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When hiring an agent what should I look for? company, commission, agent

Asked by Homeowner, Omaha, NE Sat Feb 12, 2011

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Your best source for a great agent is the referral of a family member or friend. Hands down :) Ask the people you know and trust for feedback on their previous real estate transactions.

Commission is of course a concern to you as the seller, but make no mistake that discounted commissions lead to discounted services. A commission of 6%, split equally between a listing and selling agent, is reasonable and customary.

Company is irrelevant these days. Many highly qualified agents have broken away from the mold of large brokerages to pursue a more boutique-style, service-oriented approach for their clients. That type of service couldn't be more vital to a seller than it is now, in this marketplace. It gives the agent/broker autonomy when they serve you, and you support a local small business while receiving more personalized service.

All the best to you in choosing the right agent!
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Remember you,the seller, are the most important person in the selling process. Price your home according to current market values, showcase your home so as to create the "Wow" effect. When you do this, you will make
any agent look good and successful. Questions I would ask the agent are these: Will you be honest with me?
How will you keep me informed? If you are not living up to your promises, can I fire you?
Whether an agent is new or experienced is not a significant factor. I remember when I was a brand new agent.
I was really good back then, too.
You will never know if you selected the right agent until the transaction is closed. Be ready to take the risk and
don't over analyse this. Get your house sold and move on with better things in your life.
Good luck and thank you so much for wanting to work with a real estate agent. There are many benefits to this.
I also think you have an excellent chance of finding a good agent in Omaha. I've met and worked with many of
them. They pretty much are all top class!
Dean Uhing
Prudentiial Ambassador Real Estate
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It's best to meet with someone that you trust and believe is capable of the job. If you are concerned about commission, you usually will get what you pay for, so be careful on that decision. I am happy to assist you. Feel free to contact me at 402-540-3811 or fredcollins@remax.net
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Hi, I recommend using someone that you feel has the qualifications and personality to meet your needs. Word of mouth is always the best referral, check with friends and family for their recommendations. Every agent has something different to offer and just because an agent has sold a ton of homes doesn't mean you will get the attention you need. Interview at least three before making your final decision.
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best thing you can do is get a referal, if you don't have one, then do a lot of research, there are lot of places you can get reviews of agents. Also, being able to get along with your agent is a HUGE part of doing business with them. If you can't stand them, chances are they're not going to work hard for you. Hope that helps!

Courtney H.
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Dear Home Seller in Omaha! Go with your instincts! Every real estate company is really only as good as their individual agents. Meet the agent and if you have a good feeling hire him/her. Or contact an agent by e-mail first. Ask questions and see how quickly the agent responds. E-mail is a great way to get to know an agent's working habits. And then - be the best client an agent could have by making your home look as good as it can be. Also, make absolutely sure that the pictures of your home that are posted with your listing are the best looking pictures ever! Many buyers skip scheduling a showing because a property's online pictures are bad. Don't let that happen! If the home looks great and the pricing is competitive it will sell! Good luck!
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Some quick suggestions....
~ interview 3 different companies & compare services (do they have a fully-staffed relocation dept., and do they offer one-stop shopping with mortgage reps, title company, etc.?)
~ choose a couple of agents from within your chosen company (check them out on the company website for experience & qualifications)
~ investigate like a buyer! Does your agent have a presence on Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia?
~ does your chosen Realtor have reviews/recommendations from past clients?
~ compare the agent's listings with others in the marketplace (virtual tours, lots of photos, maximum information)
~ does your agent have a presence on Facebook, Linked-In and other social networks?
~ will your home be advertised in full-color print publications for buyers who are not internet savvy?
~ will your agent assist in readying your house for the market with preliminary pest inspections, utility records, subdivision restrictions, etc.?

Those are just the beginning steps. You pretty much get what you pay for so be willing to pay at least what is considered a healthy commission in your area for the best services. You don't want to risk your house being eliminated from some buyers agents' list of homes because of a low cooperating commissioin.
Web Reference: http://www.annewilliams.net
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Like everyone is saying Not All Agents are alike. It is important to find one who will invest time in getting to know you. This can not be done with an agent who only works as an agent part time. Find someone who knows their inventory and is out working for you on a full time basis. It is also important for you to relate to your agent on a personal level. If they are out previewing homes for you then they need to be able to do it as if they are in your shoes. This can not happen if you guys don't relate. I also think it's important to find an agent who is willing to pick up the phone and talk to you. Try calling the agent you want to work with at some random time and see how difficult it is to really get a hold of the person who is suppose to be working for you.
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Look for the agent and their experience in the area you need. The company isn't as important nor is the commission. Someone can offer a lower commission and in turn may provide lower service. Check references, experience and ask for a marketing plan.

