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Who is the best low-commission listing agent in Pembroke Pines?

Asked by Seller, Pembroke Pines, FL Wed Sep 9, 2009

Selling my house and do not want to spend lots of money on sales commissions. Also want great service from my listing agent.

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Our company Florida List for Less Realty,Inc. will list your home for a Flat Fee of $599.00. We`re a Full Service Real Estate Brokerage in business since 2005.
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What are the Banks paying in Commission for their Listings or on Short Sales?

How many Agents making the "You get what you pay for " "I wouldn't work for less than" "they might think that the only way that they can secure business is by lowering their commission" comments are refusing to work with the Banks because they want to pay a "low commission" ?

Rather hypocritical to work for 5% for the Bank and tell the Consumer your Services are worth 6% so you won't take less isn't it?
Is every Buyers Agent getting 3% from the Bank?
If they get 2.5% from the Bank do they have the Buyer make up the difference then continue to tell new Buyers or post on Trulia that their services are Free because the Seller pays them?

SELLER...Commissions are negotiable ...period. There are Some excellent Agents providing Full Service for less than 6%..period. There are Some Crappy Agents selling Crappy Service for 6%..period.

You have a Goal you wish to obtain, Selling your home...THAT IS THE PRIORITY....PERIOD

Finding an Excellent Agent that gives you the Best Chance of obtaining your goals in your priority when choosing an Agent so interview and question numerous Agents until you find several that fit what you need and you feel comfortable working with...

At that time sit down with each one and make clear what you need and have them make clear exactly how they can help you accomplish your sale..Then discuss/negotiate Commission and see what happens I'll bet you get an Excellent Agent for less than 6% but even if you do not you will at least have the best chance of accomplishing your Priority which is selling your home.
Paying 5% and selling your home would be great, Paying 6% and selling your home would be great but having an Agent agree to any % and not selling is a failure to accomplish what you set out to do....

This entire Process and the decisions to be made are your responsibility so do not forget your Priorities.

Agents are Selling Services and you are Hiring Services.....Find the Best Available and Negotiate...

Give this at least the same serious thought you would give to what type of pizza you want to order.

Good luck, Dunes
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Your REALTOR should actually be considered an asset, not a liability. Of course if you pick the wrong agent to work with, you could lose money.

When you compare the actual sales prices of homes sold without REALTORs nationwide to those that sell with one, the difference in price far and away exceeds the commission.

Kevin Cloutier
Keller Williams World Class Realty
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Unfortunately, great service and low professional fees are usually not compatable....when utilizing discounted services one can expect deminished services as well.

Be sure to get a written comprehensive marketing plan for your home that outlines specific services you can expect to recieve.

Good luck
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If you feel that their are other similar homes for sale in your area I would think of paying some one more not less. Try and do it yourself and then figure out how much you would have to pay to realy put the property out for people to see.
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Consider using a Flat Fee MLS Broker to sell your Property.

A good Flat Fee MLS Broker will not only list your property in the MLS, they will place it onto,, Yahoo Real Estate,, YouTube and other websites.

They will upload multiple digital photos (25 on Realtor dot com and 50 on Zillow, etc.), and they will include Video or Virtual Tour.

The Flat Fee MLS Broker should provide an Electronic MLS Lockbox and not a hardware store combination lock (except in those areas where the local MLS does not utilize electronic lockboxes like GE Supra eKey.

The Yard Sign should have a Text Messaging number so that Buyers can preview the home on their Blackberry, iPhone, or Treo.

One final comment, and with due respect to Lisa :) traditional real estate companies often disparage Flat Fee MLS and Discount Brokers with comments like "If you find a Realtor who is willing to list for less - then it just goes to say, you will GET less."

Aside from possible violations of Federal Anti-Trust Law, as well as violating National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics Article 15 (which states in part that, "REALTORS® shall not knowingly or recklessly make false or misleading statements about competitors, their businesses, or their business practices"), comments that Flat Fee MLS Brokers will not do as good a job as the Full-Commission Companies are unfounded and untrue.

