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Lucy, Home Buyer in Palmdale, CA

Why hasn't my house sold?

Asked by Lucy, Palmdale, CA Fri Oct 24, 2008

I have a beautiful house in West palmdale that has been on the market for 7 months. I see other houses that are not as nice selling. some of the houses sold are listed at at lower price than ours but others are listed higher and have sold. We do not know what the problem is. any advice?

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Homes that sell in today's market must be more appealing, cleaner, less cluttered, larger and in better condition, and so forth than other homes in the price range. Look at your home from a buyer's point of view. Have you actually gone to see other homes that are your competition? You can do that at an open house without being intrusive. It is also advisable to list your home a little below the recent sales to create a buzz about your home and possibly generate several competing offers. Hopefully your Realtor is also marketing your home assertively and you are offering a competitive co-broke commission. You need the whole package in today's market. Good luck to you.
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This is an old question, but still relevant. And I will give you an even older answer from a broker who sold houses in the Detroit area for years...

He boiled it down to two things that affect the sale of a house (and pretty much everything else). Price and terms. There are the details, of course... size, condition, but price and terms rule.

Hopefully, you've sold by now...

Ron Krauch
Managing Broker
Emerald Estates Realty, Inc.
Palos Heights, IL 60463
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There are 4 reasons specifically that a property will or will not sell: condition, access, price and exposure. I'd love to discuss this and your situation further, please feel free to call me 661-992-1794.
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Hi Lucy if you are still following your post, how long did it take for your home to sell.
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Dear Lucy,
Homes are selling very quickly right now. So should yours. Without knowing more about your situation it is safe to assume that it is either pricing, condition of your home, or the marketing that is/is not being done.
Jennifer Anderson
Century 21 Doug Anderson
Web Reference: http://www.avhomeinfo.com
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Keep clutter to a minimum, ask your agent to do more open houses, and fresh photos, and reduce the price or offer closing cost help to the buyer. This is an agressive market, you have to get agressive to sell.

Good Luck!
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I would ask your realtor to hold an open house and ask for realtor feedback. They are the true voice of why your home does not sell. There are very few open houses now that if you advertise an open house on a Sunday afternoon and have plenty of signs out it will bring in the buyers. Also follow the advice of the previous agent that answered. Take all personal pictures off the walls and shelves. Buyers cannot picture them living there if all they see is your children and family pics. If you have too much furniture in the home remove some. Make the place feel very open so that the buyer can picture some of their furniture in the home. Too many knick knacks. Remove all but one off a shelf. The fewer the better.
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You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? There are two possible reasons. The first is you. Everyone thinks their children are beautiful, regardless of whether they are or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you make your house difficult to show, if it is cluttered and I mean do you have "stuff" all over the kitchen counters? Are your toilets and tubs sparkling clean? Are your floors spotless? Do you have pink, blue or purple painted rooms? What you think is cute--may not be to someone else. Neutral, sparkling, and no clutter--that means closets too--have to be in model home condition. People do not have vision. They do not see past what they see when they enter the front door. Are you unresonable about the price? The market is going down fast and hard. The longer your house sits on the market--the more you have to lose. If you can say that it is honestly not you then here it goes . . . it is the agent. Ask your agent for a printout of the MLS listing. Is it filled out? Are there photos on it? How many? I see so much either laziness or greed when it comes to agents that it really makes me wonder about values and ethics. There are so many listings that I come across that do not have photos. Per the MLS that I belong to, there is a 5 day rule . . . get the pics up in 5 days or you are violating the rules and can be fined. I do a lot of valuations and I cannot believe how many agents do not put in any comments or insufficient comments to properly market a property. Because of the market I believe a lot of agents do not give any exposure to listing because they are trying to double dip--or I guess keep the listing in house. A Realtor has certain duties. They work for you. They make money by selling your home. Don't accept less than what you should receive. I don't mean to sound harsh but this is a reality check if your property has been sitting for 7 months. It is you . . . or your agent. Either way, the situation has to change or you will end up losing more money each week your property sits on the market. Look at the statistics on this website for your zipcode. See the reality of the declining prices. If you have to spend some time cleaning and getting rid of junk--do it. If you need to clean your carpet--do it. Get rid of as much stuff as you can. If it is your agent and they are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing then do the same thing--get rid of them.
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Dear Lucy,
There are many reasons why a home doesn't sell and we are truly in a unique market right now. Price is the number one reason why a property sits on the market for months and months..but it's not the only reason. Often we have lived in a home for many years and we don't see the things that a new buyer might see, when they enter.It would be helpful, if you could get someone to evaluate your home, and make suggestions on how to improve it for sale. Landscaping, paint and de-cluttering can do wonders to improve the presentation of the property to buyers. If you are able to watch some of the Real Estate programs such as, "Sell This House" or others you will see what other home owners have done to make their homes more attractive to buyers. You might be able to find books on the subject also.
Best of Luck to you!
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If you own, sell now so you can actually keep some of that funny money that appeared out of thin air. Otherwise, it will be painful to watch it vaporize back into thin air. Investors in mortgage-backed bonds subsidized the increase in the price of your house. Now they want their money back, and your challenge is to prevent them from getting it. The only way is to sell before your neighbors do. Time is not on your side.

