainesville. In fact, thousands sold in 2010 and thousands will sell in 2011 when we have the final tally. So if you want to sell a property, it is quite possible today. However, it is important to price a home at market value or slightly below to get it sold on average in about 160 days. If you don't want to sell your property at market value, then you are in for a long wait. Overpriced properties take years to sell and rarely sell at those overprices.

Trying to time the market is very difficult. Many, many learned experts had no idea that the bubble was going to burst back in 2007. So it is no easier to predict what will happen to our market next year or the year after. It is best to deal with the here and now. However, history can give us a peak at what to expect.

After the Great Depression, the housing market crashed and stayed low for about three years, then it jumped a bit, then crash a little again, then steadily grew. Our US Census collects data every 10 years, and every Census has reported house price gains for the last 70 years, and 2010 was no exception.

So what does that mean, well it means that if you hold your property for 10 years or more, the likelihood is that it will appreciate. However, appreciation is not a straight line up, it dips and flatlines sometimes for years. In Gainesville, the experts are predicting that prices may sink a bit in 2011 and 2012 and then flatline, then climb a bit, maybe 4 percent a year, maybe less.

So in the end, calculate your home's current market value, add 2 to 4 percent for annual gain, figure out how long it will take to get to the price you were hoping for. Will it take years? Decades? Then figure the cost of owning the home. Multiply it by the number of those years. Those numbers should help you decide if you should sell.

Take care
Julie Cole
Broker and Vice President Prudential Trend Realty
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Values only dip each time the banks load a large number of foreclosure on us, but the market is steady if not gaining!
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Its a buyer's market right now so I would lean towards renting it out rather than sell. Also, because it is a condo in florida it is more diffucult to get financing for it than a typical single family home or townhome. I mention that because that would not necessarily help your cause if you were trying to sell it.

No one really knows whether prices will continue to keep falling or not with high certainty. One safe opinion to make though is that they are not expected to rise in the short term (one year or so) as long as the economy continues to be in its current overall condition.

However, right now is a great time to buy though becasue prices are realtively low and also mortgage interest rates are at an all time low! This means your mortgage payments for a given sale price will be lower than in any other time period you wanted to purcahse a home at that same sale price.

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I you do not have to sell, I would rent. Condos have been hit the hardest, so their values have droped the most. If it will cash flow by renting it, than so much the better.

Jib Davidson
United Country Land & Lifestyle Properties
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Unfortunately none of us can predict the future; none of us really knows for sure where the market will head tomorrow or in the days to come...
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We are in the annual period that is the very best opportunity to sell real estate. Usually, a family like to begin the hunt to purchase now, with a closing sometime after schools out and before the return to school. I would try to sell now, if it's in great sellable condition, and rent it in July when the market is hot for rentals, if it doesn't sell.
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Gainesville is a complex market. As there are Areas that have stabilised and some small areas are still in a slow decline. As to whether to rent or sell is an individual requirement. If you wish I could do an anylisis for you to see which way is the best for you. If it it is not for you to sell I will advise you to rent. Contact me

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