Best of luck!
Web Reference: http://www.jameswehner.com
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You hire me and I'll refer you anywhere you like.
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I encourage you too look for an agent who will invest in your goals.. If they don't ask what your looking to accomplish and then act on it, then they aren't vested in you. So look to that agent and see what type of questions they form and how engaged they are in your next steps. If they are working for you - anything can be accomplished no matter new or not!
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1. a level of comfort with that person
2. they should have experience in your area of interest
3. if you are buying (the seller pays the commission) if you are a seller, commissions are negotiable. Look at other listings to see what is customary in your area and I recommend doing something similar.
4. see examples of their marketing pieces and homes sold
5. have any agreements, promises to promote or advertise put in writing so that their are no misunderstandings
6. company isn't the big thing since the person is going to be pushing your home. Nevertheless, you do want them to live or work near your area of interest.
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All agents try to impress the public with lots of hypes and fluff that you will soon find out. The agent you need is one that been around a while, you know his honest and dedicated and will inform you with relevant information plus you have to be comfortable with him. That the better Agent!
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Look for the agent in your search area that is the expert there. A seasoned agent and someone you find a connection with. Being comfortable and communication are Top of the List! Someone who enjoys what they do and has fun while they work is a plus as well! Enjoy Life and Where you live!! Specializing in Luxury Gulf Koast , Santa Rosa Beach properties Kim Ryals ABR,SFR The premier property Group in Watercolor Florida cell 205.222.6189
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When looking for help in real estate you may look a the agents features!!!! what kind of experience they have in doing what they say the do in order to sell your property. how kind is the agent to speak to you and the most important part your feelings. if you have a feeling that the person do not look like it really does what they are promising you never know. but in any way as a seller or buyer your are not stock with that person for ever but sometimes people needs a chance...
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You should look at their experience, referrals, marketing plans. I've have found that agents try to "sell" their stats and their company's stats. A home seller really isn't interested in that. I try to provide what I can do for the seller, my marketing plan and so forth. You don't want an agent who just wants the listing and they are done. There is more to to selling a home. You have to market and keep the seller informed of what's going on around their home also. Ask for referrals, you are their boss, and you want the best person for the job!
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This is a great question! As an "employer" what would you look for in a potential employee? When considering hiring any agent, the first thing you want to consider is: how comfortable do I feel with this person? A good fit is as important with agents as it is with a pair of shoes as you will walking down the path towards closing together. So fit is number one.
2) Enthusiasm: Is this agent enthusastic about my property? An enthusiast agent will exude a positive feeling, not only to you but to potential buyers.People prefer working with someone who has a positive attitude.
3) Brand; only 4% of consumers surveyed cared about National Brand- the truth is MLS Mulitple Listing Service is not brand specific- but is universal amoung all agents and Real Estate Aggregators such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com etc, Some agencies charge additional fees for services; typically these fees are passed on to consumers, such as management fees. So compare agencies and ask about fees in advance.
Appearance and presentation- does this person seem professional? Can they competently answer your questions? Do they give you a sense that they are knowledgable and familiar with your area, and how are they going to market your property? How often will they be communicating with you and how well did they come prepared to the interview? Do they have current market sales, and are they local? What do they know about your specific community? If you are comfortable and confident you have found the Sales Associate (real estate agent) that fits with your personality,shares your goals and is a good fit with you.
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Good Luck!

Gerry Dunn
Associate Broker
Serving Maryland, D.C and Northern Virginia
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What is most important to you? Take time and think this through. You want someone to get the job done, but what else? I would get references from any agent you are considering and call the references. Find out how the agent handled the negotiations, what did the agent do that the seller liked or disliked? I offer potential clients a list of people that I've worked with - they are welcome to call each and everyone.

Just because someone says they are a Top Producer, or they've been in the business 20 years is meaningless if they dont meet your needs. And note - I've actually decided not to take a listing because the seller and I are not on the same page. It is really important that you articulate your expectations and the agent can meet them.

While I am working in your area, I know a great agent who is - one who I would sell my own home through. Happy to pass along the name. Hope your experience is a really positive one.
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Companies don,t sell houses agents do! agent who communicates,listens,responds to you promptly,markets your home (not just a sign in your yard) and last but not least an agent who stays on top of the local market.
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Commission is between Seller and their listing agent. If you're listing, sure.

Transaction coordination fees and other miscellany.
There are several large agencies that charge up to $500/ per transaction.
There is some debate about whether or not these fees are even legal.
Our company does not charge our clients for transaciton coordination, online access, our E/O insurance, document archival fees, risk management, etc. The agents pay those fees.

