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Which brokerage firm provides the best training for a new real estate salesperson?

Asked by Trizia, Rumson, NJ Tue Mar 31, 2009

I just passed my RE exam and am deciding on which brokerage firm to join to get the best training in this profession? Can the experienced Realtors on this website chime in and suggest the firms that are known for high quality training for new real estate salespersons for the least amount of money??
Secondly, I might buy my own home in the next six months or so. Would someone know of a brokerage firm that would allow a new real estate salesperson to buy a home without splitting the commission with the broker??

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Congratulations on becoming a Real Estate Agent! I work for Weichert of Holmdel and I am fairly new to the business. I can tell you Weichert has a fantastic training program called Fast Track. They prepare you fully. You also have a mentor who helps you every step of the way (mine is wonderful). i have sold 3 homes so far this year! You need to talk to a broker about the commission on the sale of your home. I also forgot to mention all the online training at Weichert University. You can be at home taking these online courses. They also add new classes for this ever changing market. Good luck! If you have any questions call me 732.500.2271. My broker is Rose Estephan 732.946.9400 you can call her and she would be happy to speak with you.
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Keller Williams - without a doubt!
I live less than two miles from you and find the KW location is fine - plus we have a local office scheduled to open! I wish I had found KW sooner. As you know, getting your license is just the start. Our Keller Williams office has training - make that fantastic training - six days every week. The training is unmatched and really inspirational and I've been a Realtor for over a dozen years. There is also online training from the best talent in the company that I take from home online, which would work for you as a mother with three little children. Work smart - start with the KW steps.

Some day you are going to look back and realize how many years you've been in real estate. Make a good choice to get started right, not with an absentee broker or catch-as-catch-can plan or promises but little training.

Call me, I would love to meet you for a few minutes in town and give you a copy of our latest book on how success is a result of the right actions. It's been on the NY Times Best Sellers List for over a year - agents all over the country, from all different companies have made it the best seller. Keller Williams also rose to the #3 company in the US last year as more productive agents realize the benefits and training is the way to go.

Trizia - call me at 732-768-1068. I am also happy to speak with any other agents who have heard about Keller Williams. I just wish I had joined sooner.
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I am with the best ,in my opinion of course. Keller Williams. I retired and at 57 was not sure about starting a new career. Boy was I lucky the company I joined was converted to a Keller Williams and I love my job now. Do your career and yourself a favor join KW. call me or e-mail if I can ever help you, Jim
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I need help and information of possibly interning
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We work with Coldwell Banker in Middletown. The training is amazing, and at no cost to you. The training is in Edison NJ, but they try to make it as convienent as possible for everyone. There are Coldwell Banker's in rumson, Middletown and Holmdel which would be most local for you. We just went to a refresher course though we have been in the business for years, it is always advisable in this business to continue your education! You can call us if you have any questions we would love to answer them for you.

Kris Mager & Amy Wright
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What a great question and what a great place to ask it! I can definitely tell you that Weichert has excellent training from new agent training to online courses to weekly meetings with our mortgage expert and outside visiting speakers (such as attorneys, home inspectors, etc.) Best of luck in your endeavors
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Did you ever make a decision?

Carolyn Ozar-Diakon
Broker -Owner
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I think that you need to be clear on what kind of brokerage you wish to be associated with. There are large corporate agencies, franchise offices, and boutique offices. Each has benefits. I would start by being clear on your career goals and then being honest with the broker as to your goals.
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Thanks for all the responses!!! There is a lot of support for Keller Williams but the closest office is 30 to 40 minutes away. I have three small children so I would like to stay close by. In the Jersey Shore area I live in, the most popular agencies (by the amount of signs I see) are Sotheby's International, Gloria Nilson GMAC and Coldwell Banker and I sparingly see Weichert and Better Homes and some local brokerage firms. Does anyone have any insight on Sotheby's or Gloria Nilson GMAC? Thanks for all your help!!! I appreciate it.
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This is an excellent question........and one all aspiring agents should be asking.

