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sarah, Renter in Bayonne, NJ

bayonne use to be a very nice town not any more nothing but trash

Asked by sarah, Bayonne, NJ Sun Jul 8, 2012

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Shawn Jaryno’s answer
I wonder what the experience was that left her feeling Bayonne was trash? Like anywhere one might live there are always going to be positive and negative experiences. Bayonne like many towns in the area is slowly transforming into a different type of place to live. When you think of places like Down Town Jersey City, you can think back 20 years ago and know that this area was dead. Now when you look at Downtown Jersey City you can see the transformation. It all really began to steam roll down there when Newport Mall was built.

Bayonne looks to have begin this transformation by adding more shopping along Rt. 440, no different than what began in Downtown Jersey City so many years ago. Bayonne is an alternative to the expensive living that now exists in areas like Down Town, Hoboken and many other places along the water front.

In my opinion it is inevitable with time that Bayonne as well will become a lot like the fore mentioned areas. Bayonne already has some great things in place such as Hudson County Park, 16th St., some Marina operations, more shopping choices then in the past with some of the bigger retailers. When you look at the over all picture it is one of the last waterfront communities to New York that is beginning to transform into what you see in places such as Hoboken but will have and maintain a more family atmosphere due to its large base of single family and two family homes.

Just some food for though and a personal opinion but many times the transformation of a town has begun long before anyone really notices the changes.
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Im sorry you feel that way Sarah. I've lived in Bayonne all my life and raised three children here. I don't appreciate people calling my home trash. I am far from trash!!!
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Your right!
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I moved to Bayonne about 12 months ago. I find Bayonne very convenient and affordable if you are working in Manhattan or Jersey City, and have young children. The commute to downtown Manhattan is about 20 minutes, which is not bad at all by NY/NJ standards (I know colleagues who travel for over a hour and a half). I have two kids in Elementary, and the schools are actually very good. In fact, better than the one they attended to in an upmarket Chicago suburb (that's where we moved from).
If you compare it to a New England town or a SoCal suburb, it's certainly dirty. Because I believe the city leaders are corrupt. There's trash everywhere on the streets, and people here just don't seem to care for aesthetics. Otherwise, it's a calm and safe town. Nothing happens here - neither bad nor good. So good for working families to quietly get back home and sleep peacefully.
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Bayonne is still nice, a lot of old houses but they are being remodeled. Racist people seem to find it a bad neighborhood because of a few housing projects and affordable housing. These people obviously do not know anything about bad neighborhoods unless you lived in Newark, South Bronx, South Jamaica Queens and Brooklyn. Bayonne is up and coming, it will not be Hoboken, but it will be a mixture of a Urban City and Suburbia, A little of everything. And Yes a little of everything means a few Dominicans, Blacks and Mexicans. The light Rail is slowly raising the value as developers and small investors start to improve the neighborhood. Stay Tuned
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I think Bayonne is a very nice city, and find it has been continuing to improve in affordability, transportation, safety, shopping.
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A person who is referring a city trash because of other ethnicity people moving in is herself a very big trash and should move out of Bayonne and live in a trash. That's the best place for her.
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Here's my take on moving to Bayonne...

Transportation: HBLR (light rail) is overall a relatively clean and efficient system that links to PATH. Driving around is not bad, but forget trying to find a place to park.

Shopping: Downtown (Broadway) could be a nice place to shop, but (again) lack of parking makes it not worth the hassle unless it's within walking distance.

Locals: Mostly friendly and helpful.

Safety: I never feel unsafe in Bayonne, but every area has sections to avoid.

Restaurants: Mostly mediocre to fair selection. One or two stand out, but that's it.

Lounges: Same as restaurant comments.

Neighborhoods: Avenue A near the 16th Street park has some horrible Section 8 renters that constantly disrupt the area. They basically live on the porch all day (and most of the night), screaming, cursing, dog barking, sometimes 20 people partying on the porch, etc. Repeated calls to the police do nothing.

