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I did property preservation work and can not get paid from preservation company in Texas. Do you have any suggestions on how to get paid? Is the bank?

Asked by Nomad Nightmare, 75201 Wed Dec 2, 2009

that issued work orders also liable?

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Foxysr’s answer
I was in Mortgage Field Services for over twenty years.
This is how you get paid. Pull out all the work orders you were stiffed on, take note of which banks had the most work orders. Call the banks and advise them you are placing liens. Then go actually place at least one lein on one property at each bank. I guarantee you will get paid. They cannot convey with a lien and that really upsets their apple cart!. I have had to do that with a couple of companies and it does work. You won't get anymore work from the company you did the work for, but you would be crazy to work for them again anyway.
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I did routine lawn work on some of the properties. How much will it cost to put a lien on a property?
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Sometimes this is your only option and sometimes the best.. Notify owner/Bank/Gov Agency then file the lien with the county and send certified letter to the bank/owner of the property. Just be sure you have documentation of when you contacted them and copied of the invoices you sen. I would recommend this option if they are not paying you for work you completed and it's been 3 weeks. DO NOT WAIT TOO LONG. Just be sure to do it before the property is transferred to another owner or purchased by a buyer... i.e. property ownership changes. Once the owner changes it's becomes much more difficult to file the lien.
If you were doing Preservation Services, then it is possible the property is either currently owned by the Bank but it also may be owned by HUD or FHA, etc, and with the market rising for home sales.. time is always crucial! Don't wait too long! You can easily place the lien on the property to CYA just in case they drag their feet. all they have to do is keep you at bay until sold
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Now that's playing hardball. Foxysr guarantee will most certainly get attention.
You may not get additional work, but YOU WILL GET PAID if so entitled.
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if you can provide further information to me i can tell you exactly who to call.
Are they safeguard, MCS service link orders ?
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I have noticed that several people state that I can put a lien on the property but when I talked to the state to file a lien they stated that the amount has to be min. of $5000 on one house to put a lien on the house. I was hoping that someone from a bank would contact me and try to deal with companies that are not paying sub contractors to do the work.
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i have the same problem right now!
here at laredo texas
any help?
cover windows with playwood apply for a lien?
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hey friend im staring my pp company and im in mesquite tx,i been buying a bunch of tools,cleaning stuff lately ,can you help?wish companies are not paying?or wish ones i shouldnt work with?im looking for work.
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I was in the industry for awhile working behind a desk at a property preservation company. Placing liens on properties and talking to their bank or clients might work for some people. It won't get you additional work but than again why would you want to keep working for that same company. Best i can say is make sure you read your agreement or contract in which you signed your 1099 and w-2 forms at. As most companies somewhere on there state that if you are not entitled to place a lien or more on properties and can counter sue if you do. Some even state on there that they have the right not to pay if work was not completed per their guidelines. If there is nothing on your paper work stopping you from placing liens and talking to banks or clients by all means get all your paper work including your work order e-mails, text, or paper work for them and get that done right away. The longer you wait the harder it will be to do. Answer is kinda late but maybe it will help someone who reads this in the future.
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Did you work for Bernadine Biafore with Solid Foundations? I am in Maryland and I would like to do a class action suit so everyone effected can get paid. please respond
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Question posted Dec, 2009.
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Here are my thots and I'm not an attorney. If the bank didn't hire you but you were working for a company that was hired by the bank, I'm not sure you have a legal leg to stand on regarding the bank. They aren't the ones who owe you but the company that hired you. With that in mind, I don't think the bank owes you anything and I doubt you can file a lien against the property. What makes more sense to me is to file a claim against the person who hired you in small claims court.
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File a lien on the property. The lien is good for two years in most cases and can be refiled after that.
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put a lien on the house or if you bought materials and put them on the house it is considered theft because you were not paid for the materials, Did you work for Solid Foundations or Five Brothers?
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I Agree with the last answer i worked for a mortgage company and yes if you put a lien on the house its hard for them to sell it. however i need to know does anyone know any good property preservation contractors in or around dallas texas..if so please email me
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Is the company located in Texas or are you?
I am having the same issue and I am looking for any help that could be given. The company will no longer answer any phone calls or emails.
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Is the company taylor and son that sounds exactly what is going on in my case
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This is an old post but I'd file a claim against the company you worked for in small claims court. Getting them in court and letting a judge hear how you worked without pay will not set well with him. You'll receive a judgment in your favor.
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Anyone that listens to ANY advice from the Cucarellas is playing with fire! They are as sneaky and shady as the people who owned Nomad preservation.

While myself and the Cucarellas (Ricardo and his wife) were working with Nomad, the Cucarellas attempted to take over everyones coverage areas. When that failed, they tried to hire the other contractors as employees. Why would anyone want to work for the Cucarellas doing the exact same work and work orders they were and could be doing on their own?

When confronted, Ricardo Cucarella blew his top and spewed profanities and street slang everywhere.

they are not the "Angles" they would like everyone to believe. they also do not have an attorney or a court case against nomad or Bank of America! out right lies!
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Place a mechanics lien on the property immediately.
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I am in the same boat. File the liens as you are able. They are about $16 at the county courthouse where the property is located. I have been paid on one so far. This is a national problem which is now being investigated by channel 8 here in Dallas. Join the facebook page I started "Bank of America not paying property preservation subcontractors" Email me if you need help. There is power when we all get together. Perhaps a class action suit.
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Filing a lien at this point isn't the answer. The best thing that you could do is to sue that person/entity that owes you, and get a judgment for the amount. After having obtained the judgment, please feel free to contact me.
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Same problem here in Indiana. Can I file a small claims suit on the total amount or do I have to file against each & every work order? Thanks!
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homeboy, welcome to the property preservation benefits club of doing work for any of the former countrywide contractors that now operate as bank of america contractors. liens are not the answer as stated on the contract that you have signed or has been signed by the company that gave you the work. thats me over $100,000 owed by three different countrywide contractors . its ok, there time is creeping up on them ALL - contact me and i will forward you ALL of my attorney's contact infos'. good luck - ricardo
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In Texas, you can only file liens, (statutory), for improvements performed directly on the building or in this case, house. Grass cuts, maid service and lock changes will not suffice. Installing a new fence, carpet, etc., painting or even boarding the dwelling will qualify.
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Contact an attorney you have certain lien rights in State of Texas from point of completion of contract.

Your executed contract review those terms you need that submit as legal grounds for any and all parties.

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File a lien on the house. Whoever owns it cannot sell it without clearing the liens first.

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