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Augustwind, Home Seller in Raleigh, NC

I bought a house from Habitat for Humanity in 2006. Tried selling it for the past one and half year without any luck. I have to drive back and forth

Asked by Augustwind, Raleigh, NC Wed Sep 2, 2009

from Danville, VA area which is where my husband is to keep the house otherwise it will go to foreclosure even though I am current on mortgage. Driving from Virginia area to Raleigh every day has put a lot of stress on me and my family as my husband got laid off and I had a baby 9 months ago. I have had many requests from friends to rent it to them but I can't as it will violate Habitat rules. Any tips on how to sell it?

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Hello August and thanks for your question.

Actually, I'd reread the Habitat for Humanity sales agreement first to determine what options you actually have. While I'm not familiar with HFH homes in North Carolina, I do know that here in California, a HFH home canNOT be sold on the open market prior to a specific period of time elapsing--usually 25 years. If you wish to sell before the 25 year mark, you must resell the home to Habitat for Humanity and they will give you money back on the home plus a small increase usually tied to some index or formula. If this is the case in NC, selling the home back to Habitat will alleviate the stress of trying to sell it yourself and the extra miles on the road.

Since you've obviously only owned the home for a few years, talk with your local Habitat office about buying the home back. Again, check the stipulations of your sales agreement to ensure that you do not in any way violate the terms of the sale or cause yourself further stress.

Good luck!
Grace Morioka, SRES, e-Pro
Area Pro Realty
San Jose, CA
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If you do not receive a clear answer from your local Habitat for Humanity, then call the national headquaters. Explain your commuting problem in detail. They will understand that you have a compelling problem that makes your move a necessity & will assist you. Habitat for Humanity was created to help those in need. They should be willing to help you sell your home, so that it helps another person in need.
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Are Habitat homeowners who still have a mortagage on their house required to sell the home back to Habitat or on the regular market?
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i'm trying to own a home and i have 125 thousand pre approval from bank, should i go with my own home or with habitat?
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Habitat would be a much cheaper option but u don't get to pick certain things. It's basically what they have to offer but it's a good program.
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how can i buy a habitat home in miami fl from the owner?
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In my deeds with Habitat, you cannot vacate or abandoned your home. That means renting it out to someone before paying it off. There was a situation as this and the habitat homeowner lost their home. Habitat took it and is now renting it out to someone else.
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I Have a Habitat home. The deed clearly states your restrictions. 1. Habitat has "right of first refusal" I think they are not buying back the houses any longer but will help you find a recipient. You cannot make a profit, you can however sell the house for the deed price plus 1% per year and possible money you have spent for Capital improvements. My house also must go to a low income family living in or has lived in this town for at least 3 years. That is due to the fact that my house is on the percentage of affordable housing on town records. With a 20 year zero interest loan. Why would I sell it? Ill eventually transfer it to my children so they also can live a simple, decent,affordable home. The restriction on my deed are perpetual.
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wrong, the restriction on your deed is perpetual to YOU. once you meet the requirements that allow you to sell it, the restrictions are VOID. If Habitat had a requirement of first refusal and fails to take that option then the restrictions end.

There are also some state and other federal laws that limit involvement of nonprofit groups like Habitat. For instance IF one obtains a bank loan at prevailing interest rates, then the stipulations would end because there is no longer a 0 interest loan that is involved. I think most contracts allow this after 3-5 years. This can be benificial to the owner! For instance say you paid 60,000 interest free or a purchase value 120,000 house and say that the value is now 130,000. By taking the loan you can avoid "first right of refusal" by Habitat. Remember you are the OWNER and the LOAN you got through the agency is the cause for restrictions!
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Pat and Steve,

Thank you for the response. Although I have contacted them and they directed me back to the local Habitat office, I think I should try again.
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Habitat here have what they call "First Right of Refusal" if I am quoting them right. What that means is that if I find a buyer they submit a written statement that they wish to buy my house for x amount of money. I then have to submit that to Habitat and they can either refuse it or back it back from me. I wish they could just buy it back like you mentioned.

I only have three options:
1. Find a buyer
2.. Refinance (I need $20,000+, which I don't for that)
3. Let it foreclose

I want to do the number one choice.
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I am in the process of buying a Habitat home from an original recipient. It sounds like from the various responses and the process we have that each Habitat is different. First a 'silent' loan which I guess was added on so that Habitat owners would not get second mortgages; thus allowing another agency ownership over the home. They forgave that loan so home was back to the original loan that was being paid on. So prior to us putting in an offer the seller talked to Habitat (I have been on the Habitat and County's Affordable Housing lists for over a year.) they stated they would not exercise their first right of refusal is there was a offer submitted by an eligible buyer. The sale price rules allow for a 25% of appreciated value addition to the loan amount to allow the original owners to receive some equity. Ask your H4H resale formula is & Affordable Housing guidelines are required. They will let you know option they prefer. Why get someone's hopes up if H4H will execute 1RoR.
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Hello Augustwind,

Assuming that you are selling your "For Sale By Owner", Mimi is exactly right. You have a limited amount of places to market your home and an even smaller pool of buyers to appeal to. Hiring an agent to market, handle showings, provide advertising, and keep you update about the market may be the best choice for you. Consider interviewing a few agents to determine who will provide you with the most aggressive marketing plan and the most experience. My team has sold over 3,000 homes in the Triangle Area and would be excited to speak with you further.

Best Regards,

Kelly R. Smith
Triangle Smith Team
Weichert, Realtors - Columbus Associates
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The best way to get a house sold - particularly in this difficult market - is to hire a very good Realtor to advocate for you. You have a lot going on in your life - please hire a professional to get your house sold and to guide you thru the process and to navigate any Habitat for Humanity restrictions. I'm happy to speak further, if you'd like, and congratulations on the baby!
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