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Do agents need or want Buyers in Pittsburgh?

Asked by Propbuyer, Pittsburgh, PA Fri Apr 16, 2010

We are relocating to Pittsburgh and seeking a permanent residence as well as investment properties. We've contacted over a dozen listing agents requesting showings. One has given us an apt, another was extremely rude and the rest haven't returned our calls and emails.
We will be there for 2 days and only have one house to look at. I understand we will do better with a buyers agent but we need to meet an agent first to see if we are a good fit. We can't do that without a call back!
I've been in sales for 15 years and do not understand how so many commissioned reps are not willing to call back a prospective buyer. Any insights?

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Benny Smith’s answer
I cannot answer for your discussion with any other agents, A listing agent is obligated to show his sellers property. So they should be willing to show thier listings. Call on mine and see it tomorrow. You are looking for a good fit and so are What I recommend for you is first, be happy those who did not call stayed out of your business. They are not taking care of thier sellers so they will not take care of you. Most buyers agents like myself are happy to do a short term agreement say a week on homes I show you. If the fit works we can continue if not that is fine also. That way you see the properties you will be interested in and the agent gets paid for showing you what you need to see.
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From what I can see, you are doing everything right.
Yes, you should definitely interview agents first to see if they are a proper fit for you. You are right that this is your money and you want someone who you feel comfortable with and trust- someone who has your back.
A buyer's agent, is definitely the way to go because as Anna said, a buyer's agent protects YOUR best interests and works only for you.
I honestly don't know what to say regarding the lack of response or rudeness. I'm kind of floored because you are right, in a commission based business, this goes against all logic. NJ is a dual agency state, i'm not sure about PA. Its possible that the listing agents don't want to deal with the buyer but at the very least, they should be able to recommend a buyer's agent out of courtesy.
I would stop contacting the listing agents, and concentrate on interviewing buyer's agents. Be persistent and although I know time is of the essence, be picky. Don't settle until you know you have found an agent who is open, honest, knowlegeable and flexible.
Sorry about this negative experience. Its hard to hear,from my perspective, because it reflects badly on the entire profession. Once you find the agent who is THE one for you, I hope your experience with RE professionals is proven to be positive.
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The agents that don't respond are the ones that should not be hired, therefore remember who they area--when in the area consider stopping in more than one different realty office and interview agents that way--if you are nervous about dealing with any agent, you can always consult with an attorney who specializes in real estate at any time that way no stone is left unturned. Unfortunately, not all agents are created equal and do choose your agent with care.
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We'd hoped to meet/ talk to a few agents to find a good match to represent us. Everything I've read says to interview several, especially when being a newcomer to the area. When putting your life savings in an agents hands, a buyer needs to be comfortable with and establish trust with an agent, not simply take the first one that answers a call.
After reading through this and many other forums, that seems to have been forgotten in the process and returning calls also seems to be common. So much emphasis is on the agent's needs instead of the client. I know there are many good agents in this industry but it does baffle me as to the number of irresponsive ones out there.
If you were going to trust someone with hundreds of thousands of your dollars, would you want to be at ease? Would you only talk to one person?
Maybe I'm old school, maybe I'm from a southern area that still believes in customer service and building client relationship. I know the great lengths I go to to help clients in my field so yes, this dissapoints me and continues to leave me scratching my head.
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Of course you can call and ask a listing agent to show you a property, but remember that a listing agent works for the seller and the seller's best interest, therefore why not have your own representation and have an agent be on the look out for you and your best interest. As to the no return calls, no clue, one always manages to find the time and respond within the same day, no matter how busy--You mentioned above that you have an appointment with an agent already and that he/she was only one that responded to your inquiry-- why not ask that perticular agent to show you the other listings--any agent can help you--why are you waiting for these others to call back and as you say scratching your head, anyway--you may already have found a good agent.
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Thank you for your response. Yes, we are qualified and can provide proof of funds. The problem is, they have not returned our calls/ emails so we can interview them or tell them our circumstances and needs. Are they all that busy and wealthy?
Do you mean it is not fair to ask a listing agent to show a property? I assumed since they'd get a commission on the sale, they would want to show a property regardless of whether I have a buyer agent or not. What am I missing?
We are scratching our heads on this.
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There is no reason not to interview agents over the phone and choosing the one you like best--if they insist on a buyer's agreement, you can choose to do a very short term contract, and when it lapses, if both of you agree to extend, it can easily be extended. Keep in mind agents don't get paid until the closing, and that check is oftentimes split with the broker--no one likes to do a ton of work if some loyalty doesn't exist, what entices people to do work is the potential for compensation; realty commissions are usually very modest and most agents earn their livelihood based on volume--not sure what discussions you are having with these agents, but maybe they don't believe you are a serious buyer--for instance, have you visited with any qualified loan officer(s) yet and do you already have a mortgage pre-qualification/approval letter from that officer. As for the no return calls or e-mails--don't choose these listing agents as your buyer's agents, they may be to busy to service your needs.
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