One out of eight Real Estate Brokers in America is now offering some form of Flat Fee MLS or Discounted Real Estate Services. More and more Sellers are realizing the cost savings in "eliminating the listing side of the commission".

Shop around, and I do concur with Lisa, interview SEVERAL agents.

Best wishes to you,
Fred Griffin
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The best advice I can give you is to interview several agents. Make them show you exactly what they are going to do to sell your property and then make the decision on whether you believe that their efforts are worth the commission amount. Many agents will say they are going to market online, but find out exactly where. Is the agent willing to do have open houses, broker's open or other marketing tools that will possibly bring even more money in? If you have the right proactive marketing done for your property, you will end up with more money in your pocket after the sale no matter what the commission is.

Best of Luck,

Manny Linares
Prestige International Realty, LLC
(786) 277-8425
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Most brokers use only 2 models . 1) traditional full service full fee 2) Alternative which can include a flat fee upfront or allow you pay only for the services you need. We all have different backgrounds and skill sets your agent should be diverse enough to work with you and you help determine what it is you need at lowest cost to help you achieve that.
I do know a Broker in your area Jack Laufer contact me if you would like his information.
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the best commission optienes the best agent and full service is 6%
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As Anna said, brokerage fees are negotiated between yourself and your agent. I understand your interest in saving money and getting great service. In my opinion if you work with a discount brokerage you are going to get discount service. If you pay a flat $600 to an agent to market your home what incentive does he have to get your home sold and sold for more?

It sounds to me like you want your agent to do more than just list the property. You want quality service, marketing and genuine hardwork to get your property sold for the best price, not just a spot on the MLS.
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Commissions are always negotiable between you and the agent.

0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Jan 8, 2010 is back and servicing MLS listings in South Florida! Check it out..
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Hello Seller,

Have you considered selling your home on your own?
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There are a few reasons homes do not sell and one of them is a low price for commission. Please keep this in mind and good luck with selling your home.
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Dear Mr. Seller,

I agree. The commissions are not a fixed rate, actually FTC prohibits price fixation. Only that there are certain percentages that are customary for certain areas and neighborhoods, as it could be the case in Pembroke Pines Area, Broward county Florida. Some realtors from different states may work differently. Your Goal is to sell your Home at the best possible price yielding the best NET amount in todays market. Magda Robles,CRS,GRI,Broker Associate,CDPE,HRC,Lic. Real Estate Instructor, NAR certified instructor "Home from Work", Reo Pro, Licensed Mortgage Broker. Pembroke Pines, Florida
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Dear Home Seller,

I can understand you want to save on comissions, but my question is: Do you want to save a commission or do you want to have a Realtor with knowledge that will produce results? In todays market more than ever the need for a knowledgeable, experienced Realtor is a must. Any Realtor can list your home in the MLS, but there is a difference between listing your home and Selling your home. What you should be analizing is who will be able to help you continue to your next goal, your next home. I belong to Keller Wiliams Realty the third largest company in USA and Canada and have anoffice of 174 agents who promotes our listings, besides We are the number one office in the Pembroke Pines area. I invite you to compare flat fees vs. Service and Results. Wishing you all the best ! Magda Robles Team
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Your question has many different parts! Your asking for the BEST low-commission listing agent in Pembroke Pines...problem is you're asking real estate agents...all will want to show you something else. You can expect with the cheapest or least expensive listing to do most of the work yourself. This includes you going on line and finding out all the for sale by owner sites and see what they are charging. Next you will want to start calling the ones your interested in and ask them for their last 5-10 recent sales in the last let's say 4 months. Now ask them it they would use them again or refer them to someone else. I've got some more questions that are worth there weight in gold...I mean we are talking about your bottom dollar in your pocket right?
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I have started a new flat fee service both to list your property and represent you as an attorney for a flat fee. If you can physically show your property, I will handle the rest, including attorney representation through closing. Please take a look at my site, and if interested please give me a call. Listings start at only $199....
Thank you,

SELL RENT real estate
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Dear seller, I can appreciate that you would want to find a low-commission listing agent. The bottom line is that you are concearned about what you are going to net and that is a very valid reason, after all your house is probably your biggest assest. Realtors can actually net you more! It is statistically proven by the National Association of Realtors.

The fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for. Some Realtors do reduce their commission and they should. In the absence of competency, quality of marketing and efforts, the only thing standing is the commission.
Some Realtors feel that they can't compete, therefore, they might think that the only way that they can secure business is by lowering their commission.

Selling a house is a combination of different types of marketing efforts going on for you, and there is a budget for that. If a Realtor reduce his/her commission, either their would be less marketing, less compensation to co-broke or pay buyer's agent, or they would be giving away 25% of their income which would raise another issue. If a Realtor is willing to quickly jump into reducing their own professional fee, how soon would they quickly reduce the seller's home?

Part of getting top dollar and net more requires to offer full compensation to market it successfully, to compensate competitively so that other agents would come to show the property, and because the longer a property stays on the market would actually tend to be sold for less.

I hope that my input would give you insight and help you analyze your situation and help you make a wise decision. I wish you the best. Good luck.


Marcos Reyes, GRI
Real Estate Consultant
Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Keller Williams Realty Partners SW
2000 NW 150th AVE. Suite 2000
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
Office: 954-237-0400
Direct: 954-593-7341
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You might be able to do a flat fee listing service agent in your area. Who will post in MLS assist with contracts .

Each agent has their own business plan.

Keep in mind Realtors we are professionals same as any other professionals in any trade. Same as asking a heart surgeon would you do my surgery for $100 bucks

National Featured Realtor and Consultant, Texas Mortgage Loan Officer, Credit Repair Lecturer
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I understand your concern. The fact is that a professional realtor should be putting more money in your pocket with proper marketing and negotiation regardless of the commission %. If you allow me, I can show you with proven facts and statistics with no obligation and a service guarantee!

954-882-8762 :)
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Here are some things to consider: You want an agent that will be on top of their game, responsive to calls, professional, able to market locally and internationally and be at work for you relentlessly. In today's market, your house should be SOLD for the top dollar and in the least time possible. If your agent doesn't live up to their promises,the commission discount is skin deep. Get your home SOLD and hire a professional. Interview at least 3 agents for the job and make your best decision.

Eric Ubiera
Keller Wiliams Partners SW
#1 Office in sales in the South East
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I'm sending this to you as an agent who does want a chance to list your home. Everything Lisa said is true and you do get what you pay for. In one of the most difficult seller markets of all time, now is not the time to use an inexperienced agent.

Having said that, I do understand that with falling values, equity is a scarce resource and you may be concerned about trying to get all your costs to fit. Incidentally, will this be a short sale? If it is then commission will not be an issue. If not, click my link below and give me a description of your home. Let's see how much it's worth right now and I will work with you to get your house sold as affordably as possible. Good luck.
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Dear Seller:

I am a Realtor and can honestly say, it would benefit you to interview at least three (3) realtors who service your area. You can always discuss commission, however, keep in mind - to produce the BEST price for your home - you want to reach A LOT of potential purchasers. Supply and Demand! The more buyers interested, the higher the price.

And, in order to reach these potential buyers, your home needs to be advertised by direct mail, internet, newspaper, magazine, MLS, virtual tour, property flyers, webpage, etc. (just to name a few). If you find a Realtor who is willing to list for less - then it just goes to say, you will GET less.

I provide you this information not being interested in listing your home so you KNOW you are getting good, sound advice and not advice from someone who just wants your listing.

Good luck to you!

Yours truly,
Lisa M. Brodeur
LMB Realty Corp d/b/a Alliance Realty
(954) 868-1416

Good luck
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