Find someone who listens to you.
Does the agent listen to you? Or do you feel like the person is just waiting for you to finish what you're saying so they can continue on with their sales pitch?

Use someone who is local.
We have problems in our small Central California suburb because "outside agents", while they have the best intentions, do not know enough about our area to give their clients the appropriate disclosures, tell them about water issues we have here, inform them of our local special assessment taxes (that can be higher than many expect), or tell them about what is happening in our community.

Find someone from a reputable agency.
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Look no further, I am here to help.
I have a proven marketing plan that sells homes. This has helped me sell 31 homes in the Omaha area over the last 2 months.
I would love to discuss all of you questions and how I can assist you.
Please contact me at
Dan Cheuvront
Deeb Realty
402 850 9640
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An agent that will work for you and your interests all things aside.
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Here are some things to consider. An agent affiliated with a local Multiple Listing Service has the assistance of all the agents who are affiliated. As a member of the Omaha Area Board of Realtors I have 1000 other agents on board. So you will hire one agent and have everyone else working for you as well. Next -hire an agent with an office, this can be National Franchises Like RE/MAX, Prudential etc or a local Office Like NP Dodge or CBS homes. Reputable agents work in reputable offices. Don't shop commissions, don't shop promised sales, each sale is unique. You want an Agent you feel comfortable with and who will keep in contact with you, the way you want to be contacted. You want an agent who will research the market and find where your home fits and help you price your home appropriately. Real Estate Agent education is a plus. This shows you an agent who is dedicated to professionalism and dedicated to their clients.
Ardelle Wachter
RE/MAX Cornerstone Properties
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There is no right answer to this question. All the items you have listed are important. I feel the most important factor would be the agent. You need to choose an agent you are comfortable with, and someone who will work hard representing you and your house. Communication is also very important. You need to consider how easy it is to get in contact with your agent, do they have a system set up for showing (because you do not want to miss one of those), how often will your agent contact you with updates, etc.

I offer my sellers a competitive marketing plan along with a variable commission rate plan. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you, and at that time I would like to go over my strategies for selling your home quickly and at the best price possible.

Please feel free to check out my website to learn more about what I do for my buyers and seller and read testimonials from past clients.

Please contact me directly

Megan Jaspers, CRS, GRI
DEEB Realty
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There is no right formula for the perfect agent. You need to find someone that will do what they say they will do, when they say they are going to do it. Give me a call and we can discuss what I do to get a home sold.

Jerod Evanich
Prudential Ambassador RE
Web Reference: http://www.bigopros.com
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You'll know if you're dealing with an inexperienced or one that hasn't been that successful when they only talk about how great they are with no proof to back it up. When you're hiring an agent you have to be ready with some serious questions that you should have answered before you sign on the dotted line. Remember, even if you're going with a top company, the agent is the one that has to do 90% of the work until your home is sold.

So here are a few starter questions that you need to ask and that the agent should be prepared to answer. These questions will help you determine if you are dealing with a knowledgeable agent?

1. How long have you been a real estae agent and what is your past work experience?
2. Are you full time or part time?
3. Tell me the addresses of some of the homes you personally sold in my neighborhood?
4. Are you familiar with my neighborhood? If so, tell me some things.
5. Tell me about your company and how far it is from my home?
6. Tell me what's going on in the real estate market and how it affected my neighborhood?
7. Tell me your entire plan for marketing my home?
8. What is your commission?

I hope this helped you.
Web Reference: http://www.RhondaHolt.com
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The one who sells the most houses in your immediate area isn't necessarily the best realtor nor the realtor who will work the hardest for you. Besides the items you mention, you should also have a good harmonious relationship with your agent.

Does your agent understand what you want and what you're looking for?
Does he know your ultimate objective?
Is he more than someone who slaps a for sale sign in the yard, posts on the MLs and hosts an open house?
Is he more interested in "buying the listing" or in giving you good and honest feedback and information to help you with your decision-making?

Seeing that the vast majority of buyer look online. what are the strategies does the agent employ to get the maximum exposure for your property?

Look for the marketing plan --- old fashioned? innovative? both? How does he/she market online? What media (blogging, electronic flyers, enhanced REALTOR.com posting, etc.) That's what sets agents apart.

Good luck!
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Yes, it's all important. You want an agent you can trust , has a super track record, experience and a great marketing plan. You also want an agent you are comfortable working with and will work hard for you.
Google the agent. A great way to find out about them.

Have a great weekend !

