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I am an exec ad rep for a huge property listing portal, having a hard time getting realtors interest to post their listings for free, any suggestions?

Asked by Lorrie, San Diego, CA Mon Sep 19, 2011

I know that realtors spend a lot of time and money on advertising but why am i having a hard time getting realtors to sign up absolutely free? Are you getting bombarded with such offers all the time or is it a time issue as I can even post them for you and then you just have to activate them for free. I do have a lot of realtor friends that jumped at the chance but it seems i am not sure if others just havent seen my invitation email or how to approach them. If you are a realtor, would you rather get a phone call or an email with a free offer to post all your photos and listings for free? I just dont want to spam anyone or dont want to waste any time and i guess my first opinion would be to call (?) Thank you for your reply

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Kaye Hopkins’ answer
After doing some research on your company,, it appears that most Realtors would not want to become involved in this type of marketing effort ... perhaps your posting on Trulia is an attempt to get more business but anyone who does their due diligence will most likely decide to pass ...

for reference:……

Most agents don't have the time or money to find out first hand whether your company is legit; however, when reading your web site, it's obvious that the manner of doing business is not the norm for real estate transactions in this country, which may explain why the interest level is low.
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Try speaking to the Real Estate offices and not the agents. Pitch to the offices and ask for all of their listings. If there is no cost and no exclusivity rights to the listings then I cannot see why they would not jump at the opportunity to display there listings on more websites at no cost.

I would be happy to look at the website if you could please email me directly.... info below.

I hope this helps!

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I just read the article from the UK where it quotes your company as saying it wants to get into the 'for sale by owner' business. Are you aware that the founder of hired a realtor to represent his home after having tried and failed to sell it on his own AND that he received a higher sales price than he feels he would have on his own, in fact the higher price paid the Realtor's fee and then some!

Speaking strictly for myself, I know the value of my services and I would be loath to ally myself with ANY company that works at cross purposes with me and my clients. Realtors are not evil scam artists trying to con the public out of the equity in their home. We provide valuable service and I for one want only to work with companies that recognize that value and work to promote my profession!
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It is clear you are truly unaware of the needs of real estate agents and the greatest impediment most agents encounter when presented with so many FREE opportunities. If we accepted all these FREE opportunities we would go broker faster.

Suzanne has made a point exceptionally well...why do any business with those who intend to offer services detrimental to agent goals.

Finally, you fail to present anything that addresses or provides solutions for problems real estate agent face. What you are unaware of is the real and true problems your proposition presents. There are needs. There are problems. There are real benefits you can provide. It is up to you to discover how to present and package such offers in a way to attract attention. Failure to accomplish this first step in understanding your target audience is predictive of what the future of such a relationship is likely to entail.

Can you share with us what you think the greatest impediment to getting agent response is?
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We get pounded every day with offers for services, so if you want yours to stand out you need to have a great product and you need to have a great message. And just because it's free doesn't mean it's worth doing. You advertise somewhere you're also saying you think this is a good place to advertise, so where you advertise says something about your company as well.
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That is an interesting posting. What kind of lisitng portal are you using? ARe you refering to the regular CL and internet advertizing of other realtors listings?
I will be happy to answer in details.

Let me know.

Vadim Agamirzoyan
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So what's the update?
Did you get any realtors to signup here on Trulia?
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Great research work!

Happy funding, Rudi
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Come on. Let's not dwell. I've checked the site out and I'm convinced we should start moving the ball a little farther down the field
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One question: Why didn't you ask us these questions as part of your research BEFORE launching a real estate site?
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I want to thank you all for your constructive answers to my questions i have learned a tremendous amount from them and have emailed you all back individually as not to tie up this forum. Thank you very much I see where your needs are now and look forward to building long term relationships with my realtor clients in giving them one of the best venues to post thier listings at pw. I do not want to be construde as advertising here however as my question was a legit one so please call me with any further as i am still learning. thank you very much
lorrie trotter
Skype: Lorrie.Trotter
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Yes Property Wikia is taking them to court for slander. totally unfounded. it would be like someone posting your company there for no reason, it is a total shame. I have seen them do it to legit charities for children as well. what people dont realize is that everytime they click on their site the owners of that site get paid so they egg them on with remarks to get rebuttles to make more money .... they are the real scammers for sure.
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Hi Lorrie

I just looked up your site and can tell you its a very nice designed website!!
The problem that you are having with realtors posting their listings on your website is very common and there is a SIMPLE answer on that
All other Listing Portals allows realtors to get an excellent exposure not only of their listings, but of their company, name and services. It is also an excellent opportunity for a realtor to find a direct Buyer and double dip the transaction.
I believe your website it more of the For Sale by Owner type of service and there is no need for a realtor to give you a FREE RIDE of their listing! Realtors have enough syndication to other internet sites that has more credibility and exposure to public rather than provide you the right to use their own listing for you to market it for your own benefit.
Unless the realtor doesn't do any marketing and syndication, no smart realtor would want to post his listing on

Also by looking at WhoSacmmed makes you think a True Value of this website!!

Good Luck

Vadim Agamirzoyan
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I need a little more info on this before I can render an intelligent comment. Your feedback and elaboration would be greatly appreciated
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I briefly checked out the site, and you appear to have some interesting ideas. However, I think you might need to further refine your marketing message. The current one is perfect as-is for us investors, but it fails to address the specific needs of your intended audience. You should think about reaching out to some wholesalers.
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