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Would a single female feel comfortable walking alone in Potrero Hill late at night?

Asked by Christina Chen, San Francisco, CA Fri Sep 2, 2011

I'm thinking about moving to Potrero Hill, and I'm a female who will be getting home late from work. Would I feel comfortable walking home alone? Are there any safety concerns I should have?

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John, I'm with you 100%--especially on the martial arts part (although a black belt might be overkill).
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Potrero HIll's North Slope is very safe - everything between 22nd and Mariposa, and between De Haro and Pennsylvania is basically just fine, or at least as safe as any other neighborhood ever gets. 18th St. has really experienced a resurgence in neighborhood life, so there are good numbers of people out as late as midnight or 1am on weekends. Car break-ins (snatch-n-grabs) have been an issue, but face-to-face crime has not. As you get closer to the housing projects and to SF General, the crime maps get more crime-filled.

If you're coming up the hill from the Caltrain Station on 22nd, note that the few blocks surrounding the train station is desolate and not yet well-lit at night. I don't hear about a lot of bad things happening down there, but awareness is required. Things get more densely residential by the time you get up to 20th and Pennsylvania.
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Thanks Dip2, but if your anything short of at least a 1st degree blackbelt, especially a female, it's just a good sparing workout. I've seen folks take martial arts training but never really advance giving them a false sense of illusion only to end up getting a good butt kicking in the real world.
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It's best to visit the area at different times of the day and evening to see how the neighborhood feels to you. You may also check crime maps with Trulia and CrimReports:!san-francisco-ca/13/37.77096,-…

Remember that there are good and bad pockets within each neighborhood. Here is a link to Potrero Listings:…

All the best,

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Frankly, as a husband, Father of 3 daughters and 7 granddaughters, I wouldn't recommend walking alone at night from your church pew to your car without a whistle and a mace dispenser and at least a 1st degree black belt in a martial arts discipline.

Unfortunately we're living in some very dangerous and volatile times and are dealing with some pretty weird people. I live in a very beautiful quiet and secluded coastal community in North San Diego. If you follow the news I'm sure you've heard about the: "John Gardner Pleads Guilty to Amber Dubois and Chelsea King Murders"?

This happened in a quiet and neighborhood and on a peaceful walking and jogging trail in the middle of God's Country. I'm not telling you anything I wouldn't tell all my precious little ladies in my life and I'm not trying to scare you. But please don't set yourself up for a crisis.

Find a buddy to hang with. Especially at night. As Kevin so aptly pointed out. Bad guys on the prowl look for victims with consistent habits and patterns. They love to stalk their prey. It's part of the adrenalin rush they get. I don't know anything about Potrero Hill but then I never knew about that peaceful hiking trail or quiet little neighborhood either.

Don't become another STAT.
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Hi Christina,
I would have to say it is NEVER a good idea for you to be walking alone late at night. Especially if you will be taking the same route around the same time. Really, that is inviting trouble. A female family friend was stalked while walking to work at 8:00 a.m. in a different part of town. I walked with her one morning and we had to call the police to deal with the situation.

Also, as already mentioned before, check with the local police station to get factual, up to date info.

check out this

Hope this helps.

kevin cullen
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This is a tricky question for RE professionals in that we can be held accountable for giving advice to you that ends up perilous so please realize that these are opinions and not fact. Just realize that as Real estate professionals, we are precluded from "Steering" you into or out of neighborhoods, but in either case, you have been given very good advice to seek the counsel of San Francisco PD for individual neighborhood crime statistics.

I am also in law enforcement in addition to real estate and I value this information for my existing clients as well for most newcomers to the city. I would venture to say that Potrero is a relatively safe neighborhood, however there are better/safer parts of Potrero Hill than others. The closer you get to SF General you may want to be somewhat wary but even that is not exactly a general rule.

In any part of SF, you should stay frosty and watch your surroundings. Potrero Hill is a tight-knit neighborhood, with many residents who know and watch out for each other....It is one of the islands in San Francisco, somewhat isolated from the rest of the city. This can be good or bad but is largely dependent on where you live within the Potrero district.

What I suggest is that you find a listing you like, cut and past the address into our site or go directly to This site is especially helpful in analyzing reported crimes within a specific time period (1 week, month, year, etc).....

You can manipulate the map so that you can view all crimes within a mile radius and the times at which they occurred.

Check here: or go to

PS> Don also has outstanding advice for checking out neighborhoods by actually going to the area
and checking it out yourself. I do this quite often late at night in the BayView, HP areas. I would suggest
letting someone know what you are doing and grabbing a friend to act as another set of eyes to
notice stuff that you may not.....

Hope this helps......and feel free to ask any additional related questions that you may have


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Hey there-

The subject of "safety" is relative. What might feel safe to you might not feel safe to me. I would suggest looking at crime stats at the local police dept or give them a call to talk about the particular area where you think you may be moving to. As always, be careful and aware of your surroundings where ever you are.


Rich Bennett, Realtor
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I would recommend you always be safe no matter what neighborhood
that you are walking. Generally, most people will tell you that the north
side is safer. A couple of websites to be aware of:

Let me know if I can be of any help. I am very familiar
with that geographical are of San Francisco

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I always tell my buyers to go speak to the local police dept. They are incredibly helpful and will give you the info you need about safer or unsafe areas. If they have a community liason you should start there.
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That largely depends on the single female. (Though--and I don't mean to be insensitive--if you're walking alone in Potrero Hill late at night, is it going to make any difference whatsoever if you're single, engaged, married, or in a commited relationship?)

A suggestion: Go up in the area for a couple of nights . . . in a car. Stay in your car. Take a look around. Get a sense of what's going on. Are there other unaccompanied women walking around? Are there other folks who would either increase or decrease your comfort level? Is the area patrolled by police? Your level of comfort or discomfort is uniquely yours. What your reaction to what you see might be quite different from someone else's.

Hope that helps.
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