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Kim Mcsparin, Home Buyer in Santa Rosa, CA

is there really alot of crime here and lots of meth?also,is the lake in terrible shape and stinks?

Asked by Kim Mcsparin, Santa Rosa, CA Thu Oct 4, 2012

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CC’s answer
I moved here 2 years ago and I currently rent a lovely house on the lake. I have decided to buy a home here. The best thing I did was to rent first.. you can try Clearlake out...if you dont like it.. move. There are many beautiful things about Lake County.. It's amazing.

Yes the lake does get to a point where it will stink to the point it is vomit inducung but it is not every day during its' bloom and it does not happen horribly every year. Some years it is light. It is a natural occurence due to a shallow lake with tons of algae. It has been noted in history for over 20,000 years. (Do some reading). 2 to maybe 3months out of the year the on and off occurence of algae will happen but the rest of the year, Spring, Autumn and Winter, the lake is beautiful with proven levels of the cleanest air in california. I live in NYC for many years.. You wanna talk about crackheads, heroin addicts and alcoholics..? Those were the corporate big wigs I worked with in the big city.... Drugs are everywhere. Crime is everywhere. GLOBALLY.

Tell me where laid back good folks actually are... People who wave when you drive past each other on any given road. Where people waiting in line at the grocery store will strike up friendly conversation... In Clearlake. And I cant believe i said that. Avoid the grocery stores between the 1st of the month to the 15th,, It will be flooded with food stamp recipients. After that it's easy shopping..

If the old farts who run this town would give up the reigns and some pocket change, this city will flourish..
The LakeShore Corridor project was supposedly approved and all of Lakeshore will be rebuilt to accomodate sidewalks and a more appealing downtown...Efforts are being made to clean the lake up.

People make the world go round. It's so much easier to stand around and complain than it is to do something positive. right? Change your attitudes,..change the world. Clean up your opinions of Clearlake by helping to clean it up. You live where you want to..but dont be the fool if you stand around and complain yet do nothing about it. If you dont want to be by the lake then move up to Cobb or out to HIdden Valley.. Wait.. they have crime and drugs too.. Uh oh.. Decisions.. decisions..

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How is old fart money going to fix that? Fool
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What is "progress" about promoting an area that is OFF THE CHARTS WITH CHILD RAPISTS, fact according to the registered sex offender list, as a pseudo paradise? You know what, in the town I currently live in people wave AND talk in the grocery store and you don't have a sex offender every 5 feet. You are out of your mind! AND IMMORAL like MOST progressives.
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What you will note about the answer to the question above is that the brokers and real estate agents try to spin a different story with regard to the crime, poverty, drug addiction, the understaffed law enforcement agencies and lack of quality emergency room care in Lake County. Lake County is so poor that it can't afford a homeless shelter. That in itself gives you an idea of the county resources. I moved here from Napa over a year ago to the town of Lucerne. I was told to avoid Clearlake completely due to the meth issue. The poverty level in Lake County is something I've never experienced before. With poverty comes the whole gamut of social ills. Alcoholism, child neglect and abuse, domestic violence and animal abuse. Meth is rampant in Lucerne, Clearlake, Clearlake Oaks, Nice, and Lower Lake. It's cheap, available on every block and out of control. There is not one neighbor that I've met here that hasn't been to jail. But, many are good people with bad habits. As for the violence it's usually neighbor on neighbor. So why move here? The housing prices are so affordable. It's a poor man's Lake Tahoe. Move into the hills for spectacular views. The senior mobile home parks are safe. Talk to the local police/sheriff department about which streets to avoid. A college is opening in Lucerne which will change the face of this town in a good way.
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Dear Kim, As far as the lake stinking yes that is quite true.I was driving down the main street and tried to hold my breath but didn't last long and when I got a whiff I about threw up . The smell is bad during the summer to where u can't swim. And yes there is alot of meth here. You have retirees, parolees, drug addicts, tourism, and young children with nothing here really for them to do. I wish I hadn't moved here and wish I could afford to move out of here.
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NO, NO and NO, Over the years there have been many different groups in and out of Lake County, when the bikers were here 20 or 30 years ago the meth problem was huge. Now it just seems like pot growers and your occasional crack head are all that's left.
The lake is experiencing a larger algae growth in the last few years, and we have more weeds these days too, because the lake is getting clearer,when the lake is clear, the weeds and algae get more sun and they grow and then when the algae lets go of the bottom it floats to the top and that's when the sun hits it and if the current doesn't move it along it can sit and rot in the sun and it develops and odor.
The county is being proactive lately and is trying to pass a bill to raise sales tax by .5% to generate a fund to help clean up the lakes problems. This is a shallow lake with an average depth 26 ft . so yes, it can get funky at the end of summer, but it is only for a short while and the rest of the year, you will not find a more beautiful place.
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Ahhhhh YOU again intentionally misleading people. I think you should be sued by any parents of molested children who move into the area based on your false and biased statements. People who are looking, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOOK UP THE REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER INFORMATION FOR YOURSELF! I AM FURIOUS THAT OUR AGENT SHOWED US A BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY ON THE STREET WITH A CONVICTED VIOLENT RAPIST AND DIDN'T MENTION IT.
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Good information and perspective! Yes the lake can smell but it's a natural lake and the weeds help to make the lake an amazing fishery. Actually Clear Lake is one of the best bass fishing lakes in the U.S. and it's mostly because they don't kill the weeds on the lake with pesticides. Lakes where they kill off the vegetation never have as good of fishing.
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It is always funny to me to hear the Rumors and NON correct info regarding Lake County!!??
As in any area, there are pocket neighborhoods that are more effected by Lower income and drug activity. However !! Where in the world are there Counties that do not have any areas like this?