The agencies that do the best job preparing their new agents do so by approaching it from two standpoints. The first consisting of basic inhouse procedures and training sessions. The second being the on that is most often overlooked..........this phase is the actual process of being an agent. Look for an agency that offers some sort of worthwhile mentoring program that actually assigns you to an individual(s) so you can observe, mirror, and internalize the right way to get things done.

Good luck
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With all due respect, let me agree and disagree on cetain points shared by Lisa.

(1) Having a broker availalbe when necessary for immediate consultation is an invaluable toold that is not often times available with the KW business model

(2) KW proivdes ongong training, not just a two week course. (dependong on the franchise this can be weeky, bi-weekly or monthly) and is often well attended by not only KW associates associates from competing firms)

(3) Coldwell Banker IS NOT 2nd to Realtor.com according to ongoing NAR statistics, but does consistently rank in 15th or 16th, with Trulia almost always ranking in the top 5.

Your due diligence i admirable, kept pluggina an only you cn determe tht which best fits your eduation level.


P.S. With Weichert, since my first two deals equalled just about $1m, I was furious with the amoun I paid my mentor . . . who wa sworth the input, but not to tune tune of 25% of $1m.
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I see all of the answers for Keller Williams, but I really disagree. Many people look at the commission split that you start off with Keller Williams and forget about other things. I am in my third year of being an agent with Coldwell Banker United. What I like about them is:
1. They give you a two week training, and a trainer that stays with you and helps you build a business and marketing plan.
2. You have a manager who is available for you 7 days a week, and best of all he does not compete with you for sales.
3. They are partnered with Cartus, the number one relocation company in the US, that means referrals for you, when you are building your business, you need all of the relo business you can get.
4. You can buy or sell one home per year, and you don't have to split the commission or pay the commission on your residence.
5. Continuous training on the Web.
6. Coldwellbanker.com the number 2 most visited site second to realtor.com

Once you build your own business, than you might want to consider going with KW or a smaller company that give you a better commission split, there is no way I would leave my brokerage firm until I have a rock solid business under me. Another important thing to check is how many sales per agent for each brokerage firm you go to. Many people that go with KW, do not even make one sale their first year. Check the numbers, and in every area its different. Who has the market share in your area. The more listings by the brokerage firm give you more of a chance to get sales. For example if your brokerage firm carries 75% of the listings in your area, that is going to get you leads by way of phone duty, and when you go on a listing, they will recognize your branded company.
Think about it-
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Been with Prudential 10 years. Recently changed franchises but stayed with the rock after checking out the others. Interview many, remember the manager may make a big difference. You may want to look up Gerri Grassi at Prudential Zack. Fabulous manager and terrific mentor. In just a few years I was one of the top producing agents and in '07 was #5 out of about 800 agents and had sales in excess of $20,000,000
Good luck
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Secondly, I mgiht buy . . . .

All brokers will wnat a cut, try to ngeotiate this "cut" before signing on although I can tell you that as a new agent your case is weak.
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As a former Weichrt person who did the samre sort of research prior to choosing my primary broker, I would vote for Weichert, despite their having a reputation of always having thier hands in your pocket" (and they do) and being told my many experienced agents to consider them as merely a 'stepping stone" to your future success. . However, since that time, I have recognized Keller Williams as a vaible competitor.

Having said that, be forewarned that each Keller Williams is individually owned and operated. I'm told that KW West Monmouth operates more like a traditional RE company while KW Toms River operates more like a ReMax allowing more indivduality and more opportunity to put more money in your pocket.

The bottom line here is to research your options . . . . if KW is your choice, interview more than one KW operation to determine which best fits your goals.

Francesca Patrizio, Realtor, ePro
Web Reference: http://www.PatrizioRE.com
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Hi Trizia, I joined Weichert as a new agent because of its reputation for high qualify training and have not been disappointed. As to your second point, you'll need to discuss that with the broker/manager when you meet.

Your best bet is to talk with a number of firms, to decide for yourself. You've gotten a good sampling of opinions here - the best fit for you will be a decision only you can make. Ask about philosophy, culture, training, and splits.

Good luck to you!

Jeannie Feenick
Search and connect at http://www.feenick.com
Web Reference: http://www.feenick.com
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Keller Williams - great total package - training, culture, split, policies, etc. From day 1, you'll have all the tools to succeed....