If you can't sell without a loss, it's probably best to just walk away and free yourself from mortgage slavery. It depends on whether your loan was "recourse" or "non-recourse". In the latter case, the deal is simply that you can stop paying the loan and give back the house at any time. It's perfectly legal and moral according to the terms of the mortgage. Now that the government has temporarily stopped taxing forgiven debt, you can do it without owing anything! But talk to a lawer and accountant first.
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For example, prices in the Netherlands are about the same as they were 350 years ago, in terms of how many years of work it takes to buy a house. Warren Buffett and Charles Schwab have both pointed out that houses don't increase in intrinsic value. Unless there's a bubble or a crash, house prices simply reflect current salaries and interest rates. Consider a 100 year old house. Its value in sheltering you is exactly the same as it was 100 years ago. It did not increase in value at all. It did not spontaneously get bigger, or renovate itself. Quite the opposite - the house drained cash from its owners for 100 years of maintenance, taxes, and insurance - costs that always increase and never go away. The price of the house went up about as much as salaries went up.

My grandmother always used to complain about the cost of milk. "Why, when I was a girl, a gallon of milk cost a dime! Just look at how much people are overcharging for milk now." I asked her how much people got paid back then. "Oh, about $15 a week", came the reply. Hmmm, sounds very much like the reasoning people use now when they talk about how much their father's house appreciated "in the long run" without considering that inflation and salaries rose a proportional amount.
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Hi Lucy,

In any given market the two factors that determine a sale are the accurate pricing and fully exposing the property to the entire market place.
Price is obvious and you know whether yours is on point or if you have typically added fluff to the price. But the exposure to the marketplace and how it is achieved has changed dramatically with the Internet and you need to check into what is being done for your property.

All the best,
James Joseph
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Are you working with a real estate profesional?

If so, it sounds like the perfect time to meet with him/her to gather some important information:

What has been being done to sell your home?
Ask for advertising samples that include your home....

What do I need to do to sell the home?
Ask for the sales information on recently sold homes in your location.
Request information on all of the homes currently on the market in your area.

Ask for feedback from those people who have seen your home.
Request to see where your home is posted on the internet.
Finally, ask him/her the question you have presented here, "Why hasn't my home sold?"

These are difficult times for everyone.........but you need to know that your agent hasn't given up on selling your home.

Good luck,

The "Eckler Team"
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I would encourage you to visit my blog and review some of the articles answering this very question. If you send me a link to your listing, I'd be happy to answer specific questions. I'm not an agent in your area but I can the site may still be a help to you.
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The need for offering the entire package when selling a home has never been more necessary than in today's current market. Offering the home in premium condition, curb appeal, staging and of course pricing will ultimately determine the length of time on the market. Also, the need for an agent willing to go the extra the mile does not hurt. Has contact been made with the agents who have completed sales in the area? After the sale has been completed, there is no reason for them not to share certain details of their transaction with you. As stated by previous responses, going to view the competition in your area will also lend to a new insight. The unfortunate part of the scenario may also be that you are a bit market worn. If your homes initial jump into the market was made without proper preparation, you may have lost your momentum. And even though you may have made some changes to help showcase your property in a better light, people are passing you by because of the length of time you have been for sale. Although it is a frustrating proposition, sometimes a break of a few months and then a reintroduction into the market is required to refresh a listing. My best wishes to you. Hang in there.
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It would be difficult to fully answer your question without seeing it first hand. This market is tricky, especially here in the A.V. I would ask myself if my Agent is truly a) doing everything they said they would do when you listed it and b) really looking at comps and the pricing, etc.

The other Agents that answered are on the right track too. To take it a step further, you could ask a friend to come into your home and pretend they are looking to buy. Make sure they are not afraid to tell you the truth as they see it. They may come up with something that you have overlooked or have grown accustomed to, such as pet odors, etc. At this point, you need an honest assessment, since you are losing money carrying the property by the day!

Maybe I should ask you if you are selling it For Sale By Owner?

If you would like me to take a look without cost or obligation, feel free to give me a call.

Best wishes,

Cindi Wolf
Troth Realtors
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What are the final prices of the ones that are listed higher than yours? I trust you've hired an agent?? what does the agent tell you? Are you getting any showings? Do you have limited showing times? Is your property on a lockbox and available everyday? It's all about price, but you need to make sure property is getting proper marketing and you are allowing potential buyers every opportunity to see inside your home. Hope you get it sold quickly. Glen
Web Reference: http://www.maui4rent.co,
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