As a Top selling 10 Year veteran agent that lives and sells in the Local Lake County CA, I pride my services on Knowing the area I will Not show or Sell a Client a home in the known area of concern.

Regarding The lake, Clearlake is the Largest Natural lake in CA. However it is also one of the warmest and shallow ones. At the deepest point it is only around 50 Feet deep. The water will get effected by Allege in some areas of the shoreline. I know what areas to Buy Lake Front Homes and what areas to stir my clients from..typically the lower priced lake fronts are located in the Bad water quality areas.
Over all I love Lake County for our Great weather, outstanding beauty and great down to earth community..
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Crime is not too bad here, there are a lot of people out of work here, this is a very rural community.
the lake is a shallow lake, prehistoric, average depth is 26 ft, so in the summer when it gets really hot it can have algae blooms. When the blooms die they float to the top of the water and the sun bakes them and they can get kind stinky. However, in the spring winter and fall, the water is really nice.
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I guess I have travelled too much because I have seen rural areas WITHOUT THE CRIME, METH, AND SEX OFFENSES in the same distribution or per capita as this area. You don't have to let people who will profit convince you that something you know is wrong is normal. I saw slums in Costa Rica where the people lived without shoes and there was no drug use or rape like here.
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Thank you all for your posts as I have been considering this area because it is 'affordable' and rural as well as breathable air. I have heard so often to delete considering it because of the meth heads but other than a non Disney gentrified rural town I just see a under developed lower income town not a bunch of meth zombies although I have only visited several times to look at real estate. Agreed as the jobs and income continue to dissipate and the mark up of housing as well as taxes keep climbing it is just a given that various places to live are going to be checkered with the collateral damages of a aging and dying monetary system. I hear the new gated communities will be available in the next decade in both Iraq and China.
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I have rented an apartment here coming from Los Angeles. I wanted to move to the country where I would be safer, but that was a mistake. North Long Beach is about the same as here. The poverty here is hopeless. There is no cure for it. Especially since a lot of the people here don't WANT to work, but just smoke pot all day. My neighbors, in a nine unit apartment building, are all unemployed. Yesterday this lady was cursing her adult son out. I can't ever open the windows to my apartment because it smells like meth and pot outside. And yes, the lake stinks really bad. Someone tried to break in my apartment a couple of weeks ago too.
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... and I meant to type.. "your Obvious connection to the internet.. Not Oblivious." :)
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Understandable because EVERY city in the world has crime.. most have homeless and almost all have drug problems. Perhaps one way to avoid living in such areas is to check the complex out before you move there.. and if you see the people who never work and smoke weed and meth all day and you hear fed up mothers screaming at their lazy kids then you might not want to rent there. Just a thought. You can enjoy the beauty of lake county in many ways. I would never sign the lease on a place if there were the things you mentioned every where.. every day as you put it.
With a little research with your oblivious connection to the internet you can see properties for rent all over the county thru people like Chatoff Properties and other companies that manage rental properties. Did you know that you can rent a HOUSE for the same price of an APARTMENT? It's true .. I'd look into finding a peaceful neighborhood with perhaps a view of the lake so you don't have to deal with it much. :)
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