If the city created better parking and seriously cracked down on nuisance neighbors, I would have an entirely different view. As it is now, I would never recommend moving here-look elsewhere. It's a shame, but many nearby long-time homeowners and are talking about selling and getting out. We know the direction the neighborhood will take after that...
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In addition, I do see the garbage in the streets in Bayonne, however, I barely see any garbage pails in the streets. In order to keep the streets clean there should be garbage pails. Bayonne is a semi-congested town and I don't know if you can compare it to a New England surburb or SoCal where people barely walk in the streets.
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If I wanted to find a girl in Bayonne where would I go? What bars or social places are good for meeting chicks?

I like the town, I too grew up in NYC and the phrase 'bad town' is not a fair statement.
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I was born here in 86' and raised in Bayonne. I am of latino origin too. I remember going to Henry Harris and being one of the very few kids in class that wasn't white and from time to time was picked on because of my ethnicity. I can confidently say the only thing that has really changed in this town is it's diversity. I'm pretty sure there have been a bit more fights here or there among the kids in the high school or from the trash that rolls in from Jersey City because of the light rail, but I can still walk home safely from the bar at 2am on a Saturday not worrying about getting mugged. Bayonne is only going to get better too, with all the new housing development and everything that's being done at the ocean terminal. So the trash I think you're referring too has to be the influx of Latinos and Egyptians coming in. 60 years ago it was the Polish community that was given a hard time. Now it's the minorities. Bayonne isn't the same it was 50 years go and it won't be the same 50 years from now but it'll always retain that small town charm that people love once they live here long enough.
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Hey, if you want to call your own ethnic background trash- that's on you. Kindly leave Egyptians out of this. And for someone who was picked on for being of a different race, you would think it would have built some sense into you to not perpetuate that ignorant behavior. I guess the lesson was lost on you.
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I too lived in Bayonne all my life. While it has definitely changed ethnically, it still remains a safe place to live. The only problem I have is the big bad Democratic nepotism machine that is Bayonne Politics and the taxes are toooooo high.
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I wish you a better experience if you are still living there.
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I totally agree with Poreda. Bayonne has changed but with every change comes the good and the bad. But to say it has become trash is far!!!!!! from the truth. Bayonne is a beautiful city. It has developed. But it doesn't try to be something it is not. Like Poreda said, it's not bourgeois. Everybody has there own experiences whether good or bad, but that statement does not represent the community as a whole.
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Bayonne's ethnic makeup has changed a lot over the course of the last 30 years. I hope that's not what you mean by "trash," but I have some less than enlightened relatives who have been there for over 80 years, and when they complain about the changes Bayonne has seen, that's usually what they mean. I really haven't noticed a whole lot of changes in Bayonne over my 31 years of visiting my family there, ethnic makeup aside. Bayonne is a far less dramatic place than Jersey City. It was never the dump that was Downtown Jersey City or Hoboken were (or that large swathes of Jersey City remain). It doesn't seem like it's really about to transform into the bourgeois butterly that either Hoboken or Downtown JC did. Bayonne does not have the proximity to New York that either of those two places do. Bayonne was and remains a safe working- and middle-class neighborhood that has had some sprucing up in the last few years, but really nothing that dramatic. There is nothing exciting to attract yuppies like Hoboken, Downtown JC, or even Morristown or New Brunswick do. Bayonne was never a victim of urban blight, and likewise, isn't about to have some dramatic transformation into the place that up-and-coming twenty- and thirty-somethings are looking to colonize.

That being said, I am in the market for my first house and am looking for a two-family so that I can live in one unit and rent the other one out, and I think Bayonne is a great investment. It's one of the Hudson County neighborhoods I'm looking at. I don't expect to live there long or that the property value is going to skyrocket, but I am expecting to have reliable rental income for years to come.
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Sorry you feel that way Sarah. You must have had a rather negative experience.
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