Here's the one thing you gotta know, though... it's up to you to fail or succeed. This is not a little kid business, and KW is not a place to go if you are looking for a "job". If you want to build a business, KW will give you all you need... now and for the life of your career. It is YOUR responsibility to build your business, and it is seriously hard work. I do not get leads from my office. I am responsible for my own leads and my own business.... and Keller WIlliams supports that.

As for the policy on your own transactions, you'll have to check with the office - each office is independently owned and operated, therefore the policies can vary on this.

It's unanimous! Keller Williams...

Here are the 2 offices near you. I am happy to schedule an appt for you, if you'd like... or you can contact them directly.

West Monmouth
Northpoint Professional Plaza
Englishtown, NJ 07726
17.9 miles TL: Marybeth Tortoriello
P: 732-536-9010
F: 732-536-4212

481 Memorial Parkway
Metuchen, NJ 08840
22.6 miles TL: Judith Crawford
P: 732-549-1998
F: 732-548-3478

If you call the TL (Team Leader) yourself, tell them I sent you! :-)

Vicky Chrisner
Keller Williams
Leesburg, VA

PS Check out the web page below!
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If you have a Keller Williams, I would go with them! They differ in how they teach and are rising in the industry! The culture is phenominal! The broker takes on inherant risk and charges a commission to do so. Some take less money than others, but the philosophy really should be more about how much money you can make and how much they teach you and train you so you can do so. Getting a license is one thing, earning a good income takes skill education and training way beyond real estate school. Contact me to put you in touch with someone in NJ!! Nicole 214-991-9507
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Prudential New Jersey Properties provides an outstanding training program especially for new agents entering the real estate business. The "Boot Camp" training at the corporate office (which all agents are required to attend) is the best. I know when I was interviewing brokers, some brokers required that you pay for training but the boot camp is free to PNJP agents. Continued training classes are also offered at corporate, as well as additional training with your manager in the office. PNJP corporate officers and managers provide you with so many tools, training, techonology, etc. to not only begin your career but to help you succeed in the real estate business. One of the other things I loved about PNJP was that I was not competing in the real estate business against my manager. She's not in the field of selling real estate. She's not farming where you are farming, competing on listings appointments with you, instead she's there whenever I need her to answer any questions and guide you along, essentially to be the best that you can be. There were several other brokerage firms that I interviewed with wherein you are competing against the very person who is training you. I don't think that's a good scenario.

I'm in the North Jersey office in Livingston and my manager is the best. Right now I am doing a one-on-one weekly coaching program with her. Feel free to contact her Annette DeCicco (973) 992-6363 and she can put you in touch with the manager of our South Jersey office. Here's a link to her blog: http://www.trulia.com/blog/annette_decicco/2009/03/how_to_ac…

As far as the latter part of your question, each brokerage has their own policy on agents buying and/or selling their own homes. I wouldn't base the brokerage's decision on how they handle buying or selling your own real estate on which broker to begin your real estate career with.

Good luck.

Please contact me if you have any additional questions.

Gina Chirico, Sales Associate
Prudential New Jersey Properties
Livingston Office
973-715-1158 cell
973-992-6363 ext 116
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I would say Weichert (I was nevever affiliated with them). This is based on what I know from other agents, but do not stay with them for more than 3 years.
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.Keller Williams Is the way to go with your real estate career ,as for commission split you have to negotiate yourself with the broker.
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To your second point first. Most brokerages have a written policy for agents buying their own home. As far as training, Remax has excellent training but not so much for brand new agents. Keller Williams has good training at the corporate level but it really depends on the market center and it's leadeship. Other local firms may also have excellent training but that varies from office to office. I suggest you interview with a few different offices to determine who will give you the best support. One comment on buying your home. If you find a brokerage who doesn't let you keep all the commission from you purchase but has a great training program, you may be ahead in the long run going with them rather than one who lets you keep all the commission but doesn't have that great a training program.
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Im my own personal opinion, Keller Williams. Their training is AWESOME and you learn soooo much to succeed.
Web Reference: http://www.kw.com
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