Billie Atkinson 402/212-3373
NP Dodge Real Estate

Proud to work for the oldest family owned real estate company in the US.............
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Consider thinking about what you want in an agent. What I or others may look for maybe different than what you would value and look for. Go to Open Houses to get a feel for different agents. Ask more questions here - there are plenty of intelligent agents in this forum and you can get solid answers...then ask those same questions to agents you come in contact with in Omaha.

An agent's ability to understand contracts cannot be understated. Like movies that have lots of marketing hype and are a let down at the theatre, be careful of Realtors who come with glitzy brochures and scripted presentations. That is just bait to get you hooked and on board their boat. I would be looking for a genuine person who will treat my transaction as if it were their own. That doesn't mean they have done the most transactions in Omaha and it doesn't mean they have every Realtor designation on the face of the earth. It means they will spend time with you and guide you along the way of selling your home in a manner that is acceptable to you.


Here is a link to a similar question....

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Dear Homeowner,
First and foremost is..can you work with this person? Selling a home is a time consuming situation, you absolutely must have rapport with your agent. The size of the company is not as important as the proficiency of your agent..do they know what they are doing? Do they have a comprehensible marketing plan for selling your home? Does it make sense?I personally prefer a larger Realty Company because of the huge number of Agents I can market to..and in turn..their clients.
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Greetings Home Seller, When looking for an agent you need to look for the same things you look for when hireing any professional. Education, area of expertise and how well you interact with them. Your agent will be advising you about the market you are entering and handling price negoation on your behalf. You want to feel this person is looking our for your best interest. Regards, Ardelle Wachter, REALTOR/GRI/ABR-RE/MAX Cornerstone Properties Bair, NE 402.426.9222.
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When hiring an agent to sell your home, you need to know their proven track record. The lowest commission is not necessarily in your best interest. Quite often, getting the contract from a buyer is the easy part … getting it to closing is the real test of a professional Realtor.

I am an experienced Realtor, providing full service to my clients and I have a exceptionally strong track record. In the past two years alone, the worst market in 50 years, I have sold almost 150 homes and the average time on the market was under 50 days! Check out my website at http://www.DarrylWikoff.com for more information.

Give me the opportunity to show you what I can do for you. No pressure and no obligation.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Darryl Wikoff
Providing Service for Life
Prudential Ambassador Real Estate
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Hello Homeowner,

I would suggest you look for an agent that best fits your needs for listing your home & meeting your goals & expectations. you can click on my link below for more information for sellers.

Best of luck in your search
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Good question. I think the agent is of top importance. Do they sell real estate for a living, or is it a part time job? In exchange for your commitment to working with them, they should be able to devote a reasonable amount of time to helping you find a property or sell your property. Does the agent hold any real estate designations, such as a GRI or CRS? These designations usually signify someone who has taken their real estate career seriously enough to further their education beyond the licensing requirements. The company the agent works for is important. Some companies offer their agents more support systems then others. In the case of selling a home, does the company have sufficient exposure to provide their sellers a bigger pool of buyers? Does the company have a relocation department that serves out of town buyers, thereby expanding the local pool of buyers? The commission is less important to a buyer than a seller since the seller usually pays the commission. However, in the case of selling a home, more important is whether the agent and company can get the job done and what is the final net to you. Please feel free to contact me with further questions. Sophie Goldsmith, GRI 402.707.4904 (segoldsmi@gmail.com), Prudential Ambassador Real Estate.
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Great question!

First, you should interview prospective agent. You should have not trouble finding one, there are many of us! Use an agent from a good company that has been in business for a long time with a good reputation. Find an agent you like. Remember, you will be communicating with your agent often. You should be able to understand what your agent is telling you and ask for data to back up price, inspection results, etc.

I too would love to earn your business. Didi Pache - 402.214.3434
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Consider interviewing in person a few agents, or as many as needed, from different realty companies, then choose the one you like best and who has the most to offer--ask what marketing strategies will be implemented; what plans will be put in place to coordinate meetings with buyers; what feedback/ communication can you expect and with what frequency; will data be supplied to help establish a fair and marketable asking price; will buyers be pre-screened and required to have mortgage pre-approvals when submitting offers; what other services does the agency offer, if any, etc.; choose your agent with care...
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Most important Realtor who is responsive and listen what your preference is. Flexible show you properties

Lynn911 Dallas Realtor & Consultant, Loan Officer, Credit Repair Advisor
The Michael Group - Dallas Business Journal Top Ranked Realtors
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I would love to apply for the job! I would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you to see what your needs are and help you to decide the right course of action.
If I can be of assistance please call me 402.706.9949 Sherry Dixon or send me an email to Sherry@SherryDixon.com
Enjoy the beautiful day!
Prudential Ambassador Real Estate
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